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Species: Dragon, human
Maiden Flight
By Divigon

Rob looked at the remains of the smouldering pentagram.  Candles smoked and 
flickered at each of the points, the white chalk lines charred and burnt.  
Something had definitely happened, but he did not know what.

The spell was supposed to summon a dragon.  The wielder would have complete 
control over it, but it looked like yet another failure.  The texts were quite 
vague on numerous points, so he just chalked this failure up to some 
unmentioned passage in the book, sighed and headed home.

One day he would summon a dragon.  It was all he wanted to do.  Three years of 
magic school he had spent mastering the art of spell casting and all he had 
learnt was it was not a exact science, merely a collection of guesses instead.

He reached the shack he called home and flung the spell book onto the pile of 
other failed attempts.  He looked about in search of food, he was ravenous and 
the place was empty.  However, it was late and he knew of a farmer a short 
distance away...

Twenty minutes later Rob was once again returning to his house.  This time with 
a sack of potatoes, carrots, a pumpkin and a sheep carcass that was hanging in 
the larder.  He only wanted a leg, but he could not find a knife so it all came 
with him.  It only took him a few moments to place the carcass onto the spit, 
stuffing the inside with the vegetables and soon his shack was filled with a 
delightful aroma of cooking meat.

Rob knew it would take a while, so he decided to freshen up, stepping outside 
to his makeshift bathroom.  A large cast iron bathtub sat a few inches above a 
fire which he carefully stoked into life, waiting for the iron to heat before 
running the water from an overhead tank.

Soon steam was beginning to appear and Rob abandoned his clothes for the warmth 
of the water.  The large tub was the perfect size for him, allowing him to lie 
back in it, stretching out with no trouble at all.  He closed his eyes and let 
his mind wander.

It was the same dream as before, a dragon, flying through the air, only this 
time, instead of riding it, he was seeing it from the dragon's perspective.  
Wind rushed over his golden wings, his tail undulated in the eddies.  There was 
a sound to his left and he descended through the clouds, another dragon flying 
to meet him, giving a cry of challenged.

He felt his blood rush, his body bracing, but this was not a fight.  His talons 
reaching out, gripping the other's scales, his body pressing forward, suddenly 
he could feel his shaft thrusting up towards the other.  It was no fight, this 
was a mating dance!  His tip parted the soft folds and he gave a cry of 
pleasure, thrusting himself up, out of the bath into the cold air.

His eyes snapped open, the dim glow from the fire lighting outside, allowing 
his naked and highly aroused frame to cast strange shadows on the wall.

Rob looked around nervously, as if checking there was no one hiding in the 
shadows before stepping out of the bath.  He fumbled with a towel and made his 
way back inside, the scent of roasted mutton assailing his senses immediately, 
his stomach growling in anticipation.

He left the carcass ver the fire and tore a leg off, biting into it and ripping 
the meat away.  Juices ran down his neck.  It felt savage, primal, but somehow 
satisfying and the taste of the meat in his mouth was divine.  Normally he was 
a small eater, but today it seemed his hunger could not be quenched.

Methodically he worked his way over the leg of mutton, then the other as well, 
retrieving a few potatoes from inside as he started to strip the carcass bare.  
Rob are well into the night and on into the early hours of the morning, ending 
up gnawing at the bones, crunching them open with his teeth and sucking the 
marrow from within.   It was not until he tossed the last of the empty bones 
into the fire that he realized exactly how much he had eater.

He petted his obscenely bulging belly and gave a satisfied belch, slipping from 
his perch onto the soft rug of the floor, splaying his naked body out in front 
of the fire as sleep over came him.

Once again the dream returned.  He was flying free high above the country side, 
his wings catching the sun.  There was a cry somewhere below him and he began 
to descend, his eyes catching a red dragon circling below.  He answered the cry 
with a softer one of his own, the red dragon rolling and looking up at him.  He 
swerved to one side, spiraling his body around the other, wingtips brushing for 
a fleeting moment before he powered a body length in front of the red, taunting 

The red gave chase, easily capturing him, Rob could feel the talons closing 
around his shoulders, his wings moving to a glide position instinctively, he 
wanted to fight, but there was something different.  He could feel the red 
nuzzling at the back of his neck, his body arching, his tail shifting to one 
side as the red slipped closer towards him.  Something brushed against his 
scales and his eyes opened in surprise, the red thrusting itself forward, he 
could feel the dragon's shaft start to penetrate his soft scales and his eyes 
shot open.

Rob groaned, thick wads of cum splattering on his belly as the dream raced 
through his mind.  He could almost feel the red violating himself and it felt 
so good.  His hand tracing lightly over his throbbing cock at the mere thought 
of it.

Stroking himself felt good.  His cock felt different somehow, larger, thicker 
and in the pre darn light, somehow more alien.  He looked down, eyes widening 
in surprise as he noticed his hand stroking something easily over double his 
normal length.

Rob gave a gasp of surprise, sitting upright, staring at his shaft, running his 
hand slowly down it, checking to see if it were true.  Then he noticed his 
hand, long talons emerging from each finger.  He scrambled to his feet in 
surprise, hearing something smash behind him.  His head spun around, catching 
sight of a tail lashing too and fro, keeping his body balanced  as leather 
wings flapped uncoordinatedly from his shoulder-blades.

There was a disturbing crunching as the bones in his spine realigned 
themselves, his body leaning forward awkwardly before his feet suddenly 
stretched, talons digging into the floor and he found himself being raised a 
good six inches higher than before.

He blinked, the room seeming to lighten before he realized his eyes must be 
changing, the dim room taking on the clarity of midday, allowing him to look 
over his form more readily.  Scales covered him from head to toe, a rich golden 
colour and the glimmered in the faint glow of the approaching dawn.

He fumbled around, large hands searching for a mirror, the large black talons 
gripping it surprisingly effectively.  He looked into it, the face of a dragon 
looked back.  Vertical slitted eyes stared out of a reptilian head.  Two horns 
spiraled from hir forehead, curving away behind him.  A long muzzle broke into 
a vague smile, ivory fangs just visible and a forked tongue licking at the 
smooth lips.

His eyes moved south once more, his changed shaft clearly visible to his 
befuddled eyes.  It was black, well over a foot long and at least three inches 
across at the base.  The tip was pointed, almost barbed and various nodules 
stood out along the length.  Below it was a large sac, covered in fine golden 

Rob gave a purr of pleasure, stepping out side and stretching his find.  He 
gave a challenging bellow to the run which began to poke its fiery head over 
the horizon.  Much to his surprise there was an answer and from somewhere high 
above a emerald coloured form descended.

Rob's eyes opened in amazement as the other dragon landed a few feet away, 
chirping inquisitively as it looked him over.

Rob felt a twinge of regret as he noticed the other dragon's equally impressive 
shaft, but he took a step closer, the other dragon copying his actions before 
leaning forward and nuzzling gently at his chest.  

A soft low purr crept up Rob's throat and he leaned forward, his tail raising 
as the red began to slip around behind him.  Just as his dream, Rob realized 
what was happening too late.  The red's paws slipping around his chest, holding 
him tightly before the huge length thrust up suddenly under his tail.

He gave a cry of surprise and pain.  Unfamiliar muscles clamping down on the 
intruder.  For a moment he seemed to stop the red, but then his muscles ripped 
and Rob found himself pushing back, his hips beginning to grind against the 
black shaft. 

Something was wrong.  It felt too good.  He could feel the pleasure building, 
the red's paws slipping down lower, circling his shaft and teasing it, lightly 
stroking the length, causing Rob to buck and arch in pleasure.  Rob could feel 
his rear walls stroking the other dragon, the sensations slick, almost female.  
In fact, with a groan, he realize it was female, the thought causing his second 
orgasm of the night, his walls clenching down on the intruder, the red 
rewarding him with hot streams of cum which spurted deep within him.

Rob panted, collapsing forward to all fours, the red heavy but reassuring on 
his back.  Together they stayed like that for what seemed like hours.  

Eventually, the red moved, pulling himself out slowly, leaving Rob empty, but 
with a delightful warm glow within.  The other dragon gave a soft chirp, 
nuzzling softly at Rob's cheek, then stepping a little in front of him.

Rob watched silently, not sure what to expect as the red raised its tail.  From 
this angle Rob could catch a glimpse of the still oozing cock drooping a 
little.  Next were the large balls, the size of oranges, they were held firm by 
a finely scaled sac.  Much to Rob's surprised hidden away under the sac was a 
pair of lips.  

The red's glistened slightly and Rob leant forward, his forked tongue exploring 
them causing the red to give a chuur and press back a little, the lips opening 
further.  Rob needed no further invitation, moving himself so his large shaft 
was properly aligned.

In a single smooth movement he thrust forward, the entire length of his black 
shaft disappearing smoothly into the red's willing opening.  The red's mouth 
opened in a silent cry, arching itself as Rob squirmed a little, making himself 
comfortable, his hips beginning to gyrate back and forth, their bodies pressed 

Rub could not be sure what pushed him over the edge, but suddenly he felt his 
shaft thickening, expanding and pressing against the other's walls.  He groaned 
loudly, trembling as his scaled balls erupted, emptying their load into the 
spasming walls of the red, his eyes closing as he leant exhausted on the 
other's back.

When sie awoke sometime later, he looked about.  There was no trace of the red.  
He looked down at hir belly, already it was slightly swollen, sie would have a 
clutch shortly.  Sie looked at the cottage, then at the sky, jumping into the 
air, powerful wings carrying hir skywards easily.

Sie headed towards the mountains.  Sie knew hir mate was this way, waiting in 
hir lair.  It would be a good place to bring up the hatchlings...

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