Keywords: Adult, Hypnosis, Transformation
Species: Vulpine, Dragon
Serving My Mistress

Opening my eyes I looked around, letting out a soft meep of 
surprise.  I was chained to a frame of some sort.  My legs spread 
and chained to the side posts, as were my arms.  Behind me my wings 
were somehow restrained too and by moving my head, I could feel the 
leather straps which held it in place.  Behind me, my tail arched 
up, exposing my rear opening and making me feel vulnerable.

How I got here, I could only guess.  The last I remember was lying 
on the forest floor, studying.  There was a rustle behind me, I 
turned, just in time to see something pass over my head, then 
everything went dark.  I can vaguely remember ropes and hands 
grasping at my scales, then the next thing was waking up here.

Tugging at the chains which held me, I growled in anger.  I was 
naked, this did not bother me as I usually only wore clothes around 
those who followed suit, but it did leave me feeling venerable and 

At the sound of my rattling chains a door opened in the far wall.  
For a moment, a figure was backlit before it sauntered into the 
poorly lit room.  Looking at her, I let out a gasp of surprise.  I 
had never seen her before, but wished I had.

She was the sort of vixen drakes like myself, and indeed, probably 
most males dreamt about.  She was slightly shorted than myself, 
probably a little under six foot in height, where I stand a few 
inches over.  But it was her figure which turned heads.  Slim, but 
not overly so, but with an ample bust.   Her entire body was encased 
in a latex body suit, a light green pattern.  The overall result was 
a figure hugging suit which shimmered as she walked, looking like 
scales, but clung to her body like no scales could.

A hood covered the back of her head, running down over her breast 
which pressed against the smooth material.  A large dark red, almost 
black tail extended behind her and her sex glistened, exposed in the 
front.  Her long legs were also covered, leaving little to the 
imagination.  Her feet and hands were also encased in the material 
which seemed to be a single suit.

I felt a familiar stirring and looked at her face which smiled back 
at me, her eyes, large and brown, seemed to stare into my soul.  

"Hey, wha...?" I growled out at her.  She did not react at first, 
then sighed and stepped closer so I could smell her scent.  It was 
vaguely familiar and awoke currently unwanted sensations.  Reaching 
for something out of sight, she then covered my nose with a latex 
covered paw.  Fearing the worse, I held my breath and thrashed 
against my chains.

Finally I could hold it no longer and opened my mouth to gasp a 
mouthful of fresh air.  As quick as lightning she slid a gag between 
my jaws, spreading them.  Instinctively I bit down, feeling my fangs 
descend into a soft substance which clung to my teeth.  She leaned 
forward and fastened the gag to the straps which held my head, 
leaving my mouth spread apart like the rest of my body.  My forked 
tongue could flicker between its embrace, but I could not move my 
mouth at all, much less speak.

Stepping back, she turned to face me.

"You will remain silent until asked to speak," she said in a sultry 
tone.  "Is that clear?"

I growled menacingly at her and pulled at my bonds.  She just smiled 
that coy smile once more, which made her even more attractive.

Stepping up to face me once more, she place both her smooth hands on 
my chest scales and looked me directly in the eye.  Without saying a 
thing, she began to gently stroke over my chest.  In the beginning, 
I tried to ignore her, but my body refused to obey.  Looking 
anywhere but at her, I shivered in reluctant pleasure as her gloved 
paws caressed in slow patterns down my chest.  

By the time they reached my groin, I was already erect and trembling 
in anticipation.  My mind still refused to obey, but then I made my 
fatal mistake.  Trying to play her own game, I stared directly back.  
This was my undoing.

As soon as I made eye contact, I felt myself falling into her trap.  
Her large, brown eyes seemed to peer into my soul as her skin 
caressed my body.  From somewhere distant, far way, I heard her 
voice whispering to me about how good I would feel if I just relaxed 
and let myself go into her eyes... All I had to do was concentrate 
on her eyes and it would all be over... everything would be ok... 
all I needed to do is relax...
So relaxed... Just concentrating on her voice... her voice which 
told me what to do... because I was relaxed...  Soooo relaxed...

Gradually I felt myself falling into a deep spiral of her eyes, just 

My Mistress looked at me with a smile on her face, my head lolled 
forward, my eyes half closed.  As her hands traced over my body, I 
feel bits of it shutting down.  First my arms, then my legs seemed 
to fade away.  Next my wings and tail melted, only held in place by 
the straps.  Brushing her hand between my legs, she smiled as my 
erect member dipped slowly, then wilted completely.  A familiar 
sensation passed within my and my bladder emptied, leaking its 
contents onto the floor. 

A smile crossed her lips as he hand traced between my legs.  I was 
dimly aware of my spincter relaxing under her gloved caress, then it 
bulged slightly and my waist slowly oozed out, forming a brown pile 
which gathered under me.  Her hands moved up my chest then onto my 
head which fell against my bonds as my conscious self drifted off...

She lent forward and quietly whispered how important it was for me 
to please her.  I would grovel in my efforts to satisfy her, meeting 
every whim she desired.  This was my life, for she controlled me, 
she was my Master.

She gave me a moment for this to sink it before slowly untying my 
bonds.  As she did so I fell to the floor in a seemingly spineless 
heap.  Moving to one side to survey her handiwork, she told me to 

My eyes flickered open, fixed on her and I raised myself on one 
knee, bowing my head, my wings arched behind me.

"Yes, my Mistress?" I asked in a soft tone.

She nodded approvingly and I felt a twinge of pleasure pass through 
my body as I obeyed.  It was good to obey.

"Explore me." she ordered in her soft tones.

I nodded, averting my eyes and moved forwards, close to her body.  
My forked tongue moved out and began licking at her smooth suit.  I 
began just below her neck, gently teething at her covered nipples as 
she arched her back in pleasure.  Sliding down her smooth suit, I 
reached the junction of her legs.  Here my long tongue gently 
explored her swollen opening, my two tines tracing along her outer 
lips before slowly pushing into her waiting folds.  Inside, I 
explored every inch of her lips, lapping at her juices which flowed 
out onto my muzzle.  My exploring tongue brushed over her clit and I 
heard her gasp in pleasure.  Knowing my Mistress's pleasure was 
important, I gently explored around the area, sucking on the nub as 
it grew.  Above me my Mistress's breathing grew ragged before she 
threw her head back and gave a high pitched cry.  Her walls suddenly 
spasmed against my tongue and I was rewarded with a sudden flush of 
my Mistress's juices as she came, clamping down hard on my thick 

I continued to explore within her while above me her breathing 
slowly returned to normal and she scritched the top of my head as a 
signal to continue.  Withdrawing my tongue I manoeuvred to explore 
her other opening.  My tongue gently lapped at her tight rosebud, 
before gently probing its way in.  She lent back against me as I 
lapped, her body relaxing with my licking.  I began to feel 
something move within her and I slid my tongue out and gently licked 
around her outer ring.  Slowly it swelled, pushed open from within 
and my reward began to emerge.  I eagerly lapped at it, nibbling as 
it came faster, its warm length sliding my throat.  Eventually, it 
ended and I continued to lick and probe her opening.

Suddenly she moved forward, pulling herself off my tongue and I 
looked up at my Mistress.  She smiled and knelt to straddle my legs.  
Before her, my cock stood out proud, but previously unnoticed by me.

She told me to lay still and not move, which I did so.

My Mistress reached out and began to slowly run her hand up and down 
my shaft, he gloved paw bumping gently over the ridges of my shaft.  
Her other paw traced over my head, pulling some of the precum down 
to cover my tines which were half flared.

Sitting back on her haunches, she shuffled up so her lips gently the 
tip of my shaft.  My eyes locked with hers and I felt myself 
spiralling away again.  I was dimly aware of her body slowly 
descending over my ridges before she slowly pulled herself back up.  
Her lips reluctantly releasing my ridges as she arched in pleasure.  
My tortured balls began to swell as her lips spasmed against my 
shaft and she collapsed onto my chest.

Slowly she pulled herself upright again, before whispering, "You may 
come now Slave," to me.

I felt my cockhead suddenly swell, pushing deep inside her before my 
seed rushed up my shaft and exploded deep within her.  She let out a 
wail of pleasure, my Mistress's pleasure increasing my own as I 
rumbled quietly, her walls clenching against me for the second 

My cock continued to leak my seed into her for a while, before 
eventually softening enough to allow her to slide off.  She moved up 
to straddle my muzzle and I began to automatically lick her clean.  
Once I had finished cleaning her, my tongue began to explore her 
inner lips once more, but she stopped me and stood up. 

Motioning for me to stand, I stood, my cock retreating into my 
sheath even as our juices flowed down my leg.  Composing herself, 
she turned and walked out of the room.  Automatically I followed, a 
pace behind and slightly to the left.  Always ready to do my 
Mistress's bidding.  It is good to serve my Mistress...

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