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The Meeting

	This story came about when one of the mailing lists I was on started to
fracture along a dinosaur verses dragon line.  	

The Meeting
By Divigon

The raptor panted as he made its way to the cave mouth.  Pausing 
for a moment to catch its breath, it stood in the welcoming shade 
of the overhang.  Once it had sufficiently recovered it turned and 
peered into the darkness.  Its eyes automatically adjusting to the 
gloom.  As the room faded into being he could make out the dragon 
standing in the shadows.

Ducking his head to clear the low opening he walked into the cave.  
His large claw clicking on the exposed stone.  Upon reaching the 
dragon he raised his head and looked the dragon in the eye.

"You live in the middle of nowhere you know," he whistled through 
his teeth.  "Next time you are coming to my place."

"Your place," retorted to the dragon with a smirk.  "You live 
further into the back-blocks than I do.  Way out in all that 
jungle, at least I am nearer to civilisation."

"True," sighed the raptor.  "But you have your magic to hide 
yourself, I have to rely on my camouflage and it doesn't much go 
with concrete and bitumen."

The dragon smiled and waved his hand at a rock wall.  It faded, 
showing a wide passageway which faded into the darkness.  Together 
they made their way though the tunnel and into the cavern beyond.  
This chamber was larger than before, with glowing orbs which 
gently illuminated the room.  Over in one corner was the dragons 
small hoard of treasure, glinting dimly in the light.  The 
remainder of the room had a few small items of furniture, a small 
table covered with ancient texts and a large collection of pillows 
heaped together on the sandy floor.  In sharp contrast to this was 
the computer against the wall which let out a soft hum.

The dragon gestured to the raptor to make himself comfortable and 
the raptor strode in looking around.  Carefully selecting some 
cushions it arranged them in a small heap and dropped to the 
floor, leaning up against them.  The dragon entered a small 
enclave off to one side.

"Can I get you anything?" came his voice from within.  "I could 
rustle you up a side of beef or something?"

"Ugh!" replied the raptor.  "Why does everyone think I will just 
munch down on raw meat at every chance I get.  Personally I am 
happy with a few family size meat lovers pizzas, or perhaps the 
odd stew."

The words, "sorry" floated out from the alcove.

"Any chance of some water?" the raptor enquired.  "The climb up 
took a lot out of me."


There was more rustling with the sound of things being shuffled 
around.  After a few moments the dragon reappeared carrying a tray 
with a large bowl on it, a smaller cup and a plate of savoury 

The dragon set the tray down and gestured to the bowl.

"That's yours," he said to the raptor.  "For memory you had 
problems last time with the fine china."

The raptor blushed at the memory and easily grasped the bowl with 
a talon, moving it further along the table, nearer his head.  
Lowering himself he drank the cool liquid down, rumbling happily 
as it flowed down his parched gullet.  Meanwhile the dragon 
shuffled some of the pillows around and sprawled out opposite the 
raptor, clutching his drink.

For a while they both sat there, one recovering from his long 
journey, the other politely waiting.  Finally the raptor finished 
the bowl and sat back.

"So old friend," he said looking at the dragon.  "Why did you ask 
me here."

The dragon put down his cup.

"Are you still on the list?" he enquired.

"Of course," came the reply.  "I like to see how the humans 
perceive us."

"Well," said the dragon.  "Have you noticed a separation between 
its members?  That ugly divide has reared its head once more."

"Which divide would that be?" asked the raptor.  "Not the PC 
versus Unix debate again?  And if its the mime versus uuencoding I 
am going to be very annoyed at you, dragging me all the way over 

The dragon shook his head.  "No, I'm talking about the dragon 
versus dinosaur debate."

"Oh," said the raptor.  "I'm sorry I haven't really been following 

"What do you mean have not been following it?" the dragon hissed.  
"How could you not follow it?"

"I just don't read the posts.  I mean, I know what I like.  Who 
cares what others think?  Not only that, I even know some of the 
answers to the questions which they ask.  I provided them with 
some answers once."

The dragon nodded, "I thought I saw you nick crop up a while 

"Yes," continued the dragon.  "But I was told I was not an expert.  
Me?  Not an expert on dinosaur anatomy???  I mean, pardon me for 
saying so, but I believe I have a better idea than some of the 
people there."

The dragon smiled in understanding.  "That's right I remember now.  
That was in response to were the dinosaurs warm or cold blooded 
which lead onto the penis versus cloaca debate."

The raptor nodded.  "I told them the truth and had it hurled back 
in my face.  It was strange if you ask me, but I think those who 
prefer the dinos handled it better than those who play the 

The dragon shook his head.  "No, you are quite wrong, my misguided 
friend.  I distinctly remember the drakes being more correct than 
the dinos."

"What do you mean," scoffed the raptor.  "You wouldn't know 
anything about dino anatomy expect for what you read in the 
National Geographic, and that is pathetic anyway.  You said that 
July 96 issue was pornographic.  There was nothing in there.  Two 
partially correct drawings and that was it.  I mean what is the 
point of listening to a dragon?"

"Well," began the dragon.  "You can't talk.  You know nothing 
about my kind.  You think we all live in caves and have hoards of 
treasure hidden away."

"Ummm, you do," pointed out the raptor.

"That's beside the point," snapped the dragon.  "I mean do I look 
like one of those things you get on the cover of a TSR book to 

He stood up, placed his hands on his hips and spread his wings out 
behind him.  The raptor scrambled to its feet.

"Do I look like one of those things from that Jurassic Park 
movie?" he stammered.

For a full minute the two stood there studying each other.

The raptor leaning forward slightly, a pillow impaled on its 
central claw, unnoticed in its scramble to get to his feet.  His 
motley green back, fading to a paler olive green front and 
underside while he clenched and unclenched his talons. Their 
grinding seemingly amplified in the silent chamber.

The dragon's long tail flipped unconsciously from side to side.  
He too was leaning forward slightly to counter balance his 
impressive silvery wings and elongated neck.  His horns stretching 
back over his shimmering scales while his wings moved slightly in 
an unseen breeze.

"As a matter of fact," they both said in unison.  "You do."

The remained in that position for a moment longer before the 
dragon broke the tension by pointing to the raptor's foot.

"It seems you have killed my cushion."

The raptor looked down at his claw and giggled.

"Oh I am so sorry," he said.  "I never even noticed.  I'll buy you 
a new one."

The dragon walked over and bent down to inspect it.

"Don't bother," he said deftly freeing it from the wickedly carved 
claw.  "I shouldn't have stirred you up like that."

He straightened slowly, a wing gently brushing the raptor's hide.

"No," said the raptor, suddenly acutely aware of the dragon beside 
him.  "It was I who made the first move."

He turned to look at the dragon, his sensitive nose inhaling the 
beasts scent.

"Tell me," said the raptor softly.  "Was their any truth to what 
they said about your physiological characteristics."

The dragon seemed to move a little closer.

"I was going to ask you the same question," he whispered.

"Why don't we find out..." he breathed, reaching out to run a 
sharpened claw across his friend's scaled chest.

Wrapping a wing around the raptor the dragon slowly lowered 
himself beside the raptor...


Several hours later, the raptor lay across the dragon's chest.  
Both exhausted by their explorations of each others forms.

Slowly he nuzzled under the dragon's snout, again inhaling his 
friends scent.

"Why," he said softly.  "Can't we all just learn to get along."

The dragon opened one eye and leaned forward to kiss the raptor on 
the top of his head.

"We will," he whispered back.  "We will..."

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