Keywords: Adult, Hypnosis, Latex
Species: Vulpine, Equine, Lupine
The Club

	This club, is based on The Dionysian Scream, a little place hiding away on 
the Tapestries Muck.  If you know the Scream, then you probably know who the Mistress
below is.  The other characters are a little more hidden, but can be seen at the Scream
from time.

The Club
By Divigon.

Finding an abandoned space station was a real find.  Or at least, that is 
what Platt thought.  Accidentally stumbling across the tiny orbitor was 
an unexpected bonus of verifying star charts.  According to the computer; 
the planet, identified as Dysidean, after some long forgotten explorer.  

It was a small planet, with a non-oxygen atmosphere and no minerals or 
lifesigns.  For all intents and purposes, the general population did not 
care that it was there.  That was, until their new ship, equipped with 
the latest hyperlight drive tried to go through it, then they suddenly 
began caring, of course, there was only an instant or so that they could 
before them, and usually the planet became at one with the universe.

A scenario like this happened to the son of a rather influential 
politician.  The upshot of it all was people like Platt got to spend a 
lot of taxpayer's money travelling around the solar system making sure 
the star charts were accurate.  This was the last sector on this run that 
he needed to complete, so finding the station could not have come at a 
better time.

Finding a space station was not a common occurrence, but it did happen 
every now and again.  On the matter, the law was quite clear.  If the 
station was not registered, had no identification and no lifesigns it was 
classified as abandoned.  All Platt had to do was whack a tracking beacon 
on it and it was his.

This thought was going through his mind as he floated over to it in his 
space suit.  As far as stations went, this one was very small.  It looked 
like it was only used for transferring people and equipment.  He easily 
snapped the transmitter onto the hull and flicked the switch, allowing 
himself a grin and the little green light began to flash.

"May as well have a look around before I go back," he thought to himself.

During his space walk he had noticed the personal airlocks beside the 
main ship hatches.  The solar cells looked as if they were working still, 
so there was no reason to assume the doors would not function. 

He floated down and had a look.  As he thought, a single lever, currently 
in the down position.  He braced himself against the frame and pushed up.  
The lever slid easily into position and the door opened effortlessly, 
exposing a standard looking airlock.  He slipped himself inside before 
looking around for another lever.  It was beside the outer door and slid 
down as easily as the outside one had.  The door sliding shut a few 
moments later.

He felt the air rushing in against his spacesuit, its kevlar fabric 
deflating slightly as the pressure grew.  On his visor a little green 
light appeared, informing that the atmosphere was safe to breath.  Still 
wary, he moved to the inner door and punched the button.  That door slid 
away to the side, revealing a dark corridor.  As he eased himself into 
it, fluorescent lights began flickering on, illuminating a curved 

He floated down the corridor, wondering what the station had been used 
for.  It was too small to be a useful base.  His guess was some 
scientific team had been here, studying the planet.  The station could 
have served as a common area and with one or two ships docked on either 
side, it may have been big enough to be useful.

He had reached another door which slid aside as he entered.  There seemed 
to be a raised podium off to one side and a small consol opposite it.  
Curious he floated over to the podium, looking at the myriad of tiles 
stuck to the floor.  Too late he felt his skin start to prickle and was 
madly trying to backtrack when everything went dark.

He awoke slowly, shaking his head, wondering how he had been that stupid.  
He had seen teleporters before and he knew you never went near the grid.  
Well, at least he seemed to be in one piece.  

He sat up on the floor slowly.  The first thing he noticed was he was on 
the floor, that meant there was gravity, so he was not aboard the station 
any longer.  The second thing was that he was naked.  

He looked around desperately for his clothes, but there was not a sign of 
it, there were no signs of any of his stuff.  He ran his hand up over an 
ear, even his earring was missing.  The teleporter must have transported 
him and that was about it.

He looked around the room.  It was similar to the one he had been in 
before, except off to one side was a large window.  As he looked, the 
room on the other side lit slightly exposing the outline of a figure.

"Greetings," said a voice relayed through speakers.  "I apologise for the 
lack of personal belongings, but the transporter is only good at things 
with a DNA match.  A symbiotic organic polymer has been provided for both 
your protection and modesty, I recommend you put it on."

Platt stood slowly and looked around.  On the top of the podium was a 
small silver canister.  He looked at it questioningly before looking back 
to the figure in the window.

The figure read his expression well.

"Second Skin?" it tried.  There was still no response.

"Bio Survival suit?"

Platt's brain kicked slightly.  Survival suits he had heard of.  They 
were originally developed for the military, a sort of living armour.  The 
army had taken various almost indestructible bacteria and melded them 
together somehow.  The final product, after years of testing and more 
than a few trillion dollars were a sort of living slime that could almost 
bond with a wearer, providing them protection from just about anything.  
One nice side effect of using bacteria was the suit could be customised 
so the waste from the bacteria was beneficial to the wearer, literally 
placing the person inside a little bubble in any hostile environment.

Platt tapped the canister experimentally.  It sounded metallic and did 
not feel like it was full.

"The atmosphere would be lethal to a carbon based life form such as 
yourself," said the voice.  "If there was a leak, you'd be dead in a 
matter of second.  If the radiation did not kill you first."

That sealed it for Platt, the lid came off with a hollow pop and he 
looked inside.

There was a darkness that seemed to rush him and he took a few steps back 
as something warm and somewhat squishy hit him full in the face.  
Everything went black as what felt like goo dripped down across his body.  
Slowly his vision cleared and he looked down, giving a gasp of surprise.

Half his torso was covered in what looked like black rubber.  It was 
rapidly descending towards his legs and when he raised his hands, the 
last of his fingers disappeared under the covering.  Something warm 
forced its way into his mouth and for a moment he could not breathe, but 
then the feeling passed and he took a deep gulp.  The air somehow tasting 
fresher.  As the leading tendrils reached his knees he felt the warm 
sensation spread over his groin and into his sheath, his eyes widening 
further as a similar probing sensation slipped into his rear entry.   By 
the time he managed to look down again, his legs were already covered, 
the black surface shimmering slightly.  He twisted his head, trying to 
look down his back.

"In your own time, please join me," said the figure before the light in 
their room faded, the window immediately turning into a mirror.  

Platt walked over slowly, his first steps feeling strange, his hooves not 
clicking as they usually did.  The equine in the reflection did not look 
like him at all.  The suit had a satin black finish and covered him 
completely.  The effect was for him to look somehow sculpted out of black 
granite.  Curious, he stuck out his tongue, that too was covered, as were 
his eyes, nose and ears.  Even his teeth had the black covering.  It 
conformed to his body literally like a second skin, flexing as he moved 
his muscles with not so much as a ripple.

For a while he posed in front of the mirror, before beginning to feel 
like a bit of a fool and headed towards the door.  Like the others, it 
slid to the side and he stepped into the corridor.

The way he was to take was easy to see.  To his left was dark, while to 
the right was lit.  He turned and started walking to the right.  The 
lights guided him through a labyrinth of passageways until he stepped 
into a large room.  A collection of what appeared to be chairs were 
scattered around the floor.  Off to one side was a complicated looking 
vending machine and who he assumed was his host was laying on what 
appeared to be a hammock off in one corner.

He walked towards them slowly, watching as they stood up.  They were 
wearing a long hooded cape which draped over their shoulders and kept 
their face hidden from view.  Platt was able to make out what appeared to 
be a muzzle, but the shadows made it too hard to be sure.

"My thanks for the loan of the suit," he offered hesitantly, not sure 
what to say.  "It would appear my clothes are back where I came from."

The figured nodded curtly.

"And my apologies for you coming here, but the transporter was set on 
automatic when you stumbled into its field."  Strangely the voice had the 
same mechanical qualities as it had in the room.

"When will I be able to return?" ventured Platt, unable to hold back for 
any longer.

"After the solar batteries have a chance to recharge," replied his host.  
"It is currently on the dark side of the planet, so it will be at least 
twenty hours before it enters the sunlight again."

"You do not mind me staying here?" asked Platt.

"No," came the voice.  "I seldom get ...visitors any more."

Platt detected a pause in the answer, as if the being was searching for 
the right words.

"What is this place?" he asked, looking around.

"It use to be a club of sorts," said his host.  "But now it's a little 
far off the trade routes to be popular and most of the crowd have moved 
on, but I maintain it for the occasional visitor."

Platt nodded and turned back to the figure.

"I'm Platt, by the way," he said, extending a hand, still a little 
dumbfounded at the covered black arm that moved towards the figure.

A small, almost petite hand emerged from the shadows of the cloak, 
grasping his hand with surprising firmness.  It was not covered in a suit 
like his, but instead was clear, he could see through it and had what 
looked like small bubbles floating around the fingertips.  

"Ashanti," replied the being as it shook his hand.

"If you don't mind me asking," he ventured again.  "But what are you?"

There was what could have been described as a giggle from under the hood.

"I suppose I could be described as a flight of fancy."

"Hmmm?" murmured Platt, not understanding.

The hand withdrew and reached up to the clasp at the neck of the cloak.  
Silently the material fell to the floor behind the creature while Platt 
did his best not to look surprised.

It was definitely female, there was no escaping the more than ample 
breasts, large hips, curvaceous rear and tiny waist.  He had been right 
about the muzzle, the face and ears appeared to be foxen in appearance.  
What really made her stand out was how he could see straight through her.  
She appeared to be made of translucent plastic, and filled with small 
pockets of coloured liquid which floated around inside here.  There was 
no mechanics as such.  She smiled, the mask that formed her face smoothly 
breaking into a grin.  She did a small pirouette for him, there did not 
appear to be any knees or elbows, her limbs just flexing where they 
needed to be.

She moved back to her hammock, slipping into it easily.

"As you have probably guessed," Ashanti announced.  "I'm not your average 
run of the mill caretaker robot."

"Are you a robot at all?" asked Platt, his mind trying to categorise her 
into some form of being. 

"It would depend on your definition," she replied.  "But I'm not big on 
definitions, so does it matter."

He shook his head and gestured to a small cushion beside the hammock, the 
only one nearby.

"Do you mind?" he asked.

"Go right ahead," she said as he lay down on it, looking back up at her.

She turned herself over in the hammock, her body flexing and adjusting to 
the strange curve without any apparent effort.  The side effect was her 
large and quite perfect breasts were now presenting almost directly to 

"So I take it you're an equine then?" she asked, looking him over.

"That's right," he said slowly, his eyes slipping down her body to admire 
her feminine form.  After six months in deep space, a male's eyes would 
admire any feminine form.

"And what do you do?"

"I'm an astrological surveyor," he replied.  "I make sure planets are 
where they're suppose to be."

She giggled.  "That's good.  It must be annoying when a planet is in the 
wrong solar system."

He sighed softly, wriggling a little to make himself more comfortable, 
not really noticing how Ashanti was swinging slightly from side to side 
in her hammock.

"Sounds like a stressful job," she continued in her monotonic voice.  
"You must be tired."

Platt had not noticed before, but the coloured bubbles seemed to move in 
strange patterns through Ashanti body.  Following spiralling paths before 
fading away and reappearing somewhere else.  His head nodded in response.

"So tired..." she repeated.  "You should probably get some sleep... lots 
of sleep...tired..."

Her voice seemed to soften slightly as her bubbles wound around their 
complicated paths.  Sleep seemed like such a good idea.

Platt's eyelids began to droop, his body relaxing as his attention 
remained fixed on Ashanti's body.  Her soft voice telling him to sleep 
drifting into his consciousness, pushing it aside as his body relaxed.

Below her, Ashanti watched the stallion's eyes close, his head dropping 
to one side as she continued to talk.

"Sleep... deep sleep..." she continued to intone as she stood and folded 
the hammock away.

Silently she knelt across the equine's chest, her eyes glittering 
slightly as a globule oozed through her outer hull and onto her palm.  
She reached out and placed it neatly on the stallion's forehead, watching 
as it began to change colour, the deep blue fading as tendrils began to 
spread from it, out across his body.

She waited a few moments, then spoke sharply.

"Platt," she announced.  "Wake."

Slowly the equine's eyes opened, the strange tendrils curling unseen 
around his eye sockets.  He looked up at her shapely body and a strange 
tremor passed through him.  His eyes travelled down to between her legs.  
His mouth reached forward and gradually his black covered tongue delved 
into her waiting sex.

Although it was a replica, it behaved in exactly the same way as an 
organic.  As his tongue caressed around the out side, her labia lips 
swelled slightly, then eased themselves open.  His tongue progressed in 
deeper, continuing to explore as the tendrils continued to spread like 
spider web across his body, their blue now closer to a light azure shade.

Above him, Ashanti drew her head back in silent pleasure, the floating 
globes within her beginning to turn a soft red.  As Platt excited her 
pleasure centres she waited in ecstasy for her organic programming to 
spread throughout his suit.  As the colour of the tendrils began to take 
on a definite shade of green and his tongue was lapping across her 
swollen clitoris for pulled herself back and stood over him.

Making sure she kept herself in his view she moved down and stood over 
his waist.  His large equine penis had already freed itself from its 
sheath and stood proudly above his chest, the black suit clinging firmly 
to that even as the tendrils spread over it.  

Steadying herself, Ashanti began to squat down, her swollen sex easily 
taking his blunt tip.  She looked at him silently, waiting for his eyes 
to lock onto hers.  Once they did, the red bubbles within her seemed to 
flash, as if counting down.  As they flashed for the fifth time, her 
knees gave way.

Even in his almost catatonic state, Platt gave a groan as she slid 
effortless down his stiff shaft.  His head drooped to his chest and he 
stared at his length embedded in Ashanti's translucent body, the black 
length seeming to throb as bubbles brushed against it with a feather-
light touch.

By now, the vixen's tendrils had taken over the suit.  The suit that 
controlled and manipulated ever aspect of the equine's body.  The 
tendrils had even began to probe into his skin, seeking out weaknesses in 

Wordlessly Ashanti arched herself back, her outer body barely moving as 
her inner substance lavished attention on the stallion's member.  She 
felt him beginning to peak and ground her hips ever so slightly across 
his body.

Platt gave a distant groan, feeling his testicles protest as they 
surrendered their load.  His shaft stiffened, a small opening appearing 
at the tip before an instant later his hot seed gushed forth into 
Ashanti's gel filled body.  Ashanti bucked in ecstasy as she felt her 
steed surrender to her, her bubbles flushing a brilliant red as her own 
orgasm passed over her.

Together they remained, each basking in their own pleasure until Platt's 
length finally stopped its gushing, the suit sealing back over his 
sensitive tip, giving him another moan of delight.  Ashanti gradually 
came down off of her high, occasionally allowing herself a tremble of 

The bubbles within her body approached the milky orb Platt had deposited, 
surrounding it.  There seemed to be little resistance as she assimilated 
it, a few moments later the now red orb joined the others countless ones 
floating through her.

The vixen looked down at the stallion, standing and pulling herself off 
of him in a single smooth movement.  His suit was now laced with glowing 
green lines, integrating him seamlessly to his suit and also to her.

"Sit," she said, watching as he pulled himself upright.

"Who am I?" she asked.

"My Mistress," was the answer in a monotonous tone.

"Who do you serve?" came the next question.

"You," Platt responded.

"Very good," she praised.  "And what do you do?"

"I obey," he said, his head drooping slightly in reverence.

Ashanti allowed herself a congratulatory smile.  He had been assimilated 
well.  The vixen walked around her new prize slowly, issuing instructions 
as she studied him.  There was still something missing.  Suddenly she 
realised what it was.

Leaning forward, another globule oozed onto her palm.  She touched it to 
his neck where it flowed around, bonding with the suit and forming a 
tight collar.  Its colour shimmered and changed to a shiny silver, a loop 
appearing on it under his chin.  Her instructions firmly implanted in his 
mind, she slid her finger through the loop and silently Platt followed 
her out of the room and down the passage.

The arrived at the transported room where the stallion stepped onto the 
pads.  Without a word from the vixen the suit and its glowing green lines 
began to retract from his body.  Smoothly the black substance rippled 
across his body, pooling together in a slight bump around his groin.  
Platt's legs flexed slightly as the remains of his suit slid itself into 
the opening at the tip of penis. His testicles bulging and swelling as 
the substance hid itself inside its body.  The only other outward sign 
was the collar around his neck thinning and lengthening until it was a 
silver chain with a small pendant of some unknown glowing green stone 
hanging from it.

His changes hidden from view, the stallion's body was teleported back 
into his suit on the orbiting station.

Platt awoke gradually, shaking his head as memories flooded back into his 
mind.  He could remember finding the station, the exploration, the 
tingling and nothing else.  He knew it was a teleporter, but it must have 
scanned him only, the beam knocking him out, that was known to happen 
from time to time.

As he floated himself back to his ship, he thanked himself that it was 
all that happened.  With things like teleporters, you never know where 
you could end up...

Platt stripped himself out of his spacesuit and eased himself into his 
ship.  Like a lot of solo travellers he preferred to travel naked.  Even 
in many spaceports a lot of beings went around with no, or very little in 
the way of clothing.  It was mainly only the planets which called for 
clothes and that was more for practical uses than modesty.  His ship was 
also equipped with artificial gravity.  Not a lot, but enough to stop him 
bouncing around.

He slipped himself into the seat that doubled and cockpit and office 
before tapping a few keys.  As he was well aware, Dysidean was the last 
stop on this run.  He marked it as being done, then plugged in the 
coordinates for one of his favourite R&R spots.  As the ship's engines 
wound up and the ship moved into hyperdrive, he marvelled at the 
technology that could shift him light years in a matter of moments.  He 
also breathed a sigh of relief that he could finally travel at a decent 
speed and not at the sub-light speeds he had been travelling for the past 
six months.

Platt was tidying up the interior of the ship as it pulled into the space 
port.  The computer automatically slowing it down and performing the 
docking manoeuvre.  The equine looked around, then tossed a few cushions 
to the other side of the couch.  Also like most long time space 
travellers, Platt's ship served as his house.  He did have an apartment 
back on his home world, but he would probably not be back there for at 
least another few years.

The computer chimed, indicating a successful docking and almost 
immediately afterwards the phone rang.

"Nula," he announced happily, opening the channel.

"Shame on you Platt," she replied, her picture coming into focus on the 
screen.  "You didn't tell me you were stopping by."

"I only just finished my run," he protested.  "I was going to call you 
later, I was hoping you'd be free."

"For you... I'm always free," she teased.  "What did you have in mind."

"Well," said Platt, slipping into suave mode.  "I thought perhaps a 
romantic dinner, straight from the stores, then perhaps a night of mad 
passionate love before watching the sun rise over a little planet I 
discovered earlier today."

"Ooooh," she almost squealed.  "A sunrise... I can hardly wait.  I'll see 
you when I get off work."

Her lips formed a kiss as the channel closed and the screen went blank.  
Platt smiled to himself, doing some quick mental calculations.  It would 
be a few hours before she was over, enough time to do a quick resupply, 
it only had to last a day or so anyway.  He got on the phone and began 
making the preparations.

True to her word, a short while after her shift ending, Nula stood in the 
airlock of his ship.

"Permission to come aboard Captain," she grinned.

"Permission granted," he grinned back, a twinkle in his eye.

She stepped into his main living area and cast a professional eye over 
the interior, nodded to herself then looked him over.  Platt's was doing 
his own studying of her body.

Nula was a wolven.  Standing about as tall as himself, her ancestors were 
pure predator.  Her form was sleek and muscular, built for efficiency.  
She was covered in a fine coat of silvery grey fur, which Platt knew from 
previous experience was soft and felt like silk when you ran your hand 
across it.  Her face was most definitely lupine, but her muzzle somehow 
managed to give her a friendly look, until she smiled and showed her 
fangs.  The rest of her body was extremely feminine, from her narrow 
waist and large hips down to her three pairs of breasts that rippled down 
from her chest.

Nula smiled as she inspected the stallion's frame, running a paw 
teasingly over his swollen testicles as he programmed the navigation 

"So, where are we going big boy?" she asked innocently, giving his sheath 
a gentle squeeze.

"To a little place I found today," Platt gasped slightly.  "I think 
you'll like it."

They did not talk much after that, instead they spent most of the rest of 
the trip in a long steamy embrace, punctuated by equally long and 
passionate kisses.  There was the familiar chime form the computer as the 
shipped docked at the tiny orbitor Platt had been a few hours before.

"What's this?" asked Nula as Platt made his way to the airlock.

"This is a place I found and claimed today.  I think its got an 
observation deck on the lower level.  Should have an excellent view of 
the planet.  As to where it came from, I think it was some sort of 
research base, but its mine now," he added with a grin.

Together the pair of them stepped out of the airlock and onto the 
orbitor, the gravity fading as the progressed further from the ship.

"Mmmm," murmured the wolf, lightly grasping the stallion by his 
shoulders.  "Zero gravity... I can finally show you that trick I learnt 
when I was a pup."

"Oh...?" grinned Platt, leaning down to nibble gently on her fingers.  "I 
don't think I want to know why you learnt it though..."

Nula stifled a giggle and flipped herself effortlessly through the air to 
hang suspended before him.

"You never know when things like that will come in handy," she said with 
a sly grin before kissing him passionately on his lips.

As their tongue's snaked together, Platt's hands began to fondle at her 
primary pair of breasts, feeling her nipples swell and poke from her fine 
fur.  Nula's paws slid down his body, one teasing at the opening of his 
sheath that began to swell, the other cupping and gently squeezing his 
large swollen sac.  The stallion's hands began to slip lower, playing 
with each breast in turn before one hand slid down to gently caress over 
her outer lips.  In the mean time, his penis had begun to slip free of 
his sheath, Nula's paws encouraging it on as it grew silently between 
their bodies.

Silently the wolf began to pull back, holding the stallion's tongue 
lightly between her fangs before letting it slide free just before it got 
too painful.  She looked down at the stallion's erect length and gave an 
approving nod before letting herself float upwards slightly.  She moved 
easily to grip her legs around his hips, then began to pull herself down, 
both of them gasping slightly as Platt's tip began to penetrate her sex.

The pair arched away from each other, both giving blissful sighs as their 
hips slipped closer together.  Nula's eyes closed in silent ecstasy, 
ensuring she did not notice Platt's eyes flash a strange green tinge, his 
silver necklace seeming to spread and flow around his neck forming a 

As his length began to push in and out of her, the black fluid suit began 
to slip from his tip, effortlessly filling and spreading the wolf's 
burning sex.  To Nula, it felt incredible, she could feel the stallion's 
fluids seeming to push deeply into her very being, filling her unlike 
anything she had experienced before.

Platt's eyes were slowly replaced by the eerie alien green glow as his 
thrusting eased, his shaft pulling out, creating more room for the 
organic suit that was now starting to leak from the wolf's sex.  As his 
erect length withdrew completely, the black and green fluid continued to 
leak from its tip, flowing out and across her body, covering her as it 
had covered the stallion.

Nula did not notice Platt beginning to guide her floating body towards 
the transporter, nor did she notice the tingling feeling as the 
transported down to the surface.  By now her entire body was covered in 
the shiny black suit with the spider webbing of brilliant green, the 
sybotitic outfit caressing every millimetre of her body, ensuring she 
remained in a dazed state of pleasure, oblivious to the events that were 
unfolding around her.

As their bodies faded back into existence, the stallion effortless picked 
up the black clad wolf and carried her silently down the passageways. 
Ashanti had moved to a smaller room and she stood waiting as Platt walked 
inside.  Before her was a large bed which Nula was placed upon before 
Platt stepped to one side.

"Greetings Mistress," he said, dropping to one knee and lowering his head 
in reverence.  "I have brought you a pet."

"So you have," she agreed in a voice that sent twinges of pleasure 
through his body.

Her eyes travelled over the writhing wolf, then back to the stallion.

"I see you're not dressed any more," she admonished.

Platt's head sunk lower.

"Do you want your suit back?" she asked in a strangely teasing tone.

"Yes Mistress," pleaded Platt without raising his head.

"Very well," she said, dismissing him as she turned her attention back to 

The green jewel on the stallion's collar flashed slightly as he was fed 
unspoken commands direct from the vixen.  Silently he stood and left the 
room as Ashanti ran a paw over the wolf's chest.  Nula moaned and arched 
her chest into the light touch.  Ashanti knew the suit was keeping Nula 
right on the edge of her orgasm, not allowing enough pleasure to push her 
over, but too much to stop the sensations from subsiding.  At this point 
the wolf was acting on pure instinct, the rational side of her brain 
completely shut off by pure lust.

Ashanti lifted herself onto the mattress and straddled the wolf's chest, 
placing a pillow behind Nula's head and pressing her crotch against the 
black clad muzzle.

Platt returned carrying one of the small metallic canisters.  He opened 
it and tipped the contents onto the bed beside the pair of women before 
climbing onto the bed with them.  Moving himself so his penis rested 
between Nula's open legs, the black suit beginning to react off the wolf 
and flow back onto the stallion.  As the wolf's body began to be exposed, 
the contents of the canister began to move towards her.

This symbote was different from the one that had taken the stallion.  It 
was yellow in colour and instead of green had veins of glossy red glowing 
across it.  It oozed itself onto her fur and spread over her willing 

Platt trembled slightly as his black and green suit slid back over his 
body, cradling him in its protective cocoon.  Nula's tongue had begun to 
lap at Ashanti's waiting sex, making the vixen give a croon of pleasure.  
As the last of her body was covered by the yellow suit, Ashanti reached 
out with her hand, a blue globule flowing from her fingers to bond with 
the wolf's cladding.  The orb spread out, forming a collar, but did not 
stop there.  Tendrils reached up, surrounding the wolf's face and formed 
something that resembled a muzzle, only this held Nula's jaws open, 
exposing her yellow and red covered mouth.

Ashanti gave a slight nod to Platt who had been squirming to get himself 
into position.  As he received permission from his Mistress he pushed 
forward, his shiny black length sliding effortlessly into Nula's yellow 
clad opening that was more than eager to accept it.  Platt's arms slid 
around Ashanti's body, pulling the vixen against him as he fondled her 
smooth breasts, his rubbery lips nibbling along her neck.  Below her, 
Nula's clad fingers grasped ineffectively at Ashanti's thighs, trying to 
pull them closer together.

For a few minutes the trio moved as one.  All locked together to form a 
common goal, then it became too much.  Each climaxed in their own way.  
Platt thrusting his hips hard against Nula's as he sucked against 
Ashanti's exposed neck, the green on his suit pulsing.  Below him, the 
wolf thrust herself up against the stallion, her suit flashing red across 
its tendrils as her chest arching to push itself against the vixen and 
her tongue delving deep into Ashanti's sex.  The vixen barely moved, 
instead basking in the feedback of the two surrendering themselves to her 
before her own pleasure washed over herself and her sex clamped down on 
Nula's tongue.

Together they remained, before Ashanti finally moved.  She stood silently 
and gestured for the other two to follow.  They untangled themselves and 
followed her to the main room.

The vixen looked at them as they knelt before her and she made a few 
minor adjustments to the wolf, changing the blue muzzle slightly and 
adding a loop for a leash if need be.  Ashanti smiled at her handiwork 
and mentally dismissed the pair of them, grinning as they seemed to look 
at each other and then at her.  As she settled herself on a gel chair, 
they both knelt before her, looking uncertain in their shiny splendour 
before Nula began caressing a paw across the stallion's diminished 
sheath.  The stallion rumbled happily, closing his eyes as he reached out 
to rest a hand on Ashanti's thigh.

"Yes," she thought as his hand inched toward her waiting crotch.  "There 
was life in the old club yet..."

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