Keywords: Adult, transformation
Species: human, snake
By Divigon

It was a big reptile this time, he tracked it for several days 
before locating it in its hole.  The battle was short and swift.  
All it had was a few tight coils, no match for his hard steel.  He 
cut off its head, evidence to the villages and left the rest of 
the body to rot.  The leaders had thanked him for his time, paid 
their bounty and he left.  Now he was camped in the bush a short 
distance away, eyes closed in slumber as hid subconscious replayed 
the hunt.

His mind elaborated on the details, twisted the facts slightly, 
soon he was hunting the snake through the town, then into the 
houses.  He tracked the trail to a door, bursting in on a naked 
woman who lay invitingly on the bed.  He moved towards her, 
dropping his tools and removing his clothes.

A few moments later he lay beside her, naked as she traced her 
hands across his flesh.  He felt stirrings within him and tried to 
reach out, but found his hands restrained somehow.  The woman 
smiled playfully at him, running her fingertips over his body 
eliciting a rash of goosebumps across his skin.  Slowly her head 
descended encircling his maleness.  Her cool lips intoxicating to 
his body.

A few expertly administrated licks later and he felt the pleasure 
overwhelm his body.  Alarm bells began to sound in the distance 
but he ignored them, preferring instead to bask in the warmth of 
the moment.  A few seconds later his shaft peaked, spurting its 
load into her waiting mouth and conscious began to invade his 
private space.

With a groan the hunter came, then gave a second groan a few 
moments later as he realised what had happened.  Blindly he tried 
reaching out for a cloth but, as in the dream, found his arms 
bound to his side.  Puzzled he opened his eyes, blinking them to 
remove the sleep from his befuddled brain. 

Outside was still dark, but a full moon shone through the opening 
in the tent.  It was not a lot, but enough to illuminate the large 
reptilian head which hung in the air just inches from his own.

His eyes widened in terror and he tried to back away, only to find 
his entire body immobilised by what seemed like rings of iron.  
Frantically his eyes looked at the head before him.  It was a 

A huge snake, even bigger than the one he had just killed.

Its forked tongue slithered out, licking a bead of sweat from his 
forehead.  He could feel its cool breath from the small nostrils 
on his cheek as its eyes remained locked on his.  The muscles 
along its body rippled, causing the scales around his body to 
convulse gently.  A warm feeling at his centre suddenly reminded 
him why he woke and made him feel even more vulnerable.

His mind raced, contemplating what to do, a means of escape, a 
signal for help.  Anything.

Then, without a hint of any warning the head darted forward.  He 
felt a slight resistance as the sharpened fangs met his skin, then 
they broke, pushing in deeply.  A cooling feeling pressed into his 
neck, spreading to a delicate tingle as the toxins were pumped 
through his body and darkness slowly descended...

He awoke suddenly.  Eyes wide open and sat bolt upright.  His mind 
feverishly replaying the events of the previous night.  He looked 
around the small tent.  There was no sign of any snake.  He was 
still alive, the sun was up and birds were twittering in the 
trees.  It must have been a dream.

Yes, that's what it was.  Only a dream, but what a weird one.  He 
pushed down the tangle of bedding which obviously caught him in 
the night and crawled outside to the small clearing.

Stretching several times, he staggered around a little unsteady.  
Early morning often did that to him.  Reaching the car he fumbled 
with his pack, his fingers not seeming to work properly and pulled 
out his electric razor.  Moving forward to the side mirror, he 
pulled it up, adjusting it to see his face.  The familiar buzz 
began and he started to massage the side of his face.  A strange 
grating noise startled him and he peered closer in the mirror, 
giving a panicked squeal of surprise.  The razor fell from his 
hand and gave feeble choking noises before being strangled in the 

He ignored it completely, instead concentrating on the image 
before him.  The person in the mirror had strange marks on their 
neck.  Two pale white patches surrounded by a deep olive green 
colour.  He poked at them gently, they were hard, but strangely 
cool.  He could feel his fingertips moving across them.  He 
flicked a nail under the edge of one and yanked, giving a yelp of 
pain.  They were attached.

His mind flicked back to the night before.  That was where the 
serpent in his dream had bitten him.  Frantically he looked 
around, immediately noticing the telltale marks in the sand.  It 
wasn't a dream.  A snake had been here.  His eyes followed the 
trail and he gave another yelp of surprise.

There, on the other side of the clearing neatly coiled in a patch 
of sun was the largest snake he had ever seen.  Its length must 
have been longer than twenty metres.  Its body looked to be over a 
foot in diameter.  Strongly banded in an olive and lighter green 
with a pale, colourful underside it was wrapped in a classic 
pyramid shape.  More alarming was the manner in which his various 
guns and knives were almost casually displayed from between its 
coils, almost as if it want him to notice them.

Panicked, he jumped in the car.  He needed a doctor and he needed 
it now.  He turned the key desperate to retreat and got only a 
dull click.  Giving a moan he jumped out of the car and hoisted 
the bonnet.  The engine was still there, but everything that 
connected to it, the hoses, cabled and wires had been ripped away.  
It almost looked as if someone, or something had curled around 
bay, crushing everything out of the way...

He gave a desperate cry and glared at the snake.  His actions must 
have wakened it for it had now raised his head looking at him with 
large unblinking eyes.  He swore, cursing it, reaching up, wanting 
to pull some of the emerging scales away in protest, only to find 
they had spread and now covered most of one side of his head.

The thought of escape began to pound in his head and he turned, 
heading for the edge of the clearing.  He took barely six steps 
before his legs got the better of him.  They buckled at first, 
then gracefully gave way, dumping him unceremoniously on the 
ground.  In desperation he began to crawl away, pulling himself 
forward on the ground, but then his arms began to refuse to work, 
leaving him stranded in the warm sand.

Rolling over he could feel the scales beginning to spread down his 
back.  He lifted his head and watched the skin of his chest grow 
small fine lines which developed into cracks, each marking the 
edge of an emerging scale.  

He let out a soft groan as his feet cracked, extending his legs 
and they were pulled down by an unseen force.  His ribcage had 
begun to shrink.  For a moment it seemed harder to breath, but 
then something happened and air was pulled into his body.  His 
arms were drawn to his side as muscles contracted and he lay their 
helplessly as they were absorbed into his lengthening torso.

He felt changes to his spine and his head was pulled back, 
reshaping itself in the process.  He fell back, suddenly feeling 
vulnerable on his paler underside.  He twitched some unknown 
muscles and rolled over.  Grunting as his spine descended over his 
legs, drawing them out as they were absorbed them into his body.

His face lay uncomfortably on the sand, then he felt his chin 
beginning to move.  It pushed forwards, stretching his nose out.  
This in turn pushed his eyes towards the sides.  Their pupils 
changed too, elongating to large black slits.  A membrane slid 
over his eyeball as he blinked.  The colours of the world 
changing, somehow turning more reassuring.

Two fangs emerged into his still reshaping mouth.  A long forked 
tongue slipping out to sniff the air.  He felt a gently tingling 
where his hips use to be as his sac was withdrawn into the safely 
of his body.  His maleness following soon after.  

For a while he lay on the sand as the sun continued to climb.  His 
scales soaking up its warmth as his body continued to grow.  He 
knew this should not be happening, but strangely it felt so right.

Some time later his flicking tongue caught an interesting scent on 
a change of the breeze.  He turned, sampling the air, compelled to 
find the source.  Unconscious commands passed through his body and 
he wound his way through the alien belongings of the human.  
Slithering across the clearing in search of his target.

The female unwound herself at his approach, inspecting the 
prospective mate with curiosity at first.  The male was not so 
hesitant, caressing his long body against hers in a reptilian 
embrace.  The female paused, then gave in.  The male was eager and 
she was ready.

His body wound around hers, holding her tight as he searched for 
what he seeked.  She felt something probing at her underside and 
adjusted her body to make it easier.  Their vents touched and he 
pushed in, biting down on her neck in triumph.  The female slowed 
in her movements, content to excite the male in other ways.  The 
male continued to writhe his body over hers, probing until it 
became too much.  With a hiss he released his seed within her.

Seeming confused her remained coiled around her body as he basked 
in the warm after glow.  The female gave a contented hiss.  The 
human had taken her mate... it was only fair he should replace 

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