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The Apprentice
	This story was shamelessly based on a character of Jace's called Haruun.
There are some pics of Haruun to be found here:

Anyway, I liked the pics so much, I wrote a little story about how I thought the events may have unfolded. Not particularly accurate as it turns out, but its still an interesting story :} ------------------------------------------------- The Apprentice By Divigon Florn was beginning to be bored with the life of a rogue. The raping and pillaging was fun and all that, but finding a target, the planning, that was all becoming tedious. What he needed was a faster approach. He had been thinking about this as he wandered the woods, pondering his next attack. He barely noticed the dragon until he was almost upon it. He jumped a little at that, wondering how he was unable to miss such a creature. It was a deep sapphire blue and the size of a house. He ran through his mental list of dragons in his head. "Red, Silver, Gold, Black, Green, Blue," he paused reciting words. "Neutral, not threatening, magic wielders, occasionally helps strangers." A thought flashed through his mind and, as if on cue the dragon lowered its huge head. "Yes Little One," it announced with a deep rich voice that hinted at great power, but still managed to portray a sense of sarcasm. "Can I help you?" "Ummm..." stammered Florn. "Because if not, I'd appreciate it if you removed yourself from the path... Elves are so messy underfoot." There was that rumbling sarcasm again. The dragon started to walk on, the ground vibrating ever so slightly with each step. "Wait!" yelled Florn, coming to his senses and chasing after the beast. The dragon stopped, the huge head swung around again and a massive glowing yellow orb fixed itself to the elf. "You do have a question then?" said the dragon, its forked tongue flicking out for a moment to sample the air around Florn. "Do you teach magic?" blurted the elf, quite forgetting his place. That seemed to have caught the dragon off guard, but it recovered quickly. "I have been known to," it announced. "On occasion and to those I deem worthy. Do you believe yourself worthy Little One?" "This is it," thought Florn. "No going back now." "Yes," he replied loudly. "I wish to seek your services as a Master." The dragon's eyeridge arched slightly, its lips curling back in what may have been a grin... or perhaps a snarl. The glowing eye studied the elf carefully. Florn had the distinct impression outward appearances were not all that was being looked at. "I see," said the dragon, lifting its head. "Do you know what that entails?" "I know," lied Florn. "Do you now..." rumbled the dragon. "In that case. I accept. Your first task, Apprentice, is to meet me at my cave. Use this to find it." The dragon sprung into the air and as the same time a small pendant materialised in Florn's hand. The dragon beat its powerful wings, the draft knocking the elf from his feet and rolling him across the grass. The dragon quickly faded to a blue dot as Florn muttered under his breath and looked down at the stone in his hand. It was a golden coloured stone with the exception of a small point of blue that glowed near the edge. As Florn moved the stone the sliver of blue moved, but always pointed to the same compass point. Taking this as the direction he was to travel, he picked up his pack and set off. Joholt landed on his ledge and made his way into his lair. He idly wondered if he would see the elf again. The boy had the gift, that was clear, but he was not sure about his dedication. He guessed it would take him about two days to reach the cave, if he showed at all. It was almost night on the second day when the dragon heard scuffling sounds on the cliff below his ledge. He lifted his head from where he was admiring the last rays of the sunset. "Evening," he announced as the elf pulled himself over the edge onto the flat ground. For a few moments Florn just panted, recovering his strength. He was totally exhausted, the pendant had led him on a merry dance through thick forests and steep foothills, but it was the cliff that almost killed him. "Tough climb?" asked the dragon again, sniffing in the elf's general direction, the pulling back a little, showing his displeasure with the scent. "You... could... say that..." panted Florn before recovering enough to add. "But no more than I'm use to." "Oh that's good," crooned the dragon, lifting himself and stalking back into his cave, indicating with his tail for the elf to follow. "You can do it again in the morning then." He heard the elf groan and chuckled silently to himself. Florn pulled himself to his feet and followed the dragon warily into the dark maw of the cave. He had only been inside a dragon's cave once before. That had belonged to a Red dragon. He and his party were after a particular trinket from the dragon's hoard, but not surprisingly, the dragon was not keen on letting them have it. This cave appeared quite different in comparison. The elf peered into the darkness, trying to make things out, the dragon's bulk glimmering faintly in the darkness. He watched as the dragon turned its head, the glowing eye seemingly suspended in the inky blackness before a word was murmured quietly. A pale ball of light sprung into existence, illuminating the lair and he looked around in earnest. It was not what he had expected. Compared to him, the space was huge, but when scaled to the dragon, Florn would have called it comfortable. Surprisingly along one wall were various alcoves carved into the rock. One was filled with books and a large desk, another looked like a well stocked kitchen and the third he could see held a massive bed. "What happens now?" ventured Florn. "I think first off, you need to take a bath," replied the dragon, gesturing to a pool of water off to one side. Florn made his way over and looked at the water, steam rose from its surface and it did look awfully inviting. He looked around for somewhere to change. "Oh, don't mind me," rumbled the dragon, a hint of amusement in its voice. The elf shrugged and decided he had no choice. He started with the laces on his boots, loosening them before removing his gloves and sword. His boots came off next, followed by his tunic and breaches. Standing naked with his back to the dragon, he could feel the creature's warm breath caress his back. He remained still for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of the warm air on his tired body, then climbed into the makeshift bath. The water was the perfect temperature, warm currents welled up from below, keeping the temperature constant. He gave a soft groan, breathing out as he felt his body relax. Exotic vials of bath salts sprang into existence along one edge and he diligently set about cleansing himself. After he was sure he could not get any cleaner, his hair was washed, and the last of the grime washed from his long ears, he lay back against the rocks. He was not aware of the approaching sleep, his eyes slipping shut unnoticed. His dreams were strange that night, of giant dragons, caressing bodies and delightful feelings. When he finally awoke, he noticed he was now in the massive bed he had seen earlier. He looked around, daylight shone from the cave opening, but there was no sign of the dragon. He crawled his way to the end of the mattress, slipping his bare feet onto the fur rug that lay on the stones. There was no sign of his clothes, but a fawn coloured robe hung from one corner of the bed. He pulled that over his shoulders and wandered towards the cave opening, picking up an apple from the larder on his way past. The dragon lay sprawled on the ground in the morning sun. It was not facing him as he exited and he jumped when it spoke. "Greetings Little One," it said as the elf walked up to the dragon's head. "I trust you slept well." "Very well thank you," replied Florn, settling himself on a rock and looking up and the sun. He had slept for a long time. "I am afraid I was rather rude yesterday," said the elf. "I did not introduce myself. I am Florn." The dragon regarded him, then nodded. "Greetings Florn," it said. "My friends call me Joholt." "Nice too meet..." began Florn, before the dragon cut him off. "But you may call me Master," he continued. "Just as I shall call you Apprentice." Florn began to say something, before Joholt cut him off again. "Come, your teaching begin at once. You did say you wanted to be a Sorcerer," the dragon pulled its massive bulk to its feet and waled back to its cave. Sensing no other course of action, Florn followed and began his schooling. The first few weeks were not what Florn expected. Many ancient books of lore, an introduction to long forgotten tongues and very little magic indeed. The dragon dispensed it with annoying frequency, but the elf's attempts met with dismal failures. "What is wrong with me?" said Florn as yet another fire lighting spell fizzled and singed his fingers, the small twig he was holding remained untouched. He cursed and licked his fingers, looking back at the dragon. Joholt looked back. "Its because the magic isn't strong in you," he announced after a few moment. He had already decided the boy was going to last the distance, he showed promise, talent, and skill he was just lacking the ability. "How do you mean Master?" asked Florn. The dragon sighed, "I really had hoped you had figured this out by now. Your ancestors were magical beings, but their ability to wield magic has been diluted over the years. The balance of power has shifted, now dragons are the primary magic users, the remainder of creatures can only use what little diluted ability they received from past generations. Each year this grows thinner." "But I have seen other magic users," protested Florn. "How do they do it." "Some of them are just lucky," said the dragon. "They are naturally gifted, but still, their power is like mere parlour tricks when compared to a dragon's. Others are luckier still, a dragon may allow someone to borrow some of its power." Florn cocked his head, "Borrow? How?" "A bonding ceremony," said the dragon. "Bonding ceremony?" repeated Florn. "Do they work?" The dragon smiled, "Occasionally, now old out your hand." Florn did as he was told, holding out his right hand, palm up. The dragon lifted its paw and ran the tip of its talon across the upturned palm. Florn barely felt it, but to his surprise a deep cut opened across his hand, the blood beginning to well up and pool on his palm. The dragon curled its talon back and deftly sliced the soft padding between its scales. To the elf's surprise, the dragon's blood was a bright crimson, contrasting sharply with his blue hide. "How you hold your hand up," instructed the dragon, holding his paw out. "Then repeat after me." The dragon's tongue slipped into a voice of old, Florn echoing his as he recited the enchantment. He was unsure how long it took, he felt a tingling in his hand which spread slowly through his body. Then his knees buckled and he felt himself falling. The dragon's paw caught him easily, moving him over to the bed and placing him on the soft covered. The elf blinked his eyes, looking up at the dragon's concerned face peering back down at him. "Are you ok?" asked Joholt. Florn nodded. "I think it's just the blood," he explained. "I'll recover." The dragon nodded and inspected Florn's gashed hand. Blood still seeped from it and the dragon's large blue tongue slipped out from his lips and lapped at it very delicately. Florn gave a soft gasp of surprise, he had never seen his Master like this, the tongue warm and moist on his palm, yet strangely comforting. The forked tongue moved slowly over the hand, the bleeding slowly, then stopping all together, then, as Florn watched, the wound began to knit itself closed. The elf wiggled his fingers, gently rubbing the dragon's tongue which hand began to progress up his arm. Behind it, it left a trail of warm saliva which glistened in the light. The large dragon snout bumped at Florn's chest, a nostril flaring, blowing the Apprentice's cloak open. He had never found his clothes from before and was still naked beneath it. There was a tiny pause as Joholt's tongue lifted over the material, then pressed down once more on the elf's smooth chest. Florn gave a soft moan, part terrified at what the dragon was doing and partially revelling in the sensations. The tongue travelled slowly down the elf's pink skin, the blue length not leaving an inch of his chest untouched. The twin tines seemed fascinated by each of his nipples and played with them while they peaked, and then even more until Florn thought they would explode. Joholt had not said a word and Florn could not see his expression. Every time he opened his eyes to look up, all he saw was the roof of Joholt's huge maw, lined with teeth the size of his hand. The slick blue tongue wriggled over the elf's navel, then the twin tines reached what appeared to be their target. His shaft was already fully erect in anticipation, a bead of pre glistening at its tip. The forked length slipped itself over the Florn's penis, curling down it so the pointed tips could cradle his sac below, his throbbing length firmly embraced by the dragon's organ which continued to snake back and forth across his chest. With a blissful groan, Florn's hips flexed upwards, pressing against the Joholt's tongue which failed to give. It flexed itself, clenching and wringing at the elf's groin. Unable to help himself, Florn's groan turned into a moan and then a sigh, his body going limp as his orgasm washed over him, his hot seed spurting in an arc over his body, splattering on his chest and Joholt's tongue. This seemed to pleasure the dragon who let out a rumble of appreciation, his warm moist breath washing over the elf before the blue tongue squeezed gently at the balls it cradled. The dragon was rewarded by another spurt and a second moan from the elf. For a moment, both were still, then the dragon began moving once more. The giant tongue first licking Florn's shaft clean before continuing to explore the remainder of the elf's body. Florn's moan collapsing into small whimpers and twitches of pleasure. The elf woke sometime later. He was lying on the large bed, his body tingling slightly and was feeling delightfully refreshed. Joholt was neatly folded on the floor of the cave, his lead resting nearby. Florn crawled from the tangled covers and walked naked to the dragon's snoozing form. The dragon's blue body lifted silently with each breath and Florn approached the large head. "Thank you," he said in a whisper and leaned forward to kiss the dragon's large lips. He waited a moment, seemingly disappointed that nothing happened before turning and walking back towards the bed. He had barely taken a step when the glistening blue tongue slipped between his thighs again. The tines spreading out and curling up to circle his balls and limp length. He stopped dead in his tracks, the tongue retreated slowly, the twin tips slipping between his ass cheeks and then slowly up his spine, finally leaving his body at his neck. "You don't think the ceremony is over do you?" said a rumbling voice behind him. "for some of us, it's only just beginning..." Florn turned slowly, watching as Joholt stood slowly, for the first time, the elf noticed the dragon's huge sheath which was beginning to swell between his hind legs. Florn's eyes widened as he realised the sheer size of it and took a step back. The dragon grinning and leaned down, licking slowly at his front, firmly, but carefully pushing him backwards towards the bed. "Come now Apprentice," purred Joholt. "The blood bond was only part of it, you still need to take some of my essence into yourself." Florn's legs stumbled as they knocked the edge of the bed and he fell backwards, the realisation of the dragons words sinking into his mind. "But... but," he protested. "You're so big. You're almost the same size as me." The dragon chuckled, rubbing the smooth chest. "I'll take that as a compliment," he said, lifting a paw and bringing it down on the edge of the bed. Florn watched it, noticing it did not seem right. The other paw followed, that one was definitely smaller than usual. In fact the dragon seemed to be a shadow of his former self. He continued to push against the elf, forcing the elf onto his back, a now horse sized head nuzzling at Florn's groin, the slender tongue resuming its massage of the elf's length. Florn looked over his Master, still a dragon, but no larger than a decent sized pony. "You look surprised, Little One," grinned Joholt. "Surely you knew I could change my size? How else do you think I enjoyed my library... and other things." "It was... unexpected," admitted Florn, gasping a little as the dragon's tongue slipped beyond his sac and caressed at his opening. The elf's eyes could not help but to look beyond the dragon's head towards his hind legs. His shaft remained erect and was still frighteningly large, but was not as intimidating as it had been. The dragon paused and followed Florn's gaze. "Curious are we?" he asked before continuing with his licking. "Always ready to learn," replied Florn, with a hint of cockiness. "And so you shall, my Apprentice," rumbled Joholt, easily flipping the elf over onto his chest. Florn had the presence of mind to brace himself, spreading his knees and raising his hips slightly. Joholt pressed forward in a smooth motion, the dragon's form first covering the smaller elf before his hot length ploughed inside his opening. Florn groaned as the huge length continued to slide into his virgin ass, stopping deep within him. The dragon was oozing hot pre which helped it on its path and the elf quickly warmed to the feeling. That long tongue curled gently around his neck before tickling his face. As it passed over his lips, Florn drew it inside his mouth, suckling on it and stroking it gently with his own tongue. At the same time, Joholt began to withdraw, the dragon's ribbed length seeming to pop out in stages. Florn groaned again, then pushed back as the dragon surged forward, repeating the process. A scaled paw reached under him and began stroking at his erect length, his body responding by rolling his hips with the next thrust. This time Joholt gave the moan, a long low rumble which seemed to shake the room, this only excited the elf further and the two began to rock against each other. The movement began slowly, neither being wanting to give in first, each trying to outdo the other. As the dragon pistoned in and out of the Florn, the elf felt himself give in. For the second time that night, he shuddered, his thick cum spurting across the bed, causing his rear to clench down on the dragon's length. That caused Joholt to climax, the dragon's cock flaring deep within the elf as his hot seed flooded into the panting Florn. Joholt crooned, flapping his wings as the rest of his body collapsed on the elf. Florn bore the weight easily, his body seemingly on fire from the dragon's seed. Joholt's shaft continuing to spasm and pump his seed into the willing body. The dragon's tongue caressing the elf's cheek gently before moving slipping around to lick some of the sweat from the elf's back. After a time the dragon pulled himself back from Florn, his semi erect shaft slipping reluctantly from his Apprentice. Joholt purred, rolling over onto his back and laying spread eagled across the bed. Florn looked at his Master, for the first time getting a good look at the purple monstrosity he had just had buried within him. It was like nothing he had seen before, similar in size to a horse's penis, this had a rounded tip on a narrow, but generous shaft. Along the shaft were a total of eight rings, each slightly larger than the first and smooth on one side, allowing the shaft to penetrate, but requiring more effort to pull out. He was almost unaware of rolling over to snuggle the dragon, one hand caressing the slick length before resting his head on the blue chest. Joholt did not protest and even drew a wing around the elf as they both snoozed and recovered together. Dawn had broken by the time Florn stirred. Joholt was still lying beside him, the dragon's wing curled around his body. The elf would have liked to have stayed there, but nature beckoned and reluctantly he slipped away from the blue scales and made his way outside. He was standing in the sun, completing his morning ritual when he realised something was not right. It took him a moment to realise what it was. His penis had changed! Gone was his normal pink length, instead he now had a sheath, covered in small blue scales which held his penis close to his groin before it arched out emptying itself. As he watched, the golden stream finished, absently he shook himself dry and the exposed length retreated into the sheath. By now, all traces of sleep had vanished from his mind and he looked down at himself, noticing his feet were much larger and now more like paws than humanoid feet. He ran inside, running to a mirror to inspect himself. The next thing he noticed was the covering of fine blue scales across his chest. They were very fine and petered out towards his shoulders, but were present none the less. Then his eyes bulged as he caught a glimpse of something behind him. He looked over his shoulders, noticing for the first time the large spade tipped tail that had extended from his spine. That also caused him to notice the larger blue scales that covered his shoulders and faded as they travelled down his back. "Tell me you're not surprised," purred Joholt's voice from behind him. Florn spun around. "A little," he admitted. "What is happening to me." "The bonding ceremony," explained the dragon. "It increases your magical ability by increasing your dragon quotient. Of course, that tends to manifest itself in a physical form." Florn had returned to the bed as his Master spoke. "And a very nice form at that," rumbled Joholt inspecting the former elf before beckoning him closer with a talon. Florn climbed onto the bed and the dragon traced a claw slowly down his chest, stroking lightly at the sheath which made the elf mhrrr softly. "That feels nice does it?" asked the dragon softly, a talon extending to rub at Florn's sac as his sheath began to expand. "Yesssss...." sighed Florn, melting in the dragon's wing, feeling wondrous sensations from his new body. "We should allow you to try it out more fully..." rumbled Joholt, now coaxing Florn's emerging length. "Make sure it still works and all that..." Florn had been rubbing at the dragon's belly and was now stroking the blue sheath as the purple length emerged. Comparing it to his, he noticed their similarity which excited him further. One hand continued to stroke the tip of the shaft while the other explored further, there was a slight fold in the scales and he slid a finger inside experimentally. Joholt purred, coaxing Florn on. The elf delved deeper, the dragon's opening tight against his finger, he left his finger there, buried up to his palm, his other hand rubbing gently at the shaft that throbbed against him. "Something else would fit in there you know..." rumbled Joholt, his tail flicking down and curling around Florn's thigh, a sharpened talon pricking at his swollen length. The dragon lay back on the bed, allowing the elf to slowly crawl up over his tail. Moving slowly, partially as he was still unsure of himself, he laid himself down over the dragon's scales. He lowered his groin, feeling his tip begin to part the warm fold. Joholt mhrrred his encouragement and the elf slowly began to push himself in. The dragon's purr deepened to a rumble, most of his body going limp. The elf gave a groan, the dragon's opening was tight and muscles seemed to grab him and pull him in deeper. Finally he felt a resistance and looked down, startled to see his groin locked against the dragon's scales. With a little chirp he began to pull back, Joholt's warm body reluctant to let him go. With only his tip left inside the dragon he started to push back in, this time the dragon's head moved from side to side as he groaned. Behind him, Florn could feel the dragon's tail writhe and his eyes widened as he felt it arc around, the tip of it invade his own opening. The elf looked down, spying the dragon's huge length bobbing before him and he lent forward, his mouth slipping over the flared tip. Together the two of them began to move in unison, each thrust countered and parried, their moans of pleasure increasing. This time it was Joholt who came first, his tip swelling as his shaft bucked, his hot seed spurting into Florn's attentive mouth. This tipped the elf over the edge and he thrust his body against the dragon, his length shuddering as his own juices flooded into the dragon. They remained locked together, each panting and recovering on their own. The slightest movement of one sending waves of pleasure washing over the other, but eventually Florn felt himself begin to soften and he pulled himself out and crawled up and alongside his Master. He could tell by the feel of the bed sheets, the scales on his back had spread and his tail seemed slightly larger now. He watched his nails lengthen, no longer looking hideous, but more like small talons. Joholt answered his unconscious question for him. "Yes, there are more changes," he explained. "But smaller and not so... radical. Of course, the depth of the changes depend on your devotion to your studies and the length of time you decide to stay with me." "Well," countered Florn, "I wouldn't want to leave before my apprenticeship was complete and then, once that is over, I'm sure there is much my Master could show me." Joholt smiled and licked at Florn's cheek. "Joholt," he purred softly. "I'm Joholt to my friends..."

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