Keywords: Adult, Hypnosis
Species: Lupine, Feline

By Divigon.

The wolf walked into the imposing lounge and looked around.  The room 
was dominated by a huge, ornate grandfather clock whose sound 
punctuated the seconds.  

Tick... pause... tock.  

The noise mechanical, but dependable making it strangely reassuring.

"Nice clock," he nodded behind to him his host.

"Thank you," smiled the lion.  "It has been in our family for 
generations and holds a special place in my heart."

The lion watched the wolf carefully.  The wolf did a circuit of the 
room inspecting the books, the furniture before returning his attention 
to the clock.  In the process he had undone his jacket.

"Forgive me if it's a little warmer than you're accustomed to," 
apologised the lion.  "I tend not to wear too many clothes in the 
house, so prefer the temperature warmer than normal.  Savannah 
creatures you see."

"Don't mention it," nodded the wolf, slipping his jacket from his 
shoulders and casually draping it over a chair.  "It is your house 
after all, you should be comfortable in your domain."

"Exactly," purred the feline, admiring the wolf's now exposed torso, 
the thick luxurious fur hinting at the sculpted muscle that lay 

"There is an inscription on the pendulum," offered the lion casually.  
"It can be hard to read though since it's moving."

"Really?" said the wolf, leaning forward.

"Yes," smiled the lion at the reaction.  "I find it easier to read if I 
get my head down to the same level as the pendulum."

The wolf slipped himself into a cross-legged position on the floor, 
then leaned forward.

"Just like that," purred the lion, stepping closer.  "Now you sort of 
have to move your head in time with the pendulum, that can be harder."

"Right," nodded the wolf, starting to move his head in time with the 
slow swings.

Tick.  First one way.  

Tock.  And back the other.

Tick.  The sequence began again.

The lion watched for a few seconds.

"Some say it is easier to make out if you relax your eyes," he offered 

"Okay," murmured the wolf, catching a tantalising glimpse the lettering 
before it slipped back into the arc.

"But you also need to concentrate on it," rumbled the lion, tentatively 
reaching out to pat the wolf's head with a large paw.

The wolf did not move.

"Yes," slurred the wolf slightly.  There was something there, three 
words, he could almost make them out.

There, he could feel himself slipping in time with the great clock, the 
words swimming before him.  Relax.  Sleep.  Obey.  Such simple words, 
he allowed himself a slight purr of satisfaction, he could see the 
words.  The instructions that were etching themselves into his mind 
with each passing second.

He gave a sigh and his eyes closed, his head sinking forward towards 
his lap as the soothing tick-tock continued to regulate his mind.

"Good wolf," purred the lion gently behind him, the paw stroking over 
his head.  "Did you see the words?"

"Yes" slurred the wolf, his voice distant.

"And what did they say?"

"Relax.  Sleep.  Obey."

"Good wolf," repeated the lion.  "And what are you doing?"

"Relaxing.  Sleeping.  Obeying," answered the wolf, the rest of his 
world fading away.

"That's good," rumbled the lion, rubbing the base of one of the wolf's 
ears.  "You are an obedient relaxed and sleeping wolf aren't you?"

"Yes," murmured the wolf with a slight slur.  "Good obedient, relaxed 
sleeping wolf."

"It feels good doesn't it?" asked the lion.  "To obey and relax and 
sleep.  No thinking, just obey."

"Yes," slurred the wolf again, his body relaxing further.

"Good wolf," purred the lion.  "The clock makes you feel like this.  
Its sultry tick-tock, filling your brain... preventing you from 
resisting... its chime makes you submissive... unable to resist... 
while the pendulum provides instructions... relax... sleep... obey..."

"Relax... sleep... obey..." repeated the wolf in his slurred voice.

"Good wolf," rumbled the lion, stroking the wolf.  "Today you will go 
about your business, but tonight you will return... bowing and 
submissive before the clock... feeling it take your mind... you have 
to... you obey...  You're a good obedient wolf..."

"Yes," agreed the wolf in his distant tone.  "I am a good obedient 

"At the chime you will wake and go," instructed the lion, giving a 
final pat before slipping from the room.

A few seconds later the regal chime of the clock began to sound, a deep 
imposing gong that sank into the wolf's mind.  He could feel himself 
waking as if from a dream, the memories slipping away, tantalisingly 
close to the surface, but just out of his grasp.  He pulled his head 
up, opening his eyes and looked around.

The room was empty.  His eye gravitated back to the clock, its swinging 
pendulum moved hypnotically, almost begging for a deeper look, but he 
had things to do.  He pulled himself to his feet, squirming slightly to 
adjust himself in his trousers then took his jacket and slipping 

The lion watched him go with a purr.  It seemed he had found quite the 

The wolf found the day quite strange.  There was business to attend to, 
he took care of that, then toured the sites of the big city.  At one 
point he found himself visiting some of the seedier areas, exiting an 
establishment with quite a large paper bag, the contents of which he 
found hard to place when he thought about them.  In the evening he 
returned to his lodgings.  It was a guesthouse of sorts, but apparently 
he was the only one there at the moment.

He opened the door and made his way upstairs to his room.  Even from 
here he could hear the soothing sounds of the clock, almost calling to 
him.  He slipped out of his work things and the contents of the bag 
were upended on the bed.

The lion had heard the door open and casually turned the page of the 
book.  There was no need to rush things.  Several minutes later the 
steps squeaked as the wolf descended, but the front door did not open.  
He smiled to himself, allowing a few more minutes.  He checked his 
watch, almost six... perfect.

The wolf found himself before the large clock once more.  This time he 
knelt, his eyes focusing on the swinging pendulum as he sighed 
blissfully.  The clock began to chime and the wolf's eyes rolled back 
in his head, his mind blanking as his head grew heavy and slipped 
forward against his chest.

The lion entered sometime after that, his tail twitching in 
anticipation of meeting his guest.  He stopped in surprise.

"Mmm... what have we here?" he allowed himself to purr, looking over 
the wolf.

"Obedient, submissive and sleepy puppy," answered the wolf.

"Indeed," rumbled the lion with a smile.

The wolf had obviously been shopping.  He was wearing a collar around 
his neck and what could only be a harness around his torso.  Straps 
went over his shoulders and down between his legs before looping 
through a single point on his back.  The lion recognised it as a 
modified sled harness of sorts.  It was most unexpected, but also most 
welcome.  The lion felt a stirring in his loins.

"Good puppy," purred the lion, giving the wolf a pat.

The wolf gave a slight whicker, turning his head submissively into the 

"What does puppy want to do?" asked the lion, licking his lips quietly.

"Puppy will obey and serve," answered the wolf in that dreamy distant 

"Good puppy," rumbled the lion, giving another pat for the answer.  
"Who does puppy obey and serve?"

"Master," came the response.

"Who is puppy's Master?" asked the lion curiously.

"I... we... clock...I..." stammered the wolf, suddenly sounding quite 

"Shhh..." patted the lion soothingly.  "I am your Master.  You obey me 
don't you puppy?"

The wolf calmed almost immediately.

"Yes," he murmured.  "Puppy obeys Master."

"Puppy will awake from his trance, but continue to obey Master," 
instructed the lion, gently tracing a claw over the wolf's nose.  
"Puppy will take pleasure from serving and obeying his Master, 
submitting in every way."

"Yes Master," rumbled the wolf, slowly lifting his head.

His eyes cleared and he looked around.  There was still something 
distant and unfocused about them, but there was more intelligence 
behind them now.

"Good evening Sir," offered the wolf, bowing to the lion.

"Good evening Pup," replied the lion, returning with a nod of his head.  
"How are we this evening?"

"Pup is very well thank you," replied the wolf.  "And Master?"

"Master is feeling somewhat aroused," admitted the lion with a slight 
purr, watching for any reaction.

"Very good Sir," responded the wolf.  "May Pup assist Master with such 

"Certainly," replied the lion, quite bemused by the transformation of 
his Pup into butler.

He was not expecting what happened next.  

The wolf was still on his knees and he pressed himself forward, his 
muzzle running up the bulge in the lion's pants.  Without asking for 
permission, the wolf's paws came up, easily undoing the belt and zip, 
before pulling the trousers down.  The lion gave a slight jump of 
surprise as the wolf's muzzle closed itself around the lion's already 
semi-erect length.

It was not semi-erect for long.  Quickly it hardened to its full seven 
inches, the wolf's tongue teasing over its underside, his long canines 
brushing over it in a most exquisite way.  Expertly the wolf's paw 
tickled and massaged the lion's swollen sac until his pre began to 
flow, the barbs along his shaft beginning to fill.  The lion's paws 
gripped at the sides of the wolf's head.

And then, it suddenly stopped.

The lion looked down, his shaft drooling and dripping pre over the 
muzzle of his Pup.

"Does Sir want to service his Pup or shall Pup continue?" asked the 
wolf in an impassionate way that almost made the lion groan.

"Continue!" growled the lion in desperation, thrusting his hips against 
the muzzle.

Obediently the wolf opened his maw, sucking a little as he enveloped 
the large shaft again.  This time he bobbed his head, taking the full 
length deep inside him, pressing his muzzle against the soft fur of the 
lion's groin, his nostrils blowing hot air over the lion's fur.

With a roar the lion came, thick wads of creamy seed spurting deep into 
the wolf's waiting throat.  Eagerly the wolf swallowed, his tongue 
curling over the lion's shaft milking it of all it would offer, his 
paws expertly massaging the taut sack to squeeze every last drop from 
the feline.

By the time the lion had recovered his breath the wolf was nuzzling 
gently at his groin.  Occasionally licking over his overtly sensitive 
shaft, causing the lion to purr loudly.

"Good Pup," purred the lion, collapsing back into a chair.

He looked down, the wolf's own shaft a deep purple colour and 
glistening with the continuous flow of pre that oozed into the soft 
fur.  The lion could watch it throb in time with the wolf's heartbeat.  
He considered teasing the wolf for a few moments, but he felt a pang of 

"Pup may cum," he instructed.

"Thank you Sir," groaned the wolf, sitting back on his haunches.  

For a moment the wolf did nothing, but then he thrust his hips forward, 
his shaft pressing forward.  The lion could see the knot expanding 
before the rich seed suddenly exploded from the flat tip.  The wolf was 
almost totally silent, only a soft sigh escaping his lips as the milky 
fluid arced over his body then splattered into his chest fur.

The lion felt his own shaft twitch; it was one of the most erotic 
things he had ever seen.

Opening his eyes, the wolf curled himself forwards, that long tongue 
lapping over the still erect length, carefully cleaning it, the sound 
of an occasional moan escaping his lips.

Once he was clean, his eyes opened and he focused his attention back on 
the lion.

"Thank you Sir," he repeated, pulling himself back up into a kneeling 
position, bowing before the lion.

"Tell me about your life," asked the lion curious now about his guest.

"I run a bed and breakfast Sir," admitted the wolf with a rumble.  "We 
have a most delightful water feature... I suspect Sir would enjoy it."

"Yes," agreed the lion, wondering what his schedule was like.  "I am 
sure I would..."

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