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Species: Dragon, c-snake
The Silver and the Red
By Divigon.

The Silver looked up as the Red entered the room.  He could tell 
by the way the Red walked that his prey had just joined the hunt.  
The young flame dragon's wing hung slightly droops, his entire 
body spelt defeat while his mind was giving out waves of empathy 
which broadcast a silent message of despair.  The perfect 
unsuspecting victim.

The Red ordered himself a beer and sat in a quiet corner of the 
tavern, keeping to himself, not drawing any attention, but the 
Silver continued to watch.  His yellow orbs discretely probing the 
cracks in the dragon's shell, like the scales which covered him.  
Not that there was much, but there was enough for a start.  The 
Silver sipped his own drink silently, biding his time.  Experience 
had taught him not to rush into these things.

After a while the Red stood and headed for the toilet at the back 
of the room.  Waiting a few minutes, the Silver followed him in.  
The Silver timed it perfectly.  As he opened the door to the small 
air lock the Red was walking out.  The room had been built by the 
humans and both dragons found it quite a squeeze as the carefully 
slid around each other.  Wings brushing against scales, the Red 
did not notice as a small smear of pink ooze was left on his thigh 
after a brush against the Silver's tail.  They muttered their 
apologies to each other and both left in their separate ways.

For the Red it was a mere inconvenience, but for the Silver, it 
was an exploration into the other's soul.  The fleeting contact, 
enough to draw out the other's hidden secrets and desires.  He 
smiled to himself as he waited in the cubical.  It would not be 
long now...

Returning to the main room, the dragon looked around.  Good, the 
Red was still in the same booth in the corner, inconspicuous and 
out of the way.  By now the pink ooze would be beginning to slowly 
make an effect.  He picked up his drink and moved to the booth.  
Pausing for a moment, he looked at the Red's drink.  Not even half 
finished after more than half an hour.

"Mind if I sit down?" he asked with out waiting for an answer.

Pulling himself into the leather seat he extended a talon.

"The name's Anselm," he said in his low voice.

The Red looked up, clearly surprised by the move.  It took him a 
moment to respond, but he extended his paw in kind.

"P.. P... Pytha," he said finally after a few false starts.

Anselm nodded, "Nice to meet you."

There was another awkward silence in the noisy room before the 
Silver spoke again.

"Travelling are you?" he asked pointing to the small leather bag 
which sat on the seat beside the Red dragon.

Pytha nodded.  

"I decided I was old enough to travel, to see the world as it 
were, so I've been exploring."

Anselm raised an eye ridge.  

"Exploring," he murmured softly.  "Ahhh, that brings back 
memories.  Have you found anything?"

The Red leaned forward, interest perked.  Anselm knew he would.  
The Red was homesick, desperate for company of his kind.  To bend 
the ear of a familiar species, for Anselm, it was a chance to get 
to know his prey better and take seed of a growing friendship...

Several hours later the two dragons were about even in the tale 
department.  The number of empty glasses on the table had grown 
and the barkeep had announced the final round of the evening.  
Moving slowly to his feet, the Silver stood slowly, stretching his 
wing carefully in the crowded room.  The Red followed a few 
seconds later with a similar move.  Together they made their way 
towards the door.

"So," asked Anselm.  "Where are you crashing for the night?"

Pytha shrugged, "No idea.  I'll find somewhere I suppose."

Anselm shook his head, "Nonsense.  You're welcome to sleep at my 
place.  It isn't much, but it is comfortable."

The Red looked relieved.  Anselm knew that the pink ooze would 
have already made it to his blood supply, slowly increasing... But 
the Red was strong, there was an aura of magic about him which 
would delay things... but not stop.

Together they unsteadily made their way down the street before 
turning and disappearing into the forest.  The night was warm and 
soon Anselm removed the small cloth he had around his waist, 
draping it over his shoulder.

"It drives me insane," he explained.  "I only wear it when I visit 
town.  Most of the mammals get, shall we say, either nervous or 
jealous when I walk around just in my scales."

His teeth flashed as he grinned.

Pytha nodded and diverted his head.

"Sounds reasonable," he replied, but Anselm could sense Pytha's 
eyes returning occasionally to steal a glance.  He said nothing at 
the time, but continued walking.

After a while they encountered some small foot hills which they 
followed.  Soon they came to some larger hills and suddenly to the 
top of a cliff face.  Spreading his wings Anselm launched himself 

"Follow me!" he yelled back over his shoulder as he spiralled 

With a little hesitation Pytha spread his own wings and drifted 
down after him on the small thermals.  Part way down a gaping hole 
was visible in the rock, it was to this the Silver was steering.  
Not being as skilled at Anselm, it took Pytha a few flaps of the 
wings, but he managed to land on the small ledge relatively 

By that stage the Silver had already made his way inside and was 
lighting torches.  The cave had a small mouth, but it widened up 
considerably just inside.  There was a sand floor to which a small 
mountain of cushions had been added.  Pytha turned and looked out 
of the mouth, from this height he could see the moonlight glinting 
off faraway lakes.  It was a perfect lair for a dragon.

"I like it," he said slowly.

"Thank you," came Divigon's low reply.  "Please, make yourself 

Pytha nodded in thanks and began arranging the cushions.  Anselm 
watched from behind silently, his body beginning to ooze some more 
of its pink fluid...

Pytha finally finished arranging the cushions and flopped down 
upon them in almost a relaxed stupor.  He rolled over and found 
himself looking directly at the Silver.

"You're not sleeping in that are you?" asked Anselm, more than a 
hint of surprise in his voice as he pointed to the dragon's 
travelling leathers.

"I... err.. yes?" ventured Pytha.

Anselm shook his head.

"This is no good.  They are good for travelling in, but they begin 
to confine the scales, not to mention the restrictive feelings 
they give.  Your sleep needs to be comfortable.  Why don't you 
take them off?"

Pytha wanted to say something in protest, but Divigon's words did 
make a lot of sense and it would be good to get out of the clothes 
for a change.  Slowly, almost of their own free will, his talons 
travelled up, undoing buckles and straps.  After a minor amount of 
squirming he dumped the whole lot on the sand beside him.

Divigon's eyes passed over the other dragon's body.  Pytha felt 
them linger on his groin and his scales deepened in colour as the 
Silver let out an appreciative mhrrr.  For the first time that 
night, the Red suddenly felt vulnerable.

Slowly the Silver lay down beside the Red, reaching out slowly to 
run a single talon across his wing membrane.  

"So," breathed Anselm in an almost hypnotic tone.  "Feeling more 

Pytha swallowed nervously, acutely aware of the nearness of the 
other dragon.

"Err.. I... yes?" meeped Pytha in almost a whisper, concentrating 
on the single claw being passed over his wing.

"That's good," soothed Anselm.  There was another pause.  
"Anything your host can do for you?"

Pytha almost let out a squeal of surprise, his sheath beginning to 
thicken at the connotations of what the other was saying.

"No," he managed to utter as the moisture left his mouth.

The Silver's caress extended gently from the Red's wing and across 
his underside.  The soft touch exciting him as it moved slowly 
over his body.  Pytha felt, rather than saw, the Silver's eyes 
inspecting his growing dragonhood.  As his length expanded from 
its sheath Pytha's breathing grew more shallow.

This was alien to him.  It was not suppose to be!  But it felt so 

The Silver smiled, sensing the confusion becoming tinged with 
lust.  He could take him now, but it would not be the best of 
unions, it is better if the host accepts willingly.  He began by 
sliding his talons over the warm scales of the Red's thigh, 
passing by the swollen sheath and moving further up his belly.  
Pytha reacted by taking a deep breath through clenched teeth, his 
eyes partially glazing over.

Ever so slowly Anselm manoeuvred himself up after his claws, 
deftly lowering himself to his knees, straddling the Red's chest.  
His tail draped reassuringly beside his erect member as Pytha 
found himself staring directly at a huge shaft of dragon.  Slowly 
Anselm reached down and ran his talons along his shaft, eliciting 
a mhrrr of pleasure from both drakes.

Pytha could hardly comprehend what was happening.  His length was 
beginning to release his clear pre against the soft warm scales 
which pressed against one side while above him a massive length 
was being stroked ever so slowly.  Pytha found himself staring at 
the length before him, slowly being hypnotised by the slow 
rhythmic stroking, his eyes studying the alien yet familiar 
object.  Its flared head, with fleshy tines began to extend 
gradually as the bumps and ridges began to expand, glinting on the 
glistening surface.  

An intoxicating scent began to waft down to his sensitive nose, 
making his own length strain and beg for release.  His forked 
tongue gradually emerging from his lips, reaching out to lap at 
the Silver's heavy sac which hung nearby.

Anselm felt the warm twin caress of the tongue and let out a 
gently mhrrr, consciously beginning to release a small trickle of 
juvenile snakes.  The pink trail oozing from the tip of his shaft 
and down its length, eagerly lapped up by the enthusiastic dragon 
below.  The Silver sensed it was almost time and moved himself 
forward very slightly, at the same time sending a conscious 
command to his body.

The Red's tongue continued to explore, lapping the sickly sweet 
liquid which came from above, then exploring the sensitive scales 
below the Silver's sac.  He felt the Silver moving forward, his 
tongue progressing to new areas.  His nose gave the first hint.  A 
new smell, alluring... unexpected... which awakened new desires 
within.  His tongue provided the second hint.  A faint ridge of 
scales which grew as he licked at it, then parted, almost 
swallowing his forked tines.

Pytha let out a meep of surprise and opened his eyes, before him, 
directly above was the unmistakable slit of a female, deeply in 
heat.  Fine silver scales faded to deep purple, their edges slick 
with the Silver's intoxicating juices.  His befuddled mind 
searched for answers, suddenly realising this he was actually a 
hir.  Not one, not the other, but both.  Something not unheard of, 
but also something he had never dreamed of.

Anselm heard to small gasp from the Red below and gave a small 
chuckle, spreading hir lips and pushing them closer to Pytha's 

"You like little one?" sie asked with a throaty mhrrr.  "Why don't 
you explore some more...?"

Divigon's emerging slit continued to form itself.  The csnakes 
beginning to emerge from hir walls, trickling down to be willingly 
swallowed by the eager drake.  Hir tail continued to rub beside 
his shaft, reassuring it that it was all right.  

The Red's tongue dug deeper, spreading hir lips as the tines 
brushed over the sides.  Sie was so moist, hir flavour almost 
addictive, desiring more...  His forked length moved up, 
discovering hir hot, stiff nub and which they immediately began to 
caress.  The Silver sensed the time was near and pushed hirself 
down, almost impaling hirself on his snout.  Sie arched hir wings 
and let out a roar of pleasure with hir head through back.  The 
floodgates released and hundreds, if not thousands of hir snakes 
flooded into the Red's waiting maw.

For his part of it, Pytha did not comprehend what was happening, 
nor did he care.  Above him the Silver bucked, hir walls spasming 
around his tongue as his mouth was flooded by even more of hir 
juices.  Desperate not to waste any he swallowed, using his tongue 
to search out and guide every drop he could into his waiting 

Slowly, hir flood eased and sie was willed with the content inner 
glow.  Below hir, the Red eased in his licking, sensing sie had 
given all sie could.  Anselm waited a few moments, idly stroking 
the Red's head before sie moved on to the final part.  The csnakes 
would be rapidly moving to take control of his body, but it was 
not over yet, the brain sometimes rebelled... but after years of 
evolution, the csnakes had perfected the art of assimilation...

Gradually sie slid down Pytha's chest, retracing hir earlier 
moves.  Sie reached out with a hand, lightly stroking over his 
still very erect length and swollen sac.  Moving to the location 
which corresponded with hir own slit, the scales on hir hand began 
to melt, fusing together as numerous blind csnakes emerged, oozing 
a mixture of chemicals against his groin.  

Unconsciously, Pytha's legs slide wider apart and he let out a 
moan as a ridge began to form.  The csnakes pumping pheromones 
into his system, leaving him in a dazed stupor as a female slit 
began to appear.  Slowly Divigon's hand continued to probe, 
pushing in deeper, much like the Red's tongue had done earlier, 
smiling as the changes spread throughout the drake's body.

Pulling hir digits free, sie manoeuvred hirself into position.  
All pretence of being a pure dragon was beginning to fade away.  
Hir member writhed on its own accord, the tines around its head 
had transformed into individual snakes which had extended and 
tried to move towards the body below.  Around the base numerous 
other snakes were beginning to emerge as hir sac expanded with 
extra production.  Plunging hirself in with a single thrust sie 
let out a screech, partially in pleasure, partially in triumph.  
Sie did not need to stroke hirself much, the wriggling tines and 
the Red's massaging walls provided more than enough stimulation.  
Instead sie focused on ensuring implantation.  

Divigon's tail reached around, a csnake emerging from its tip as 
his slid it under the Pytha's tail to caresses at hir aft entry, 
hir body accepting it almost willingly.  The pink ooze assisting 
in providing little resistance.  The Silver's wings reached down, 
scooping the Red in a gentle embrace as their mouths parted, 
joining in a kiss.  Csnakes entangled around each other as they 
both seeked climax.

Anselm was first, hir tortured sac could hold no more, with barely 
a mhrrr sie pushed hirself in tighter, his sac lifting as it 
emptied itself, sharing the load between the two joined beings.  
The last remaining consciousness of Pytha felt the warm seed 
beginning to invade his body in an alien sensation which he 
willingly embraced.  He surrendered himself to the pleasure and 
hir body rocked, csnakes breaking out of hir body in an orgasmic 
wave which left the two lying exhausted on the sand.

The next morning Pytha woke slowly, aware of the changes, but 
still aware of their previous being.  Sie sat up slowly, watching 
with separated interest as numerous snakes retreated into the 
protective shell of Divigon's body causing the Silver to stir.  
Sie reached between hir legs, stroking at the now massive length 
which rested reassuringly between them.  Anselm blinked hir eyes 
several times, the body of hir bedmate coming into focus 
gradually, the rising shaft between their legs and sie let out a 
quiet chuur, hir own snakes beginning to release themselves for 
another days conquest...

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