Keywords: Adult
Species: Shark, Dolphin
Sharks and Dolphins
By Divigon

Myron stood at his bench, patiently putting all the pieces back into 
place.  The plans had been sketchy at best and it had taken a lot of 
patience and trial and error to get things to this stage.

Without warning, rough hands circled his waist.  He froze as a large head 
lay itself on his shoulder.

"And what is the phin up to?" whispered a deep, soft voice in his ear.

He relaxed a little.

"Just working on this," he replied, pushing himself back against the 
shark.  "You know Siarl, I really wish you wouldn't sneak up on me like 
that.  You'll scare me half to death one day."

The shark gave the dolphin a tighter squeeze

"It's how we catch our dinner," he answered, a little ominously.

Myron shoved at the larger creature with his shoulder, snapping the last 
component into place before sliding the cover over the contraption.  While 
he worked, the shark barely moved, watching silently with unblinking eyes, 
his body pressing forward to ease against the dolphin's, his longer tail 
laying itself over Myron's shorter length.  The dolphin responded by 
pushing back slightly, sliding his tail between the shark's claspers, in 
silent revenge for being interrupted.

A row of green lights flicked across the test instruments and Myron 
allowed himself a smile.

"Finally!" he exclaimed.  "The bloody thing works.  Only took me fourteen 

He unplugged the device and placed it carefully to one side, then wriggled 
around in the shark's grip so he was facing the beast.  Without warning, 
Siarl broke off his embrace and stalked back towards the water.  Myron 
sighed; sharks were too unpredictable for his liking.

"What did you come over for?" he tried to start a conversation.

"I just wanted to see how you were," was the reply from the shark.  

Myron rolled his eyes; this was not going to be getting anywhere fast.

"Are you sure you didn't want me?" he teased.

That stopped the shark in his tracks.  For a long while now the two 
creatures had been teasing each other.  Siarl had a reputation with the 
females and, if other reports were to be believed, with the males as well.  
Myron was a bottlenose dolphin morph and hence, like most dolphins, had a 
quite substantial sexual appetite.  There had been a degree of contact 
between the two, many subtle hints and some not so subtle ones.  Myron had 
been waiting for it to progress to something further, but as of yet, 
nothing had happened.

The shark turned slowly.  Standing at least seven-foot tall, he towered 
over the six-foot dolphin.  He had a long tail, making him about fourteen 
feet in length, that flicked behind him almost of its own accord.  Myron 
blinked, finding it somewhat hypnotic, part of his ancestral brain 
screaming about the danger of the predator and his younger self 
desperately hoping there was nothing to fear.  

Siarl stalked forward, his entire being radiating his position at the top 
of the food chain.  He was a tiger shark, one of the most fearsome 
predators.  He was almost the same colour as Myron, a blue grey shade, 
lighter on his belly before it deepened around his body.  His back was 
covered in the deep purple stripes of his species.  He had no neck as 
such, his head smoothly flowing down onto his body.  His head tapered 
forward, slight ridges above each golden eye, the slitted pupil fixing his 
prey.  A few inches behind his eyes were his gill slits, sealed shut while 
he was on the land, but fully functional when he was in the water.

His four fingered hands clenched slightly, drawing Myron's attention to 
the sharpened black talons.

"Oh you'd like to think that wouldn't you," Siarl replied eventually.

He reached out and traced a single talon tip ever so gently over the 
dolphin's chest.

"You'd like to think you dolphins are so sexy that you draw everyone under 
your enchantment."

Myron blushed.  This was partially true.  A six-foot dolphin morph such as 
himself was definitely a bonus when it came to sexual games.  He was a 
superb specimen, sleek and streamlined.  His muscular body covered in only 
the thinnest hint of blubber, giving him a shapely curver appearance.  
From the tip of his rostrum to the end of his flat bladed tail he fully 
thought he was the fantasy most creatures longed for.

In a smooth movement Siarl grabbed one of Myron's wrists, waking the 
dolphin from his daydream.  As the dolphin's eyes widened, the shark gave 
a grin, exposing his many rows of sharpened teeth and without warning 
pushed at the phin's chest.  Myron disappeared over backwards, landing 
flat on his back, bending his dorsal fin painfully.

"Owww," he protested, trying to sit up.

Instead, Siarl placed a hand on his chest, easily holding him down.  Myron 
gave the shark a puzzled look.

"What are you doing?" he asked, a hint of panic entering his voice.

"Oh, nothing much..." was the answer.  "I just thought I would get myself 
better aquatinted with my dolphin friend."

Myron did not like the sound of that.

"What do you mean..." he managed to say, his voice trembling slightly as the 
shark began to trace his free hand slowly over his chest.

"Well," came the response.  "I've heard many things about dolphins..."

"Like...?" Myron swallowed, trying to hold back the flushing of his 
underside that Siarl's claw was eliciting.

"Hmmm... you know the ones... about a dolphin's sexual prowess and control..." 
Siarl smiled, his talon working its way lower.

Myron meeped and swallowed softly.  Siarl shifted position, still holding 
him down, but now one leg was between his.  The shark reached down and 
hefted the dolphin's leg up over his thigh.  Myron began to struggle, 
suddenly finding himself feeling very vulnerable and exposed.  

Siarl chuckled.

"Not happy...?" he teased.

"No," responded Myron through clenched teeth.

"But your body tells such a different story," and with that the shark slid 
a roughened paw over Myron's foreslit.

The dolphin gave a groan, knowing that he could not hide his pinkening 
belly any longer.  The shark grinned triumphantly as Myron's slit swelled, 
pressing against his hand.

"Hmmm, it is true..." murmured the shark to no one in particular and slid 
his tail over the dolphin's.

Myron's eyes widened as he felt one of Siarl's claspers rub against his 
tail.  The clasper stood out slightly from the shark's body and slid too 
easily, leaving a cold trail across his smooth skin.

"I've always wanted to try this..." whispered Siarl, his clasper lining 
itself up with Myron's bulging slit.  The dolphin shook his head, but it 
was too late, the shark's blunt clasper tip pressed against the swollen 
opening.  Siarl let some of his weight rest against it and it slid inside 
almost easily, the copious pre lubricating the way.

Myron gave a loud scream, "Nooooo!" his eyes bulging as he tried to back 
away, the sandy floor and the shark's hands both equally unyielding.

Siarl allowed a soft sigh to escape his lips; his golden eyes dimming 
slightly as he slid himself into the dolphin, feeling his length push 
against the dolphin's.  He waited there for a moment, then slowly began to 
pull himself out.  

Myron groaned the tiny denticle scales on the shark's clasper rasping 
against his insides.  He sobbed softly at himself as he felt his body 
responding, his penis swelling, but trapped inside his slit, sandwiched 
against the large clasper which began to push inside once more.

This time Siarl made the noise, a long drawn out moan.  His head flicked 
down and he sank his teeth into the top layer of Myron's skin.  That 
caused the phin to yelp and struggle once more.  That only seemed to 
excite the shark and he began to pump himself in and out of the dolphin's 
slit.  Siarl's larger body easily restraining the smaller Myron.

With each withdrawal the dolphin gasped, it felt like fine sandpaper was 
being rubbed over his skin.  At the apex of each thrust there was half a 
second of relief.  What made it worse was how his body responded; he was 
excited and erect, his length desperate to escape his confines.  As the 
shark pulled himself out, there was a blissful moment where it almost 
seemed possible for his length to unfurl, and then Siarl would ram himself 
back in, squashing Myron into submission.

Siarl began to feel the pleasure building.  The dolphin was tight, the 
feeling unique.  With each thrust, he stroked himself over the mammal's 
hard length.  The texture alien to his own.  He felt himself approaching 
the edge, his tail winding around Myron's, his thighs holding the 
dolphin's legs apart, as his thrusting grew more insistent, a taste of 
blood in his mouth.

Siarl gave a growl, a low bestial sound, thrusting himself hard inside the 
dolphin.  His body spasmed as his clasper exploded the shark's thick semen 
flooding the dolphin's cramped opening and oozing back between their 
bodies.  The shark collapsed on the phin, almost smothering him with his 
bulk.  Below him, Myron squirmed, beating ineffectively at the shark's 
rough hide.

Siarl relented and pulled himself out with a loud sucking sound, then 
rolled himself off to one side.  Myron whimpered to himself, looking down 
at his abused body.  The milky white seed of the shark oozed from his 
foreslit and as he watched his tortured length finally emerged from below, 
looking like some ghost-ship appearing in the fog.  He brought a hand to 
his neck, wincing a little at the touch and looked at the blood on his 

Myron looked across at the shark; he just lay on his back, a blissful 
smile on his face.  The dolphin muttered and propped himself up into a 
sitting position, looking down at his belly.  Rivulets of shark semen 
flowed over his tail as he tentatively cleaning himself.  He felt like 
someone had used a cheese grater on his privates, but luckily aside from a 
few raw spots, he could find little else of damage.

"Having fun?" said that same deep voice from the side.

"No," shot back Myron.  "You bastard, you could have killed me."

The shark rolled over onto his knees and crawled closer.

"Oh, I seriously doubt that," he murmured.  "Besides you seemed to have 
enjoyed yourself."

As he talked, the shark reached down to stroke a talon over Myron's erect 
length before looking up with a golden eye and smiling in the same way a 
cat smiles at the mouse before it.

"I didn't have much of a choice did I?" Myron protested, glaring back at 
the shark.

"Awww, poor you," said Siarl.  "Then you're probably not going to like 
this either."

"Like what?" replied an unsuspecting Myron.

For a creature of his size, Siarl could move deceptively fast.  In an 
instant he was behind the dolphin, holding his arms behind his back.

"Hey, what going on," protested Myron.

"You'll find out," was the ominous answer.

The dolphin struggled, but was unable to break the shark's vice-like grip.  
Then Myron felt his wrists being bound.  He increased his wriggling, that 
made the shark laugh and hoist him to a kneeling position.  A strap was 
thrown across his ankles before running back up to his wrists.  In a few 
moments, he was very effectively hobbled.  From behind the shark made soft 
noises and surveyed his handiwork.  The dolphin twisted his head around 
and swore.  That made Siarl giggle and granted him a grope between his 
legs.  Despite his situation, he was still painfully erect. 

"No, we can't have you struggling like that," pondered Siarl to himself.  
"You might hurt yourself... I think you need to be calmed down some more."

Another strap was added.  This one with a noose that tightened itself 
around his upper jaw and was pulled back firmly.  Myron had no choice but 
to allow his head to be drawn back until his neck was stretched taught.  
There was a fumbling with his wrists as the restraint was tied off before 
the shark moved back around to his front.  With his head held back, Myron 
found it difficult to talk, but still gave a valiant effort to abuse his 

For his part, the insults just bounced off the shark's rough hide.  He 
looked over his prize and shook his head.  He easily lifted the dolphin up 
and pulled his tail between his knees before settling him back down.

"Ahhh, much better," announced Siarl.  "You look like a proper phin now."

He reached down to stroke at Myron's length that now stood put proudly 
before him.

"A very impressive member," murmured the shark to his dolphin.  "I have 
always liked dolphin cocks.  So streamlined, just the right size and 
wonderful if fried in butter and garlic."

Myron gave a delphinic scream, a high pitched terrified sound, the whites 
of his eyes showing.

"Only a joke my friend," said Siarl with a chuckle, reaching down to slide 
a claw into the dolphin's aft slit.  "You know I'd never do anything to 
hurt you."

There was a pause before Siarl continued, "Well... that's not true...  I 
probably would hurt you.  It’s a problem with phin's being so fragile.  They 
tend to break easily."

Myron shook his head ineffectively and Siarl laid him down on his side.  
This time Siarl went on the left and Myron felt a terrifyingly familiar 
feeling press up the underside of his tail.

"Nooooo," he moaned, his body pulling away.

"Oh yes," hissed Siarl in his ear and thrust forward.  

The shark's other clasper easily slid itself into the dolphin's opening.  
The shark felt huge, but at least he was excited and producing his own 
lubrication.   Siarl's initial thrust stopped and there was a pause. Myron 
braced himself.  The shark began to pull out, the familiar roughness 
rasping at the dolphin's insides.  The bottlenose gave a groan, as he felt 
himself being emptied.  There was the same moment of bliss, and then the 
cycle began again.  Each time the clasper driving itself in deeper and 

Myron closed his eyes and tried to drift away, it was like some bad dream.  
However, each time he began to escape his mental prison, the shark changed 
tactics and dragged him back.

Approaching from the side, Siarl enjoyed himself.  His initial lust 
already sated by their first encounter, this time he was able to take his 
time and savour the moment.  The dolphin squirmed below him just the right 
amount; he was tight, but not too tight and so much warmer than himself.  
His hips moved slowly as his arms circled his phin, legs wrapping around 
his tail and they rolled across the sand.

Siarl paid little attention to their movement and was pleasantly surprised 
when a particularly vigorous roll landed them in the water.  He retained 
enough sense to leave the dolphin's blowhole above the surface, but 
tackled the creature from below.  Myron felt the water wash over his body, 
stinging at his small cuts and abrasions.  On instinct, he beat his tail, 
trying to flee.  This only seemed to excite the shark who began stroking 
his tail from side to side, each stroke pumping him in and out of the 
dolphin's tortured hole.

Siarl felt the sensation peak and his orgasm washed over him.  He gave a 
thrust of his powerful tail, driving himself in as his clasper erupted, 
filling the dolphin with his seed for the second time that day.  Above 
him, Myron trembled, feeling the shark's fluids expand into his body, his 
own length rubbing against the shark's fine belly scales.

For a while Siarl remained locked inside Myron, savouring the moment.  But 
then, with a flick of his tail he pulled himself free and did a quick 
figure eight behind the dolphin, surfacing and carrying him back to the 
dry land.

Myron shivered as he was placed back in his kneeling position.  His skin 
tingling from the salt water and his length now throbbing before him.  A 
little of the shark's semen leaked from his rear hole, but the remainder 
of him was clean, washed by the water.

"Keep very very still," warned Siarl after releasing the dolphin's head.  
"You don't want me to slip..."

Myron was about to swear, but then felt the shark's maw press against his 
neck.  There was a slurping sound and a strangely smooth tongue caressed 
at his flesh.  The feeling was unexpected and strangely relaxing.  Slowly, 
Siarl's head worked lower, passing over his chest and belly before ending 
at his groin.  There was a slight pause and the large mouth engulfed his 

The dolphin shivered, occasionally the shark's teeth would brush against 
his throbbing skin and he could see why he was to remain still.  In the 
mean time, the shark's tongue probed every millimetre of his shaft.  He 
was already leaking his pre and it was a matter of moments before the 
sensations were too much.  His hips buckled and he gave an ultrasonic 
squeal, his internal balls surrendering their load to the shark's maw.

Siarl reached up to catch the falling phin, his mouth still locked firmed 
around his groin, sucking noisily and careful not to spill a drop.  Once 
the phin's shaft had stop donating his seed he stopped and ran his tongue 
in a straight line up the dolphin's belly to his beak.  The dolphin failed 
to respond.

Siarl cocked his head curiously and looked at his captive.  The dolphin 
was out cold.  Obviously the sensations too much for a mere mammal to 

Some time later, Myron awoke.  He stretched, then winced, his body aching.  
His mind flicked back over the previous events and he looked around.  

He was not bound any more.  In fact he was lying, alone, between black 
satin sheets of a large double bed.  He ran his fingers over his body.  A 
healing salve covered most of it, a few butterfly clips holding bite on 
his neck closed.  He looked around in bewilderment and spied a single red 
rose on a bedside table.  Beneath it was a note.

It read : 
"To my dearest phin, sorry if I exhausted you so during our previous 
encounter.  But do not worry, I anticipate your stamina will increase as time 
progresses.  Your humblest shark, Siarl."

Myron looked around the room, a little confused, then slipped out of the sheets.  
The room was simple, an ornate bed; a small plunge pool on one side and some 
cushions on the other.  There was some food in a niche in the wall.  The dolphin 
became aware that there were no windows and moved forward to try the door, a 
panic beginning to grow within him.

He half suspected what he found.  It was locked and the implicit meaning of the 
shark’s note began to sink in...

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