Keywords: Adult, Hypnosis, Latex
Species: Lizard
Lizard Slave

	This story sort of came about as a RP with someone (You know who you are) ;)
I like the little twist at the end, probably a moral in there somewhere, but don't
ask me where :}

Lizard Slave
By Divigon

"Ahh Dyne, good to see you, come on in please," said the large reptile 
looking up from his chair.

Dyne nodded, entering the room.

"Sir," he replied politely, standing before Argoth.

Argoth was a Bezani, a winged reptile, often referred to as a dragon.  
He was larger than Dyne, who was a smaller Ryzentyl.  Dyne had no 
wings, but there was a small circle of fur running around the top of 
his head and down his back instead.  His colouring was a very dark 
shade of brown, almost black with red splotches across his underside.  
The Bezani was a dark green with blotches of light shades spread 
randomly across his body, the colouring pattern perfect for hiding in 
the jungles of his native lands.

"Do you know why you have been sent to me?" asked Argoth, standing up 
and walking around Dyne slowly, examining him.

"No Sir," replied the Ryzentyl, looking straight ahead, the tip of his 
tail flicking a little, giving away his nervousness.

"I know people," said Argoth, leaning in to whisper in the other's ear.  
"People with power and people who want to keep me happy...  And I have 
strange... tastes...  Follow me please."

Obediently Dyne followed the Bezani down the corridor and into another 
room.  His eyes widening as he looked around.  It looked like some 
bizarre mix between a laboratory and a torture chamber.  Various 
machines hung from the ceiling or were bolted to walls.  There was an 
array of straps and cuffs all over the place, on tables, chairs and 
even the walls.

"I think there must be some mistake..." stammered Dyne, starting to 
back towards the door which slid shut automatically behind him.

"No mistake," replied Argoth, not looking up from where he was tapping 
at various controls.  "No family, and a mediocre career with the 
organisation.  No one will miss you."

"What!" screamed Dyne, now backup against the door, his claws 
scrabbling at its unyielding metallic surface.

"Oh, don't worry..." said Argoth.  "You'll be well cared for... and 
well, very well liked...  Now into the centre of the room please."

Dyne shook his head, "You're mad!"

"Not mad, just a little crazy," responded Argoth, bringing up his hand 
to reveal the energy canon he held in his palm.  "Don't make me use 
this on you.  Into the centre please."

Feeling as if he had no choice, Dyne raised his arms above his head and 
reluctantly stepped toward the centre of the room.  Positioning his 
feet on the painted foot shapes on the floor.

"Very good," smiled Argoth.  "You're a quick learner, you'll be 

He tapped a button and Dyne yelped as two brackets seemed to swing out 
of the floor, locking his feet in place before two arms swung from the 
ceiling, grabbing his arms and holding them out.  He tried to lash out 
with his tail, but a third arm grabbed that, leaving him effectively 

"Firstly I'll conduct a scan," said Argoth from in front of him.  "This 
could be a little intrusive, but it will be over soon."

Another robotic arm began to move down from the ceiling, a strange 
greenish beam shooting out and tingling at his smooth hide.  Dyne 
squirmed a little, mainly out of fright.  He felt something begin to 
put up under his tail and gave a yelp, looking over his shoulder as a 
large probe slid inside him.  He could feel it pulse as it moved 
around, seeming to suck at his innards.  Then little tingles began to 
pulse over his body.  He gave a whimper as he felt his shaft beginning 
to slip from his sheath, a third arm immediately snaking towards it and 
planting itself over it.

Argoth chuckled at the reaction.

"See, I knew you'd like it and we've only just got started," he said, 
walking out from behind the control panel and over to a sterile 

He pulled out a small beaker of a shiny substance and made his way 
back, reaching up between the machinery towards Dyne's head.  Dyne 
lunged forward, straining at his restrains as he tried to snap at the 
Bezani.  Argoth muttered and pulled his hand back, snapping his 
fingers.  Yet another arm detached itself from the ceiling and snaked 
down, gripping Dyne's muzzle firmly and holding it still despite the 
Ryzentyl's best efforts to break free.

Chuckling again and now knowing he was safe, he upturned the beaker 
over Dyne's head.  The lizard looked up, watching the silvery substance 
ooze out of the container, hitting him directly between the eyes.  It 
stung slightly then started to spread.  Dyne watching it in horror as 
it spread over his muzzle, the stinging sensation expanding with it.

"What are you doing...?" he muttered with difficulty through his 

"Curious now are you?" teased Argoth.  "Well, I think there is a mirror 

The dragon stepped out of sight and returned a few moments later with a 
large floor mirror, positioning it so it faced the Ryzentyl.  Dyne 
yelped as he saw himself, strung up by the machinery, a silvery 
covering already over his torso and working its way lower.

"I specialise in making and training soldiers," explained Argoth.  
"I've impressed the right people who seem to think Ryzentyl's would 
make an excellent fighting force, however we all know how passive you 
are.  So, I've been developing ways to show how willing you are to 
accept commands.  Your bosses liked it on paper, but wanted a practical 
demonstration.  You're going to be it."

"You're making me a soldier?" whimpered Dyne.

"No, not quite," whispered Argoth.  "Soldiers are one thing, but the 
management want to see how well Ryzentyls can be controlled, acting out 
their full potential as a slave race.  There are better ways to 
demonstrate that than creating soldiers."

"You're making me a slave?" yelped Dyne.

"Correct," purred Argoth as the silvery goo reached the floor, totally 
covering him.  "A very special slave, specifically designed to impress 
the right people."

Dyne yelped, straining at his bonds.  The arm holding his muzzle 
releasing him and moving away.  As that arm folded back into the 
ceiling, another slid down to take its place.

"Ahhh," announced Argoth.  "The fun is about to begin."

The newly emerged arm had a large bucket shaped mass on the end which 
slid over the Ryzentyl's silvery head.  Dyne gave a strangled yelp as 
something forced itself between his lips, a strange, warm tasting 
liquid beginning to pump into his mouth.  He found himself forced to 
swallow it as it continued to pump into him.  The probe in his rectum 
starting to pulse a little, matching the one on his shaft.

"That's a similar stuff to what you're coated in," said Argoth.  "It's 
a biosynthetic symbiont,  It bonds with organic material, changing it.  
You won't really notice its there, or even care that it is in a little 
while, but it does mean it's a lot easier to, ummm... shape you."

Dyne spluttered, trying to fight it, but loosing as faint light began 
to show in the darkness.  He found himself looking at them, trying to 
look away, but unable to shift his head.  

"Ooooh," murmured Argoth, from outside.  "The programming has started.  
This is the fun bit.  Enjoy it."

Dyne whimpered, the lights growing brighter.  At first random 
flickering, but then gradually developing into images.  He felt 
something starting to worm in to the back of his neck, crawling over 
his brain as the images started flicking by.  He gave a moan, fighting 
them as he found his body beginning to react.  At first the images 
seemed random, but then a pattern began to emerge.  Large Bezani 
standing over helpless Ryzentyl demanding obedience.

The images started to grow erotic, reptiles mating, changing until it 
was Ryzentyl serving Bezani.  The images coupled with feelings of 
pleasure and lust from deep within Dyne's mind.  He groaned, not liking 
the name Dyne, his mind stumbled upon the name Slave and he mhrrred, 
suiting him much better.  He felt his shaft buck as he caved in, 
watching himself dominated by the other reptiles.

The hood was withdrawn and he could see himself and what he had become.  
He was a uniform shade of grey.  Around his neck a metallic collar had 
appeared to bond with his skin.  His strip of white fur the only part 
of the original him still showing.  With a hiss, the clamps restraining 
him slid away and he rubbed at his skin curiously.

It felt smooth, with a little give, almost like rubber.  

"Ahh yes," said Argoth moving back into view before him.  "You've 
noticed your body has changed.  Its an organic latex substance now.  
Very tough and hard wearing."

Slave nodded, lowering his head a little in reverence to the Bezani.  
He shuddered, the tube around his cock squeezing him, rewarding him for 
his servitude.  Under his tail, the remaining probe slipped free, 
leaving him feeling strangely empty inside.  He gave a soft groan as 
the final arm slipped from his shaft and looked down.  His shaft was 
now a strange pale translucent colour.

Argoth stepped in close, his large clawed hand closing around the 
former Ryzentyl's shaft, squeezing it.  

"Pleasure me," ordered the Bezani.

Immediately Slave turned to face the dragon, nuzzling at his chest and 
working his way down his body.  His mouth found the beast's large 
sheath and began probing at the opening, Argoth's length beginning to 
emerge silently.

"Yes Slave..." he murmured.  "That's right, serve your masters..."

Slave chuured softly at the praise, taking the length into his muzzle 
which appeared to have been shifted so the large cock fitted in 
perfectly.  His rubber hands caressed between the dragon's thighs, one 
caressing his tail hole, the other playing with the base of his sheath.  

Already the Bezani was beginning to drool into his slave and as his 
head began to bob, it was all too much, the former Ryzentyl's 
programming giving exact and explicit details on pleasuring the master 
species.  Argoth's seed was thick and rich, intoxicating for Slave who 
swallowed it all, then continued licking and sucking as the shaft 
drooped.  Above him, Argoth rumbled pleased with his slave's progress 
as he felt his shaft beginning to climb again.

"Present yourself," he demanded, watching as silver beast positioned 
himself on all fours, tail held high into the air.  

Without needing further encouragement, Argoth moved forward, his huge 
length ready again and eager to be pressed into Slave's silvery 
opening.  Both moaning as the dragon began to thrust, slowly building 
speed.  The lizard's altered body taking the massive length easily, new 
muscles rippling along it.  Argoth could feel the beast below him 
literally milking his throbbing length.

With a cry, the dragon collapsed on the lizard, his cock spasming as he 
surrendered his second load into the willing slave.

Staying still for a few moments, Argoth recovered, pulling himself out 
and ordering his slave to clean him.

"Dyne?" he asked curiously, watching for a flicker of recognition in 
the other creature's eyes.

There was none, in fact the lizard's eyes were strangely glazed over 
having a curious machine like quality to them.  Argoth looked at the 
collar, it was bonded to the lizard's body, not designed to be removed, 
tiny probes spearing out from it into the lizard's brain, re-enforcing 
his behaviour.  It also connected the lizard to the machines in the 
lab, making it easy for any changes if the need arose.

He looked at the silvery lizard who had shifted slightly during their 
rutting session, something he had expected with the symbionts.  The 
lizard now looked like a sculpted robot, all sleek curves and strangely 
sexual.  The slave had adopted a kneeling position, hands held behind 
his back, clenching at his tail, his head tilted down a little, his 
large cock still erect proudly above him.

"Who are you?" asked the dragon.

"I am Slave," came the answer in a uniform monotone.

"What do you do," was the second question.

"I serve.  I give pleasure," was the response.  "I am a fucktoy, I 
enjoy giving pleasure, I play out fantasies.  Is there a fantasy you 
would like me to give you?"

Argoth meeped softly, squirming a little as he felt his sheath fill 

"I think you know what my fantasies are,"  he said, smiling as he 
looked over his slave.

"I do," came the monotone response.

All of a sudden, Argoth grunted as he felt two of the robotic arms grab 
his wrists, clamps locked onto his feet and the large domed arm began 
slipping towards his head.  He looked down at the silvery lizard who 
for the first time looked back, his eyes glowing an ominous red.

"Don't worry," said slave distantly as the helmet slipped into place, 
the strange goo starting to be pumped into the dragon's maw.  "You'll 
like being a slave.  Its fun to serve.

Argoth gave a scream of rage as he felt the probes begin pushing into 
his brain, the anger slowly being replaced by images of serving with 
his slave and he realised one of the deepest darkest fantasies was 
going to come true... 

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