Keywords: Adult, Transformation, Latex
Species: Human, Dolphin
By Divigon

Buying goods off the alien black market is not what I would 
consider the antics of a law abiding citizen, however it was the 
only way I could get what I wanted.  Actually, that is not true 
either.  There were manufactured on Earth, but they just mimicked 
the alien technology.  If you wanted the really good stuff, go 
straight to the source.  Luckily for me, I'm actually employed off 
world, this meant finding the right beings to talk to was a lot 
easier.  Finding some medium to make the transaction was a little 

Not every race deals with currency in the same way.  I was willing 
to pay for it, but the Hutrans did not want my money.  They wanted 
some rare element I had never heard of.  It took me a while, but I 
found the right element.  Its owners wanted something else and 
well, you get the idea.  In the end it did not cost me much at all 
except for time and my patience.

I had been informed of the delivery data and ran home from work 
excited.  Collecting my mail, I was informed there was a package 
for me at the post office.  I hurried down there, presented my 
identification, the computer beeped and my package appeared.  The 
man at the counter did not say anything, but I could see his 
eyebrows raise slightly.  A box, two foot square and eighteen 
inches high wrapped in brown paper looks innocent enough, then 
your mind clicks into gear and for some reason starts yelling "Sex 
toy!" to your paranoia.

I blushed, mumbled something about it being a present, grabbed the 
box and headed for the door.  Leaving the man and his 
condescending nodding to his business.

Arriving home, I ripped off the paper.  It was not a sex toy, 
well, I did not think of it as one.  The Hutrans are experts at 
genetic engineering.  They discovered years ago that re-
engineering a species is plagued with problems, it is much better 
to augment an existing species.  It took them a long time, but 
they became recognised as the species to see if there was 
something genetic that you wanted to be done.  A surprisingly 
large number of humans fall into this category.

Some want something simple, to look younger, have different 
coloured eyes or maybe fix the growing bald spot.  Others want the 
opposite extreme - to be s different species.  As one man said, "I 
made the ultimate personal statement, I became a horse."  Which 
was true, but he sure looked silly trying to do his job as a 
lawyer.  I was somewhere in the middle.  Sure, being another 
species would be nice, but I did not want anything permanent.  At 
first it was just a pipe dream, then one day I saw a play on myths 
and legends.  That featured Selkies from Celtic lore.  In the 
play, seals swam onto the set, then crawled out of their skins and 
exited the stage as humans.

For a while after that I was inspired, but discovered the people 
on Earth were still learning the technology and that the Hutrans 
would be the people to speak to, so I did.  As I mentioned, it 
took a while, the better part of two years in fact, but towards 
the end of it I was ushered into one of their rooms, the prodded 
and poked, took samples and nodded their large grey heads.  Three 
months later the box arrived.

Originally I had wanted to be an Orca, but as was pointed out to 
me, trying to convert a six foot human into a twenty foot sea 
going mammal is not easy.  They had to obey the laws of physics.  
I could be a very small Orca or think of something else.  I 
decided on a dolphin, just an ordinary bottlenose.  Well, as 
ordinary as a morphic bottlenose dolphin was.

I looked at the biohazard symbol on the lid of the box before 
opening it to take a sneak peak.  Inside was something black and 
shiny looking.  I gave a whimper of surprise and snapped the lid 
down before fumbling for paper work.  

"Dear Sir" began the letter.  "Thank you for choosing us..."  I 
skipped the boring garbage.  "Please find enclosed one genetic 
identity of Tursiops truncatus.  After your disappointment of 
discovering the impossibility of the Orca we took the liberty of 
including some of its DNA in the final product.  We hope you do 
not mind.  IF you have any objections please contact us at the..." 
Etcetera etcetera etcetera.

So that was what they had done, combined the two.  That explained 
the black I had saw.  The remainder of the letter gave an overview 
of preparation and treatment, most of which I had already known.

I finished the letter, looked at the box once more, decided it was 
now or never and disappeared into the bathroom for a shower.  The 
suit was custom made for me, the effects on other people could 
vary from nothing to the death of the wearer.  I knew I was safe, 
but they did recommend a through cleaning to rid the skin of as 
much contaminants as possible.

It was a while before I reappeared, still a little damp from the 
water.  I picked up the box, looked around before deciding on my 
bedroom as the place to try it on.  It gave me a better feeling of 

Placing the box on the bed, I opened the lid once more and looked 
inside.  The suit looked a little like a wet deflated inner tube.  
It was jet black and glistened faintly.  I knew from my research 
it was a sort of dormant symbiotic creature, harmless, but still 
very freaky.  I reached in slowly, it felt surprisingly soft and 
pliable, but most unexpected of all, warm.

Lifting it out, it unfolded until I was holding it out before me.  
It did look quite disgusting.  Quite literally, it was a skin.  
Humanoid in appearance, the same height as me, but with a flat 
bladed tail and dorsal fin behind it.  The underside was a 
brilliant white that started at the thighs, ran up over the 
stomach and finished at the bottom jaw.  On each side of the head 
was another patch of white with a final patch on underside of the 
tail.  Running from the base of the tail up the chest was a slit. 
The opening where I was to enter.

I peeled back a side and looked inside, running my fingers across 
the underside.  It felt strange, sort of sticky, a little 
reminiscent of a sea creature.  The feeling not helped by the soft 
pink coloration.

My mind raced as I debated for an instant if I had the nerve to 
put it on, then I found myself holding the front open as I started 

It was a little like putting on a wetsuit.  It clung to me a 
little, but gave when you applied a little force.  My left leg was 
first, then the right.  I paused with it hanging at my waist to 
make sure there were no creases in the legs.  I pulled the suit up 
to my shoulders before wriggling my hands in, pressing the webbing 
back into my finger joins.  I looked at myself in the mirror, I 
looked just as how I had imagined myself, except my very human 
head sticking out of the top.  

This was the final step, the reason why I chose the Hutrans.  I 
had been warned it was disorientating at first, but to relax and 
it would pass.  I picked up the head and stretched it over mine.  
The beak flopping down over my face as the word faded to 
blackness, my eyes covered my the skin.  I took a breath and held 
it, my fingers smoothing over the seam up my chest.

At first there was nothing, then I began to feel a tingling on my 
feet.  This spread up my body, growing in intensity as I shivered.  
The tingling increased, a bolt of pain striking through my body at 
the base of my spine as what seemed like hundreds of tentacles 
crawled at my face.  For a moment I tried to fight them, but they 
overwhelmed me, melding to my skin.  I became aware of a dim light 
that grew in intensity.  Bursting into existence as two images of 
my room suddenly snapped into focus.  At the same time I took a 
breath, the air somehow bypassing my nose and entering direct into 
my lungs.  The painful tingling subsided gradually and I began to 
become more aware of my new form.

I looked up at the mirror, blinked and closed one eye, peering at 
myself.  I moved an arm, watching the black hard mirror my 
thoughts.  I opened my mouth, my long beak showing the plentiful 
conical teeth and the huge flat tongue.  I giggled like a child, a 
strange sound escaping unfamiliar lips.  I ran my large rounded 
fingers over my soft flesh, marvelling at what I had become.

My colouring was that of an Orca, but my general shape was more 
like a dolphin.  The small dorsal fin on my back stood out proudly 
as I fumbled with it before stroking up over my streamlined head.  
My fingers passed over my blowhole, causing me to sneeze from the 
back of my head, definitely a strange experience.  

I sat back on the bed, squirming a little to make adjustments for 
my tail.  This lead me to look down my white underside, slightly 
puzzled as I noticed the slit in my otherwise smooth skin.  I 
reached down, thinking perhaps the suit had not fully sealed, then 
gave a soft chuur as I felt my hands pass over the region, knowing 
instantly what it was.

I smiled to myself, half closing my eyes as I ran my hands across 
my smooth skin, my white belly gradually turning a darker pink.  
My slit seemed to swell and my hands moved down to explore it 
more.  As I slipped a finger inside, it was met by a gentle 
pressure from within.  I gasped as my new length slowly grew into 
my caressing hand.  Gone was my human length, this was totally 
alien to me.  A wide base, tapering up to a smaller tip and rich 
pink in colour.

I mhrrred softly to myself, feeling the pleasure grow.  The 
strange, erotic sensations delightfully pleasurable.  I looked 
down as I felt the pleasure peak, erupting my juices over my now 
reddened belly.  Giggling softly I rubbed it into my skin, 
thanking the Hutrans once again.  The pleasure subsided slowly as 
I lay there, enjoying every moment of it, dreaming of the days to 
come, of lazy days in the sun and the surf.

Gradually I slipped off to sleep, sometimes allowing another 
shiver of delight to pass through my smooth body.  It was strange, 
it was not until I was due to leave for work the next day that I 
began to wonder how to get the suit off...

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