Keywords: Adult, Magic
Species: Dragon, Wolf
The Lesson
By Divigon

The dragon flopped his wings out to either side and lay down on the 

"I'm stuffed," he announced as he licked the last of the blood from his 

The wolf nodded, rolling over onto his side.

"Me too," he agreed, stroking his swollen belly.  "And I only had a 
haunch, I have no idea how you could have finished the rest of the deer 

"I'm a growing dragon," defended Kron, stretching himself out.  
"Besides, it's the first decent thing I've had in the past week."

"What about the rabbits I caught?" asked Tur, looking up at him.

Kron nodded, "They were nice, but only really an appetizer.  What I 
needed was something substantial."

Tur looked at what remained of the deer, "I'd say you got that."

Kron nodded, lazing back.  

"And now," he said with slow deliberation.  "I think I'm going to have 
a little nap."

"An excellent idea," agreed Tur, stretching himself out in the sun.  "I 
think I'll join you."

The dragon nodded, giving a final stretch before his eyes drifted 
closed.  The wolf watched his friend, and then stretched himself out, 
lying back in the grass as the insects hummed all around, his eyes 
slowly closing.

He woke some time later with a start, his eyes snapping open before he 
remembered where he was and he relaxed a little.  He pulled himself 
upright and stretched slowly, looking over at Kron.

The dragon was splayed out on the grass, his red belly scales 
glistening in the bright light.  Tur found his eyes wandering over his 
dragon partner.  In his part of the world, dragons were not the most 
common of creatures and he did not expect to meet one, but when he met 
Kron in a tavern a few weeks previously the two hit it off almost 
immediately.  They were both headed in the same direction, so it seemed 
natural they would be travelling companions for each other.

The wolf secretly liked the idea of travelling with a dragon, not only 
was Kron an excellent being to have around, his sheer size and magic 
ability made him a formidable foe for anyone who contemplated attacking 
them.  Tur was sure that was one of the reasons why the trip had been 
as smooth at it had been.

He was a little startled to find his gaze lingering on the dragon's 
groin.  Like most dragons, Kron wore little in the way of clothing, 
occasionally donning a cloak when they entered a town, but preferring 
to go naked most of the time.  The wolf saw nothing wrong with that, 
preferring his fur to restrictive clothes whenever he could.

The dragon gave a soft chuur and squirmed slightly on his back and as 
Tur watched, his sheath began to swell a little.  Tur realised what 
must be going through Kron's mind and blushed at the thought of it, but 
found himself unable to look away as the dragon's sheath continued to 

A deep purple head began to peak from the scales when the words, 
"Curious as we?" rumbled softly through the air.

Tur gave a yelp and pulled himself back, not realising that he had been 
leaning in closer.  He looked up at Kron's face which grinned back at 

"I'm just... ummm..." he stumbled.

Kron giggled and pulled himself onto his elbows, his tail stretching 
out between his legs.

"A little curious?" offered the dragon.

"Well, yes..." admitted the wolf.  "... It's just... I've heard about 
dragons, but never actually seen for myself."

"Oh?" said Kron with a smile.  "And what have you heard?"

"Just that you're very well equipped," said Tur softly.  "And different 
to mammals."

Kron reached down and ran his scaled paw over his thigh and up his 
belly slowly.

"I'd like to say we are," he said.  "But I have little to compare it 
to.  What do you think?"

Tur swallowed nervously.

"It's hard to say," he said, trying not to look at the dragon's sheath.  
"You're mostly hidden."

The dragon grinned, "Well, I'm sure an enterprising wolf like yourself 
can do something to fix that."

Tur's eyes opened in shock and the dragon chuckled softly.  

"Oh come now," he whispered, beckoning the lupine closer with a paw.  
"I'm sure you want to see for yourself, and I'm not going to get in the 
way of a determined wolf now am I?"

During the course of the conversation, the two had drifted closer and 
Kron's long tail now curled around Tur's thigh, making him jump.

"Well... if it's ok..." ventured Tur, reaching out for the dragon's belly 
with a paw.

The dragon smiled as he made contact.  "That's right, I don't think 
you're going to break me."

Tur held himself still, trying not to shake as he stroked his paws 
across the dragon's scales.  They were surprisingly soft and warm, 
rippling as his hands moved down towards the dragon's sheath.  When 
they reached the large opening Kron gave a hiss of support.

"That's right," he whispered, lying back.  "Just reach in and see what 
you find."

Tur blinked, his paws moving slowly around the soft opening.

"In...?" he repeated, his eyes widening as Kron nodded.

Slowly, Tur brought his fingers into a funnel shape and began to push 
his paw inside the dragon's large sheath.  The flesh parted with 
surprising ease as his fingers moved deeper, the opening warm and tight 
around his hand.  When his entire wrist had disappeared, his fingertips 
met something firm.  It was hot and pulsed slightly and began to push 
back against him.  He slipped his fingers over the tip and started to 
massage gently with his paw, eliciting a supportive moan from Kron as 
his hand was forcibly pushed from the dragon's sheath.

For a moment or two, the sheath bulged, stretching to accommodate the 
intruder before his hand and the dragon's tip silently broke free.  Tur 
looked down at the large purple length which was beginning to slide up 
the dragon's belly.  Instinctively he brought his free hand down and 
continued to massage, watching as even more of the dragon emerged from 
the ruby red sheath.

Kron, for his part, remained still, occasionally a moan would escape 
from his lips, but otherwise the two were silent.  Tur worked with 
growing excitement, the dragon's shaft continuing to swell, quickly 
surpassing a size fit for most equines.  When the wrinkles had filled 
from the dragon's sheath, his length begin to lift, the wolf began to 
get an idea of his true size and his eyes opened in wonder.

The dragon was at least two foot long; the base of his shaft was deep 
ruby red in colour and a generous eight inches in diameter.  It tapered 
up to about three inches just below a large tip which started to flare 
as the wolf rubbed at it.  At first, Tur thought the shaft was smooth, 
but as he stroked it slowly, small bumps and ridges became apparent, 
growing more apparent the more he stroked.  The tip was a shade of deep 
purple and a bead of clear pre had begun to form at the tip.

Experimentally, Tur leant down and lapped at it with his tongue.  The 
effect was two fold, Kron gave a deep groan as the wolf's large tongue 
slipped across the surface and Tur felt a rush of blood to his groin as 
he savoured the dragon's strong taste.

Kron forced himself to open his eyes, looking at Tur with a smile.

"You like?" he said with a grin.

"I like," agreed the wolf, his paws continuing to move slowly.  "I'd 
like to feel it inside me."

"Then why don't you?" asked Kron, reaching down to stroke at the wolf's 
soft fur.

"You're way too huge.  I'd have to be a dragon to accommodate something 
that big and even then I think you may kill me." He said, squeezing the 
shaft gently.

"Oh, where there is a will, there's a way," grinned Kron, bringing his 
hands up, a faint glow of magic visible between them.  "All you need to 
do is ask..."

"You can do that?" asked an astounded Tur.

The dragon waved his hands theatrically.  

"I can do all manner of things," he said with a knowing wink.

Tur squeezed the dragon's shaft gently, "Then yes, I would like to feel 
you inside me, if I can."

Kron smiled, "I was hoping you would say that."

The dragon reached out and placed his hands on the wolf's chest, 
closing his eyes and murmuring something under his breath.  Tur felt a 
strange tingling in his chest, before a glowing warmth slowly spread 
over his body, focussing itself in his groin, just behind his dangling 

"I think you're ready," said the dragon.  "But take it slow, I wouldn't 
want to hurt you."

Tur mhrrred softly, standing and moving so he straddled the dragon's 
chest.  Slowly he began to bend his knees, reaching under him to grip 
the dragon's shaft and guide it up towards his tail.  The shaft still 
felt huge as the massive tip pushed below his tail, but the wolf had 
faith in the dragon and continued to lower himself.

He felt his opening begin to spread, a delightful tingling spreading 
though his body as he sunk lower.  There was a sudden drop and Tur 
realised he must have taken the gigantic tip inside himself.  He looked 
down at the dragon who smiled up at him, placing his hands on his knees 
he pulled them back, while forcing himself to relax, feeling his body 
sink lower.  Now the dragon's size was becoming apparent and he could 
feel the shaft pushing into his body.

Kron reached up and gripped the wolf's waist, pulling him even further 
down as Tur felt himself continuing to spread.  His muscles spasmed and 
gripped at the shaft, feeling the ridges and bumps slip in even deeper.  
The sensations exciting the lupine and causing Kron to give a rumble of 
pleasure.  Tur closed his eyes, letting the dragon guide him deeper as 
his body rippled around the immense length.

Tur wasn't sure how deep the dragon was when he felt Kron's hips begin 
to move.  Slowly at first, the dragon shifted his scaly thighs, 
building a rocking motion which caused Tur to slip down even lower.  
The wolf's eyes opened wide as he felt his tail brush against the 
dragon's sheath and he realised he had taken the colossal length within 
him.  He felt over stuffed, but as the dragon moved, his body adjusted, 
accommodating the shaft and then starting to receive pleasure from the 

Kron's actions increased in fervour, his paws tightening against Tur's 
fur and then the wolf felt the draconic shaft begin to swell.  The 
feeling was incredible, its entire length pulsing, feeling like molten 
metal before boiling seed cascaded into his body.  There was a second 
wave and Tur felt himself swell, growing to accept the dragon's load as 
it continued to pump into him.

Below the wolf, the dragon writhed on the ground, his hips bucking as 
he groaned, his body shaking as he climaxed inside Tur.  After what 
seemed like an eternity, the dragon's movement slowed as he panted, 
recovering, his shaft softening a little, but remaining firmly within 
the wolf.

Kron opened his eyes and smiled.

"Mmmmm," he murmured.  "That was wonderful."

Tur looked down at himself, his fur budged a little where the massive 
load pushed against it.  He squeezed his walls against the dragon, 
trying to milk all he could.  The dragon rewarding him with a groan and 
another spurt of seed.

"I'm glad I could assist," he panted then looked around.  "Ummm, what 
happens now?"

Kron grinned, looking down to his waist at the wolf before reaching out 
to run a claw tip over Tur's erect length.

"I'm tempted to see what I could do to a trapped wolf," he grinned, 
flexing his shaft as Tur gave a soft moan.  "But I have a feeling it 
would be more fun if I let you off me first."

Tur gave him a strange look and protested a little as the dragon 
started to lift him from the shaft.  His body trembling near the edge 
as the huge length was removed.  That left him feeling strangely empty, 
but the seed remained warm within him.

"Dragon cum and that spell have an interesting effect," said Kron 
mysteriously as he slipped the wolf free and placed him on the ground 
beside him.  "I think we'll just have to wait a few moments and see 
what happens..."

The wolf looked puzzled and felt as if there was something going on 
that he did not quite understand.  His body was crying out for 
attention, but the dragon seemed to be waiting for something.  He 
wondered what, when he felt a tingling behind him.

He looked over his shoulder in time to see a pair of silverly wings 
burst from his back.  He gave a yelp of surprise as he felt his tail 
lengthening.  He looked down, watching his soft grey fur beginning to 
harden into scales as new talons slipped from his fingers and toes.  He 
brought his hands up to his head, feeling his ears shift while two 
horns spiralled from the back of his head, a long forked tongue 
slipping from his lengthening muzzle.  He looked down, watching his 
testicles disappear into his tail which was flowing up to meet his 
belly.  Between them, his shaft seemed to expand, keeping its lupine 
knot as it lengthened, a flared forming on its formally blunt tip and 
familiar ridges spiralling down its length.

He looked across at Kron who smiled appreciatively.

"Mmm, my, my," announced the dragon.  "You are a cutie aren't you?"

Tur felt his scales warm as he blushed at the compliment and he felt a 
need forming within him.

"Feel like a dragon?" grinned Kron, moving his tail slightly so Tur 
could make out the swollen slit behind them.

Something twigged at the back of Tur's changed brain and he realised 
Kron was not only a he, but was also a she.  A male, but with a female 
vent.  Kron saw the realisation dawn on Tur's face and sie nodded.

"Yes," sie said.  "All dragons are hermaphrodites.  Even you.  How else 
do you think you were able to accept me?"

Tur's paws slipped down to under hir tail, feeling back until they met 
the edge of hir slit which was swollen and sticky with their combined 
juices.  For a few moments sie wasn't sure what to think, then sie 
looked at Kron again and stepped closer.

Kron smiled, rolling over so Tur could see the vent spread, the erotic 
scent striking hir sensitive nostrils and sie thrust forwards in 
excitement.  Hir first few thrusts were clumsy, then sie hit home, 
Kron's vent eagerly accepting hir as sie pushed in deeper, feeling hir 
impressive length penetrate in a single smooth motion.

Both dragons moaned, one pushing forwards, the other back, their bodies 
grinding against each other as Tur gripped at Kron's shoulders.  Both 
their wings grazed the ground as their tails wrestled each other, Tur's 
sharp teeth nipping at Kron's neck.

Tur began to pant, hir hands reaching around to grip Kron's shaft, 
mirroring the sensations on hir own as the two of them pistoned 
together.  Tur felt a strange erotic clenching deep in the pit of hir 
body and sie pushed down hard, hir draconic shaft swelling and spewing 
its load into Kron's accepting body.  Its lupine knot spreading Kron 
wider, causing the two of them to moan as Kron came, hir opening 
clenching tightly at Tur's length.

On top, Tur collapsed on the larger dragon, panting while his body felt 
like it would explode from the sensations.  Below Kron remained steady, 
hir shaft bucking for the second time, loosing hir seed onto the grass 
as sie felt the former wolf cover hir back.

Together they remained until Tur felt hir knot soften enough to pull 
out with a slight pop.  Kron moaned as sie pulled out, then they both 
groaned slowly as they cleaned each other with their long forked 

Eventually they had both recovered enough to relax back in the grass, 
Tur sill looking over hir body.  Sie was smaller that Kron and silvery 
grey in colour with softer features, but unmistakably a dragon.  Kron 
pulled hir closer and wrapped a wing around hir.

"Mmmm," murmured Tur leaning into Kron's warm scales.  "Thank you for 
the lesson in dragon biology."

"Did you like it?" asked Kron with a soft smile.

"Oh, very much indeed," said Tur happily.

"I'm glad," responded Kron.  "I was a little apprehensive, but I had 
hoped you were up for it.  I'll turn you back as soon as you're ready."

Tur squeezed at Kron's wings.

"No rush, if you don't mind," sie said with a blissful sigh.  "It seems 
I didn't know as much as I thought I did and I wouldn't want to come 
away with questions unanswered."

Hir tail wormed around to encircle Kron's, who smiled and pulled hir 

"We can't have any unanswered questions," sie said.  "And there is so 
much to teach.  It could be a long class."

Tur turned hir head to nibble at the underside of hir travelling 

"I think I can find the time," sie responded.  "If you don't mind 
teaching me."

"Always happy to satisfy a enquiring mind," grinned back Kron, dropping 
hir head to kiss Tur gently.  "And anything else that needs 

The two of them kissed slowly as they lowered themselves to the grass, 
both eager to continue the lesson.

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