Keywords: Adult
Species: Dragon, Human
Quest For A Dragon's Head
By Divigon

The knight dismounted and gave his steed a slap on his behind.

"Home," he commanded his stallion.  A look of uncertainty passed 
through the beast's eyes before the horse turned slowly and trotted 
hesitantly down the winding path.

Daxyn sighed as he watched his horse disappear down the path.  It 
was just him now.  He started picking his way up the path, his 
armour jingling softly with each step.  This was his first dragon, 
but he had spent the past five years leading up to this point.

Only the best knights were trained to be dragon slayers.  It was a 
job that required skill, cunning and intelligence. His chance came 
early in his trained where his instructors saw his potential.  He 
had originally signed up for an ordinary foot soldier, but had 
leapt at the opportunity to join the ranks of one of the most 
sought after brigades in the King's army.

He had been a member for almost a year before he began to notice 
what was going on.  The stories about dragons were well known by 
everyone.  Huge beasts that belched fire from their mouths, 
lightning from their eyes and could level a town with just a 
whisper of magic.  Their scales were stronger than plate armour and 
their talons could slice through stone.  It took a brave man to 
stand before them and an even braver man to go into battle with 
them.  These heroic few were the Dragonslayers.  However, Daxyn 
eventually discovered that of the forty men in the troop, only one 
had ever seen a dragon and that one had been dead for many months 
before he stumbled on what remained on its corpse.

None the less, Daxyn had continued with his training, becoming a 
skilled fighter and winning many accolades.  Finally, his training 
was almost complete, but then the King ordered an extra 

"Bring me the head of a dragon," he commanded before the troops.  
"King Nemasis has one and I think one mounted over the battlements 
would be a great indication of my troop's fighting skill and 

Daxyn was still uncertain exactly how this had been turned into a 
personal quest for him, he had thought it was issued to all the 
troops, but none the less he complete his quest or die in the 

And so, he found himself edging along an increasingly narrower path 
which wound along the cliff face.  He had spied the small opening 
from the forest, a few bleached bones littered below confirmed it 
was obviously a dragon's lair.  Reaching the narrow cave mouth he 
drew his long sword, its grip comforting  and he closed his eyes 
and counted silently.

Summoning his courage he mouthed "three" and spun into the dark 
opening, crouching in a defensive position as he peered into the 
gloom.  There was a rustle from further inside.  He squinted before 
weaving behind a pile of rocks.  There was another rustle and the 
sound of something being dragged over the sandy floor.

"Greetings" said a deep voice in the darkness with just a hint of 

Daxyn did not wait any longer.  He gave a battle-cry and leapt out 
of his hiding place charging to where the sound came from.  There 
was a soft murmuring and his sword suddenly flared a bright orange.  
A second later the heat passed through his gauntlet and he gave a 
cry of pain and the chain seared into his flesh, dropping his 
blade.  His eyes widened in surprised before a dimly lit lump of 
rock appeared before his visor, there was a loud metallic thump and 
his legs disappeared from under him as darkness rushed up to greet 

He shook his head, giving a groan at the stars which leapt across 
his closed eyelids.  Slowly he opened them, squinting a little as 
he noticed the blue sky high above.

"Wha...?" he murmured, trying so pull himself up.

"Shhhh," said a voice soothingly behind him.  "You took a nasty 
bump on the head there.  Just lie still."

Daxyn obeyed the voice for a moment, flopping down on the soft 
cloth, his mind slowly retracing what he remembered.  There was the 
cave, his sword had heated, he ran, then the roof had dropped, 
then... this?

He slowly lifted his hand up to his head.  It was bandaged with a 
huge white cloth, then he noticed his bare arm.

That woke him up suddenly.

He sat bolt upright, looking down at himself.  His chest was 
covered with his light brown cotton tunic while around his waist 
was his loose shorts.  There was no sign of his armour.

"I took it off," said the soft voice behind him.  "Don't worry, its 
quite safe.  You'll get it back in a while."

The young man spun around and blinked a few times as he looked at 
the creature before him.

It was a dragon, of that there was no doubt.  Scales, wings, horns.  
Definitely a dragon, but at the same time, not exactly what he had 
expected.  This dragon stood on two legs and was nowhere near the 
assumed length of thirty or more feet.   Instead, Daxyn thought the 
dragon was probably a little under seven foot, not including the 
two horns that spiralled from the back of its head.

It had a large head with two glowing eyes which regarded him 
coolly.  Its nostrils flaring slightly as it breathed in and out.  
Two ears stood on the top of its head and pivoted seemly by 
themselves.  Between them, a small shock of silvery hair 
disappeared towards its neck.  His gaze travelled down, taking in 
the beast's muscular chest, the sharpened talons and the polished 
scales.  His gazed lingered just above the dragon's groin until he 
realised he was looking at a sheath and he felt himself blushing as 
he moved his gaze to the large digigrade feet which sank a little 
into the soft sand.  

The dragon was also the wrong colour, myths had mentioned red and 
black creatures, but this one was clearly silver, but with maybe a 
hint of blue or green depending on how the light caught the scales.  
There were two wings folded behind him, the leathery membranes 
shimmering a little.  Its muzzle broke into an obviously friendly 

"You're not going to try and kill me again are you?" he asked with 
his soft voice.

"Ummm... errr..." Daxyn looked to the ground.  "No," he said 
eventually in a soft voice.

The dragon nodded its head.

"Good" he said, reaching to the side, his hands returning with a 
tray laden with fruits and bread.  "Eat up then, you must be 

Daxyn eyed the platter and was suddenly aware of his growling 
stomach.  He reached out, chose a piece of fruit and started to 
munch.  The dragon looked on in silence for a moment then extended 
a paw.

"I'm afraid we may have got off on the wrong foot back there," he 
murmured quietly.  "The name is Trune."

Daxyn looked at the scaled paw that was being offered to him.  

"Daxyn," he replied after a moment's considering, shaking the 
surprisingly warm hand.  "I am sorry if I offended you in any way 

Trune smiled again.

"No," he dismissed it.  "I am use to it, but not many have the 
courage you had.  Most flee a few steps into my cave. You have an 
impressive amount of courage"

The human blushed a little as the dragon paused.

"But I need to ask," continued Trune.  "Why did you do it.  You do 
not appear to be the dedicated dragon slayer.  No professional 
would have walked in there so openly.  Plus I know I have not 
wronged anyone so badly they need to send a hunter to me."

"It was for the King," muttered Daxyn in barely a whisper.

"Ahhhh..." nodded Trune.  "Yes, Kings have a habit of doing such 
things.  I suppose the story of how one of his challengers caught a 
dragon, so he needs one as well?"

Daxyn nodded, "Something like that."

For a moment they were both quiet, lost in their thoughts.

"Lets have a look at that hand," announced Trune suddenly, causing 
the human to jump slightly.

Daxyn held out his bandaged arm, watching silently as the dragon 
unwound the white cloth.  Gradually his hand emerged.  He was 
surprised to see it was not as badly damaged as he had thought.  
Swollen and red with the markings of the sword handle clearly 
visible, but no broken skin.

Gently the dragon lifted it to his face and peered at it through 
slitted eyes.  He gave a thoughtful chirp and slowly his tongue 
slid out from his mouth.  Even though he was watching, it was not 
until he felt the warm and moist muscle on his sensitive palm that 
Daxyn reacted.  His first response was to pull back, but a warning 
glance of the dragon's eyes dismissed that idea.  Instead he held 
his arm still as the dragon's tongue curled over the pink flesh.

The human watched for a moment, then closed his eyes, breathing 
deeply.  The touch was unlike nothing he had ever felt before.  
Gentle, but insistent, subtle but distinctive at the same time.  He 
let out a moan as he felt the strange pressure seem to split.  A 
peek through his drooping eyelids confirmed the creature's tongue 
was forked and each tine was now moving in small circular massages 
of his palm.  He closed his eyes again, feeling the dragon slide 
himself over each of his fingers, then over two at the same time, 
then three.  The pressure increased gradually and it felt as if all 
of his hand was being caressed by the dragon, then his arm itself, 
his fingers being cradled in a velvety embrace.

Daxyn gave another moan and opened his eyes slightly.  The sight of 
his arm being engulfed by the dragon's muzzle changed the moan to a 
muted groan.  Trune noticed the change and looked up, pulling back, 
allowing the human's hand to slide free until it was resting on the 
dragon's warm scales.

Trune smiled slightly and looked a little ashamed.

"Sorry about that," he said.  "Sometimes I get a little carried 
away.  But don't worry, dragon's saliva is suppose to be excellent 
for wounds."

Daxyn nodded a little, as a mater of fact, his hand was feeling a 
lot better and he would swear the swelling had gone down a little.

"Besides," continued Trune.  "You seemed to be enjoying it."

The human looked a little confused, then followed the dragon's gaze 
down his body, blushing a little as he noticed his loose shorts 
tenting around his groin, becoming aware of his stiffening length.  
The dragon grinning, his tailing seemingly innocently flicking 
across, brushing the flimsy material so the human's erect member 
slipped through the slit at the front, standing proudly above him.

His head moving like treacle, Trune inched his muzzle closer to the 
human's groin.

"What are you doing?" murmured Daxyn who then gave a gasp as the 
dragon's long tongue flicked out again tracing over the purple 

Trune paused, sliding his tongue back into his mouth, seeming to 
contemplate for a moment, then his muzzle opened wide.  The word 
"sampling" drifted up to the human's ears then he felt an exquisite 
warmth descend over his privates.  By the time the forked tongue 
met the flesh for a second time the young knight's top was already 
slick with his pre.  Daxyn gave a groan and his hips pushed up from 
the ground.

Above him the dragon gave a contented purr, winding his long tongue 
in a spiral around the throbbing shaft.  The two tines brushing 
over its base before resting on the swollen sac below.  Slowly the 
twin tips began to dance in small circles across the dimpled 
surface, gently probing at their sensitive contents.  At the same 
time the spiral of tongue began to stretch and slide over the 
entire length of the human.

For Daxyn, it was all too much.  He cried out as his body thrust 
itself into the air, his seed bursting forth to coat the dragon's 
mouth.  For a moment Trune kept up his pleasure laden massage, then 
eased back, unwinding his tongue and lapping instead at the wads of 
seed that continued to seep into his mouth. After a while he felt 
Daxyn begin to shiver a little at his touch and slowly surrendered 
his length, sliding himself free and licking his way up the human's 
chest and over his chin.

"Mmmm" murmured the dragon.  "You taste nice."

"T... t.. thank you," stammered the human, slowly coming down from 
his high.

There was a moment of awkward silence.

"So, is this how you treat all your guests?" tried Daxyn in an 
effort to break the ice.

"Not usually," smiled Trune, reaching down to run a talon over one 
of the human's nipples.  "But it has been quite a while since I've 
been in the company of one I can share with."

"Share with?" queried Daxyn.

"Oh yes," grinned back the dragon.  "You've shared with me... now I 
have to share with you."

"W... w... what do you mean?" stammered Daxyn, a look of 
uncertainly passing over his face again.

"This!" announced Trune, suddenly pouncing on the human.

Moving much faster than Daxyn would have thought possible the 
dragon pivoted on one knee, sliding his body over the spread-eagled 
human.  With a minimum of fuss the human found himself looking up 
over Trune's scaled chest, one leg hugged each side of his chest 
and a very warm and surprisingly soft tail had draped itself 
between his legs, resting snugly against his diminished member.

Daxyn look confused for a moment, then hesitantly placed his hands 
on the dragon's thighs.  The dragon smiled, his wings spreading a 
little behind him, their lower extremes resting on the human's 

"What happens now?" asked Daxyn after a moment's thought.

"Ahhh," said the dragon sagely.  "That is up to you, I ask of 
nothing and do not force you to do anything, but, if you want it, 
my body is yours to explore."

The human swallowed nervously.

"Explore?" he repeated.

A reptilian head nodded above him.

For a moment Daxyn was not sure what to do, should he lie still or 
should he fight back.  The dragon was clearly at his most 
vulnerable.  That thought caused the knight to look down.  His eyes 
found them selves locking onto the dragon's sheath.  It was barely 
ten inches away.  If he wanted to strike back at the dragon, now 
was his chance.

His mind made up, the human's fingers began to slowly drift across 
the dragon's thighs.  Above him he was aware of the dragon leaning 
back slightly, his eyes drifting closed.  He was reach to plunge in 
hard, but instead he found his fingers brushing lightly over the 
finely scaled area.  He heard the dragon give a soft sigh and his 
fingers eased their way gently around the opening.  The sheath 
seemed to swell strangely, something dropping into it and filling 
it from within.  Slowly the opening parted and the dragon's length 
began to emerge.

He brain acting on auto, Daxyn found himself stroking it gently, 
coaxing it out further.  He was unsure of how long had passed but 
he became aware there were no wrinkles left, the fine scales of the 
sheath faded seamlessly into the polished flesh, a network of veins 
pulsing slightly as the dragon's heart beat above him.

The organ itself was unlike anything the human had ever seen 
before.  It was larger than a human's, not huge, but definitely 
double the length of his own member with a matching increase in 
thickness.  The shape too was unique.  Its base was large and 
bulged slightly, then it tapered in, the main length of shaft 
smooth flesh, but with a pattern of ridges and bumps that pulsed as 
he ran his fingers over them.  The head flared out from the shaft, 
backward facing tines lifting instinctively if he traced over them.  
At the centre, nestled between the glands was an oval shaped hole 
that glistened with the dragon's clear pre.

Daxyn lightly slid his finger over the growing drop and brought it 
to his lips.  The liquid was salty and strangely familiar.  There 
was more than a hint of musk and it made his mouth drool for more.  
The knight lifted his head, curling it around so his tongue could 
lavish attention on each of the dragon's tines.  Trune gave a croon 
of pleasure, clearly enjoying the human's ministrations.  Daxyn 
began to slide his good hand along the shaft as his mouth opened 
wider, trying to take more of the dragon inside him.  His injured 
hand began to insistently meander across the warm scales, moving 
randomly, but increasingly lower.

As the knight lavished attention on the dragon he was only vaguely 
aware of the creature writhing above him.  He suddenly felt 
something brushing at his now erect length and gave a groan as the 
dragon shifted, lifting his tail to engulf him.  The sensations 
were indescribable.  Trune was warm, seemingly embracing him 
tightly, yet soft, the dragon's inner walls rhythmically stroking 
the human's shaft and Daxyn tried to do the same with his mouth.

Time slowed to a crawl as the two indulged in each other.  They 
both climbed in stages, hanging on as the pleasure increased.  Then 
with a silent groan, the two of them came.  Daxyn thrusting 
slightly as his balls lifted, propelling his seed into the dragon.  
Inside the knight's mouth, Trune's head seemed to expand, the tines 
spreading to press against the human's cheeks.  There was a hiss of 
relief and suddenly the trickle of pre, turned into a flood of 
dragon cum which was in turn eagerly swallowed by a human.

Their mutual coupling continued until they both basked in a 
satisfied afterglow.  The dragon drooping gently over the human as 
his rumble of satisfaction grew into a croon of pleasure.  The 
human basking in the warm afterglow of their passion.  

Eventually, Daxyn felt himself slip from the dragon and he smiled 
up at Trune, rubbing gently at the dragon's tail base.  The dragon 
purred back before pulling himself off the human.

"Wh... what happens now?" said a nervous Daxyn, suddenly feeling 
alone and vulnerable.

The dragon turned its head to look at the human.

"Now," he announced.  "You face a cross-roads.  You were sent to 
return the head of a dragon.  You could kill me if you wished and 
drag my corpse back to your king, or you could stay and be my 
guest, leaving the details to be worked out later."

Daxyn smiled gently, "I think I'd like to remain your guest, 
assuming I am not imposing on you?"

"Not at all," said Trune happily.  "It would be a pleasure, 
however, I must warn you, I only have the one bed, I hope this is 
not a problem for you."

The knight blushed a little, taking the clawed hand that was 
offered to him.

"No," he said... "I don't think it will be..."

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