Keywords: Adult, Transformation, Magic
Species: Dragon, Human
By Divigon

Tom was walking home late one night when there was a flash of 
light, a sizzling sounds and suddenly everything faded out.

Slowly he awoke, his groggy eyes slowly opening to look around a 
strange room.  A harsh light illuminated the sterile features 
impassionately.  Vaguely he became aware he was standing upright, 
but somehow held in place.  He tried to move his arms, but they 
refused to respond.  Turning his head he could see no restraints, 
but his limbs felt as if they were cast in concrete.  In fact, his 
head was the only thing he could move.  He also noticed he was 
naked, something that unnerved him terribly.

He tried shouting, but found he was unable to make his voice work.  
The best he could manage was a low groan.

In front of him, a door suddenly slid to the side and a strange 
creature entered.  It was green in colour, with golden highlights.  
Its skin looked scaled.  Across its shoulders hung an oriental 
style robe which shimmered under the lights.  Behind it, a pair of 
leathery wings were folded away neatly.  Two golden horns curved 
from the back of its head, but it was the eyes which caught his 
attention.  The were deep red orbs which seemed to glow from 

For a moment they regarded each other then the beast walked 
closer.  Strangely Tom felt no ambition to flee or struggle, but 
he knew he should.  Instead he stared back just as impassionately.  
The creature finished its inspection and stepped back, raising a 
taloned hand to its neck to murmur something into a device which 
had to be a microphone of some sort.

It was strange.  He knew he did not know what the beast was 
saying, but he understood the words.

"Yes," it said in a deep, but somehow sultry female voice.  "This 
one will do.  I'll finish him off myself."

She then turned to look at him.

"I bet you're wondering what you're doing here, aren't you," she 
said in her strange voice.

Tom found himself nodding.

She smiled.

"Well," she continued.  "I have use of you.  I am the Captain of 
this vessel and I am afraid, what you would call my mate has met 
with some unforeseen circumstances."

Tom swallowed.

"However," she begun again.  "In this form, you simple will not 
do.  There will be a few modifications.  That device you are in is 
a genetic generator.  You humans would probably refer to it as a 
modified transported.  Where a transported moves objects from one 
place to another.  This machine has the ability to modify them at 
a genetic level.  I've already used it to change your thinking 

Tom shuddered.

She smiled before continuing.

"Don't worry, I just implanted my form into your subconscious, 
your subconscious knows me, but you do not.  This means you do not 
recoil in terror from me.  Plus I added to your language skills.  
I can tell you can understand me, that was my doing."

She paused as Tom processed this new information.

"However, like I said, you simply will not do like this," she 
smiled.  "My mates need to have... shall we say... certain 
characteristics ...and an amount of staying power...  I'd hate to 
do you any harm..."

She looked him over once more.

"This stuff you call hair," she purred.  "It simple won't do.  Its 

Tom felt a tingling in his legs and looked down.  The hair on his 
legs was disappearing!  A neat line was moving over his legs and 
where it touched the skin the hairs flashed for a second, then 
disappeared with a faint pin prick.  The line made its was quickly 
across his groin leaving his penis and testicles dangling smooth 
and limp before him as his chest was shaved.  He felt the hair 
lift from his scalp and it was over.

The creature moved closer and poked his smooth flesh, shaking its 
head disapprovingly.  He let out a chirp as she moved back and his 
skin seemed to harden into a rigid sheet.  Lines formed and 
cracked into scales their flesh colour fading to a reddish gold.

She walked around Tom and he felt something pressing at his spine.  
Twisting his head around he watched in terror as a scaled tail 
extended from its base.  It grew and thickened out and was 
suddenly frozen into place by the mysterious force which held his 

Next his head began to bulge.  It should have hurt, but was more a 
numbing feeling that anything else.  His mouth and nose seemed to 
fuse and push out as he felt small teeth spread along his new jaw.  
His tongue thickened and lengthened feeling like it might choke 
him before he became use to it.  His eyes shifted to the side of 
his head as his pupils changed causing a subtle shift in his 
spectrum.  He became aware of his ears seeming to melt into the 
side of his head as a pair of golden horns twisted out of his 

His nostrils flared, suddenly becoming much more sensitive and he 
became aware of a strange, almost intoxicating scent which flooded 
the room.

He was unaware of his hands growing talons as two fingers fused 
together.  New muscles rippled under his scales as the machine 
continued to change him.  Claws sprouted from his feet, while his 
tongue flicked across scaled lips.

The creature moved back in front of him and regarded her 
modifications with a critical eye.

"Much better," she almost whispered, leaning down to inspect his 
crotch.  "But that still is no good."

Tom suddenly felt a lengthening in his groin and looked down.  His 
penis seemed to be growing, almost stretching towards his knees.  
His legs would have buckled at the erotic feelings, but he 
remained locked in place.  Then its base began to harden and twist 
up along his belly.  A few moments later he had a large scaled 
sheath fitting snugly against him.  Next his testicles began to 
tingle.  His eyes changed focus from his opening to his balls 
which suddenly began to swell.  A few seconds later, they were 
huge, like oranges and hung strangely reassuringly between his 

Tom let out a meep of surprise.

The beast before him allowed herself a long smile before 
seductively undoing her robe.  Tom's eyes fixed on her chest as 
she slowly opened it and cast it to the floor.  His new testicles 
pumping their hormones into his blood stream, clouding his mind.

Part of him was repulsed by the sight, but some other, larger, 
part of him stirred and he wanted to move closer... to explore 

She ran her taloned hands over her scales, drawing his gaze down 
until she caressed between her legs.  He could see her sex, her 
moist lips glistening against her smooth scales.  That was the 
source of the smell!

Slowly she slid a finger between her lips, withdrawing it slowly.  
He followed her fingertip as she brought it up before him.  He 
could clearly see a milky drop of her juices suspended from her 
claw.  Smiling she leaned forward and rubbed the drop into the 
smooth scales on the tip of his snout.

Suddenly her scent flooded his system!  His cock surged from his 
sheath, growing to an amazing nineteen inches which pulsed in time 
with his heart beat.  Veins standing out along its thick length.  

She smiled at his reaction and slide her fingertip down his snout 
to his chest, then down to caress at his swollen balls.  

Leaning back she surveyed her work.

"If it was left to me," she said with her grin.  "I'd be happy 
with you now...  But I am aware how some may regard you as 
restrictive as you are... There are some more changes I need to 

Her eyes fixed on his nipples, still visible under his scales and 
they widened.

"Oooh," she giggled.  "Mammalian, how cute..."

Tom suddenly became aware of a tautness in his chest and his 
attention was reluctantly drawn away from the scent which held him 
captive.  Looking down he watched his chest swell, pushing out 
into a definite pair of feminine breast with large nipples made 
from tiny scales which stuck out proudly before him.  For a moment 
he was strangely happy, then he became aware they were still 
growing...  Finally they stopped, a huge pair of tits protruding 
form his chest, pulling down on him.  He let out another meep of 
surprised and watched as a dribble of milk ran down the cracks in 
his scales out of view.

He felt his hips change and his balls move slightly.  There was a 
slight tearing sensation and a numbness somehow deep inside him.  
He became aware of his internal organs churning, writhing as they 
adjusted to new shapes.  She moved towards him and slide her 
taloned hand up the inside of his thigh.  Hormones raging, his 
legs spread unconsciously apart.  He claw slid up behind his 
balls, brushing lightly against them.  He expected it to slide 
across and down the other side, but it suddenly slid in.

He let out a gasp of wonder as folds of skin grasped her finger 
and tried to pull it deeper inside him.  With a groan of pleasure 
he realised he was actually a hir now, but to his sex crazed brain 
it did not matter.  His massively oversized sex equipment pumped 
huge amounts of hormones into his blood stream and his eyes began 
to glaze over as she caressed hir.

She smiled as she watched her slave's face contort with pleasure.  
A little longer with the subliminal programming and sie would be 
hers.  Reluctantly, she pulled her finger from hir slit, caressing 
hir lit in the process, bringing her juice covered finger to her 
lips she tasted her slave for the first time.

Sie had an almost over powering aroma.  Sie was going to be a 
strong one this one.  She made a mental note about recruiting from 
this planet in the future.

Walking around her slave she studied hir carefully.  Sie currently 
had massive amounts of hormones being pumped into her clouding her 
judgement.  Plus the machine was programmed to project selected 
images, feelings and sensations direct into hir subconscious.  
Within a short period of time sie would show no resistance at all.

Lifting hir tail she caressed the sensitive scales along the 
underside, Tom shivering in pleasure as sie did so.  Her fingers 
reached and gently probed around hir puckered ass and she frowned.  
Mentally commanding the machine she smiled as hir ass slowly 
enlarged, remaining tight, but able to accommodate much larger 
objects.  Pushing a talon inside she felt the new glands oozing 
their juices, lubricating her fingers and she purred excitedly to 

Moving back to the front of her slave she command the machine to 
release hir.  As soon as sie was free one hand crept to a swollen 
nipple, the other sliding down to caress hir balls and below...

Making a soft growling noise she got hir attention.

"Slave," she command.  "What are you doing?"

Immediately the creature before her dropped to one knee, head 
bowing submissively as hir hands fell to hir sides.  Hir tail 
flicked up and she felt a twinge of desire pass through her, her 
slave was not the only one in the room affected by the hormones.

She frowned as hir tail flagged down again and sent some more 
commands to the machine.  A silver studded collar appeared around 
her slave's neck, a matching ring forming around the tip of hir 
tail.  When hir tail next rose up, it curved to hit the collar, 
locking in place.  Golden bands appeared around hir wrists and 
ankles.  Some ornate runes badged themselves under hir scales, 
displaying hir owner and patterns emerged over hir horns.

She gestured for her slave to come and turned, leaving the room.  
Obediently the creature which had been Tom stood and followed hir 
Mistress.  Her pleasure hir only concerned now...

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