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Species: Human, Equine
Rubber Mare

	This story came about from looking through Kemo's site and drooling a little
over his pics.  I'll let you guess which ones.
Rubber Mare
By Divigon

Helen looked at the bags she had laid out before her.  She could 
still barely believe she had gone through with it.  Trembling in 
anticipation she reached in and pulled out the largest package.

It was a glossy chestnut brown colour, soft and supple against her 
fingers and surprisingly warm.  She could not help herself give a 
little shiver as she unfolded it and draped it over a chair.  The 
flattened head of the costume staring back at her with empty eyes.

Next she opened the smaller of the two packages and carefully removed 
the contents.  A rubber bridle and halter, a small rubber saddle and 
a large black butt plug, tipped with long strands of horse hair.  She 
lay them out neatly on the low table and took a deep breath before 
starting to unbutton her blouse.

A few minutes later she was naked, her clothes in a neatly folded 
pile.  She sat on the edge of a chair, one hand absently rubbing at 
her shaved sex as she studied the costume.  Not able to wait any 
longer she reached out and picked up the brown suit.

It was not as heavy as it looked and as she slid her foot in she felt 
the synthetic material stretch and press against her leg.  Carefully 
she slipped her for into the moulded hoof.  It felt a little like an 
extremely tall high-heeled shoe.  For a few moments she was afraid 
the suit may buckle, but the feet were made of something stronger 
than just latex and held her foot quite snugly.

Once she was sure her first foot was in place, she sat down on the 
edge of the chair and began working her second leg in, wiggling it in 
like the first, feeling it slip down into the strange boot.  With 
both feet in place, Helen began to smooth the latex up over her 
thighs.  She found the contact with the glossy rubber increasingly 
arousing and could not help to give a gasp as she adjusted the suit 
over her hips, ensuring the two strategically placed holes lined up 

She was beginning to wriggle into the main body of the suit when she 
heard the key slip in the lock.

"Hi, I'm home," sang out Cathy as she entered into the house.  "Work 
gave me the afternoon off so I..."

Her voice trailed off as she walked into the living room and spotted 
her flatmate squirming on the edge of her chair.

"Ummm, hi," ventured Helen, blushing furiously.

"Yeah, hi..." said Cathy slowly, walking around the room slowly, her 
eyes taking everything in.  "Interesting outfit that one..."

Helen nodded.

"Pony girl?" guessed Cathy.

Helen nodded again, suddenly aware of how she was sitting with her 
legs spreadeagled, exposing herself.  Giving a little chirp of 
embarrassment she snapped her knees together.

"Oh, don't mind me..." smiled Cathy.  "I was enjoying the view.  
Perhaps I could provide some assistance?"

Helen's eyes opened in amazement.

"You mean you don't mind?" she half whispered.

"Mind?" repeated Cathy.  "Why should I mind.  In fact, I think you 
would make a very sexy mare..."

As she talked she had moved in closer and her voice trailed off into 
a husky whisper as her hand reached out to stroke slowly down Helen's 
covered thigh.  Helen could not help but to give a sharp intake of 
breath as blood rushed through her veins.

Cathy gave a seductive grin and stood up slowly.

"But if you'll just pardon me a few moments, I'll get out of these 
restrictive work clothes," Cathy said walking towards her bedroom as 
she began to unbutton her top.

Helen remained on the edge of the chair, hardly daring to breathe.  
She had known Cathy was a little unconventional, but not like that, 
then again, in her current state she was not going to argue.

Helen's mind was still racing when Cathy reappeared a few minutes 
later and the sight of her flatmate almost knocked her unconscious.

Cathy was dressed head to toe in a latex outfit, not an ordinary cat 
suit either.  This was exquisite craftsmanship and Helen knew 
instantly it came from the same place as her pony girl costume.

Cathy was, without doubt a doe.  Already tall and slender, the suit 
elevated her, streamlining her lines, making her appear graceful and 
elegant.  The suit was a light tan on the sides, growing a deeper 
brown towards her back and a pale, almost white, towards her 
underside.  Like her own, it glistened slightly in the light.  Her 
feet were somehow disguised as a pair of cloven hooves, the black 
rubber pressing into the carpet as she walked towards her.

The latex ran up her legs with no wrinkles or visible seams, curling 
around her hips.  Helen caught a glimpse of the small tail which 
seemed to bob at the end of her spine.  Her eyes could not help but 
notice the suit pressing against Cathy's sex, the human's folds just 
visible.  Helen's eyes continued to move up over the doe's body, the 
curve of her breasts as they pushed against the material, until she 
was looking at Cathy's head.

The head was unmistakably a doe.  Large ears somehow held attentively 
to each side, a small and very cute muzzle, tipped by a black nose.  
Above her eyes, two small horns seemed to be emerging from her 
forehead.  The white colouring over her underside stopping under her 
chin and the tan colour covering the rest of her face, with the 
exception of some darker marks around her eyes.

Cathy reached out to run a hand over the back of the half dressed 
female and Helen was surprised to discover that what she thought were 
hooves on her hands were in fact very cleverly crafted gloves.  They 
looked like cloven hooves, but were actually three fingered gloves, 
allowing Cathy some degree of normal movement.  Something Helen was 
beginning to appreciate as she slipped her hands into the hooves on 
the end of her own arms.

Helen noticed Cathy had not said a word since re-entering the room, 
but she did not mind.  Her flatmate silently helped her into the pony 
outfit, sealing up the hidden seam before carefully pulling the 
horse's head into position.

Helen had been afraid the head would be too large, but much to her 
surprise, it fitted perfectly.  The ears had small tubes which 
directed sound into her own and there was even a strange tube thing 
which she found herself slipping into her own mouth.  She gagged on 
it at first, but then it seemed strangely comfortable and familiar a 
few seconds later.

Cathy smiled and stood up, gesturing for Helen to pull herself off 
the chair.  Instinctively Helen tried to stand, lost her balance and 
fell onto her hands.  Immediately the feeling of all fours felt 
somehow natural and she marvelled at how efficient the gloves and 
boots must be.

As she experimentally took her first few steps, Cathy ran her hoofed 
fingers over her back and Helen found herself giving a whicker of 
pleasure which ended abruptly as she realised she was making the 
noise.  Her eyes opened in surprise at just how animalistic it 
sounded.  It was about then that strange feelings began to pass 
through her and somewhere in the distant back of her mind, warning 
bells began to sound.

She was about to protest when she felt Cathy run her fingers over her 
rump.  The fingers moved in a slow figure eight, first one side, then 
the other before teasing down each side of her glistening sex and up 
over her rear opening.  She felt something press against it and 
instinctively she pushed back, giving a squeal as she felt something 
very slip inside her.  She groaned, holding herself still and felt 
her body adjust, accommodating the intruder.  She turned her head and 
looked back, but already knew that she was now equipped with the plug 
and tail.

Her head swung back to Cathy who was standing before her with a smile 
across her face.  In her hands she was holding the bridle and before 
Helen had a chance to react, she had it over the pony's head and held 
snugly in place.  For a few moments the pony fought, tossing her 
head, but then the mistress began to talk, soft soothing words, 
reaching out to caress the rubber mare's head.

Slowly the mare relaxed, falling under her mistress's spell as the 
bridle seemed to meld with the latex, bind the pony to the doe.  Once 
the mare had stopped moving, the doe began to move, slowly caressing 
her rubber hooves over the pony's own latex body.  Teasing gently at 
the ample breasts that lay trapped beneath the surface, then on lower 
until she teased over her exposed sex.

The latex had bonded with the flesh there, capturing the mare in 
perpetual arousal as the doe explored the folds with her hoofed 
fingers.  The mare gave a whinny, leaning back against the cloven 
hoof as she spread her legs wider.  Deliberately teasing at the slick 
crevice, the doe slowly worked her fingers inside.  The mare groaning 
and pushing herself back against the doe who began to move her hand 
in and out rhythmically.  The mare was unable to take any more of it 
and gave a bestial whinny, thrusting herself back as she climaxed, 
her juices spurting out over the doe's hoof before she panted and 
gave an exhausted gasp.

The doe smiled at her new acquisition, tempted to put the saddle on 
and break her in immediately, but she knew she had time and preferred 
not to rush, instead she would savour the moment.

Slowly she slipped her fingers free of the pony's still quivering sex 
and moved herself around to sit before the pony.  Stroking the mare's 
head with her clean hand she slowly licked her other hoof clean, her 
long cervine tongue curling between her fingers, the movement keeping 
the mare rapt with interest.

When she had finished, she reached out, stroking the mare's smooth 
nose and gently guided the mare's muzzle between her thighs.  At 
first the mare seemed hesitant, but then she caught the scent of the 
mare and reached out cautiously with her rubberised tongue.

The doe gave a moan of pleasure, spreading her legs wider as the 
rubber pony's tongue explored.  Her new pet still had to master the 
strange body, but the mistress was more than happy, groaning 
encouragement as the mare contacted her sensitive spots.  Like the 
mare, the doe could not take too much of the pleasure and shortly 
gave a strange strangled chirp, thrusting her hips towards the eager 
muzzle, her juices gushing against the waiting tongue as she came.

The deer continued to groan with each lick from the pony and it was 
with some reluctance that she had to push the large head away, giving 
herself enough time to recover.  

The mare stood patiently on all four hooves, waiting for her 
mistress.  Her eyes glued to the doe's supple form, her mind not 
thinking of anything else.

Eventually the doe stood, then took the reins and guided the pony 
into her bedroom.  She left the mare standing to one side before she 
rummaged in a drawer, pulling out a surprisingly large dildo and 
gestured for her new pet to approach...

Helen gave a groan, rolling over slowly in the bed.  Her memories of 
the previous night were hazy.  She remembered her suit arriving, 
Cathy coming home early, then it all got hazy.  She opened her eyes, 
looking across at Cathy who was still sleeping.  She smiled at her 
partner, reaching out to massage an exposed nipple, grinning 
mischievously as Cathy moaned in her sleep.

Reluctantly she pulled herself from the bed and walked naked into the 
lounge.  Both suits were draped neatly over the back of two chairs, 
each cleaned and gleaming in the early light.  Somewhere in her mind, 
Helen found that strange as she could not remember taking it off, nor 
could she remember cleaning it, but the rest of her mind accepted it 
without a care.

Something made her look closer at the suits and she noticed that the 
forelegs of Cathy's suit were locked in cloven hooves, while on her 
own suit, her hooves had spread into fingers.  Helen gave a little 
whicker of anticipation, it looked like she was going to have a deer 
pet tonight...

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