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The Black

The Black
By Divigon

The door splintered then collapsed inwards.  A dark winged figure 
strode inside.

"You bastard!" he hissed threateningly.

Jotham looked up, seemingly undisturbed by the commotion.

"Yes?" he asked in his velvety soft voice.

"You stole my horse!" snapped the dragon.

He was an impressive dragon, gleaming black scales that seemed to 
absorb the light rather than reflect it.  Two large bat-like wings 
arched behind him, twitching in agitation, similarly his long 
serpentine tail flicked from side to side. He towered over the rat by 
at least two feet, ivory horns curving behind his head and two glowing 
eyes fixed on the smaller mammal.

"I did what?" asked Jotham, seeking clarification.

"You..." stammered the dragon, his voice was filled with rage.  "You 
took my stallion, hypnotising him.  I asked him who his master was and 
he said you.  How dare you."

The rat's mind flicked over the past few weeks.  He remembered the 
stallion in question, very submissive and very nice.  His mind had been 
easy to take, perhaps a little too easy in hindsight.

"He was yours?" he asked the dragon.

"Yes," snarled the black.  "I had been guiding him under, bit by bit, 
training him.  When I found him he was seeking a master, he didn't know 
it of course, but I recognised the signs.  We talked, I took a little 
bit of his mind, each night a little bit more and just when I was ready 
to claim him, he says that he's yours.  How dare you!"

The dragon had stormed across the room and was met by a calmly rising 

"A seat?" offered the rat, seemingly oblivious by the irate creature 
before him.

The dragon seemed to implode on himself, flopping down onto the overly 
soft cushions.

"He was my horse," murmured the dragon.  "He was going to be mine.  He 
was different from the others."

The rat slipped into the seat beside the dragon.  

"How so?" he asked gently, placing a warm paw on the scaly hide.

"I wasn't taking him," replied the dragon.  "I can take anyone.  A 
gift, or a curse."

He turned to face the rat, his dark eyes somehow growing darker, twin 
pools of liquid blackness that started to expand.  The rat felt himself 
shrinking back, hackles on his neck rising, something deep inside him 
beginning to surface... then the dragon blinked and the feeling was 

"There are none who can resist me," he said definitely.  "No mortals 
anyway.  I can take someone's mind and turn them into my devote slave 
before they take their next breath, but the stallion was different.  I 
wasn't taking him, he was offering himself."

Jotham nodded.

"My apologies," he offered.  "I did not know.  I will of course return 
him, or at least instruct him he is no longer in my service."

"You better," the dragon growled threateningly.

He looked down at the paw running over his thigh.

"Are you trying to relax me?" he asked incredulously.  "Folks had said 
you were bold, but I doubt you would be that bold."

"I am sorry," responded the rat, pulling his hand back, but not too 
far.  "In my line of work it is instinctive.  I am curious though, you 
said you could take anyone?"

"Yes," agreed the dragon.  "My magic is that of mind control or 
modification if you like."

He turned to look at the rat, Jotham bracing himself for another attack 
from those eyes, but this time they remained normal, black and without 
iris, but not magical.  He stared back at them defiantly.

"How?" he asked softly.

"I can see how other's minds work," replied the dragon, finding himself 
looking at the rat's eyes.  "Once there it is simple for me to change 
how they think.  Rewire them if you like, change the response from the 
expected stimuli."

"How fascinating," pondered Jotham, not taking his eyes from the dragon 
and perhaps even leaning in slightly.  "Tell me how you do it."

"A lot like you do I expect," replied the dragon, there was something 
not quite right, he found himself concentrating on the reflection of 
his own eyes in the eyes of the rat.  "Some misdirection perhaps, have 
the person thinking of something while you start telling them something 
else, by the time they realise what is happening, I have them, their 
mind's natural defences are disabled and they're open to what I tell 
them.  It only takes a minute or two."

"What do you tell them?" pressed Jotham, watching as the dragon's eyes 
unfocused slightly.

"Sleep is common," sighed the dragon softly, his eyelids drooping 
slightly.  "Deep sleep..."

Jotham tried not to gloat as the dragon's eyes slid shut, his wings 
drooping behind him as he body relaxed.  He reached out and traced a 
paw gently down the dragon's muzzle, the dragon giving a little purr.

"Do you know what I've done?" he asked softly.

"You've had me hypnotise myself," replied the dragon, his voice soft 
and distant.

"Do you know how?" was the second question.  

"I used my magic on myself," was the answer.

"How does it feel?"

"Good..." murmured the dragon.   "I'm relaxed, confused."

"Why confused?" asked Jotham.

"I'm more powerful than you," replied the dragon.  "You're not supposed 
to control me."

"Do I control you?" asked Jotham.  "You put yourself under.  I think 
that is why you came here."

"I came here for stallion," mumbled the dragon.

"True," conceded Jotham.  "But you knew how your stallion felt about 
being with me.  Perhaps you wanted the same thing?"

The dragon mulled this over in his dulled mind.  

"Perhaps," he murmured.  "I did not expect this."

"Maybe not," agreed the rat.  "But you did give yourself, did you not?  
You can wake yourself up and walk away at any time you wish."

"Yes," mumbled the dragon.

"Why don't you?" asked Jotham.

"Its nice," admitted the dragon.

"What is?" enquired the rat.

"Not having to think.  To listen and obey."

"Hmmm..." mused Jotham thoughtfully.  "Do you like obeying?"

"I don't know.  I have never had a master before," murmured the dragon, 
taking a slow deep breath.

"Do you see me as a master?" asked Jotham.

"Yes," responded the black.  "You put me under, hence you control me."

"Not quite," corrected the rat.  "You put yourself under.  I merely 
provided the seed."

"The effect is the same," was the whispered rumble.

"Perhaps," nodded Jotham.  "So, what would you do, if I were to accept 
being your master?"

"I would obey," purred the dragon.

"Do you like that idea?" asked the rat.

"Yes," came the response, the dragon's loincloth seemed to bulge 
slightly, a fact not missed on the rat.

"Are you getting aroused by giving yourself to me?" asked Jotham.

"Yes," came the response, followed a moment later by "sir."

"Hmmm..." pondered the rat thoughtfully.  "I haven't accepted you yet, 
do you want me to?  I can be a good master for you."

"Yes sir," the whispered voice was almost a plea.  

"Then relax and be mine," ordered Jotham, reaching up to place a paw 
across the dragon's temple

The effect was immediate.  The dragon gave a soft sigh, his large head 
flopping down to his chest as he breathed out, his body going limp.

"You are mine," murmured Jotham.  "You will remember this, serving me 
causes you pleasure, you want to spend your time obeying me.  You will 
wake, remembering everything."

The dragon stirred slowly, his wings lifting as he took in a deep 
breath.  He looked around him, his mind peeling back the layers as he 
calculated what had happened.  At first he looked happy, then 
surprised, that look shifted to amazement and then faded to anger.

"You bastard!" he snapped at Jotham.  "You dare make me your pet?"

He glared at the rat; Jotham barely had no time to react before 
tendrils of the dragon's power encased his mind.  His own defences 
activating as his secret stepped into the light.

The dragon watched the rat fold under his onslaught, and then recover, 
standing slowly, only the rat was different.  His eyes were changing, 
growing redder, fading to the colour of blood, his nails lengthened and 
teeth shifted into fangs.

"Well, well..." mused the dragon, standing to watch the creature before 
him.  "The secret is revealed.  How long have you been inside the rat?"

"Long enough," hissed back the rat, his voice somehow dark, provoking 
images of nightmares and places you did not wish to wander.

"A blood symbiont..." rumbled the dragon.  "Hiding inside a rat.  How 
quaint.  Does your host know of your existence?"

"We are of the same mind," hissed the response.

"I think not," countered the black, tendrils wrapping around the rat's 
mind.  "He knows of you, maybe even some of your story, but you keep 
things hidden.  Things never change."

Walls snapped up around the rat's mind and the dragon pulled back, 
probing once or twice before receding.

"And now he is unaware," rumbled the dragon.  "Isolated.  Afraid I'm 
going to turn you against him?  You know I have seen your kind in 

"As has he," came the predictable response.

"No, you have told him of your kind, but I doubt he has witnessed the 
things you do.  I think you shelter him, as you do now.  Protecting him 
from things you do not wish him to be party to, and you have even more 
control over him than I, yet he does not know you true nature."

"This could be true," replied the rat slowly.  "But the information is 
there.  It is his choice whether or not he accesses it."

"A choice like he gave me?" snarled the dragon.  "One covered in 
misdirection and slight of hand."

"Not quite," smiled the approximation of the rat.  "I was quite amused 
by the way he did that.  You were completely under his power."

"Your power," countered the black.  "I knew the rat didn't have it in 
him, someone, something was helping him.  It looks like I know what."

"And you can't say you didn't like it," smiled Jotham.  "I saw the 
bulge.  You want to be owned."

"Never!" snapped the dragon before pausing.  "At least, not by a rat.  
I would never bow before a rat."

"Hmmm..." mused the symbiont to himself.  "How about to one such as 
myself.  Two non-mortals to each other."

The dragon paused, thoughts racing through his head.  It was all 
happening too fast.  The rat; the blood symbiont; himself caught in the 
middle; he did not want to surrender, but it did feel so good.

"Maybe..." rumbled the dragon slowly.  "But a trial... if I do not like 
him or what he does... it will be... unpleasant."

There was a hint of malice in his voice and the rat noticed the way his 
talons lengthened.

"Not a slave," continued the dragon.  "A lesser equal... a companion 

The rat nodded, the symbiont withdrawing slowly back into his vessel.  
The rat's shape returning to normal, the eyes clearing before they 
looked around, settling on the dragon, a hint of a smile crossing his 
small muzzle.

"Hello pet," murmured the rat, reaching out with a paw to pet the 
dragon's muzzle.

The dragon resisted for a moment, then lifted his head, matching his 
eyes to the rat's and feeling his world spiral away into blackness...

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