Keywords: Adult, Transformation
Species: Human, Dolphins
By Divigon

"Owww!" exclaimed Brian pulling his hand back.  "Bloody thing bit 

There was a giggle from further out in the water and he glared out 
at ranger.  The thing in question was a bottlenose dolphin.  They 
were at Monkey Mia, standing knee deep in the water playing with the 
dolphins.  The sleek grey creatures were swimming along the line of 
gawking tourists.  Brian had reached out to stroke a passing one 
when it turned and snapped at his hand.  He examined the wound 

"Drew blood," he protested.

"That's Piper," explained the ranger.  "She's a little aggressive at 
times and its not a bite, it's a rake mark."

"What's a rake mark?" asked Brian poking at the patches of raw skin 
where blood was beginning to ooze from.

"Its when a dolphin bites, then drags its teeth across the skin," 
said the ranger, coming forward for a closer look.  "It leaves lines 
like a rake, hence the name.  Hmmm, that's fairly deep.  Go up to 
the hut and get them to take a look at it.  Tell them it was Piper."

Reluctantly Brian waded out of the water and made his way up to the 
hut, pushing the door opening and showing his arm to the ranger 
inside.  The man smiled, nodded understandingly, pulled out a first 
aid kit and began to rummage through it.

"You know why they rake each other?" he said dropping some Betadine 
onto the wound.

"Because someone pissed them off?" said Brian through gritted teeth. 

"Sometimes," said the ranger, now rummaging through the box for a 
bandage.  "Other times its done as a warning and sometimes its done 
to mark a potential mate."

"You decide," he said grinning at the look on Brian's face.

There was a few fumblings with the dressing and he was finished.

"There," he said, dismissing Brian.  "It should be fine, but you 
probably don't want to get it wet today, but you should be able to 
take the bandage off tonight.  If it gets infected, come back and 
I'll have someone run you into the nursing post in town."

Brian nodded and walked outside.  He looked at the small gaggle of 
people still milling around the beach, the dolphins now moved 
further off shore.  Slowly he wandered down to their small cottage.

He had wanted to come to Monkey Mia for ages. A few months ago he 
had managed to persuade Ken it would be the ideal place for a 
holiday.  He did not think Ken was enjoying him.  They had 
deliberately come in the off season to avoid the tourists, but this 
meant it was stinking hot outside for most of the time and besides 
the dolphins, there really was not much to do at Monkey Mia.

They had got a "luxury beach cottage" as far as they could away from 
the rest of the resort.  He thought Monkey Mia had a different idea 
of luxury.  For their money they got a two story place.  On the 
ground floor there was a kitchen and large lounge room.  Upstairs 
was a bathroom and two double beds.  Neither of them were keen 
sleeping in the same room as each other, but there did not seem to 
be much of a choice.

He nodded to Ken as he entered the airconditioned hut.

"I got bit," he explained to Ken, holding up his arm.

"Told you the phins were dangerous," Ken smirked, looking up from 
his book.

Brian poked out his tongue at the other and helped himself to a 
drink from the fridge.  It was already midday.  They had learnt from 
experience the best place to be in the afternoon was inside so, like 
true Aussies, they headed for the bar.  The drinking session 
extended into a pool session which slid into dinner and they ended 
up getting back to their room at about eight.  The sun was just a 
hint of orange in the west, while in the east a sliver of silver was 
beginning to rise.

"I'm having a shower," announced Brian, starting to strip off as he 
walked into the bathroom.

Ken sighed and sat around waiting for his time in the shower.  After 
about twenty minutes Brian emerged, towel wrapped around his waist, 
a strange look on his face.

He sat on a bed for a while, watching Ken carefully.

"Something wrong?" asked Ken curiously.

"I'm not sure," said Brian.  "I found something strange while I was 
having a shover."

"Something strange?" he repeated arching an eyebrow.

Brian nodded, "Two moles.  I've never noticed them before and I'm 
sure I should have."

"Huh?" went Ken.

In explanation Brian undid his towel and pointed to his groin.

"Oh please," groaned Ken looking away.

"Just look," sighed Brian exasperatedly.

Ken reluctantly turned around and looked where Brian was pointing.  
It was quite strange, there, half nestled in Brian's pubic hair were 
two small brown dots, probably an inch apart and maybe half an inch 
in diameter.

"That's... ummm... unusual," said Ken, trying to stop his eyes from 
straying.  He tried to focus on them.  "They sort of look like..."

Brian nodded.

"Yes, that is a raised bit in the centre," he answering Ken before 
he could ask.  "Yes, I know they look like nipples."

"Weird," said Ken standing up, shaking his head.  "Oh well, my turn 
in the shower."

Brian nodded again.

"I'm going to change my bandage, then get some shut eye," he said.

Ken left him, undressed and was about to start his shower, when he 
heard a gasp.

"Ken!" screamed Brian.  "Get in here..."

Ken rolled his eyes, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his 
waist.  He walked out of the bathroom and glared at Brian.

"What is it?" he demanded.

Brian sat on the bed, towel still undone but was staring at his arm 
in a look of horror.

"Holy shit," gasped Ken, his eyes following Brian's along his arm.

Brian had been bitten across his forearm.  Where should have been 
pink and hairy was now pale and smooth.  Even as they watched the 
skin seemed to get darker.

"What's happening Ken?" demanded Brian, his voice a mixture of 
puzzlement and desperation.

"I don't know," replied Ken, sitting on the edge of the bed, peering 
a Brian's arm.

Tentatively Ken reached out and poked at the strange patch of skin.  
Brian gave a strangled meep of surprise as he felt the other's 
fingertips.  Almost as if it was a key of some sort, the now grey 
patch of skin seemed to spread.

"Oh shit... oh shit... oh shit..." Brian began chanting, watching as 
his arm seemed to swell slightly, the skin bubbling, stretching and 
settling back to a grey colour.  The line of grey progressed over 
his elbow and towards his shoulder.  He squirmed trying to get away 
from it.

Ken was mystified by it all.  He watched Brian's hand seem to expand 
slightly, webbing filling the gaps in between the fingers, the nails 
disappearing.  A gasp brought his attention back to the rest of 
Brian's body.  Brian was pulling his head back, half trying to get 
away from the stuff on his arm, the other half of him trying to 
watch it.

Once the grey colour reached his shoulder, the change seemed to 
speed up, running down his body like a miniature wave.  Brian 
noticed how his chest was paler than his arm, but the same rubbery 
smoothness.  Brian squirmed again, it felt like his body was 
lengthening.  He spread his legs automatically as his spine began to 
extend.  Whatever it was did not hurt, it tingled slightly an 
unusual, but strangely pleasurable feeling.  

Ken watched his friend writhe on the bed, something grey began to 
emerge from under him and in horror he watched what had to be a tail 
grow from his spine.  It continued to grow and swell, filling the 
gap between Brian's thighs and to his horror it seemed to absorb 
Brian's testicles and penis.

Brian felt his mouth seem to push forward, small teeth emerging from 
his gums as his nose sealed over.  For an instant he seemed to have 
trouble breathing and for the first time since it began he started 
to panic, then he felt a rush of air enter his lungs and relaxed 
again.  He groaned slightly as his head reshaped itself, hair 
melting into the rubbery grey texture of his skin.

Ken's mouth fell open as Brian's head remoulded itself, the 
unmistakable shape of a dolphin's head becoming plainly visible.  As 
the grey skin continued down Brian's legs and his other arm, 
realisation dawned on Ken.  The sight of the flat bladed tail was 
more than enough to confirm it for him.

"You're a dolphin," he exclaimed breathlessly.

Brian nodded silently, large blue-grey eyes opening as the last of 
webbing spread between his toes.  He rolled himself off the bed and 
stood.  This allowed Ken a look at the sleek lines of his back and 
the blowhole that opened and closed silently on the back of his 

Brian moved quietly, seemingly getting use to the new form.  He was 
about the same height, but looked somehow more muscular even though 
he seemed to be smoothed over.  He stopped in front of the mirror 
and cocked his head to the side for a better look, hands running 
over his body carefully.

They started at his chest and progressed down the pale underside 
slowly, lingering over his belly before stroking gently at the slit 
that had appeared between his legs.  Ken watched the reflection in 
silence.  Brian's underside flushed a faint pink and the lips of his 
slit seemed to swell.  They bulged a little, then split open, a deep 
pink tentacle sliding out.  Brian's webbing fingers avoided the tip 
and continued to caress the surrounding pink skin.  The tentacle 
grew, thickening as it emerged, curving up his body.  Finally there 
was an unmistakable, but alien penis protruding from the deep pink 
and bulging slit.  Almost reverently Brian's webbed hand slit along 
the length slowly, from the base to the tip, a glistening string of 
pre catching a fingertip and hanging like a spider-web after his 
hand had slid from it.  Brian's mouth was open and he gave what had 
to be a trill of pleasure.  Behind him Ken gasped, eyes glued to the 

The noise seemed to jolt Brian out of his trance and he turned 
slowly, advancing towards his friend who still lay on the bed.

"Mmmm..." he said softly, his voice sounding slightly higher than 
normal.  "This is definitely quite a feeling."

Ken did not say a word.  The sight in the reflection had seemed to 
captivate him and now that he was looking at it directly he seemed 
hypnotised by it.  Brian's mouth curled up slightly into more of a 
smile than normal and he straddled the unresisting Ken's knees, 
laying his flat bladed tail out over the human's feet, his smooth 
warm underside pressing against the other's skin.

"You should see what it feels like," contained the dolphin softly.  
"Go on... you know you want to."

Unaware of his actions, Ken brought his fingers up slowly and 
reached out to touch the large pink length.  It felt hot and 
surprisingly smooth.  It pulsed slightly, the rush of blood turning 
it a deeper shade of pink.  A small bead of pre oozed from the tip 
and dribbled down towards Ken's fingers.  He used it to smooth over 
the underside, rapt by the strange length.  It was vaguely dolphin 
shaped, a small tapered tip, which curled around his finger as he 
traced over it.  It widened as he moved down towards the base, a 
slight groove running down its outer side.  Brian trembled whenever 
he touched there, so he found himself stroking along it slowly.

Brian chuured softly at the sensations, half closing his eyes before 
he too reached out and undid the towel around Ken's waist.  The 
human did not object, his penis was already swollen and Brian 
slipped his fingers around it, rubbing the tip with his webbing 
while his second hand massaged gently around Ken's sac.  Ken moaned, 
spreading his legs, allowing Brian's smooth grey fingers to probe 
lower, pressing over the human's ass.  Much to the dolphin's 
surprise, the human groaned as his fingers slipped over his opening 
and thrust upwards, a small wave of his pre dribbling down his shaft 
and over Brian's fingers.

The dolphin swapped hands, probing at the opening with now slick 
fingers, the rounded digit easily slipping inside.  The human gave 
another moan of pleasure, fingers sliding from the dolphin's shaft.  
This was too much for Brian and he pulled back, kneeling on the bed, 
then pulled Ken towards him.  For his part, Ken did not protest as 
the dolphin easily lifted him, slipping his strange member between 
his legs so it cradled his balls.  Brian paused, not sure when Ken 
adjusted himself, squirmed out of the dolphin's grip and 
effortlessly slipped over the dolphin's waiting length.  

Both of them groan in pleasure, Brian thrusting upwards 
instinctively, Ken grinding his hips down.  The dolphin's shaft 
pulsing as it oozed lubrication into Ken's ass, the human writhing 
over the large length.  Brian began to move his hips slowly, feeling 
himself slip minutely in and out of the human, waves of pleasure 
building around him as Ken pulled himself up against the dolphin's 
warm skin.

With a delphinic squeal, Brian thrust upwards, his penis seeming to 
harden and warm at the same time.  The was a moment of delicious 
nothing, then Ken felt the dolphin's scolding seed flood into his 
depths.  This was too much for him and the human came, thrusting 
upwards as his seed splattered between their bodies and squished 
between them.

Brian continued to climax, feeling himself thrust uncontrollably 
into the human before the two of them collapsed exhausted on the 

Time seemed to stop as they lay entwined in each other's arms.  Both 
not daring to move unless it was to snuggle closer to the other.  
Then, reluctantly, Brian pulled himself out slowly.  His length 
still erect, but a little softer and slightly more pink than it had 
been.  Ken was already asleep, the human smiling and squirming some 
more as the dolphin cradled him.  Sleep gradually overcoming them.

Brian was awoken some time later by Ken.

"I feel strange..." was all Ken managed to mutter as he rolled away 
on the bed.

Brian opened his eyes slowly, thinking for a moment it was all a 
dream, but then he caught sight of his grey arm in the moonlight and 
the memories of it flooded back to him.  He looked over to Ken who 
was lying on the bed bathed in the silvery moonlight.  His skin did 
not look the right colour.  It seemed to dark for a human.

As the hair on Ken's chest seemed to melt away, Brian woke up a 
little more, realisation dawning as a familiar grey colouring began 
to spread over the human's body.  Now it was Brian's turn to be 
fascinated, watching as Ken's tail slid out, the swelling skin 
silent absorbing the humans penis and testicles.  The change seemed 
to be faster with him, Ken's body writhed silently as the rubbery 
coating replaced his skin, webbing forming between his fingers and 
toes while his flat bladed tail expanded.  Finally Ken's head seemed 
to stretch, twisting bizarrely until a dolphin's eye was looking 
back at him.

Brian smiled, looking over the other dolphin.  

"You look good," he said gesturing to Ken's new body.

Ken looked down at himself, puzzled for a moment before smiling 
slightly.  He picked himself up onto all fours, crawling across the 
bed to straddle Brian's waist, their warm undersides pressing 
against each other as Ken positioned himself over Brian.  He made 
sure Brian could see, then reached down to rub a rounded, webbed 
finger over his slit lips that began to bulge in response.

"My turn..." he whispered with a sly smile as his tip began to slide 

This time it was Brian who was kept rapt as the dolphin penis began 
to emerge.  He longed to touch it, his own slit lips bulging, but 
the desire not to move was stronger, lest he broke some part of the 
magic spell.

However, Ken had no problems with movement and once his length was 
out, he squirmed backwards, running the tip over Brian's deep red 
lips.  Drop his hips slightly, his tapered tip easily slid 
themselves inside.  Brian gave a groan of pleasure, arching his body 
upwards as the dolphin's stiff length caresses against his.  He 
shaft swelled, trying to break out of his enclosure, but the other 
dolphin was too hard to push out of the way.

Ken smiled knowingly, moving his hips back and forth, feeling 
Brian's penis squirm, trying to find a way out, both of their shafts 
oozing their pre so that it filled Brian's slit and ran down over 
his tail.  Feeling his shaft beginning to harden, Ken slipped back, 
feeling his tip probe at the smaller opening below it.  They both 
gave a groan as Ken pushed down, easily sinking himself into the 
other dolphin's tight opening.

Brian pushed himself upwards, feeling his length burst free of its 
hiding place, rubbing against Ken's belly.  The pair of them began 
to thrust together, both working for a common goal, the tempo and 
urgency of their movements gradually increasing, Brian's hands 
reached around Ken's back to stroke at his dorsal fin while Ken 
clung tightly to Brian.

Without warning, Ken came suddenly, Brian feeling the hot seed flood 
deep inside him, triggering is own orgasm.  Now it was his turn to 
send fluids over their bellies.  Ken paused for a moment, then 
collapsed exhausted on top of Brian.  Brian chuured, holding the 
other dolphin close as they both slipped into a pleasure filled 

When they awoke again, the orange glow of dawn began to fill the 
eastern edge of the horizon.  Brian looked at it over the shoulder 
of Ken.  They had separated during the night, but still lay partly 
entwined.  As the sun rose, Brian watched the grey of his skin seem 
to fade, hairs sprung from its surface and there was an unusual 
feeling of his spine seeming to withdraw.

Unable to see much, he watched Ken's back slip from the smooth lines 
of a dolphin to the more familiar lines of a human, his dorsal fin 
melting back into the skin.  There was a moment of disorientation as 
his head reshaped itself, the small teeth withdrawing into his gums 
and he could see the webbing on his fingers thin away to nothing.

For some reason, he seemed embarrassed to be snuggling with another 
human and wriggled out from under him.  A crinkly feeling on his 
skin, reminding him of the night before.  Ken woke slowly and rolled 
over, hie eyes dim as he replayed last night events in his mind.

Ken went to say something, but Brian just nodded.  There was a 
second attempt and Brian held up a finger and pointed silently to 
Ken's groin before looking down at his own.

What he thought were two moles were still there, he now knew them to 
be nipples.  

"Dolphin's have nipples either side of their genitals," he though to 

The second thing he noticed was his penis.  It was recognisably 
human now, but it did have a slight taper towards the tip and seemed 
to be half hidden in a fold of skin between his lips.  

He looked across at Ken who was now looking at him.  They both 
shared the same unique similarity.  

He shrugged, neither of them seemed to want to explore what happened 
last night.  It was something that happened, there was no denying it 
and there was no denying it may not happen again.  Part of him was 
revolted at the idea, but a larger part of him was desperate to see 
what would happen tonight when the moon rose...

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