Keywords: Magic, Adult, Hypnosis
Species: Humans, Dragon
Messing With Magic
By Divigon

"Nick," said Emily with a grin.  "Are you sure this is safe?"

Nick smiled back.

"Yeah sure, its not like the movies," he said.  "Now come over 
here and we'll get started."

Emily stepped back a respectable distance and admired their 
handiwork.  They had been working on the basement for most of the 
afternoon and now they had it covered in a mixture of occult 
symbols, arcane patterns and plenty of candles.  With great 
ceremony Nick opened the book and began the incantation.

At first there was nothing, then softly, off in the distance, a 
rumbling could be heard.  It slowly grew in volume until the 
entire room shook.  Nick finished the chant, his voice strong, but 
with a hint of a quaver in it.  For a few seconds after he had 
finished the room continued to shake, abruptly it stopped and 
everything was still.

Without warning, the lines of the pentagon of the floor began to 
glow.  The light increased until it was too bright to look at and 
the two humans turned away.  When they turned back, they were both 

There, in the pentagon was something which looked remarkably like 
a dragon.  It was a little taller than Nick, but two straight 
horns made it look larger.  A pair of leathery looking wings were 
folded neatly on its back.  It stood on two legs, a tail curving 
away behind it and Emily could not help noticing wicked looking 
talons drumming on the floor.  Its body was covered in scales, a 
deep red, almost purple, colour.  Its arms were folded across its 
chest and two golden orbs surveyed the two people with contempt.

Emily found herself backing over to Nick.

"Nick," she whispered.  "I'm scared."

"Don't be frightened," replied Nick, a slight tremor in his voice 
betraying him.  "Its in the pentagon.  It can't hurt us."

The dragon looked down at the floor.  A talon reached out to probe 
at the markings.  A little flash of blue light arced between them 
and the foot moved back.

The dragon returned its gaze to the couple.  It did not look 

"I don't believe it," it suddenly said in a deep resonating voice.  
"There I am, just lazing by the lair and bang.  Someone whips up 
some magic and I'm suddenly I'm here.  You have no idea how that 
makes me feel."

Nick was about to say something when it started up again.

"And it looks to me like I'm on Earth of all places."

He looked at Nick.  

"Is this Earth?"

Nick nodded.

"Shees," groaned the dragon.  "I don't believe it.  How could I 
end up here.  I bet you are going to tell me that I must obey you 
and all that crap?"

Nick looked up again and nodded.

"Well, you are in the pentagon," he muttered.

The dragon looked down. 

"Oh," it said.  "You mean this one?"

The dragon reached out a foot and swung it over the line markings.  
There was a faint crackle of electricity and the dragon squirmed.

"Ow," it said showing its teeth.  "That tickles"

A few steps later and it was standing remarkably close to Nick and 
Emily.  Probably a lot closer than either of them would have liked 
to be.  It leaned forward, close enough for them both to feel its 
warm breath.

"I've a good mind to take you both out right now," it threatened.

Then it softened a little and lent closer to Emily.  Hovering its 
head a few millimetres from her shoulder it breathed in deeply.

"My my," it said with a sly grin.  "A female... it has been a 

It took a moment for this to sink into Nick's brain.  When it 
finally did, he attempted probably the most noble thing in his 

"NO!" he screamed and began to move in front of Emily.  

However, he suddenly found himself stuck, unable to move.  Even 
his eyes stared straight ahead.  Before him he watched as the 
great beast moved closer to Emily.  It reached out with an 
unsheathed talon and in a practised move, slit her clothes 
effortlessly down the side.  They fell to the floor, leaving her 
standing proudly in her nakedness.

On her part, Emily had tried to move, but her eye had been 
captured by the golden orb of the beast before her.  Its eye had 
no pupil and seemed to glow on its own accord.  Emily found 
herself falling deep inside it, unable to resist...

The dragon smiled to itself.  It had been many years and it could 
do with a harem.  Both their minds were fragile and should be easy 
to turn and turning their bodies was also a simple task.

Nick watched in mute horror as the dragon reached out its forked 
tongue and began to lap at the exposed breast of his girlfriend.  
To his surprise, Emily responded by letting out a soft moan and 
moved to caress the dragon.

Emily could feel the beast lapping at her flesh.  It felt good, 
but she wanted more.  Reaching down, her hands began to massage 
the small scales of the dragon's stomach, slowly they explored 
further, searching for something which they knew they would find.  
Her hands brushed over the opening of the beast's sheath and one 
of her fingers probed inside.  It met some resistance in the form 
of the dragon's member which was beginning its journey.  Carefully 
she began to stroke it.  Coaxing out further, massaging its entire 

The dragon let out a groan of pleasure.  It had been so long.  He 
wanted this female.  He wanted her as his own.  

Stopping his licking of her nipples, he lowered himself.  Emily, 
responding to unspoken commands moved herself into position.  With 
a sudden thrust, he moved up, impaling her on his twelve inch 

Beginning slowly he began stroking himself in and out of her tight 
opening.  Emily gasped in wonder as the huge phallus propelled 
itself rhythmically over and over, in and out.  Soon, the pleasure 
within her grew too great.  With a moan of ecstasy, she came.  Her 
inner walls clenching tightly around the dragon's member.  Its 
caress enough to push him over the edge.  With a roar of triumph 
he came, flooding her depths with his hot seed.

She felt him empty himself into her, her sides massaging his 
maleness.  His steaming juices flowing within her and she felt 
something change...

The dragon lifted the female off his member.  It still stood 
before him, although maybe not as proudly as it did before.  A 
mixture of their juices running down and over his scales.  

Nick involuntary shivered as the dragon turned to face him.  He 
had watched their coupling and despite himself, his own member now 
stood at a similar states to the dragon.  Behind the dragon, Emily 
knelt with an inane smile on her face.  Nick wanted to say 
something when she opened her eyes.  He tried to recoil in shock, 
but found himself locked in place.  

Her human eyes were gone.  No pupil, no iris, no whites, just a 
golden orb.  Then his view was blocked by the dragon.

"Well, well," said the dragon.  "Look at what we have here.  A 
human male."

It reached out a scaled paw and ran it over his skin.  A talon 
flicked out and suddenly Nick found himself standing naked.  His 
arousal from his earlier voyeurism clearly obvious.  The dragon 
reached down and ran his wickedly sharp talon lightly along his 
member.  Despite his situation, he felt a shiver of pleasure pass 
through him.  The dragon leaned forward, so all Nick could see was 
the glowing orb of its eye.

Without even knowing he what he was doing, Nick found himself 
sinking into his depths.  An alien voice invaded his mind, telling 
him of the pleasure he can give, the pleasure he can receive.  He 
was not aware of himself doing it, but he found himself tracing 
over the dragon's scales, released from his earlier spell.

The dragon nodded encouragingly as he caressed around the base of 
the beast's growing cock.  His hand moved lower, fondling over the 
beast's partially hidden balls and lower still.  The dragon let 
out a low hiss as Nick's finger brushed against something soft and 
warm.  He cocked his head curiously and gently inserted a finger.  
The dragon writhed in silent pleasure and some part of Nick's 
brain clicked.

The dragon leaned forward to lick at the human's ear.

"Yessss little one," he hissed.  "That is what you think.  Our 
species are neither male or female.  Instead we are both.  As 
shall you."

Nick shivered as the dragon fondled his sac, what little of his 
mind processing what the dragon had just said.

He heard movement behind the dragon, followed by a mellow, 

The dragon lightly squeezed Nick's rod and turned his head around.  

"Ahhh my dear," hir said.  "Please, come here and help this 
delightful human loose himself."

Nick watched as a second dragon appeared from behind the first.

"Emm?" he ventured.

"No," said the beast grasping his cock.  "Not any more."

The first dragon returned itself to stroking Nick's now drooling 
organ.  Unconsciously Nick found himself manoeuvring his member to 
gently probe the swollen slit of the dragon.  Behind him, the 
dragon which had been Emily, began massaging his shoulders.

A second forked tongue began licking at his ear and he felt a 
hard, but slick rod probing at his rear.  All three let out a 
groan as the second dragon pushed up, impaling the human on hir 
member who then slid into the other dragon's waiting opening.

Nick found himself stroking the dragon's organ which was sliding 
between them, while the other two pleasured his head, neck and 
shoulders.  Emily's cock incessantly massaged his prostate while 
the first dragon's lips milked his organ.  The pleasure was 
unbelievable.  With a moan of ecstasy he surrendered to the 
pleasure.  His seed spraying into the dragon's waiting folds which 
spasmed tightly as hir came.  Hir cock loosing a second load which 
sprayed between them.  The dragon behind him thrust hard as hir 
too climaxed and he felt a pleasing warmth spreading throughout 
his insides.

As the pleasure faded, his body went limp.  Both dragon's 
delicately extracted themselves and lowered the human to the 
ground.  It would not be long now.  Already the scales were 
appearing across his flesh.  Nails grew into talons and two horns 
sprouted from his head.  He let out a whimper as a pair of wings 
sprang from his back and a tail extended from the base of his 
spine.  He began to become aware of his situation, just in time to 
watch his still splendid cock almost double in length.  His still 
changing hands slid down, over its base just in time to feel his 
testicles swell and retreat slightly into his body.  More 
exploring resulted in a finger being inserted into hir newly 
formed slit.  

That felt nice.  Hir wanted more of that and there would be more. 

The golden orbs of his new eyes focused on the two dragons 
standing beyond and hir scrambled to his knees and folded hir 
wings, bowing hir head in respect.

"My Masters," he mhrred reverently.

The taller of the two dragons motioned for hir to stand.

"Come," it said.  "Now we return to my land.  Our land.  Then we 

Neither of the two new dragons knew exactly what bonding was, but 
from the tone of voice each was willing to learn.  Besides, hir 
was their master.  They were to obey.

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