Keywords: Adult, hypnosis
Species: Rat, Kangaroo, Equine
Tohmas, Lazarth and Kevin

Tohmas, Lazarth and Kevin
By Divigon

"I am afraid Tohmas," said Lazarth solemnly.  "You will be unable to 
hypnotise Kevin any more.  I feel it is not professional to let me continue 
to allow you to do this.  You will not want to hypnotise him and more and 
nor will you be able to even if you try.  I do not want you to try and gain 
more slaves.  Not without my permission and authorisation."

The rat squirmed a little.  Strangely he felt uncomfortable telling the 
stallion what to do in this situation.  Tohmas sat on the couch before him, 
naked as always, his head slumped down and eyes closed.  Beside him sat the 
kangaroo, Kevin's body positioned like the stallion's, both deeply under and 
both looking quite sexy and vulnerable.  Lazarth, rubbed the bulge in his 
pants and tried to dismiss it.

"Kevin," announced the rat, turning his attention to the roo.  "You came to 
me wanting to be hypnotised, but I have allowed someone else to take control 
of you.  For that I apologise.  I do not think it is fair on yourself and 
was very unprofessional of myself.  Tohmas will no longer have control over 
you, anything he planted in your mind will be washed away and ignored.  Your 
relationship, will need rebuilding if you choose to do it, but there will be 
no animosity between you."

Lazarth stood up, walking himself over to the two naked furs.  Both were 
erect, their tips moist as he instructed them.  He reached out, wrapping one 
paw around each of their shafts, massaging their sensitive lengths.  

"You can both do this," he whispers softly in their ears.  "You know you 
both want to... you both need to obey... obey me and bask in the pleasure 
you receive..."

The stallion and kangaroo gave simultaneous sighs, their bodies going limp 
against each other as their shafts bucked.  Thick streams of hot seed 
spurting up and over their fur.  The rat smiled to himself, massaging their 
shafts, letting his words burn into their brain before releasing them.  

He watched them wake from their deep trance, raising to just a mild one, 
cleaning each other slowly.  He squirmed, toying with the idea of calling 
them over, but he did not want to interrupt.  When they were finished he 
dismissed them, smiling as he watched their stance change as they reached 
the door, then that cute little pause as the door opened, blanking their 
memory and they were gone.

Lazarth sighed and made a mental note to check their progress, his attention 
turning back to himself as he felt feline paws rub over his shoulders.

"Something I can help with?" offered Kres stepping out of the shadows.

"I think so," murmured Lazarth, leaning back and feeling the feline start to 
unbutton his shirt...

Tohmas and Kevin made their way back downstairs.  As usual Tohmas was 
feeling very happy and relaxed as he left Lazarth, but as he made his way to 
the front door he started to think about other things.  There was something 
that he wanted to satisfy, but he was not sure what it was.

"You coming?" asked Kevin as he hopped into a cab.

"Ummm, nahhh," replied Tohmas.  "Got some things to chase up first.  I'll 
see you later."

"Ok then," said the roo, nodding to the driver who pulled away from the 

Tohmas set off walking through the city.  He did not really have any idea 
where to go, but instead let his hooves guide him.  He found himself ending 
up by the park by the river.  He was wandering along trying to think back 
over what snippets of the previous session he remembered when he heard a 

"Lookout!" came a cry from behind him.

He spun round just in time to see a streak of black and white which bowled 
into him.  He caught the speeding ball of fur in the chest and ended up flat 
on his back in the grass.  Arms and legs tangled with his.

"Sorry," said a voice from somewhere within the pile.  "Are you ok."

Tohmas groaned a little.

"I think so," he said, starting to untangle himself.

After a few moments the two of them were separated.  His assailant was a 
skunk.  All back and white with a long tail.  He had a pair of in-line 
skates on.

"Sorry," said the skunk.  "I'm still learning.  I've got the go bit going 
ok, but the turning and stop is still being worked on."

"So I noticed," replied Tohmas, rubbing his rump.

"Can I get you a drink or something in compensation?" offered the skunk.

"Umm... ok," said Tohmas.  "I was getting thirsty and don't know this area 
of town."

"Well, not much here really," admitted the skunk, beginning to take off his 
skates.  "There is a cafe about half a mile down there and a few bars in 
that direction.  But I live about two minutes away if you don't mind my 
limited selection."

Tohmas blinked a little in surprise, but nodded.

"Ummm, fine," he said, offering a hand to the skunk.  "I'm Tohmas."

"Akemi," said the skunk, taking the hand and pulling himself upright.  
"Sorry about a first meeting,"

"Don't mention it," smiled Tohmas as they set across the part to a nearby 
apartment block.  "I'm tempted to say it happens all the time."

Akemi grinned.  He was a little shorter than the stallion and dressed in a 
pair of bike shorts and a fairly tight t-shirt.  His fur was a thick and 
soft and felt rather luxuriant as Tohmas recalled.  His large tail curled up 
behind his head and moved in a quite alluring way.

It was literally only a matter of minutes before Akemi was opening a door 
and inviting Tohmas inside.  The apartment was small but comfortable.  Two 
couches faced each other with a door to a bedroom and another to a kitchen 
off on one wall.

"Please, make yourself comfortable," said Akemi, gesturing to a couch before 
disappearing into the small kitchen.  "What do you want to drink?"

"Whatever is going," replied Tohmas, stretching himself out.

The skunk appeared a few moments later carrying two large glasses of juice.  
He handed one to the stallion and sipped from the other as he sat down, 
curling his tail out of the way.

"So, what brings you to this neck of the woods?" asked Akemi cheerfully. 

"I had an appointment with my therapist," said Tohmas, sipping the cool 
fluid.  "Just trying to sort out some things in my head.  It's a bit of a 
mess at the moment."

"What sort of therapist?" asked the skunk.  "If you don't mind me asking.  A 
naturopath, psych, clairvoyant?"

Tohmas grinned and said, "Hypno."

"A hypnotherapist?" checked Akemi.  "Cool."

He seemed quite excited by the idea.

"Always wondered about them," he said.  "Do they like wave a watch in front 
of you and out go the lights?"

"No," grinned Tohmas.  "Well, maybe..." he admitted a moment or two later.

"Maybe?" asked the skunk, prying.

"Well, I never seem to remember much of my sessions," mentioned Tohmas, 
taking a sip of the drink.  "I go in and I come out.  Always feeling good.  
Leaves me a little, well disoriented for a while, but I collect my thoughts 
and continue."

"So how are you hypnotised then?" asked the skunk.

"I think I have a trigger," admitted the stallion.  "You know, they say 
something, do something, and under I go."

Tohmas could barely believe he was being this open with a total stranger.

"So how hard was it to hypnotise you in the first place?" was the next 

"I have no idea," replied Tohmas truthfully.  "I mean there is no great 
mystery to hypnosis, most are susceptible to it, at least to some level."

"How do you mean?" asked Akemi, clearly curious.

"Well," began the stallion.  "My understanding of it is all you need is some 
way to access the subconscious.  The conventional way is the swinging watch, 
but there are many other methods.  I mean, you could probably be placed 
under without too much effort."

"I could?" scoffed the skunk.  "I doubt it."

"Sure," grinned Tohmas.  "You just need the right encouragement."

"Never," said Akemi.  "I bet you can't."

"Is that an invitation?" asked the stallion.

"Sure," said the skunk.  "Do your worst."

"I don't need to do my worst," smiled Tohmas.  "I just need to do enough.  
Of course, I'm going to need your assistance.  May I have your hand please?"

Akemi gave a strange look, then held out his hand.  

Tohmas took it between his own two hands and gently began to stroke at the 
soft fur covering it.

"The problem about hypnosis," started the stallion, dropping his voice a 
little.  "Is that most people know when to expect it.  Take yourself, a good 
intelligent guy like yourself, you're expecting swinging watches and 
probably spirals."

As he spoke he slowly moved his fingers over the back of the skunk's hand, 
changing the pattern of his petting into a slow spiral movement.

"And now that I've got your hand, you're probably wondering what I'm going 
to do with it.  You can feel me stroking it, and that probably feels quite 
nice and relaxing, so you'll put your guard up, because you expect me to do 
something there.  However, while that's going on, I'll start to look at you.  
You'll sense me looking at you and find your eyes starting to lift.  
Travelling away from your paw, up my chest and finally making contact.  You 
know they shouldn't but you can't help it.  And it's not much, only some eye 
contact, its nothing serious."

Tohmas smiled as he saw the skunk's head begin to lift, exactly on cue.  

"Then your eyes make contact with mine," he murmured, looking straight at 
the skunk's blue and unblinking eyes.  "They're quite nice to look at.  Nice 
and relaxing... relaxing in the same way my hand stroking your fur is.  
There is nothing wrong with relaxing is there?, its perfectly natural.  All 
you need to do it take a deep breath, breathe in... and out slowly.  Your 
body relaxing into the soft cushions.  It's not so bad.  See, there is 
nothing you need to fight... nothing you want to fight... you just want to 
surrender and feel yourself drifting away..."

Akemi's eyelids had begun to droop.  He blinked, his head rolling to one 
side before his eyes opened and he straightened his head again, the process 
resuming almost immediately.

"See," continued Tohmas, squirming a little as he watched the skunk start to 
sink.  "It feels good doesn't it... just drifting... relaxing... feeling my 
fingers on your fur... so relaxed... just sleep... deep sleep... sleep!"

Tohmas's voice increased sharply.  The last word a command rather than a 
suggestion.  As he had hoped Akemi's eyes snapped shut and his head slumped 
against his chest, his entire body going limp.

"And you are hypnotised," smiled Tohmas.

"I am hypnotised," repeated the skunk, his voice distant and sounding a 
little surprised.

"Only a light trance," explained Tohmas.  "But what do you think."

"Its nice," murmured the skunk.  "Want to go deeper."

Tohmas blinked.

"Deeper?" he asked, he did not expect this.

"Yes," churred Akemi.  "Can still think... want not to think..."

"You don't want to think?" repeated Tohmas.  "Like a slave?"

"Yes..." whispered Akemi.  "Slave... want to be slave..."

"Why?" asked the stallion.

"Feels good," was all he got out of the skunk.

The stallion's eyes travelled down to the skunk's bike pants.  His erection 
was clearly visible through them, a damp spot at the tip indicating his 

"I don't think I can do that," squirmed Tohmas, his own hand brushing over 
his own erection.  "I think you better wake up.  I'm going to count to 
five... one..."

"No," moaned Akemi, sounding as if he was almost in pain.  "Not wake up... 
want to be... going to be slave."

Tohmas felt a cold sweat.  He had never seen this before, or heard of it for 
that matter.

"Two..." he continued anyway.  "You're starting to emerge from your sleep, 

He watched as Akemi shook his head dreamily.

"Five," he announced.  "Fully awake now."

Akemi remained limp on the couch, eyes closed and breathing slow.  
Occasionally he shook his head.

"No... me slave," he said defiantly.  "Take me deeper... want slave."

Tohmas swallowed nervously, then had an idea.

"Ok Akemi, before you're my slave, you need to see someone," he said. "But 
you can't be my slave until you see them.  Ok?"

"Yes," chuured the skunk slowly.  "I can do that."

"But I can't take you like this," continued the stallion, a little relieved.  
"I need you to wake up, then we can see them."

Akemi seemed to think about this before giving an "ok."

Before he could say anything, Akemi blinked, pulling himself up in the seat.  
He looked around for a moment, then giggled, leaping to his feet and 

"Ok, lets go sir," he announced, heading for the door.

"What?" stumbled Tohmas, his brain a few steps behind.

"You're going to take me to see someone, then I can be your slave," said 
Akemi in a matter of fact tone.

"You know?" said Tohmas, a stunned look on his face.

"Of course," shrugged Akemi.  "Why shouldn't I?  I'd make a good slave.  
Don't tell me you don't want me as your slave?"

"Ummm... errr..."  stumbled Tohmas.  He wanted to see Lazarth.  He'd know 
what to do.

They caught a cab.  It was strange travelling with Akemi.  The skunk seemed 
so eager, almost bouncing around.  He was not sure what to make of it.

They arrived at Lazarth's and Tohmas nodded to Furth.

"I need to see him," is all he said.

Furth nodded and picked up the phone.  There was a whispered conversation 
and the wolf nodded towards the elevator.  

Tohmas headed down the hall with Akemi in tow.  He knocked and heard the 
rat's voice giving him permission to enter.

Lazarth looked up curiously as Tohmas walked in.  There was that lovely look 
of confusion on his face which passed as the stallion began to carefully 
undress.  Strangely, someone followed him in.  It appeared to be a skunk.  
The skunk stared as the stallion undressed, then shrugged and did the same, 
remaining a step or so behind the stallion as he approached.

"Greetings Tohmas," purred the rat, looking over the pair as the stallion 
knelt.  "Furth said you needed to see me and who is this you have brought 
with you?"

"Yes master," rumbled Tohmas slowly.  "I am troubled.  This is Akemi.  He 
wants to be my slave."

As he spoke it was obvious something inside the skunk triggered for the 
puzzled look left his face and he knelt down beside the stallion, his eyes a 
blank stare.

Lazarth gave a rumble deep in the back of his throat.

"I ordered you not to take slaves Tohmas," growled Lazarth, his voice 
raising in anger.

"I did not take him as a slave," protested the stallion, feeling tiny before 
the rat.  "He gave himself as a slave.  I do not want any slaves."

"Explain," ordered Lazarth, cocking his head curiously.

Tohmas began recounting the afternoon's events, not leaving out a single 
detail and not pausing until he was finished.  The rat mulled over what has 
been said.

"Is this true?" he asks Akemi.

"Yes," replied the skunk, his voice soft with that monotonous quality.

"I suppose I could do with another slave," mused Lazarth.

"No," shook Akemi's head.

"No?" questioned Lazarth, not use to having his authority questioned.

"I am not your slave," said the skunk.

"Whose are you then?" asked the rat.

"I belong to Tohmas."

That caused the stallion to shake his head.

"Master told me I was not to have slaves," he said to both of them.

Lazarth rubbed his temples.  This was starting to get confusing.

"Akemi," he asked.  "Will you allow yourself to be given to me?"

"Yes," murmured the skunk softly.  "I am Tohmas's slave.  He can do with me 
as he likes, but I will always remain his slave."

"So you wouldn't be my slave," queried the rat.

"No," replied Akemi.  "I am always Tohmas's, but just in your possession."

Lazarth groaned and gave up.  He was sure the skunk could be changed, but 
his psyche had locked onto the stallion in a big way and one slave would not 
make too much difference to Tohmas.

"Tohmas," said Lazarth.  "There has been a change.  You are permitted one 
slave.  That is to be Akemi.  Are you both happy with this arrangement?"

"Yes," the two of them chimed, Akemi's body seeming to sink lower as Tohmas 
added, "Sir" to the end of his line.

"Tohmas," continued the rat.  "You will look after your new slave.  You will 
take care and protect him.  If you fail to do so or you do not like anything 
about your arrangement, Akemi, you are free to contact me and let me know 
and I will fix it for you.  Do you both understand?"

"Yes," they chuured together.

"Ok, you may go," dismissed Lazarth.  "But I would like to see you at a 
later date, to check on your progress."

"Yes," they both rumbled softly, Tohmas adding a "Sir" to the end again.

Lazarth watched them both leave.  Akemi was interesting, a deep dependence 
on others.  Would probably make a very devote slave.  He just hoped Tohmas 
was up for it...

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