Keywords: Adult
Species: Equine, Dragon
With Pleasure, My Dragon
By Divigon

Seth tapped in his entry code and stepped inside as the door opened.

"Morning Dude," he announced to Whit.

"Morning," came the reply.  "Catch you in twelve hours."

"Sure thing."

There was the usual nod and the two creatures slipped by each other.  
Seth watched the equine leave and manoeuvred his way into the 
cramped bathroom.  Station life was good, but the room size was 
pathetic.  Part of the problem was the two of them sharing the room.  
Whit was a good guy, but Seth had hardly seen any of him since the 
had been allocated the room together.

Station Admin rigged it like that of course.  Twelve hours on, 
twelve hours off.  That meant a person would be at work at least 
half of every day, so why leave a room empty for that length of 
time.  Stick another person in it and halve the accommodation needs.

Of course, there were a few minor drawbacks.  Seth looked at the 
array of potions and liquids on the tiny dresser.  Hair treatments, 
smeg cleaner, hoof polish.  He did not know what half of that stuff 
was.  He looked over at his collection of beauty aids, mainly scale 
and wing membrane treatments.  He supposed he was not much better.

He finished his shower and towelled himself off before squeezing 
into the main room again.  At least here he could stretch out his 
wings.  He looked around, thought about going out, then decided on a 
quiet night in.  He rummaged in the bottom of his locker.  "Sexy 
Scale" was tossed to one side.  "Jace's Juicies" got a little more 
attention, but he decided on "FoxxFire Fiend Folio."  He had found 
this collection of ancient Earth art hidden away in some antique 
dealer's office long after the planet had been destroyed.  The 
humans may have seemed barbaric, but the definitely had some good 
artists.  Not much of a clue about alien physiology of course, but 
pretty good none the less.

He lay back on the bed, spread eagled and began to turn the crinkled 
pages.  He felt his length begin to emerge and encouraged it with a 
gentle paw.  The book moved to the side and his eyes closed, his 
body enjoying his touch.  

His eyes snapped open again as he heard the door slide open.

There was a startled yelp, followed by some tentative coughing.  
Seth sat up and looked at the nervous Whit.

"Ummm... errr... computer breakdown," mumbled Whit, trying not to 
look direct at the dragon.  "The entire grid is down so they gave us 
the shift off.  Said it will take at least ten hours to fix."

The equine sidestepped around the edge of the room.

"I'll just grab some stuff and head to the Rec."

Seth nodded, feeling a little embarrassed.

Whit pulled a bag from his locker and began to shuffle out.

"Nice..." he mumbled.

One of Seth's pointed ears swivelled towards the cowering horse.  

"Sorry?" he asked.

"Nice... ummm... equipment," Whit murmured again.

"Oh.. right," nodded the dragon.  "Thanks.  I like to think so."

"Well, I'm probably the wrong person to ask," mumbled Whit.  "I 
can't say I know much about dragons."

"You don't?" returned Seth.  "You share a room with one and you 
don't know much about us?"

Whit nodded.  

"I never knew you looked like, well, that," a large hand pointed in 
the general direction of Seth's groin.

Seth looked down.

"You mean my penis?" he said.  "I thought everyone knew about 

Whit nodded, "I had heard the stories, but not ever seen it."

Now it was Seth's turn to look puzzled.  

"And what stories would that be."

The horse blushed again.

"You know, the ones about your religious festivals where everyone 
runs around bonking each other."

The horse looked startled as he realised what he had said.

"Oh.. ummm... bad choice of words..." he stammered.

Seth grinned, "Don't worry, its not that exact, but not too far from 
the truth either.  Its not something we tend to broadcast to the 

Whit nodded, "well, like I said.  I'm not an expert on dragons."

Seth sat up, then patted the bed beside him.

"Come on then," he declared.  "I shall make you an expert.  If 
you've got some time, may as well use it productively."

Whit did his best impression of a startled rabbit, not sure whether 
to make a bolt for the door or sit beside the naked dragon.  After a 
few moments he reached a decision and took up residence on the bed.  
Seth smiled and curled his tail around an overall covered leg.

"So you won't run away," he whispered conspiratorially before 
adding.  "Any questions, go ahead and ask them.  I will try to be 
blunt, but only because I've seen this talk given with flowery 
language and people walk out not knowing what is going on.  As 
you've probably noticed, I'm not too embarrassed by anything, but 
I've never given this talk before, so I might be at the end of it."

Whit nodded in understanding.

"Right," began Seth.  "I'll start at the beginning, because, as you 
put it, you've got a few basic facts wrong.  The celebration as you 
put it is referred to as Ostapas and it is not a religious feast.  
It has nothing to do with religion, it is more a biological sort of 

"It all goes back millions of years, our ancestors discovered that 
part of genetic success is a large gene pool.  What was happening 
was only the strongest and most dominant creatures were breeding and 
so successive generations were becoming stronger and more dominant.  
This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does tend to focus the 
genes.  For some reason, nature decided that it did not like this, 
so it played a joker card.  Our ancestral females began to 
synchronise their ovulation cycles, so they all became receptive to 
mating at the same time.  Suddenly there was one male for each 
female and things were in balance."

"But as we all know, things don't like to stay in balance.  Time 
passed, balance shifted and the population ended up with about a two 
to one population ratio.  For ever female there were two males.  
This gave the females a greater choice of genes, but also made the 
competition fiercer between the males.  Their cycles also continued 
to be in sync."

"More time passed, nature made small tweaks and we ended up with 
what we have today.  On our planet a year is approximately ten 
months.  At the same time every year pretty well every sexually 
active female starts to ovulate or as some say, come into heat.  
This releases a cocktail of hormones into their bodies which produce 
an avalanche of changes.  To be a little crude, they all become 
insatiable horny.  Their desire to mate is almost overwhelming."

"Their bodies change, their sex enlarges to facilitate the mating 
process.  They also begin to produce hormones which are released by 
their body.  We, the males, are incredibly receptive to these 
hormones.  They trigger their own changes in our bodies.  We begin 
to produce semen and start to look for females to mate with.  
Originally this produced massive fights, but nature has counted by 
making our bodies produce a hormone that makes up naturally passive 
and submissive.  The males basically sit around, ready for action as 
it were, waiting for a female to take us away.  The females turn 
naturally dominant so it balances out."

"The females head for a place where they can lay their eggs.  Out 
planet is tectonically unstable, so there are many volcanos, thermal 
springs and hot sands about, so the females tend to congregate 
around those places.  The warmth provides an idea climate for the 
eggs.  In the modern day there are now large parks, referred to as 
National Parks for most of the year, but Ostapas Parks for the two 
weeks while it lasts."

"Once a female has mated and her egg fertilised there is another 
slight hormone change.  Males will follow her, almost slave like, 
but will not attempt any sexual behaviour.  She will find a suitable 
spot and lay her egg, then a short time after laying, once the egg 
is safely covered, she becomes sexually active again and the cycle 
repeats.  On average, a female will lay two or three eggs.  Once her 
last egg is laid, it is like a switch being turned off and after a 
few days males will have no sexual interest in her what so ever.  In 
their older years, the females develop a mothering instinct and look 
after the young hatchlings as they hatch.  There is a high mortality 
rate, the most common cause of death is temperature fluctuations.  A 
minute temperature change at the wrong time can cause an embryo to 
die.  On one hand its bad that it is such a hit and miss affair, but 
on the other it does mean we're not overrun with dragons."

"So the males just sit around waiting for a female to come up and 
drag them into the bushes?" asked Whit.

Seth nodded.

"More or less.  Of course, the males are all sitting around, 
hormones raging through their bodies, randy as anything, so they 
tend to group up and have quiet little orgies on their own.  This is 
probably where the myths come from.  I don't think you understand 
the changes our bodies go through.  It's the strangest thing."

He pointed down to his own erect length.

"This is my penis.  At the moment, as you can see its erect.  It's 
also fully functional and working well.  This is nothing when 
compared to what its like during the Ostapas."

He pointed to two small mounds a few inches below his penis, getting 
towards his tail.

"Those are my testicles.  During Ostapas they are producing so much 
sperm that they grow to about the same size as my sheath and hang 
like a mammals.  All this time you're sitting around with a bunch of 
like minded individuals, masturbating away, trying to ease some of 
the pressure, but you're strangely calm.  Everything is fine, there 
is no need to do anything, no urgency to mate.  Important yes, but 
you can handle not being chosen.   Then a female appears.  She looks 
you over, gives you a knowing wink and lifts her tail slightly.  
That's it, you're hers.  You follow her where-ever she may lead and 
are more than eager to mount her when she offers.  After the act, 
you're still erect and ready for more, but its more important you 
help her.  Then you return to the males.  Of course, you still have 
the scent of the female on you, so the males there respect that 
until that wears off.  Once the females go off of their heat, the 
urgency begins to fade, but your body is still laden with sexual 
juices that need to be expunged.  I'll leave out the grizzly 
details, but by the end of it, everyone is pretty sticky, but very 

"So that's Ostapas?" asked Whit.

"More or less," reminisced Seth.  "If you're a dragon, you always 
make sure your holidays coincide with that time of the year."

Whit nodded.  "I can see why.  So the rest of the year, you're not 
sexually active?"

Seth shook his head.

"Not as such.  No, we are not concerned with sex for the purpose of 
reproduction, but we are capable of sex.  For the females I believe 
it is no big deal, but I have been told this is common with most 
species.  With the males, we still have urges, but nothing like the 

He ran a talon along his shaft, "that's why I'm lying on a bed 
looking like this."

Whit nodded again, shifting his large head to look over the 
reclining dragon.  His eyes lingered on his erect length.  Seth 
noted this and gave a questioning croon.

"You seem interested...?" he asked.

Whit blushed, looked away and then looked back.

"A little..." he admitted.  "You look completely different to me."

Now it was Seth's turn to look puzzled.  

"I have heard dragon's are different to mammals," he said.  "But I 
have not had much experience with warm blood's to comment on it.  
Can I ask what is different?"

"Its just the shape..." murmured Whit looking at it clinically.  
"And probably the texture.  Its sort of hard to explain, I really 
need something for comparison."

"You do have something," ventured Seth, his tail caressing gently at 
Whit's thigh.  

Whit looked uncertain for a moment, then shrugged and began to undo 
his overalls.

"What the hell," he said as his top half fell to the floor.  "If 
you're naked, I probably should be too."

The equine removed his clothes and sat cross legged on the bed, 
facing the dragon.

"See," he declared, pointing to his sheath.  "This is pretty 
standard for a mammal, but you're way different."

Seth looked over the partially swollen sheath.

"Yes," he conceded, "That we are.  Strange... I always expected it 
to be, well, bigger."

Whit looked down.

 "I'm not erect numbskull," he chided.  "Its' still tucked away."

He began to massage the soft skin.

"Give me a few..." he murmured.

The dragon looked over, then reached out.

"Let me do it," he whispered.  "I know it feels better when you're 
not having to concentrate."

Whit tensed as he felt the cool talon stroke over the opening of his 
sheath.  He nodded slightly, dropping his hand away, feeling it 
replaced with a soft leathery palm.  The effect was almost 
immediate, his opening parted, pushed aside by the emerging length.  
The dragon gave a soft croon of approval, one paw moving to caress 
his shaft, stroking it as it hardened.

"I see what you mean," nodded Seth.  "We are quite different."

Whit looked around nervously, then reached out and placed a hand on 
the dragon's length.  Seth gave an approving rumble as the equine 
began to rub it gently.  Within a few moments the horse's shaft 
arced out proudly, almost touching the dragon's member.

Seth paused in his ministrations.

"So, smooth," he purred.  "And with a blunt top."

"That's the glands," explained Whit breathlessly.  "They are highly 

The two beings studied each other's length's, both performing the 
same actions, but at different times.  The equine's was the longer 
of the two, curving out smoothly from Whit's groin, glistening a 
little with the emerging pre.  Seth gently rubbed a paw pad over the 
slick patches, spreading the liquid over the blunt tip, making Whit 
shiver in pleasure.  Seth was more hesitant in his explorations.  
The dragon's length quite formidable to look at.  It was slightly 
shorter than Whit's, but larger in diameter.  Dark purple in colour 
with elongated bumps that spiralled around it.  Towards the tip 
there was a vaguely similar flare, but this one was ringed with 
small tines that pointed backwards down the shaft.  As his soft hand 
massaged, Whit could feel the skin growing slicker, a delicious 
smell of cinnamon and citrus filling the air.

"That's my penis producing its lubricant," Seth explained between 
gasps.  "I assume it serves a similar roll to your liquid."

He gave Whit's glands a squeeze to re-enforce his point, making the 
equine whinny.  The horse retaliated by sliding a hand under the 
tines and pushing them up slightly.  This caused Seth to shiver in 
pleasure, a small bead of clear liquid emerging at the tip before 
cascading down one side.

Both creatures began to grow both more desperate and bold.  Whit 
lying back as Seth moved over him, the equine reaching up and 
pulling the dragon down to meet his thrusting hips while leathery 
paws sandwiched their slick lengths together.

Seth was the first to peak.  He gave a primal screech and ground his 
groin against Whit's.  His tines swelling before his seed burst from 
his tip, coating their chests.  As his wings drooped over them Whit 
climaxed.  His groin pushing up against the dragon's underside as 
his length exploded, his juice's mixing with the dragon's.

For uncountable minutes the two lay against each other.  Their 
ragged breathing gradually easing, as did the tremors of pleasure 
that coursed through their bodies.  Whit stroked gently over the 
ridges along the dragon's back and Seth wrapped his tail around the 
equine's leg, gently lapping at his neck with his forked tongue.

Whit gave a contented rumble, his eyes gradually drifting shut with 
Seth following suit shortly after.

Sometime later the pair awoke.  Both had rolled together in their 
sleep and found each other looking into each other's eyes when they 
awake, one of Seth's wings curled around their bodies.  The scent of 
their efforts hung in the air and efforts to move were hampered by 
drying liquids.

"Mmmm, that was nice," murmured Seth eventually.

"It was," agreed Whit.  "I've never been with a different species 
before, but I think I will be doing so again... if you're willing."

Seth licked the equine nose.

"I'm sure I will be," he said with a grin.  "Maybe we can convince 
Admin to change our shifts."

"Hmmm," pondered Whit, nibbling gently on the forked tongue.  "You 
know, couples get to have larger suites..."

He gave a playful squeeze of the dragon's scaled rump.

"Really...?" returned Seth.  "This could be something I could grow 
to like... but I'm still going to be returning for Ostapas."

"Certainly," counted Whit.  "It will give me a chance to go out to 

The dragon gave Whit a curious look, but the equine just winked and 
pulled him closer.

"I can see we have a lot to learn about each other," rumbled Seth. 
"Will you teach me?"

"With pleasure, my dragon..."

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