Keywords: Adult, Hypnosis, Chemical, Scifi, Latex
Species: Dolphin, Orca
Milk, No Sugar.

	This is something that sort of manifested itself after some, 
ummm, discussions with someone I know.  I had been thinking about
this sort of plot for a while, but after that, it just sort of
concreted itself into position.

Milk, No Sugar.
By Divigon

Kitiki re-read the ad in the paper.

"Wanted," it said.  "Healthy male cetaceans aged between 18-35 for 
semen collection study.  Payment offered."

He thought about it, shook his head and turned the page, a few minutes 
later finding himself flipping back and staring at it again.  He could 
use the money.  It did not sound too bad.  He looked at the phone 
number, shook his head and turned the page again.  Somehow he was not 
surprised when later that day he called the number.

"Ummm, hi," he said nervously into the phone.  "I'm calling about the 
ad in the paper."

"Yes," said the voice on the other end.  "You'd like to take part?"

"I'm thinking about it," admitted Kitiki.  "I do have a few questions."

"Quite understandable," said the voice.  "This may seem obvious, but 
what are you?"

"I'm a male orca," said Kitiki.  "Twenty four.  Don't smoke, healthy.  
That's about it I think."

"Sounds perfect," said the voice.  "Of course, there will be physical 
and a few tests before we can let you into the study, but if you meet 
with one of my colleagues, the details can be explained."

"Of course," nodded Kitiki, taking down the address and noting a time 
to visit the following day.

The next day Kitiki arrived at a fairly modern but otherwise non-
descript building.  He entered and was promptly directly to the biology 
research lab.  He entered and a dolphin appeared from no-where.  

"You must be Kitiki?" guessed the dolphin.  "I'm Fueghil.  Welcome to 
my lab."

He offered a grey paw which Kitiki shook before being shown into a 
small room.  Fueghil took a seat and gestured for Kitiki to join him.

"I'll just give you a brief outline," began Fueghil.  "Our research 
here we've discovered requires a large amount of cetacean sperm, we're 
looking at using the cells in a similar way to stem cells, we know we 
can do it on an individual basis, but we're looking at mass production, 
hence we need quantities of sperm.  The project that you would be 
assigned to is a long running one, looking at increasing sperm 
production in healthy males.  It would be a three month trial followed 
by approximately one week of tests.  During the trial you would be free 
to go about your business as normal, but during the tests you would be 
needed here.  You will receive compensation for the week of tests, plus 
some money for the trial; I believe the total amount would be around a 
thousand dollars, approximately fifty dollars per week for the trial 
and three hundred for the tests.  Any questions?"

Kitiki blinked in surprise at the amount of money, it was way more than 
he expected.  He was almost ready to sign up straight away.

"Is there any risk?" he asked, remembering not to rush straight into 

"With all experimentation there is some risk," admitted the dolphin.  
"To be honest, we don't foresee any major issues with this experiment.  
There is a small chance of a reaction to the drugs, some possible side 
effects, but they have been used in lower dosages for similar periods 
with no harmful effects.  We have pamphlets attached the forms."

He handed over a clipboard.  The first page looked like a standard 
disclaimer form, the second page detailed medical history and it was 
attached to about half a dozen pages of tiny legalese text.  Kitiki 
started to fill out the form as he quizzed Fueghil with some of the 
other questions as they came to mind.

The orca handed back the completed forms.

"I guess I'm in," he said with a smile.

"Great," nodded Fueghil, looking over the paperwork.  "If you follow me 
we'll take some measurements and we can begin today."

"Today?" repeated Kitiki in surprise.  "I thought it wouldn't begin so 

Fueghil led the way out of the room and into sterile looking 
examination room.

"Today is good for us," he said pulling out another clipboard and 
getting the orca to stand on some scales.  "Unless you've got a 
problem?  As I mentioned the trial is quite minimal, it's only really 
the tests that do anything."

Kitiki nodded and obediently followed the smaller dolphin's directions.  
He had his height and weight measured, stripping naked and standing in 
a full bioscanner before some blood was taken from his tail flukes.

"I see you're an inny," chuckled the dolphin, gesturing to Kitiki's 
large foreslit.  "Makes some measurements a little less fun, but the 
machine will get them."

Kitiki blushed, but remained still, than lay himself down on the small 
bed, his dorsal poking up into the air.

"I'm going to put two implants in you now," said Fueghil.  "These are 
the drugs themselves, they go under the skin in your blubber layer and 
will be absorbed into your body over the next three months."

He swabbed an area just below the orca's dorsal and Kitiki felt a 
slight sting as they slid into place, a small sticking plaster placed 
over them.

"That's it," announced Fueghil pulling off his gloves.  "If you make an 
appointment to come back in three months we'll run the tests then.  As 
we mentioned there may be some side effects.  My recommendation would 
be to ignore them if you can, but of course anything bad;  nausea, 
rash, things like that, come back and see us, but if its not bothering 
you, then I wouldn't be concerned about it."

Kitiki pulled himself back into his wetsuit, threading it up over his 
tail and dorsal fin.

"Thanks doc," he said, zipping himself back up and making his way to 
the door.  "I'll see you in a few months then."

"Be looking forward to it," smiled back Fueghil with that knowing 
dolphin grin.

For the first few days Kitiki was hyper vigilant, he checked himself 
daily, squirming in front of mirror to look at the small raised patch 
on this back where the implants were, but nothing bad seemed to happen.  
In fact, he felt fine.  Better than he had in along time.  He started 
working out more at the gym, going out more.  He never found himself 
going home with any of the ladies, but they all seemed to like him.  It 
was going quite well he thought.

Three months to the day he strode back into the examination room.

"Well, well, well," smiled Fueghil.  "Look at you.  How have you been 
big fella?"

Kitiki grinned, pulling himself from his wetsuit and standing on the 

"Pretty good," he admitted.

"Very good it would seem," nodded the dolphin, looking over the orca, 
clearly impressed.

In the three short months the orca had changed quite dramatically.  He 
was still the same height, just over seven foot tall, but was leaner, 
his blubber layer the optimum thickness, clearly defining the mass of 
sculpted muscle that had developed below it.  He now walked with a 
certain stride and determination, clearly a bull orca on the prowl.

"Well, your body mass index is pretty much ideal," remarked Fueghil, 
gesturing for Kitiki to step into the bioscanner.  "You've gained real 
muscle all over, fit, healthy and there has been a nice increase in 
your genital area."

Fueghil made some notes on his clipboard.

"Had fun with the ladies?" he asked with a smirk.

"Actually, no," blushed Kitiki.  "It may seem strange, but sex, well, 
it just hasn't seemed important."

"Good," nodded the dolphin.  "We don't tell folks this, but one of the 
drugs decreases the sex drive and make you more submissive.  There are 
problems if you were the full bull orca with a matched libedo.  We've 
been looking to increase your sperm output, something I may add I think 
we've done, but we didn't want to increase your libido the same amount 
or you'd never get anything done, so one of the implants effectively 
turned things down while the other turned things up."

The dolphin pulled out a hypo gun and without warning pressed it 
against the orca's flukes, pulling the trigger.

"There, that should counter any remaining libido inhibitor.  You'll 
start to feel the effects over the next hour or so, but we'll have you 
set up by then."

"Right," nodded Kitiki, a little relieved at being explained why he had 
felt the way he had, but also annoyed at the same time.  "And I'm here 
for a week."

"Correct," nodded Fueghil.  "If you follow me, we'll get you set up.  
Don't bother with your suit."

Kitiki stopped reaching for it and gave a shrug, he did not mind 
walking around naked.  He followed the dolphin out the door and down 
the passage way.

"You understand," said Fueghil, "We need to keep you in a sterile 
environment, which is why we want you for a week."

"Sounds reasonable," nodded Kitiki as he was lead into another room.  

This one was clearly a laboratory.  A strange contraption stood in the 
centre of the room, it had various hoses and tubes attached to what 
looked like two sheets of thick cling film.

"That's your sterile shell," pointed the dolphin.  "If you just step 
over there, we'll give you a blast of UV and water to sterilize your 
skin.  It takes about ten minutes"

Kitiki moved to the open shower, closing his eyes as bright purple 
lights lit up, a few moments later warm water began to pummel his skin.  
There were some blasts of warm air and the cycle began again.  
Actually, it felt really good, Kitiki blushed as he felt his foreslit 
swelling and his shaft began to poke free.  He tried to fight it for a 
few moments, then shrugged, guessing that was going to be seen anyway.

"All done," announced Fueghil as the final blast of hot air finished 
drying the orca.  "If you just move up between the two sheets... oh, I 
see you're prepared.  That's a good orca."

Kitiki's eye patches blushed but he moved up between the two sheets 
anyway.  Fueghil had put on some gloves and he approached again, 
carefully threading some tubes through the sheeting.

"Mouth open," he instructed, slipping two tubes into the orca's mouth, 
one in each corner.  "Now relax your blowhole."

Kitiki squirmed as he felt the tube being pushed in there, then gasped, 
sucking air in through it as if checking that it worked.  He felt his 
tail being threaded into what felt like a plastic bag before he 
squirmed again, his now erect shaft being guided through the sheeting.  
A second after that what felt like a huge tube was eased into place 
against his aft slit.

"Right," nodded Fueghil.  "Lift your arms up, legs a little further 
apart please...  that's good... and hold it."

The dolphin punched his grey paw down onto a green button on one of the 
consoles.  The two pieces of film pressed together, rubbing over 
Kitiki's skin.  A hissing sound started and the sheets began to 
tighten, he could feel the air being sucked out, the sheets coated with 
something to make them stick, but also slide very slightly against his 
skin.  He gave a whimper as he felt his mouth being locked into the 
partially open position, the sheets even pressing in against his eyes.  
It did not hurt, but it was a bizarre sensation, he could not even 
blink.  He tried to move, but could not even flex his tail, the only 
part of him that was free was his large shaft, which stood proudly 
before him.

The dolphin stepped up to the immobile orca.  

"There," he said.  "Now you're in place, we can work on getting to some 
of that sperm you've been growing for us.  You should be one of the 
most virile bulls we've had here in a long while.  According to the 
scans, your testicles have grown from the size of golf balls to the 
size of softballs. Even your penis is larger than it was...I expect 
great things from you."

Kitiki gave a whimper, Fueghil had begun to rub a gloved paw slowly 
back and forth over his shaft and it was feeling better by the moment.  
The other paw roamed up over the orca's chest, the sensation vaguely 
muted which made it even more arousing.

"Well, no time like the present," chuckled Fueghil, stepping out of 
view once again.

Kitiki could hear something being moved and then something warm, soft 
and inviting slid all the way down his shaft, he groaned and tried to 
push himself forward, the suction on his tail allowing him to move less 
than an inch.  Almost immediately there was an incredible feeling 
starting to move back and forth along his shaft.  The orca gave a 
squeal and tried to thrust against it, but his body was pinned.  There 
was another strange feeling, this time lower down on his tail and he 
felt his anal passage being forced apart as something smooth and warm 
started to delve into his folds.

There was a tingling and pre spurted from his tip, he could feel his 
testicles beginning to churn somewhere deep inside him.  He gave 
another groan as the anal intruder rested up against his prostate, it 
was curved, literally cradling it before it seemed to squeeze, causing 
him to moan and pull against his bonds.

"This is going to be very impressive," chuckled the dolphin, appearing 
back into view.  "Normally this state takes hours to get into, but 
you're there almost straight away.  I am amazed.  In case you're 
curious, you're now hooked up to what we call the milker.  A nice 
pseudo vagina that massages and teases the penis, it has its own range 
of sensors and knows exactly what pleasure level you are at.  That is 
coupled with the teaser, an anal probe of our own making, it's 
specifically designed to drain your testicles by teasing the prostate.  
Oooh, I can see you're entering the fourth stage, right now it will 
begin its massage."

As he said that Kitiki moaned, feeling a tingling deep inside him, his 
shaft seeming spasm as his prostate was teased.  He heard a noise, a 
series of notes, moving up in scale, a fourth note sounded and there 
was sudden pressure against his prostate, the machine on his shaft 
sucking simultaneously.  He gave a muted bellow, thrusting himself 
ineffectively against the clear sheets.  His shaft hardened as his 
sperm raced up it, exploding from his tip and being sucked away, it 
felt as if his groin was being turned inside out.

"Very good orca," churred Fueghil, patting his eye patches.  
"Impressive speed, quantity probably breaks all sorts of records.  Now 
you drop down to stage one, the recovery cycle.  Normal cetaceans take 
at least an hour, normally two.  But you should be a few minutes."

Kitiki panted, recovering, noticing his shaft remained rock solid, his 
pleasure was still plateued; there was no feeling of relief.  He 
groaned as he felt the glove still sucking his shaft.

"Oh yes," added Fueghil.  "You're probably wondering what happened.  
Well, it's a milking machine, not an orgasm machine... think of it as a 
mechanical orgasm, direct electromechanical stimulation of the prostate 
and reproductive areas, much more effective in producing sperm.  It 
does have the side effect of it leaves you feeling unfulfilled, but 
that was listed as one of the side effects."

The dolphin checked his watch and nodded, moving something into place 
over Kitiki's open eyes.

"Right," announced the dolphin.  "It's Friday, so I'm going to leave 
early.  Don't worry, the machine is automatic.  It will feed and clean 
you when needed as well as keeping your level of hormones artificially 
high.  These images I'm going to be displaying to you should help you 
become a better milking bull.  And that's it, I'll see you Monday."

Kitiki tried to shake his head as the images came to life, they were 
videos of other orca involved in explicit sex acts, scene after scene 
of orcas climaxing, and he could not even close his eyes to escape 
them.  Somewhere in the background was a soft soothing voice murmuring 
the words "Good orca" to him.  He tried to block them out, but he could 
feel the images having their effect on him, he groaned as he felt the 
stimulation increase, the four notes building up again and as the top 
note played his body spasmed, the relentless cycle beginning again.

Kitiki had no idea how long it went on for, the only thing he could see 
were the images of the lewd orcas, almost teasing him as they climaxed 
over and over, the words and notes echoing inside his mind.  The only 
respite he had was when something was added to his breathing tube, it 
seemed to freeze him from the inside, his head reeled and he felt his 
throbbing shaft soften.

There was a growing pressure in his loins and the suction changed, his 
body twitched, voiding itself, the machines taking the waste away.  The 
sensation lasted mere minutes before his shaft began to reassert 
itself, the coldness fading and the unrelenting teasing and massaging 
beginning again.

He could feel the tubes in his mouth feeding him, his body spasming on 
a regular basis.  He begged for release, anything to for the sensations 
to stop.  Even in his sleep there was no release, like all cetaceans, 
only one side of his brain shutdown, so he was still subject to the 
unrelenting massaging of the machine, his brain still watching the 

Occasionally he was aware of movement around him, he would strain at 
his bonds, trying to thrust, it never helped, just as he suspected he 
may finally achieve the orgasm he was so desperate for, the notes 
sounded, the probe tingled and his shaft would spasm, his enlarged 
balls squeezing out yet more seed, leaving him permanently unfulfilled.

The images he was seeing changed, they became an orca trapped in a 
clear package, tubes and wires emerged from his body.  A dolphin 
stepped up, tugging on some cables.  Kitiki felt the anal probe 
withdrawing, leaving him feeling strangely empty inside.  The orca 
appeared to have a strange contraption over his shaft, the dolphin slid 
it up out of the way, for the first time in a long time Kitiki felt his 
shaft completely uncovered.

"You are quite the specimen," announced Fueghil softly.  "A record 
session, literally litres of sperm, your body is unstoppable."

The dolphin on the screen lowered his head, licking up the large orca 
shaft slowly.  Kitiki shivered, his cycle had just been beginning to 
build again and he could feel his body shudder from the different 

"I think I'd like to run some more tests..." continued Fueghil.  "In a 
more private environment... not so long... but more... intimate."

The dolphin on the screen paused and Kitiki gasped, flexing against the 
clear bonds.  He did not want the sensations to stop.  The dolphin 
tilted his head, strong gusts from his blowhole puffing against the 
orca's shaft, the continuous dribbling pre glistening in the light and 
flooding over the plastic sheeting.

"I'll take that as a yes," teased Fueghil, pulling himself up onto his 

Kitiki watched the dolphin on the screen open his mouth, taking the 
huge orca shaft in a single smooth movement.  Kitiki groaned, feeling 
his organ being swallowed, almost immediately Fueghil began to lightly 
sonar into his groin, he could feel his testicles respond, his shaft so 
hard it felt as if it may rupture.  The familiar sensation built, he 
could hear the four notes playing in the background, but there was no 
shock, no tingle.  Instead his shaft spasmed, pleasure crashing down on 
his body as his orgasm hit.  His shaft seemed to explode, a loud bull 
roar escaping his lips as his body flexed, straining against his 

Kitiki groaned, his orgasm washing over him in waves, rolling onwards 
as he spasmed again, blessed relief after a lifetime of torment.  His 
body sagged in his chamber, his shaft still twitching, pumping out his 
thick seed that was eagerly swallowed by the dolphin.  It felt so good.  
He panted, his body completely spent.  He gave a few soft cetacean 
chirps as Fueghil cleaned his shaft, just floating in the sensations.

There was a strange hiss and he felt the pressure on his body relax and 
for the first time in days he was able to move.  The dolphin rushed to 
his side.

"Easy now big fella," purred Fueghil, patting the larger orca's chest.  
"You've had a rough week... it will take a while for you to recover."

Kitiki's knees buckled as if on cue and he stumbled a little, 
recovering and leaning on the dolphin.  He allowed himself to be guided 
to a smaller room equipped with a couch that he gratefully slipped 
into.  The dolphin disappeared for a moment, returning with some 
paperwork that he leafed through, asking the orca some routine 
questions about the experience.

"How long was I in there for?" was Kitiki's first question, when he 
could get a word in edgeways.

"A week," said Fueghil dismissively.

"You mean, I was there for seven days, continuously teased and well... 
milked?" Kitiki gave a little shudder.

"Yes," said Fueghil.  "That was explained before you went in."

"I just wouldn't have thought it was possible," rumbled the orca, 
leaning back on the couch.

"Well, normally no," admitted Fueghil.  "A normal recharge between 
cycles is anything from two to four hours, maybe a little less for a 
bull like yourself, but by increasing your hormone levels you were 
shortened to hmmm."

He consulted the clipboard.

"An average of seven minutes."

"You mean I was climaxing every seven minutes?" repeated Kitiki.

"On average, yes," nodded the dolphin.  "One thousand four hundred and 
forty three collections over the week.  Normal ejaculate is about six 
millilitres, you were producing about eighteen, with a peak of almost 
thirty.  A little over thirty seven litres.  Now that is impressive."

Kitiki blinked, he did not know much, but it sounded like a huge 

"Oh it is," said Fueghil reading his mind.  "Six months ago I doubt you 
would have been able to manage half a litre.  And look at you now, a 
healthy virile milk bull."

"Milk bull?" asked Kitiki.

"Oh sorry," blushed the dolphin.  "That's what we call you, since 
you're literally milked while you're here.  But now the trial is over, 
you're free to do what you will.  I should point out though, your body 
is now in over drive.  You'll probably feel hyper sexed for a while, 
plus your production takes a long time to taper off.  Or at least I 
know that's how it was in my case."

"Your case?" blinked Kitiki.

"Yes," nodded Fueghil.  "I was the first milk bull a few months back, 
as a trial.  I'm still getting flashbacks to it.  The sight of you, 
trapped in their, your cock spasming..."

The dolphin squirmed and the orca noticed the pinkening belly beneath 
the lab coat.  He reached out, parting the coat and trailing his 
fingers down Fueghil's warming belly.  The dolphin rumbled, putting the 
paperwork down. 

"You appear to be teasing me," he stated, closing his eyes as the 
orca's large paw slipped lower, sliding over the groinal slit of the 
wetsuit and teasing into the folds.

"I think it would be justified," replied Kitiki, slipping himself from 
the couch and kneeling before the dolphin.  

The memories of the videos still fresh in his mind.  He pressed his 
beak in against the dolphin's groin, his tongue delving in, curling 
around the pink length and teasing it out, suckling it tenderly.  
Already a drop of pre was forming on its tip and Fueghil gave a moan, 
webbed hands gripping the orca's eye patches.  Kitiki began to suck, 
closing his eyes, bobbing his head.  His mind raced and he found 
himself vocalising.  Four clear notes rang out, each higher than the 

As if on cue, the dolphin squealed, thick seed gushing from his shaft, 
eagerly swallowed by the orca.  The pair panted, Kitiki continuing to 
nurse until the dolphin's shaft began to soften.

"Mmm..." rumbled the orca, pulling himself back, looking down and not 
surprised to see his own length glistening, trails of seed splattered 
across the floor.  "It's the weekend again is it not doc?  I think I'd 
like that private examination now if possible."

Fueghil pulled himself upright a little shakily.

"Of course," he nodded, pulling his coat back into position, hiding his 
partially erect shaft.  "I can give you a lift to my house if you like.  
I have some private consult rooms there."

"I think I would benefit from that," rumbled Kitiki, standing up 
slowly, spreading the trails of seed across his belly with a purr.  
"You may want to see if you can clear Monday as well."

"Of course," smiled the dolphin with a suggestive wink.  "I think all 
of next week will be free...  Did I mention in a few months, we'll be 
running the trial again..."

"Really?" rumbled Kitiki being lead out of the room.  "I may see if I 
have a window in my schedule."

The orca churred softly his large tail moving behind him as he followed 
the dolphin out.  He suspected he would enjoy this weekend...

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