Keywords: Adult, Hypnosis, Latex
Species: Equine, Lupine
Rubber Pets

	I don't know why, but I appear to be in the middle of a rubber fetish at the moment,
a bad thing if you don't like rubber, but good if you do because here is more spooge for you	


Rubber Pets
By Divigon

The stallion walked to the door and opened it.  A nervous looking wolf 
was standing on the other side.

"Ummm, hello?" ventured the wolf.

"Greetings little pup," replied the stallion although the wolf morph 
stood over eight foot tall.  "Can I help you?"

"I'm not sure," said the wolf slowly seeming not to notice the 
belittling from the stallion.  "I was out walking and just seemed to 
end up here for some reason."

"Ahhh," nodded the stallion.  "That happens a lot around here.  Are you 
sure it was not to look at this?"

As he spoke he brought his hand out from behind his back and held it 
out towards the wolf.  In the palm of his hand was a large gem of some 
sort, deep green in colour which seemed to shimmer in the light.  The 
wolf looked puzzled for a moment, then gave out a soft sigh, relaxing 
as if remembering something, his body going limp.

"Yes... you remember the gem don't you," said the stallion, walking 
backwards, guiding the wolf into the room.  "My little wolf gem that no 
puppy can resist."

The wolf nodded distantly, unable to take his eyes off the stone as the 
stallion placed it on the table, then moved behind the wolf to guide 
him into a sitting position.

"Yes, puppy," continued the stallion soothingly.  "Remember the other 
times you have seen my gem, remember you being my slave, to serve.  A 
nice puppy slave..."

So intent on watching the wolf fall deeper under his spell, the 
stallion never heard the footsteps behind him.  The first inkling that 
something was wrong was a sudden gripping at his throat, pulling him 
back into a headlock.  A cloth was thrown over the gem on the table, 
but the wolf continued to stare distantly at something only he could 

"What the?" muttered the stallion, trying to fight free, but found 
himself held in place by a very strong hairy arm.

"Making yourself a slave are?" growled a voice in his ear.

"Slave help...!" pleaded the stallion before something was shoved into 
his mouth.

He spluttered as the gag was fastened around his muzzle, his hands 
being pulled behind his back and bound, before he was roughly pushed 
into the couch beside the wolf.  For the first time he got to see his 

It was another wolf, similar in size to the first, big, muscular and 
looking very annoyed.

"I bet you thought you'd get away with it," muttered the wolf.  
"Dragging Mihor here into your place every other night, then abandoning 
him with distant memories of being a slave dog."

The wolf gestured to the other wolf who continued to sit quietly on the 
cushions, completely oblivious to the other two.

"I found Mihor late one night," continued the wolf, wondering the 
streets.  "His mind muddled, not able to remember things.  I knew 
something was going on, so I began to follow him.  He made three visits 
here, to your very door, so one night I snuck a peek in the window.  I 
saw you two, you holding out that magical stone of yours, him staring 
into it and I knew at once what you had."

The wolf began to fumble with a pouch on his belt.

"I made some enquiries, found out about mythical wolf stones.  Magical 
stones which lupines find so fascinating they can stare at them for 
hours, not even aware of what they are being told.  Interestingly, such 
stones exist for most species, even equines.  Do you know that horse 
stones are a nice dark shade of red.  Just like this one."

With a flourish, the wolf produced a stone similar to the covered one 
on the table, however where the covered one was a deep emerald green, 
this one was a rich ruby red.  Too late, Rohin, the stallion, tried to 
look away and discovered he could not.  The flickering light drawing 
him closer and deeper into it.

"Yes," mhrrred the wolf softly.  "That's right, look at the stone, feel 
yourself sinking deeper and deeper into it, relaxing as you surrender 
to your power, just like Mihor did to you.  You don't want to fight it, 
you want to join your slave..."

Rohin's eyes opened wider, the whites showing as he realised he was 
trapped.  He had to do something, but the stone was so nice, the wolf's 
voice so soothing... maybe he would listen for just a while...

Bavin watched the equine stare at the stone before him, unable to 
resist as he slowly took over the stallion's mind.  Despite the 
situation, Bavin had to admit there was something arousing about 
controlling a beast like the stallion.  He did not agree with his 
methods, not believing in slaves, but pets were a different matter...

As the stallion continued to stare at the stone, Bavin turned his 
attention to his wolf friend.

"Mihor?" he asked.  "Can you hear me?"

There was no response.  Gritting his teeth, he tried again.

"Slave, can you hear me?" he asked.

This time getting a response from both the horse and the wolf.  He 
started a little at the stallion's response, not expecting it and 
instructed the beast not to react unless directly addressed.

"Wolf slave," he said.  "Listen to me, you are not a slave, you are a 
pup... a pet.  You do not have to serve unless it makes you happy.  You 
are submissive by nature, but also enjoy the occasional dominant 
streak.  Is this true of you?"

"Yes," murmured the wolf.

"Do you like being a slave?"

"No," was the answer.

"A pet?" was the next question.

"Yes," said the wolf.

Bavin nodded and turned his attention to the stallion.

"Now, horse slave," he said, the unfocused eyes looking up at him.  
"Tell me, what had you install for your wolf pup today?"

"Was going to make him a rubber pup," came the response, equally 
distant as the wolf's.

"Hmmm... interesting..." murmured the wolf to himself.  "Would you like 
to be rubber pets?"

Both hypnotised creatures nodded and Bavin felt his sheath swelling.  
It definitely was a turn on controlling beasts like this.

The wolf stood up and looked around the room.  It was simple, a large 
bed, couch and a desk to one side.  He moved to the desk and opened the 
top drawer.  Almost predictably a large bucket of goo was contained 
within.  He picked it up, reading the instructions on the side as he 
walked back to the wolf and the stallion.

Carefully he scooped out a ladle of the thick ooze and dribbled it onto 
the stallion's head between his ears.  It coated his fur and slowly 
began to spread.

"You are the test case," Bavin announced to the horse.  "You'll test it 
to make sure it works properly."

The stallion nodded, but was otherwise still, his eyes still fixed on 
the gem on the table.  

Slowly the goo spread over the stallion's head, coating it, seeming to 
merge with his fur, sculpting his featured in minute detail.  It began 
to ooze down his body, highlighting his muscles before his started to 
flow into his sheath.  The stallion gave a little whimper, obviously 
liking the sensations, his sheath bulging and his tip beginning to 
emerge.  As his legs were slowly covered, the stallion stilled, his 
body a glistening shade of grey, almost looking as if he was some sort 
of liquid metal.

"Choose a colour, rubber pet," said Bavin.

The stallion nodded, the grey starting to change, darkening to a deep 

"Interesting..." murmured the wolf before turning his attention to the 
other lupine.

He pulled out another ladle of the liquid, drizzling it over the wolf's 
head and watching as a similar change began to pass over the lupine.  
Soon, Mihor was also covered from tip to tail in the glossy substance, 
electing to change himself to a dark ruby red when prompted.

Bavin looked at the two rubberised creatures before him and smiled.  He 
reached down and moved the red gem out of sight of the stallion who 
still continued to stare vacantly at the table.

"Now stallion pet," instructed Bavin.  "You still have a little free 
will leg, but that is about to change...  When you cum, you will find 
yourself giving in completely to life as a rubber pet, you will be 
happy and more than eager to serve the needs of your rubber wolf."

The stallion seemed to find some sliver of resistance, but not enough 
to break free as the wolf lifted him up and lowered him onto his waist.  
The stallion gave a little moan as the wolf's large length started to 
probe under his tail.

"Wolf pup," Bavin said to the other wolf.  "You'd like to sample your 
pet equine's cum wouldn't you."

The rubber wolf nodded, moving over silently and began lapping at the 
stallion's rubber coated sheath.  The equine shaft slipping out and 
quickly encased by the wolf's eager muzzle.  The stallion gave a moan 
and slipped a little further onto Bavin's cock.

"That's right," teased the wolf in his ear.  "Feel yourself sinking 
lower and lower, relaxing more until its all too much and you 

Bavin began to move his hips a little, his shaft already aching and 
spurting his pre into the equine.  He had never thought it would be 
such a turn on.  The other wolf's head bobbed against the stallion's 
groin, large rubber clad paws caressing the huge stallion balls and 
occasionally squeaking across wide spread thighs.

On top of the wolf, the stallion's last conscious thoughts dissipated, 
his body relaxing and sinking deeper, the wolf's swollen knot slipping 
into the equine unresisting body.  The feeling of being swallowed by 
the stallion was too much for Bavin and he came, his hot wolf seed 
spurting into the stallion at the same time as the equine's huge cock 
began cumming into the wolf's waiting maw.

Between the stallion's legs, Mihor swallowed the seed eagerly, his head 
squeaking a little as it brushed against the other rubber pet.  

"Good pets..." chuured Bavin softly, nuzzling the smooth green neck of 
the equine and reaching around to stroke Mihor's head with his paw.

"You two make good pets..." he mhrrred to the two rubber creatures.  
"You like being each other's pet."

They both nodded as Bavin reluctantly pulled himself out of the 
stallion with a pop.  He motioned for them to sit on the chair and was 
relieved to see them automatically snuggle against each other, looking 
strange, but well matched in their rubber outfits.

"But something is missing," continued Bavin, not believing he was even 
saying this.  "You want another pet... another wolf pet... to be a trio 
of rubber pets, happy together...  You want to make another rubber 

As he spoke, Bavin pulled back the sheet on the table, instantly his 
eyes fixing on the green gem and unable to look away.  He sighed softly 
as he felt his mind seemed to spiral into the multiple facets, the 
world becoming distant.  Somewhere, very far away, two voices were 
talking to him, instructing him on being a pet.  To serve and be served 
by the wolf and stallion.  

There was a tingling as the cold rubber started to ooze over his flesh, 
melding with his fur before he felt the other wolf's shaft begin to 
slip under his tail.  He moaned as he was carried to the bed, lips 
eagerly slipping around the equine shaft he was presented with as 
equine lips slipped around his own.  Vague, distant memories seemed 
hesitant, but the sensations were too much and he gave in willingly.  
His large, now rubber clad balls surrendering his load as the other two 
pets joined in.

Some time early the next morning, Ronin's friend walked in.  He looked 
around the room and stopped.  On the bed lay three sleeping forms, two 
wolves, one red, one gold and a green equine, all completely coated in 
rubber.  Around each of their necks were collars with little tags 
hanging from them saying either "Pet pup" or "Pet stallion"  Matching 
cuffs were around each wrist and ankle.

"Mmmm," murmured the stallion looking around.  "You have really got 
yourself into a mess this time..."

The three stirred a little with the noise, snuggling themselves 
together in a very lewd and erotic way and the stallion felt a stirring 
in the pit of his stomach.

"I suppose you like to serve things...?" he said, walking towards the 
trio who woke up and looked at him, nodding.

The stallion nodded, smiling as he slid onto the bed.

"Well, three pets..." he murmured as they started to rub their rubber 
paws over his body.  "I can probably look after three pets..."

He gave a groan as they began to repay him for his kindness...

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