Keywords: Adult, Hypnosis
Species: Human
Unknowing Slave

	Another human only story, ironically with the same subject matter as the first.  This 
one came about because I was being asked indirectly about the first story I wrote and if
I wrote it now would I do it different.  Rather than explain what, I thought another story
would answer it.	

Unknowing Slave
By Divigon

Brian opened the door and look at the guy standing before him.

"Jason?" he said hesitantly, breaking into a grin when the other 

Jason stepped forward, offering a hug.  There was a slight awkward 
pause before Brian responded, opening his arms.  Another awkward 
pause as they waved hands around, finally managing to slip arms 
around each other.  They lightly patted each other on the back, 
breaking off the hug before Brian took a step back.

"Please, come in," he said, gesturing for Jason to join him.

Jason stepped into the hotel room and looked around.  It was a 
standard hotel room.  Two double beds faced a television.  Near the 
main door was another one, obviously leading to the bathroom and a 
large window with a small sofa in front of it.  The curtains were 
open and Jason could look out over the airport which was just next 

"Not an exciting place," said Brian, pouring himself a glass of water 
and offering one to Jason.  "But it's functional enough.  Only here 
for a few more days anyway."

Jason nodded.  

"You fly out Tuesday isn't it?" he asked.

"Yeap," said Brian.  "Arrived Wednesday night, worked Thursday and 
Friday.  Get tonight and the weekend to myself which leaves Monday 
for any follow-ups, then back home.  Normally the company wouldn't 
give me the weekend,  but I sort of talked them into it."

He gave a sheepish grin and Jason nodded.

"I hope that the sudden trip isn't interrupting any of your plans?" 
questioned Brian.

"Nope," replied Jason shaking his head.  "I just had the usual 
weekend things, nothing special.  And since you said you were coming 
by, I just had say hi."

Brian nodded.  They had known each other via the Internet for quite a 
while now.  For some reason they had clicked, the two of them sharing 
similar interests and hobbies they had got along very well.  

"So," smiled Jason.  "What do you want to do?"

Brian eyed the smile perhaps a little nervously.  

"I don't know," he said.  "What sort of things are there around here 
to do?"

Jason grinned again and turned from the window to sit down in the 
sofa, facing Brian.

"Well," he began.  "I suppose I could go and give you the tour of the 
town, show you the sights and all that, but it is dark, so I'm not 
sure how much you would see.  Or, we could sit here and talk...?"

He left the sentence hanging in the air, Brian getting the meaning 
straight away and he squirmed a little in his seat as he felt his 
trousers tighten.  Jason's eyes flicked down to Brian's groin, then 
back to his face where the sparkled in anticipation of an answer.

"Lets ... talk..." murmured Brian softly, clearing his throat a 
little as he looked back at Jason's light blue eyes.  "I think I know 
what would make a good subject..."

"Hypnosis?" ventured Jason, studying Brian's reactions, catching the 
minute blush that passed across his cheeks.

One of their interests online had been hypnosis.  They had role 
played it before, Brian usually being the one being put under and on 
more than one occasion, the line between role play and reality 
blurring.  Brian loved the feeling of submissiveness and Jason seemed 
to relish being the one in control.

"Have you ever put someone under in real life?" asked Brian, his 
voice muted by his dry mouth.

"Once or twice," said Jason nodding.

"What did it feel like?"

"To me or them?" asked Jason.

"Ummm, both," said Brian, squirming  a little more in his seat.

"Well..." began Jason, watching the other fidget nervously.  "They 
all seemed to enjoy it quite a lot and myself... well..."

He reached over and gently picked up Brian's left hand.  Guiding it 
over to place it gently against his crotch.  Brian could feel the 
growing erection easily through the material, his own already causing 
his pants to tent and he blushed deeply.

"Why, do you want to feel it yourself?" purred Jason, fixing Brian 
with his eyes once more.

"Ummm... err..." stammered Brian nervously before managing to spit 
out a "yes."

Brian stared at the eyes.  He had been in this exact scene in a role 
play before and thought he knew what was coming.

Jason looked back at Brian, pondering.  He knew the other was eager, 
but perhaps this was not the best way.  He turned his head to look 
outside, eyes roaming across the airport before spying a 
communications tower.  He grinned to himself and turned back to 

"Ahhh, I think I've got just the thing," he murmured softly.  "It 
will just take a moment."

Brian watched curiously as Jason stood and turned off the lights in 
the room, leaving a soft glow from the airport casting orange 
shadows.  He pushed at the sofa, grunting a little as he slid it 
closer to the window.  Lining it up, he lifted Brian's feet and 
placed them on the windowsill, his natural reaction allowing his head 
to tilt back against the cushions.

"Now," he said, taking a seat behind Brian's head.  "Firstly, I want 
you to actually listen to my voice.  Don't try to skip ahead just 
because you think you know what is happening.  Secondly, think about 
what I tell you, don't rush into something, think and then act."

Brian nodded.

"Ok," he said.  "I'll do my best."

"Good," purred Jason, lowering his voice.  "Now look out the 
window... can you see that tower over there.  Look at the flashing 
red light on the top.  How often do you think that is flashing?  Once 
a second maybe?  I want you to count it."

Brian nodded.

"One... two...three..." he began.

"No, not like that," corrected Jason.  "I want you to time them, so 
it's one mississippi... two mississippi... three mississippi..."

"One mississippi... two mississippi... three mississippi..." started 
Brian again.

Jason smiled, the flashes were closer to two seconds apart than one, 
so Brian almost immediately began dragging out the mississippi part.

"Now, that's much better," whispered Jason.  "As you're counting, 
just listen to my voice... softly in the background.... but focus on 
the light... its important to concentrate on the light..."

"Thirteen mississippi... Fourteen mis...sissippi..."

"It looks so simple doesn't it..." continued Jason.  "That light, 
flashing away... notice how it fades in and out... in and out... back 
and forth... each time taking you a little further away as you listen 
to my voice..."

"Thirty seven mis...s...issip...pi... thirty eight 

Jason reached over the back of the sofa, gently stroking his 
fingertips over the sides of Brian's neck.

"Its getting harder to count isn't it..." he rumbled.  "But you can 
count... can't you... just listening to my voice... focusing as it 
fades in and out... just in and out..."

"Ssssixty two.. mis...sus..ippy... sssixty threeeee"

"Now, instead of mississippi... you want to say I am sleepy 
instead..." purred Jason, rubbing softly at Brian's ear.

"Eighty four ... miss...issleepy... eighty five... I am sleepy..."

Jason smiled to himself as he heard Brian's voice shift, almost 
immediately sounding more relaxed and slurring a little more.

"That's good..." he murmured.  "Now, listen to your voice... its 
telling you... watching the light... its relaxing each time it fades 
out feel yourself drift a little more... don't fight it... you just 
want to float..."

"One hundred... I am sl..eeeepy... one hundred and one... I am 

Brian's eyelids had begun to droop, his head started to loll off to 
one side.

"Good..." rumbled Jason soothingly, gently stroking Brian's hair.  
"But now you need to count back from where you are... you'll find it 
so much more relaxing... each number taking you lower and lower..."

"One hundred and three... I am sleepy..." paused Brian, his mind 
seeming to deliberate before he announced.  "One hundred and two... I 
am sleepy... one hundred and one..."

"Mmmm... very good..." whispered Jason.  "I can see you'll make an 
excellent hypnotic subject... that's what we're doing... you're being 
hypnotised... each time you count out you're finding yourself more 
and more relaxed... you don't want to fight it... just let it 
happen... just sleep and count... listen to me..."

"Seventy seven... I am sleepy... seventy six... I am sleepy..."

By now Brian's head and dropped to one side, his eyes drifted shut 
and his body laid limp on the cushions.

"Good pet..." whispered Jason, carefully watching Brian for any 
reaction.  When there was none, he continued slowly.  "Keep counting 
down... feel all of your will boxing up and slipping away... you are 
hypnotised... and you will obey... you want to say it... with each 

"Fifty six... I am...I obey..." corrected Brian, breathing out and 
seeming to sink deeper into the couch, his voice loosing its slurred 
component.  "Fifty five... I obey...  Fifty four..."

Jason continued to stroke Brian's head gently, the muscles limp and 
his mouth barely moved as he continued to count down.

"Good pet..." he murmured softly, his voice soothing.  "You know you 
can't fight it, feel yourself give in... you must obey... you're 
hypnotised... my hypnotised slave..."

"Thirty three... I obey... thirty two... I obey..."

"When you reach zero you will be mine," continued Jason.  "You will 
only serve me... you will obey me... your master... my hypnotised 

"Three... I obey... two... I obey... one... I obey... zero... I 

Brian stopped counting, giving a soft sigh and just lay still.

Jason gave one last rub of his head and was still.  

"What are you?" he asked quietly.

"I am your hypnotised slave," came Brian's response.

"Good slave," purred Jason gently.  "And what do you do."

"I obey," responded Brian again, his voice somehow distant.

"Very good," murmured Jason.  "Now, I don't want all of you, at the 
moment I just want your left hand."

As he spoke he moved to the side of Brian, running his fingers down 
his left arm.

"Your left arm belongs to me," continued Jason.  "It is mine to 
control.  When I give it an order, it will respond and you will not 
be able to stop it.  The more you try, the greater you will sink into 
my control, even if you don't know it.  You will not need to hear or 
remember the order, but the left hand will know and will act, despite 
any efforts of you to stop it."

Jason continued to talk, running his hand down Brian's left arm 

"In fact, since it is my left hand, I will refer to it as 'my left 
hand' as it is not yours any more," whispered Jason with a sneaky 
grin.  "My left hand is tied to some balloon... can you feel it, 
floating up.  You want to stop it, but you can't... its pulling your 
body slowly into the air..."

As he spoke, Brian's left arm began to rise, lifting towards the 
ceiling as it rose as high as it could, his torso began to lift, 
bending at the waist and getting higher.

"Oops, the balloons burst," said Jason, watching Brian's body fall 
back to the sofa, his arm falling limply to the side.

"That was very good slave," whispered Jason approvingly.  "Now, we're 
going to wake you up, but  there are some things you will do.  First, 
I will still own my left arm.  Secondly, when you hear the phrase, 
'why don't you sleep' you will feel yourself sinking once more into 
this nice relaxed state, eager to be my hypnoslave once more.  
Thirdly, when you wake up, I will sit down beside you.  This will be 
your queue to get up and go to the bathroom, while you're there 
you'll find yourself compelled to get undressed and put on a 
bathrobe.  Finally, you will not need to remember any of what 
happened from when you started looking at the light.  Your mind will 
know what it has to do."

Jason gave Brian a few moments for his command to sink in before 
starting again.

"Now, feel yourself beginning to wake up," he said, lifting his voice 
to its normal level.  "By the time I reach five you'll be fully awake 
and feeling refreshed and vitalised.  One... feeling is beginning to 
return to your body... Two... your mind is beginning to clear... your 
subconscious is sinking once more into the background... Three... you 
can feel your body starting to stir... Four... almost fully conscious 
now, the last waves of relaxation washing away and five... fully 
awake, feeling refreshed and vitalised."

Brian's eyes opened and he looked around.  Blinking a few times 
before giving a long slow stretch.  Jason had got up and turned some 
of the bedside lights on and the room had a soft glow to it.

"How do you feel?" asked Jason.

"Good," replied Brian almost immediately.  "Strangely refreshed 

Jason gave a smirk.

"Strange that," he said with a mischievous grin.  "So, what can you 

Brian looked puzzled.

"Ummm..." he began.  "I can remember looking out over the airport... 
a tower I think... and well... you saying five just now.  Oh jeees, 
you really put me under didn't you."

Brian's cheeks flushed red and Jason grinned.  

"Oh yes," he said.  "You were a good subject as well... I think all 
the role playing had helped."

Brian's pants began to tent again, a fact Jason noticed and he moved 
around to sit on the sofa beside Brian.  A strange look crossed 
Brian's face and he almost leapt to his feet.

"Excuse me," he stuttered.  "I have to visit the bathroom."

Brian crossed the room and shut the bathroom door behind him.  Jason 
grinned to himself as he heard water running, followed a few moments 
later by a flush.  There was another pause and a sound of shuffling.  
The door opened and Brian emerged wearing a long bathrobe with the 
hotel crest on one side.

"Sorry about that," he said, flopping down in the couch again.  "Just 
couldn't hold it back any longer."

"No problems," grinned Jason.  "I see you had a change of clothes as 

"Yeah," said Brian sheepishly.  "I just didn't feel like staying in 
my work gear any longer.  This is a lot more, ummm, relaxing."

"Yes..." purred Jason.  "Relaxing is good."

There was a moment's silence before Jason spoke again.

"My left hand, rub my crotch," he said, leaning back on the cushions.

Brian's left hand moved out on its own, slipping gently up Jason's 
thigh before starting to rub at the mound in his trousers.

"I'm sorry," blinked Brian.  "Did you say something?"

"Me?" asked Jason, squirming a little as his felt the hand move 
gently over his trapped erection.  "No, nothing at all."

"Ahhh," nodded Brian.  

"So," asked Jason.  "Why do you like hypnosis so much anyway?"

"Ummm, I'm not sure," replied Brian, oblivious to the movement his 
hand was making.  "There is the control aspect of it I suppose, the 
idea of not thinking, it both terrifies me and is a turn on at the 
same time.  And I suppose the potential of what could happen helps a 
lot too."

"My left hand, undo my pants and continue to stroke," said Jason, 
watching the blank look pass over Brian's face before it returned.  
"That sounds more or less normal."

In plain view, but unseen by Brian, his hand deftly undid Jason's 
belt.  It fumbled a little longer with the button, but released it 
and slid the sip down, reaching inside.  Jason's shaft slid through 
the slit in his boxers, bursting itself free, Brian's hand moving 
around it, rubbing up and down it slowly.

"How about you?" asked Brian.  "Why do you like it?"

"I suppose it's the control," said Jason, leaning back a little on 
the couch, his shaft already slick from the previous episode and he 
knew he would not last long.  "Being able to tell someone to do 
something and they do it, no questions, it just gets done.  Then 
secondly, I like to help people, let them act out things or do things 
they wouldn't normally do."

Brian nodded, his hand still moving at the same pace even as Jason's 
shaft began to harden.

"See, I'm worried someone would do that to me..." he said.  "I'm not 
sure how you'd react."

"Mmm..." purred Jason, leaning back.  "I think you'd probably like 
it... for example, look down at my crotch."

Brian's eyes lowered, running down Jason's body.  They widened when 
they reached his crotch, travelling up his left arm, as if confirming 
it was his before back down.  A look of confusion covered his face.

"I can't stop..." he growled through gritted teeth.

His hand continued to move up and down rhythmically.  Jason gave a 
soft sigh, the look on Brian's face too much and with a grunt he 
came.  His hot ropey seed spurting up over his chest even as Brian's 
hand continued to milk  him.  Jason groaned, closing his eyes and 
basking in the moment, becoming aware of the still moving hand and 
his increasingly sensitive length.

"My left hand," he groaned.  "Return control temporarily to Brian."

Brian snatched his hand back, looking at it, wiggling his fingers and 
watching the cum run down them.  Jason looked down at his groin and 
wiped a glob of cum from his shirt, licking it from his finger slowly 
before standing up.  Brian had not said anything more, he continued 
to stare at his hand, transfixed.

"I think I'll just get myself cleaned a little," he said, before 
adding.  "My left hand, start stroking Brian's cock."

Brian gave a gasp as his hand suddenly leapt into action once more, 
diving for his groin, flipping the robe apart and circling his half 
erect penis.

"Wha...?" groan Brian in amazement.

"Shhhh, just enjoy..." grinned Jason.  "I'll only be a few moments."

Jason moved around the couch, disappearing into the bathroom while 
Brian returned his attention to his crotch.  His left hand was moving 
slowly, still slick with Jason's cum, stroking his shaft which was 
beginning to react, growing to arch before him.  Brian gritted his 
teeth, willing it to stop, but that just made him feel more relaxed 
about the whole thing.  He tried grasping it with his right hand, but 
that was unable to stop it.

Jason returned and looked at the progress, he too was dressed in a 
simple bathrobe, lightly tied at the waist.

"Mmm..." he rumbled, taking his seat again.  "I see you're enjoying 

"I can't stop..." protested Brian.  "It just keep moving."

"That's because your hand belongs to me," smiled Jason, reaching out 
with a finger to catch a drop of pre that was oozing from Brian's 
tip, tasting it and nodding approval.  "And your hand is going to 
help put you under again."

"What?" groaned Brian, looking at him with wide eyes.

"Can't you feel it," rumbled Jason.  "Each stroke... you fight it... 
you loose... fighting but feeling yourself slipping under my power...  
Your will trying to focus, but its being pulled... sucked into your 
ball sac... can't you feel it tingling there..."

Brian shook his head, his hand moving up and down rhythmically, 
trying to deign it, but he could feel Jason's words were true.  His 
eyes began to glass over as he continued to try and fight it, feeling 
himself slip deeper and deeper under the other's spell.

"It feel so good..." purred Jason, watching Brian attempting to fight 
it, his mind already lost, but just not knowing yet.  "Your will, 
churning in your sac... just wanting to escape... why don't you let 
it... surrender yourself... become my slave..."

At the word slave, Brian's eyes opened and he gasped.  His cock 
hardening before wads of his thick cream burst from it, shooting up 
over his chest as his hand continued to pump.

"Good slave..." murmured Jason.  "Feel yourself surrender... why 
don't you sleep slave... good slave..."

Jason watched as Brian's body fell back against the pillows, his 
shaft still oozing, his orgasm lingering as his mind gave itself 
completely.  For the first time, even his left hand stopped stroking, 
just circling his shaft firmly.

Jason could not help himself.  He leaned over and gave the 
unresponsive Brian a kiss on the cheek.

"Mmmm..." he purred, his own shaft beginning to bulge once more.  
"You're here all weekend... I think we're going to have some fun 
slave...  First some ground rules... You will obey."

Jason paused, letting that one sink in before continuing.

"Second," he said.  "You will refer to me as Master or Sir when we 
are alone.  Finally, when we're in this room, you shall not wear 
clothes.  Do you understand."

"Yes Master," murmured Brian distantly.

"Mmmm... good slave..." rumbled Jason.  "Now slave, wake up.  Leave 
Brian asleep... he does not exist for the remainder of the weekend.  
You are my slave and that is all you need to know."

Brian's eyes opened and he looked around, blinking a little.  He 
looked down at himself and gave a little cry, quickly shrugging out 
of his bathrobe.  Jason allowed himself a grin, watching as the other 
hung his head submissively.

"Its late..." announced Jason.  "Why don't we go to bed...?"

"Yes Master," agreed Brian, standing, but allowing Jason to lead the 

"I am sure slave would like to cuddle  with his master?" asked Jason, 
slipping out of his own robe and under the sheets.

Brian gave a little mhrrr of pleasure.

"Very much Master," he rumbled.

"Of course you would..." agreed Jason, smiling as the other slipped 
under the sheets, the light turned off with a click and everything 
went dark...

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