Keywords: Adult
Species: Raptor, human
By Divigon

This was not what Tom expected to find.  All right, he would admit 
he was hoping for an extinct species and would not have been 
surprised to find some which were undiscovered, but this?  Not in 
a million years. 

That was the first thing which went through Tom's mind.  That and 
the fact they would probably never find his body.  Then again, his 
body probably would not be around for long to find, even if 
someone came looking for it.  Deep as it was, in the Amazonian 

Slowly he became aware that he was still alive.  He had half 
expected to be dead by now.  That, or at least severely injured.  
Tentatively he eased one eye open and peered around the clearing.  

It had moved closer.  

Very close.

He could feel its warm breath on his face, but he forced himself 
to focus on it.  He was not an expert in this area, but he knew 
what he was looking at.  Some form of Theropod.  It was 
impossible, but that was what was standing before him, he knew 
they had been extinct for millions of years, but this one was 
definitely still around and he closed his eyes to wait for the 

Now he could sense it, just millimetres from his face.  It 
breathed in and he felt the air rush by.  Any moment now there 
would be a crunch and it would all be over.  He would move down a 
few rungs on the food chain and that would be it.

He jumped when he felt it bump against his cheek.  It was strange, 
his first thought was of how gentle, he had expected a ripping 
sensation.  Its surprisingly smooth snout brushed against him and 
he could hear its breath rumbling past his ear.

Slowly he opened his eyes and focused on it once more.  A few 
inches away an alien eye stared back.  Its black pupil seeming to 
bore into his very soul.  Instinctively he shivered.  The giant 
head snapped back and a low growl escaped its mouth.  He forced 
himself to be still and followed its head with his eyes.

It was definitely a raptor.  It had to be.  

A velociraptor, just like in the movies.  

It had a large blunt snout, with two nostrils near the tip which 
flared as it breathed.  It eyes were on the side of its head, but 
positioned so they could look forward as well as to the side.  
They were similar to a snakes, larger, but with the same slitted 
pupil surrounded by a mottled green iris.  He was also acutely 
aware of its mouth.  That seemed very large and was filled with 
what he was sure were very sharp teeth.  Not large teeth, but lots 
of them.  

It noticed him looking at it and cocked its head and chirped 

This gave him a chance to look at the rest of it.  It was facing 
him directly, it was taller than him, but not by much, probably 
only a foot higher, but it leaned forward, bringing it down to his 
height.  The lean was counterbalanced by a tail which curved away 
behind it.

It had a set of relatively small forelimbs.  These sort of stuck 
out in front, in a similar manner to a kangaroo.  He was acutely 
aware of the wicked looking talons on the end of each finger.  
They curved into the palm of each hand, dark, almost black and 
looking incredibly sharp.  These were matched by similar talons on 
the end of each large foot, with the exception of the central claw 
which was much larger and arched up above the others.

Its colouring surprised him.  From what he had seen earlier, its 
back was a splotchy green with darker bars wrapping around its 
body.  He could see the tips of some of the bars where they faded 
into the paler green of its underbelly.  This was to be expected, 
perfect colouring for the jungle.  Its throat was orange, almost 
red, but this quickly faded into a pale yellow which blended 
seemlessly with the green at about its shoulders.

His eyes travelled back to its face with was still tilted on a 
slight angle.  Then without warning it suddenly charged.  This 
took him by surprise and its head hit him solidly in the chest.  
His arms flailing, he barrelled over backwards and into the soft 
undergrowth.  The raptor continued to push at him and he clawed at 
the ground, propelling himself towards the edge of the clearing.  
Suddenly he hit a log and could go no further.

The raptor's lips curled, showing the row of sharp teeth and its 
nostrils flared as its lungs heaved.  It lent forward and Tom 
braced for its killing blow.  Its cool snout caressed his bare 
neck and he waited it to snap his jaws and end it all.

To his surprise, the next thing he felt was warm and moist.  

"I didn't expect it to feel like this," he thought.

Then he realised it was the raptors tongue, not his blood, which 
was causing the sensation.  The raptor gently licked at his neck, 
then moved up the side of his face.  Its rough tongue removing the 
bead of sweat from his brow while its warm breath bathed his face.  

He wondered what was going on when the raptor stood up.  It took a 
step backwards and laid a forelimb on his chest.  He could feel 
the sharp pinpricks of its talons through his shirt and he waited 
for it to disembowel him.  The smooth, cool talons moved up to his 
neck and felt around the opening of his shirt.  In one even 
movement one slid under his shirt and down his body.  The smooth 
curve of it sliding down his flesh while its other side cut 
effortlessly through the clothes.

When it had finished, the raptor leaned forward and nosed at his 
neck.  Its snout finding the fresh tear in the clothes and pushed 
each half aside, exposing his chest.  Once again its muzzle began 
caressing his skin.  Slowly travelling in a zigzag pattern across 
his flesh.  

Despite his position, he began to feel a twinge of arousal, 
especially when its rounded nose found the waist band of his 
shorts.  These too had been sliced open by its claw and it pushed 
them and his underwear aside, exposing himself to the mercy of the 

By this stage, the pleasure had been building slowly and his 
member was beginning to respond.  Slowly expanding and gradually 
moving over his balls.  He shivered as he felt its warm breath on 
his manhood and felt himself begin to lift.  The raptor nuzzled 
this area gently, occasionally licking at his exposed skin and he 
found himself beginning to respond further.  His member slowly 
growing to meet the creature's muzzle.

Tom had froze to the ground in fear, but the attention being paid 
to his crotch area had caused him to squirm slightly and look 
around.  He had not noticed, but the raptor had moved while it 
caressed his body.  Where before it had been standing before him, 
he now found it to have turned around and positioned itself over 
his body.  Looking up he found himself staring at the base of the 
creatures tail.

The green camouflage of its skin was still quite dark here, but 
looking up he could see an opening.  It looked vaguely like a 
cross between a whale's genital slit and a snake's cloaca.  Sort 
of round, but moist looking.  Inspired by the growing pleasure in 
his loins he reached his hand up.  Fearful of scaring the raptor, 
he tentatively put a hand on the inside of its leg.

It paused for a moment in its ministrations, but then continued.  
Taking a deep breath, he ran his arm up its inside thigh and onto 
its belly.  Its skin was cool and smooth to the touch, not unlike 
a snake, but it rippled and was more like a hide than individual 

Growing more adventurous his hand lightly traced over its belly 
towards the vent.  He could feel its skin growing warmer the 
nearer he approached and he suddenly was extremely curious to see 
what it felt like.  

The raptor stopped its ministrations and pivoted its head back to 
look at him.  Summoning up some unknown reserve of courage, he 
ignored it and traced gently along the outside of the beast's 
opening.  The inner circle of flesh rippled and a milky drop of 
liquid appeared.  He ran his fingertips very gently over the 
centre of the area and was rewarded by a trill from the raptor.  

Growing bolder he spread the milky drop over the lips and watched 
almost hypnotised as they rippled and tried to grasp his finger.  
Placing his finger at the centre he heard himself let out a soft 
gasp as his digit was easily swallowed by the pulsating lips.  
Inside was very hot and moist and his finger was continuous 
massaged in extremely erotic ways as he found himself fantasising 
some bizarre scenarios.

The sensation of the raptor nuzzling at his member returned him to 
reality and he was surprised to find himself fully erect with a 
bead of precum glistening at his tip.

He could stand it no longer.  If he was going to die, so be it, 
but he was going to die happy.  

Squirming out from between the raptors legs, he forced himself 
into a sitting position on the log which had trapped him earlier.  
To his surprise the raptor had let him go and now looked over its 
shoulder as if waiting for his next move.  Reaching out slowly he 
moved it tail up and off to one side.  Obligingly the raptor 
backed towards him.  He leaned forward to grasp the creatures back 
and felt his erect member slide along the underside of its belly.

The raptor too must have felt this as it shifted its weight.  He 
felt himself moving towards its warm opening, then he was 
positioned over it.  Instinctively he pushed up and the raptor 
pushed down.  He let out a groan of pure pleasure as his member 
sunk deep into the beast's hot opening.

The raptor let out a trill and began to massage him with its slick 
sides.  Tom found himself moaning in pleasure as his hips began to 
stroke him in and out of the creature's vent.  He tried to stay 
calm, think of his seven times table, anything to take his mind 
off the pleasure which was assaulting his maleness at this time.  
The pleasure which stroked slowly up and down, over and over, 
ripples of tightly muscles sliding back and forth with warm juices 
running down his shaft and over his swollen balls...

He was unsure how long he was there for.  For him, all that was 
important was the beast before him and the pleasure it could 
bring.  Alas, he could not last forever and with a groan he felt 
himself pass the edge of the plateau on into the air beyond.  His 
member was milked by a series of tight clenches from the beast as 
he spasmed wave after wave of hot seed inside the raptor.  

Eventually he could give no more and he collapsed exhausted across 
the back of the beast which he realised was purring loudly.  It 
leaned back and nuzzled softly at Tom's forehead before its tight 
vent slowly surrendered his ebbing member.  Gently it stepped 
forwards, leaving a clear string of its juices and his semen 
between itself and the human.  

Tom's ragged breath gradually slowed until it matched that of a 
sleeping man.  The raptor turned and deeply inhaled the human's 
scent, imprinting it onto its brain.  It then turned and stalked 
into the shadows of the jungle, quickly fading into the 

Tom awoke several hours later.  Completely naked except for his 
boots and a multitude of insect bites.  He gingerly made his way 
back to his campsite and pulled on a robe.  Looking around at the 
surrounding jungle he glimpsed the vague outline of a large head 
and listening quietly he could hear an occasional soft chirping.

Picking up his satellite phone he dialled up his office.

"Yeah Boss," he spoke into the mouthpiece.  "I haven't found much 
so far, but I'm confident that I'll find some eventually.  I've 
decided to stay an extra couple of weeks."

He paused, listening for a reply.

"What's that?  The local wildlife.  Yeap, it can be pretty 
ferocious, but I think if you can respect it, it can respect you 

He listened to the reply and hung up the phone, staring into the 
undergrowth.  Some leaves moved in some hidden movement and he 
stared at the large head which appeared from nowhere before him.  

No, he didn't expect to find this sort of thing when he came here, 
but he was happy he did.  

The raptor bumped noses with him and chirped.  He absently stroked 
its cheek.  Yes, very happy...

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