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Species: Kangaroo, Rat, Equine
Thomas and the Roo (Part II)

Thomas and the Roo (Part II)
By Divigon

Tohmas stared at the phone in his hand.  It was buzzing, indicating the call 
had been terminated.  He shrugged and hung it up, wondering why he was 
standing there.  He walked to the door, unlocked it and made his way back to 
the couch, sitting down beside the still snoozing kangaroo, his eyes closing 
slowly as he relaxed back into the cushions.

Tohmas's eyes opened slowly.  He heard the voice again.

"Wake up," soft, insistent, but a request, not an order.

The stallion focused on the figure before him.  It was Lazarth.  The rat 
looked slightly out of place in his lounge room, but was still a commanding 
figure.  He smiled as he saw the stallion's eyes focus on him.

"Good morning Tohmas," rumbled the rat softly.  "I trust you slept well."

"Very well," replied the stallion, rubbing his head absently.  

It did not seem right that the rat was here, but it did not seem wrong 

"Confused?" offered Lazarth with a slight grin.

"Yes," admitted Tohmas.

"Its not surprising," started the rat.  "I received a phone call from you 
this morning.  You said you had a kangaroo named Kevin asleep in your 
apartment and were not sure what to do."

"Oh," said Tohmas simply.

"I told you to sit back down and wait and I'd be there soon," smiled 
Lazarth, curling his tail behind him.  "So here I am."

"Oh," said Tohmas again, it sounded right to him.

"So," purred Lazarth, leaning in.  "Why don't you tell me what happened."

"Yesterday," began Tohmas.  "After leaving your session, I left the building 
and found a kangaroo, Kevin.  We shared a cab, had a few drinks and Kevin 
began to act, well strange.  I started to ask him things and he'd just do 
them.  He bought me sugar cubes."

"Sugar cubes?" queried Lazarth.

"Yeap," nodded the stallion.  "I gave him money and asked him to buy me 
something I would like and he returned with sugar cubes."

"Ahhh," chuckled Lazarth.  "And do you like sugar cubes?"

"Of course," smiled Tohmas.  "All equines like sugar cubes."

"And then what happened?" prompted the rat.

"We came here," said the stallion simply.  "He gave me a massage and we both 
ended up climaxing together."

"How did that make you feel?" asked Lazarth, raising an eyebrow a little.

"Good," murmured Tohmas.  "Very good."

"What aspects of it?"

"All aspects of it," replied the stallion.  "However the control was 
especially nice."

"In what way?"

"In an arousing kind of way," rumbled Tohmas.

"You liked that did you?" smiled the rat.

"Yes," purred the stallion, his sheath twitching a little as memories of the 
night before flooded through his mind.

"That's good then," agreed Lazarth.  "I am going to want you to relive those 
memories.  Feel the same arousing feelings, don't try to hide from them, 
embrace them.  But before you do, I want you to wake Kevin and allow him to 
talk to me so we can have a little chat.  Can you do that pony?"

"Yes Sir," murmured Tohmas, a blank looking already beginning to enter his 

He turned and looked at the kangaroo who was oblivious to the conversation, 
his head tilted to one side, eyes shut in a dreamless sleep. Lazarth knew he 
could have questioned Kevin directly, but he wanted to see Tohmas's 
technique and besides, the stallion would get a kick out of it, even if he 
did not know he was doing it.

"Kevin," announced the stallion.  "Slave.  I want you to awaken.  Lazarth 
would like to talk to you.  You are to show him the same reverence and 
respect you have shown me.  Can you do that?"

"Yes Sir," replied Kevin, his voice soft and his eyes fluttered open.

The kangaroo looked around himself, blinking a few times and stretching a 
little.  Tohmas gave a soft smile and fell back onto the couch, his sheath 
swelling as his shaft began to poke out.  If Kevin noticed, he gave no sign 
of it.

"Hello Kevin," smiled the rat.  "I'm Lazarth."

"Yes," murmured Kevin.  "I'm Kevin.  I think we've met before."

"Yes," agreed Lazarth.  "That is correct.  You came to see me.  You wanted 
to be hypnotised, but I let pony do it instead of myself."

"Yes," nodded Kevin.  "Nice pony."

"Pony was only suppose to have control while you were in my office," stated 
Lazarth.  "What happened?"

"Roo did not want control to be only in office," whispered Kevin.  "It felt 
good.  Roo wanted more control over himself."

"Ahhh," nodded the rat.  "And pony provided that control?"

"Yes," agreed Kevin.  "He did not know what was happening at first, but he 
liked it."

"Yes," nodded Lazarth.  "He did.  And how did you feel, did you like having 
him control you?"

"Yes," sighed Kevin slowly.  "It felt good."

"Arousing?" prompted Lazarth.

"Yes," agreed Kevin.  "Very arousing.  Pony wanted roo to orgasm.  Pony 
makes roo feel good."

Lazarth nodded, thinking to himself.  It was an interesting situation, but 
not unheard of.  He looked over at the stallion.  Tohmas had leant back on 
the couch, his eyes shut and his shaft more than semi-erect, the large 
length resting on his belly.  Kevin was still limp on the couch, but his 
eyes were open, even though they were unseeing.  The rat squirmed himself, 
an unusual situation, but one he liked.

"Kevin," announced Lazarth, looking over at the kangaroo.  "You want to help 
pony don't you?"

"Yes Sir," replied Kevin in his almost childlike voice.

"And pony, you like controlling Kevin don't you?" asked Lazarth, looking at 
the relaxed stallion.

"Yes Sir," agreed pony softly.

"Right then," rumbled Lazarth.  "I can't see why you two can't get along.  
You seem to be managing alright.  However, you will keep me informed of your 
progress and if problems arise you will not hesitate to contact me."

"Yes Sir," they both sighed.

"Good," churred the rat, standing up.  

Normally he could control himself, but the two oblivious furs before him was 
too much.  He ran his paws down his chest, slowly undoing the buttons of his 
shirt, then easing open his belt.  A few moments later the rat stood naked 
before them, a paw gently rubbing his sheath and occasionally stroking along 
the hard emerged length.

He stepped forward, sitting himself down between the two of them, snuggling 
into the kangaroo's soft fur and his pony's warm bulk.  He reached out and 
stroked a hand slowly up the inside of Kevin's thigh, watching as the roo 
gave a sigh and sank back against the cushions.

"Good pets," he rumbled softly.  "Kevin, you are aroused aren't you.  Don't 
be afraid to show it."

"Yes Sir," murmured Kevin, his pink length slipping out of his sheath 

Lazarth looked down, never having seen a kangaroo penis before.  It was 
long, tapered to the tip and relatively narrow.  He moves his hand up 
slowly, tickling gently at the roo's sac, then curling his paw around the 
shaft, stroking gently.  Kevin arched into it and the rat turned his 
attention across to his pony.  Tohmas's shaft had climbed to its full 
length, clear pre was dripping from its tip and the rat reached out to 
massage gently at the swollen glands on its tip.

"Now pets," began the rat.  "Reach out with one hand and begin pleasuring 
me.  Only one hand and every movement you apply to me you shall feel on 
yourself, heightening your pleasure, but you can't cum.  Not until I do and 
when I peak you will find yourself unable to resist, both of you 
surrendering to the pleasure and becoming my slaves."

"Yes Sir," whispered the pair softly.

Kevin's hand moved first, reaching out to rest softly on Lazarth's soft 
belly fur, running in small circles.  The stallion's hand moved next, 
stroking gently across the rat's thigh, massaging slowly closer to his groin 
until the large fingers began to tease and caress the rat's swollen sac.

Lazarth churred and arched up against the sensations.  It did feel so good 
to have his slaves work him like this.  Pony's hand slipped higher, cupping 
the furred sheath and squeezing it, the rat moaned, pre oozing from his tip.  
Pre that a kangaroo paw used to spread over his belly, massaging it into the 
soft fur.  Both slaves groaned, their own lengths twitching as their hands 
approached Lazarth's sensitive length.

Pony was the first, pulling his hand up slowly, circling the rat's shaft and 
running his fingers along it.  Kevin responded almost immediately by lifting 
his paw, grabbing the oozing tip and spreading the rat's clear pre down the 
pulsing shaft.  Lazarth churred, his paws clenching at his slaves, his body 
lifted and he gave a squeal, unable to hold back.  Hot rat cum exploding 
from his balls and splattering up and over his chest.

Beside him his two slaves gave a tortured moan, their own shafts spasmed in 
the rat's paw, spraying their seed over their respective bodies.

Lazarth panted.

"Good slaves," he chuured softly, hearing each respond with a purr of their 

He remained like that for quite a while, all three snuggling together, 
before he reluctantly stood.

"Slaves," he rumbled softly, picking up pony's shirt to wipe his chest dry.  
"After I leave you will each have a shower and tidy yourselves up.  You will 
remember nothing of me.  Pony, you may continue to hypnotise Kevin if he so 
chooses, but he is not your slave.  You are both mine, remember that.  
Kevin, it is up to you if you continue to submit to pony.  Do you both 

"Yes Sir," they murmured, staring blankly as the rat got dressed before 

"Good slaves," smiled Lazarth.  "Have fun."

The rat grinned to himself, walking over to the door.  He opened it and 
stepped outside, an ear turning to detect the sounds of a stallion beginning 
to stand.  The pair of them was most unusual... but it would be a lot of 

Tohmas stood, stretching, his shaft bobbing before him as he looked at the 
kangaroo who followed his lead.  The two furs studying each other, taking 
note of the copious amount of fresh seed that covered the other's fur.

"Looks like we had fun," said Kevin sheepishly, squirming a little as his 
shaft began to retract.

"Yeah," nodded Tohmas.  "Ummm, can you remember anything?"

"Nope," said Kevin shaking his head.  "Can you?"

"I can remember the bar last night," murmured Tohmas thinking back.  "The 
bar, we came here and that's about it."

Kevin nodded, "That's like me."

The kangaroo stepped closer to the stallion, sniffing at his chest.

"Do you think we...?" he said, a mixture of curiosity and bewilderment in 
his eyes.

"I don't know," rumbled the stallion, twitching as his shaft sunk a little, 
slipping against the kangaroo's fur.  "I think I'll have a shower though."

"Yes," nodded Kevin looking down at himself.  "I think a shower could be a 
good idea."

"Its this way," offered the stallion, gesturing with a hand.

Kevin smiled and moved in the direction indicated.  Tohmas's bathroom was 
big and they both entered together.  The shower was a large glass fronted 
cubicle, made specially to accommodate the stallion, but more than enough 
room for two.

There was never any question of separate showers.  Neither seemed to expect 
it or want it for that matter.  Tohmas turned on the water, adjusting it 
until it was just right, Kevin taking the moveable shower head while Tohmas 
stood under the main one.  It started innocently enough, each lathering up 
themselves, but it slowly changed, a caress here... a rub there... until 
they were lathering up each other.  The warm water coursing through their 
fur, cleaning them as their hands explored each other.

By the time the water was turned off, both of them were feeling warm and 
relaxed from the water, their skin tingling softly.  Tohmas provided two 
large fluffy towels and they dried themselves off, Kevin going the extra 
step and using a hair drier to smooth down his fur.  Tohmas watching all the 

The kangaroo grinned up at the large stallion as he ran the hot air through 
his fur.

"Like the view?" he teased softly, twisting a little more than was 

"Very much," rumbled Tohmas softly, stepping closer.  "You look so nice...  
I'd like to make you mine."

Kevin's eyes seemed to dim for an instant before they recovered.

"I'd like that," he said.  "If you wouldn't mind of course."

"Never," smiled the stallion, reaching out to stroke a hand through the soft 
fluffy fur.

The kangaroo shivered at the touch, half closing his eyes, it felt so nice 
just to lie back and drift...  The stallion watched as Kevin's body seemed 
to go limp.  He caught the hair drier as it fell from his hand, then the roo 
himself a few seconds later, supporting the muscular body easily.  Kevin's 
eyes fluttered open.

"Thank you," he murmured, staring up at the stallion in wonder.

"Don't mention it," responded Tohmas automatically, lowering his head to 
kiss the kangaroo's muzzle.

Kevin lifted his lips to meet the equine, the kiss long and lingering.

"Mmm... I like you," smiled Kevin, reluctantly pulling himself to his feet.  
"I think I'll keep you."

"Really..." grinned Tohmas, a hint of mischief in his eye.  "We'll see about 

Kevin gave a soft squeal as Tohmas picked him up, carrying the giggling and 
squirming kangaroo to the bedroom.

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