Keywords: Adult, transformation, hypnosis
Species: Wolf, Stallion

	 Another little story involving wolves, stallions and a nice healthy does of MC. Inspired by a very nice wolfie on Taps (Thanks) :)

By Divigon

Sylor pounced on the unsuspecting stallion as soon as the door started to open.  
Taff found himself falling backwards as several hundred pounds of wolf entered 
the room.  He gave a grunt, falling not so gracefully onto his backside, then 
hugging the wolf as he came to his senses.

"Sylor, you sod," he said, pushing the wolf off of him.  "You could have given 
me some warning."

The wolf grinned, his pink tongue half hanging from his mouth.

"Where's the fun in that?" he replied with a smile, climbing to his feet.  
"Live prey is always more exciting."

Taff smiled back and pulled himself upright, rubbing at his tail.

"Well, now that you're in, please make yourself comfortable," he said moving to 
the room that served as a kitchen.  "Drink?"

The wolf growled a soft yes as he took off his cloak, then stretched himself 
out on some of the cushions.  Taff returned carrying two glasses, one of which 
he offered to his friend.

"How goes your studies?" he asked, settling down beside him, his eyes passing 
over the wolf's form with a slight look of longing.

"Not too bad," replied to wolf.  "Got a few months of holidays, so thought I'd 
head back to more familiar territory, catch up with old friends and see what 
they were up to.  And how have your studies been?"

He smiled as the stallion looked him over, his own golden eyes doing the same 
to the equine as he sipped his drink.

"Ok," replied the stallion with a knowing smile, downing the last of  his drink 
with a loud gulp.

"You know," started Sylor, finishing his drink and placing his glass beside the 
other.  "You're one of the best looking horses I know."

The wolf leant forward and started to crawl towards the horse, reaching out 
with a grey paw to stroke at the chestnut fur.

"Strange," said Taff with a grin, "I was going to say a similar thing about 

The wolf gave a little chuckle and dipped his head, nuzzling at the stallion's 
belly before working his way up his chest gently, making the stallion squirm.  
Taff gave a soft whicker as he felt the wolf straddle him, the long fur soft 
against his shorter hair.  The wolf crawled himself into position, his tail 
lying alongside the stallion's full sheath, one huge paw stroking the 
stallion's head gently.

"Mmmm..." purred Sylor softly.  "You are a sexy one."

Taff reached up with a hand and scritched at the soft fur around the wolf's 
neck, his fingers curling around a chain and pulling it free.

"What's this?" he asked looking up at the wolf.

The wolf looked down and eased it out of his fur, showing a small pendant 
hanging from it.

"That's one of my first successful charms," he said quite proudly.  "Only took 
me two months to get just right."

"What does it do?" asked the horse curiously.

"Protect me from things," replied the wolf softly.  "Care for a closer look?"

The stallion nodded and the wolf lowered his head, bringing the pendant closer 
until it was just dangling above the horse's head.

"Its got writing on it," said Taff peering at it closely.

The wolf nodded.

"Runes," he explained.  "Part of the protection.  They're magic, you'll have to 
concentrate if you're trying to read them.  You know, focus on them, but relax 
your eyes."

His voice dropped slightly as he spoke, his head moving slightly, making the 
pendent swing from side to side.

The horse nodded, his eyes fixed on the pendent as it moved above him.

"That's right," churred Sylor, his voice lowering to little more than a 
whisper. "Concentrate, focus on the pendent, read the words...  let your eyes 
relax... yes relax...  Breathe in... slowly... relax... focus on the pendent."

Below him, the wolf could feel the horse's body growing limp, his eye blinking 
as he stared, all his attention focused on the pendent.

"Yes Taff..." Sylor continued in his soft slow voice.  "Focus... concentrate on 
the pendent... the magic pendent... you're relaxed... so relaxed... sleepy 
even... feel your eyes getting heavier... so heavy as they closed... so 
relaxed... comfortable... sleep..."

The wolf's voice continued, softly murmuring in the stallion's ear as Taff 
continued to sink deeper and deeper, his body almost totally limp.

"Mmmm... you're a good horsie..." teased Sylor after a little while.  "A nice 
big hypnotised horsie aren't you."

"Yes..." came the eventual answer from Taff's lips, his voice slow and distant 

"You're hypnotised by my magic pendent aren't you?" asked Sylor, sitting back 
on the stallion's chest.

"Yes..." he replied again.  "Hypnotised horsie..."

Sylor smiled, stroking the side of Taff's muzzle.  He had not set out to trap 
the stallion, but when the situation arose, he found himself unable to resist.

"Now Taff," started Sylor, his voice soothing.  "I'm going to ask you some 
questions and because you're hypnotised you're going to answer them truthfully 
for me, aren't you?"

"Yes..." was the first response.

Sylor smiled, squirming a little and climbing off the stallion's chest.  He had 
never expected it to be, but he was finding the sight of the deeply under 
stallion quite a turn on.

"Do you like being hypnotised?" was the first question.

"Yes," replied Taff, his voice still distant and far away.

"Why?" asked Sylor, his interest perked now, he did not think it would have 
been a two way thing.

"Feels nice... secure," was how Taff started, before continuing slowly.  "Big 
horsie... controlled by big wolfie... sexy wolfie... trust wolfie..."

Sylor squirmed a little more, his pink cock tip beginning to slip from his 
already swollen sheath.

"Horsie finds big wolf sexy?" he asked, his language changing to match the 

"Yes..." said Taff.  "Horsie remembers times with wolf... fun times with 

Sylor mhrrred softly, his paw reaching down to stroke the stallion's own 
sheath, watching as it swelled.

"Would the horse like the wolf as his own?" came the next question, Sylor a 
little hesitant to ask.

"Horse have own pet wolf?" clarified Taff.

"Something like that," said Sylor.  "For a while at least."

The stallion smiled, "Mmmm... horsie likes pet wolf."

The wolf grinned, one hand caressing over the stallion's limp form, the other 
stroking gently at his sheath.

"The stallion can have wolf if he likes," whispered Sylor softly.  "His own pet 
wolf who would follow him.  They could do anything..."

He rubbed his paw over the opening to Taff's sheath as he spoke, re-enforcing 
his words and the stallion gave a soft whicker of acknowledgement.

"Horsie likes that idea... finds wolf sexy... wants to help pleasure wolfie..." 
murmured Sylor, his stroking of Taff's sheath growing more insistent.

"Horse does..." came the distant response.  "Sexy wolf...  pleasure..."

The stallion's voice still slow, but a hint of something else beginning to 
sneak into it, his sheath growing slowly, the tip of his shaft beginning to 
poke from within.

"Horse will find himself pleasured by sexy wolf..." instructed Sylor, still 
stroking, coaxing out the stallion's length.  "More pleasure until he cums, 
then he will wake, but slowly and keep his pet wolf..."

Taff gave a groan as he listened to Sylor's words, his shaft emerging 
gradually, then climbing, lifting above his belly as he gave into the 
instructions.  The wolf leant closer, his long tongue emerging to lick at the 
huge length, then carefully the wolf slipped it into his maw.

The stallion groaned, feeling the wolf pleasure him, his shaft already oozing 
his thin pre.  The rest of his body limp, but his shaft pulsing as he felt 
himself quickly approaching his peak.  The wolf continued to suckle, his broad 
tongue caressing the flared tip, lapping at  the salty pre as his paws stroked 
along its base.

With a deep rumbling groan, Taff thrust his hips upwards and the floodgates 
opened, his shaft bucking as it pulsed, the thick seed spurting into the wolf's 
jaws.  Above him, the wolf mhrrred softly, lapping and swallowing the copious 
offering from his equine friend.  He continued to suckle, well past the end of 
Taff's peak, licking the shaft clean before it slipped from his lips, 
retracting as the stallion slipped into a deep sleep.

Not long after, Taff began to stir.  He blinked as he woke, looking down at the 
lupine who was snuggling against him. Sylor rolled over and looked back at him.

"Sleep well?" he asked innocently.

Taff nodded, then paused, he felt blissfully rested, his shaft and balls still 
trembling, but he had no recollection of anything.  He thought back, nothing at 
all since Sylor had started to show him his pendent.

"Just what have you been studying at your academy?" he asked, standing up and 
wandering over to one of his cupboards, fumbling for something in it.

"This year we mainly did spell and methods of control..." asked Sylor, honestly 
and a little warily, watching the stallion carefully, unsure of what form his 
previous commands would manifest in.  "You?"

The stallion returned, hiding something in his hands before settling back down, 
scritching gently behind the wolf's ears.  The wolf purred, his eyes closing as 
he relaxed instinctively at the grooming.

"The same sort of stuff," he said.  "Plus some basic transformation work."

Sylor sense the stallion move before he did, but the stallion was fast and had 
caught the wolf off guard.  Before Sylor knew what had happened, there was a 
click around his neck and a strange feeling of calm and contentment began to 
spread over him.

He gave strange yelp and reached up to his neck, feeling at the collar which 
had been snapped into place.

"What is this...?" he asked, looking at Taff with concern in his golden eyes.

"Its something I prepared earlier..." Taff said with a slight grin.  "I suspect 
its similar to your pendent you showed me, but I can't seem to remember much 
about that..."

The stallion gave the wolf a wink and Sylor meeped as he felt his shoulders 
crunch, followed by a popping sound as his spine started to realign.  The wolf 
looked down, suddenly finding that he was very uncomfortable on two legs and 
dropped automatically to four, the pose feeling much more natural.  

Taff smiled as he watched the wolf shift to a quadruped form, occasionally 
scritching at his fur.  For some reason, he was feeling quite happy just being 
close to the wolf.

"That's a shifting collar," he explained.  "It allows the wearer to change 
shape based on how they are feeling.  I'm surprised you've gone full wolf.  
That would seem to mean you're naturally submissive and not a dominating 

Sylor rumbled a little, his tail wagging slightly as he shook his fur, getting 
use to his new form.

"Ggrra..." he growled softly, the growl slowly taking form.  "Raannn... can I 

Taff nodded, "Its not a restraining collar.  It just detects how you are 
feeling and changes your shape to match, often it picks something from your 
subconscious, not your conscious mind, so the results can be interesting at 
times.  You can override if, if you concentrate, but you can't take it off."

Sylor stretched, then sat on his haunches and looked down at his paw.  He 
seemed to concentrate and he paw started to change back into a hand.  He 
smiled, his tongue lolling out and his hand slipped back to a paw.  He grinned 
again, a look of concentrating passing over his eyes and he began to increase 
in size.  Taff lay on the cushions, watching the wolf shift before him.  
Eventually Sylor seemed happy with where and what he was and he padded back on 
four large paws.

He had remained a true wolf, but had increased his size until he stood nearly 
as tall as the equine, making him similar in size to a small draft horse.  He 
lowered his head onto Taff's lap and nuzzled gently at the stallion's sheath.

"Mmmm..." churred Taff softly, stroking gently between the wolf's ears.  "Do I 
take it you like being a pet?"

"I could get use to it..." admitted Sylor with a grin, running his tongue over 
the stallion's underside.

Taff gave a smile and rolled the massive wolf onto his back.

"Hmm... could you now..." he said, his hands running over the wolf's thick fur, 
but their destination never in question.

The wolf whimpered pathetically as the stallion stroked the thinly furred 
sheath, the wolf's length bursting forth almost immediately.  Taff smiled, 
raising an eyebrow a little at the huge size.  Obviously Sylor had not been 
content with being just a large wolf and wanted to be a really large wolf.

The lupine pawed at the air as Taff caressed the large balls. The wolf cock 
already oozing pre into the silvery fur.  As the stallion's hands stroked along 
the purple length, Sylor moaned, thrusting his hips upwards as his knot began 
to swell, popping of his sheath.  Taff grinned, increasing his stroking and 
with barely a whimper the wolf came, great globules of cum arching over his 
body to spatter on his underside.  Taff smiles and continued to milk the wolf 
until only a slow stream was left and he then proceeded to lick all of the soft 
fur clean with infuriating slowness.

By the time he had finished, Sylor was ready to start again, the wolf 
whimpering at the slightest touch, but Taff shook his head.

"No..." he said, waving his finger.  "Not yet, you need to learn some 

With that, he climbed to his feet and rummaged in the cupboard once again.  
Returning with another collar which he held out for the wolf to inspect.  Sylor 
cocked his head curiously as Taff snapped it around his own neck, almost 
instantly his body beginning to shift.  As Taff dropped to all fours, his fur 
lengthening and his muzzle taking on a definite lupine appearance he smiled at 
Sylor, licking the other wolf with a lengthening tongue.

"You didn't think I'd make only one collar did you?" he asked, his voice 
developing into a growl.  "Then I wouldn't be able to have any fun with my 

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