Keywords: Transformation, Adult, Chemical
Species: Dragons
By Divigon.

I stared at myself in the mirror, running a paw over my lightly oiled 
scales.  I looked pretty good, even if I did so say myself and 
tonight I felt lucky.  I had been invited to Isica's lair for the 
evening.  She was a little vague on who would be there, or even what 
was going to happen, but it was that time of year and one could 
always dream.

Oh, I forget myself.  Greetings, I am Jerif.  Well, at least that is 
what the few humans who know me call me.  They also call me a dragon 
and I have to agree with them, although that term seems a little 
archaic, it probably suits me best.  I am only in my second century, 
still pretty young and they tell me my blood should just be flowing.  
The seasons are right and I'm ready for my first flight if you know 
what I mean.  

Oh, come on, you have to know what I am talking about.  You know, 
where hatchlings come from.  Honestly, the mammals of today have no 
idea.  The secret is this will not be my first flight.  There was 
this dragoness a few seasons back... She stopped by and, well... you 
know.  Its a little embarrassing really.  That is why I was so 
enthusiastic about Isica's invitation.  I thought she had been 
looking at me carefully for a few years, I know I had been thinking 
about her.

Anyway, I wandered to the edge of my cave, spread my wings and 
launched off into space.  I always loved flying.  The feel of the 
wind pulling at my wings, my tail streaming out behind me, my 
nicitating membrane sliding out to protect my eyes.  Some of the 
human mammals have conducted their tests and say its impossible for 
us to fly.  We buzzed their laboratory when they told us.

In time I arrived at her lair.  I had to admit, it was a great place.  
Some abandoned ruin on the edge of a cliff.  I landed in the old 
courtyard and strode towards the nearest opening, my talons clipping 
against the stones.  Ducking my head slightly I entered the open door 
and made my way towards the fire.  

Warming myself beside it, I wondered where Isica was.  I heard a 
rustle behind me.

"Jerif," said a familiar voice behind me.

I turned.

"Isica," I said with a smile.  "So nice to see you."

Ever time I saw her a rush of blood raced through my body.  Like most 
females, she was slightly taller that me, but more slender and 
graceful looking.  She was what the humans called a red dragon.  A 
deep ruby shade on her back and wings, fading to an almost burnt 
orange on her front scales.  Her horns were a delightful ivory colour 
and arched behind her, almost brushing her neatly folded wings.  

Leaning down she picked up a mug and offered to me.

"Drink?" she invited.

"Thank you," I said accepting her gift and quickly swallowed most of 
the warm liquid.  It was a curious flavour, very herbal in both taste 
and smell.

"What is it?" I enquired.

"Just something to make you relax," she replied.

"Me relasss..." I stuttered, but forked tongue seeming to get in the 
way.  "Whasss thssss."

Then everything faded to black and I gracefully fell to the floor.


I'm not sure how long it was to I awoke, I sort of faded into 

"Ahhh, he's awake," said Isica's voice from somewhere far away.

I opened my eyes and tried to focus on her, but something was wrong.  
In fact, everything was wrong.

Slowly my brain caught up with the rest of my body and I discovered I 
was unable to move.  A few experimental tugs later and I realised I 
was tied up.  Not just a little tied up, but seriously tied up.  I 
could barely move at all.

My horns were fastened behind me, holding my head down.  Each wing 
was also spread out and tied as well.  My arms were also both 
fastened along my wings.  Unlike my upper body, my legs seemed to be 
somehow hoisted slightly above me, while my tail was held down.  With 
a twinge of embarrassment, I realised this left me feeling incredibly 
vulnerable and exposed.

"Wha?" I tried to say, but that part of my brain had not recovered.

I felt a talon caress my scales.  

"Oh, don't worry Jerif," said Isica from above.  "I'm going to take 
care of everything.  I just want to run a few experiments, then you 
can go free... If you want to."

There was a hint of laughter in her voice as I struggled against the 

I heard a third creature enter the room.  I only caught a glimpse 
from the corner of my eye, but it looked like another dragon.  Then I 
felt Isica's paw begin to caress the inside of my leg.  I must admit, 
it felt pleasant, but not exactly what I desired at this point in 

Suddenly I felt something rest against my rear opening and let out a 
meep of surprise.  It felt small and had me confused for a moment, 
then it began to push inside of me.  Naturally I fought it, clenching 
myself shut, pushing back against it, but it was no good.  It made 
its way inside me and I felt a warm sensation spreading inside me.

"Wha?" I tried to say again, only to feel something slick being 
rubbed around my clenched muscle.

"Don't worry," said Isica.  "Its just something to make things 

Make things easier!  What the hell was she talking about.

I felt the tube removed and something else began to probe in its 
place.  It was much larger than the tube, but smooth and obviously 
well lubricated.  Whoever was wielding it was an expert.  With a 
groan I felt it sink deep within me, painfully pushing me open.  My 
spincter seemed to close around a notch within it and the pain 
subsided, leaving me uncomfortably full.

Then it began to vibrate.  Only slightly, lightly, but insistently 
shaking my insides, rubbing against parts of me I did not even know 
existed.  Slowly I felt my body beginning to react, my maleness 
beginning to slide from its sheath.  As soon as it began to emerge, 
Isica sank herself onto it, lavishing herself on its growing length.

Before I loose myself too much, I will give you a quick lesson in 
dragon anatomy.  I am what humans call a blue dragon, Isica is a red 
dragon.  At first glance there is not too much of a difference 
between us, she is a rusty red colour and I am more attractive sky 
blue.  According to the humans, my ancestors were aquatic, hence my 
colouring, light on my underside and darker on my back.  That also 
explains my ridge of dorsal spines and webbing between my talons.  
However one interesting quirk left over from my aquatic times is my, 
ummm, well, lets be frank, my reproductive system.

First off, my testicles are hidden away inside me, when females strap 
me down and splay my legs as Isica had done, it is possible to see 
their bulges under my scales, but usually, there is no sign of them.  
Most of the time my penis is hidden away in a slit shaped sheath.  
When I begin to get aroused, it extends, sliding from between lips 
which also swell.  I have been told that arrangement is similar to a 
dolphin's, but I have never compared notes.  One thing which I know 
is unique to my species is the shape and behaviour of my penis.  

Just about every male needs to be erect to fertilise a female, my 
species not only needs to be erect, but held in a specialised grip, 
which can only be provided by female dragons.  This has resulted in a 
perverse array of rubber and leather contraptions which can be found 
under most male blue dragon's beds.  Luckily for us however, we also 
possess some other, shall I say functions which make us more 
attractive to prospective mates.

Probably the main point I should mention here is the fact our penis 
is not the "typical" penis shape.  For example, my own member is 
about ten inches long with an overly large head on it.  Protruding 
down from the "neck" of my head towards my body are numerous fleshy 
spines.  As I grow more excited, these extend with the rest of my 
penis, creating a series of barbs to anchor myself to my female.  As 
we couple, she finds herself able to push down, but unable to pull 
away until after I climax.  My shaft is also not smooth, it has a 
series of tapered ridges on it, again allowing me to push into the 
female, but providing significant resistance to being removed.  There 
are also numerous bumps which caress the internals of females in 
exquisite ways, or so I am told.  Everything is geared towards 
anchoring the female to you, very effective underwater apparently.

This leads me back to where I was.  Isica had just begun to wraps her 
tongue around my shaft, I was already almost completely erect and a 
drool of precum was beginning to ooze from my tip.  Her smooth, soft 
paws wrapped themselves around my base gently massaging my ridges 
while her tongue lapped at my spines.  I had given up wondering why 
she had me tied up, instead I found myself moaning in pleasure each 
time explored a new tine.

I felt the pleasure with me beginning to build and my barbs began to 
extend themselves. Groaning I blindly thrust my hips against my bonds 
while Isica's sharp teeth nibbled very gently against the top of my 

At that moment Isica abruptly removed herself.  I let out a mixed 
groan of both pleasure and frustration.

Her head moved into my field of vision again.  

"I have been told," she said with her mischievous grin.  "That you 
are unable to cum unless assisted.  It looks like we shall be putting 
that to the test."

I heard some more shuffling in the room and suddenly a blindfold was 
placed over my eyes.  I wanted to call out, to protest, but my 
throbbing cock took it as some kind of perverse game and released 
another dribble of pre.

I sensed something moving over me and strained against my chains.  
Then my nose caught the faintest of smells.  My nostrils flared and I 
suddenly became aware of body heat just above me.  I had no control 
over my own body as my tongue forked out.  It met with smooth scales.  
Small smooth scales.  Tentatively it explored, finding a slight 
crevice I pushed inwards.  It was greeted by a hiss of pleasure from 

I was right.  She was on top of me.  My tongue began to slowly 
explore her steamy depths.  At first I was too distracted by my 
painfully erect member, the hormones raging through my body guiding 
me too much on instinct as opposed to conscious thought.  In the 
beginning I blindly licked, stroking myself in and out, mimicking 
what I would prefer other parts of my anatomy to be doing. Slowly my 
body adjusted to the level of hormones and I became aware of Isica 
clenching my head with her thighs, moaning.  I was still drooling 
precum and desperate for release so I began playing her game.  
Splitting my tongue I wrapped each of my sides around her swollen 
clit, gently twisting and tugging at it.  The effect was 
instantaneous, her entire body shook and with a scream she came, 
globules of her juices cascading into my waiting mouth.  Eagerly I 
swallowed and licked, searching for more.  

I was rewarded twice more before her now trembling body was removed 
from mine.  By this stage I was desperate for release, my face was 
covered in her juices and my belly was covered in my own.  I could 
feel myself throbbing with every heartbeat, my clear liquid flowing 

It took a moment for Isica to compose herself before I heard her 
speak.  One of her talons traced down my cock as my blindfold was 
removed.  I shivered uncontrollably.

"You are probably wondering why I have trussed you up like this," she 
said seductively, with just a hint of a tremble in her voice.

I nodded, silently praying she would soon finished the job she 
started a while ago.  She gestured to a mirror which had been 
positioned above my head.  It was tilted so I could see clearly 
between my legs.  In it, I could see my throbbing member, purple, 
just begging for release.  Her talon reached my base and continued 
towards my ass.  Often I had caressed myself there and at the moment, 
it felt extremely pleasant.

"I was doing some reading on your species," she continued.  "Did you 
know that your sex was determined just a short time after you were 
laid?  By the temperature of all things.  A few degrees these way and 
you have such wonderful assets." 

She gave my shaft another light squeeze.

"A few degrees the other way and you end up in a similar condition to 

She reached down and ran a finger up a trail of juice which was 
running down her leg, holding it out for me to lick, which I did so, 
almost unconsciously.

"Another interesting thing I discovered," she said in a seductive 
tone.  "Is that you actually retain some traits of your aquatic 
ancestry.  If there are too many females in an area, your body will 
adapt, becoming female itself."

Her talons resumed her incessant stroking of my scales between my 

"Fascinating isn't it," she grinned.  "Apparently, you have the 
equipment hiding away, it just needs a chance to 'come out' as it 

My overloaded brain slowly processed what she was saying.

"You ... mean...?" I managed to stammer.

She pressed a little harder and I felt a thrill pass through me.

"Thats right," she murmured.  "Any time soon, I expect things to 
happen.  Your body has been over sexed, even I can see you are 
begging for release, soon, it will happen, soon..."

She resumed her gentle massaging of my sensitive region.  What she 
said did ring a few very dim, bells, but it could not happen... could 

I had my eyes closed, lavishing in the sensations when I heard her 
let out a gasp.  Opening my eyes I looked at the mirror and let out a 
gasp myself.

Before me, my cock still stood proud, drooling its now steady stream 
of pre as it impatiently waited for release.  Lower down was my ass, 
the base of the vibrator still visible.  In between should have been 
pale blue scales, but there was not.  Instead a fine vertical line 
was visible, my flesh on each side of the line swollen a deep red 

Tentatively Isica slid a finger into the slit and I let out a groan.  
My pleasure ridden body almost unable to take anymore.  She removed 
her talon, leaned forward and slid her tongue in slowly.  I let out a 
moan, rattled my chains and begged for release.  She ignored me and 
continued to explore.

One of her hands wrapped around my shaft, the other around the dildo 
in my ass while her tongue gently probed.  I shivered in delight, my 
body straining at the chains as she probed deeper and further into my 
virgin depths.  Then slowly, so very slowly, she slid her tongue out, 
just brushing over my newly discovered clit, before straddling my 
body once more.

She looked up and gestured for someone to come forward.  Into my 
blurred vision strode a magnificent green drake.  I was surprised to 
find myself thinking in such terms, but at the moment I was only 
concerned with that lay a few inches above my throbbing cock and the 
drake's own erect member.

The drake carefully climbed behind Isica and I felt a warmth resting 
against my sensitive lips.  Isica twisted her head around and kissed 
the male behind her.

"Be kind to hir," she said.  "Its hir first time."

He nodded and began to push into me.  Green's are not at unique as 
Blue's, but he was still impressively proportioned and he felt like 
he was ripping me in two.  He just seemed to go deeper and deeper.  
Some part of my brain was repulsed at him violating me like that, I 
was a drake myself, but the rest of me did not care.  I wanted, no 
needed, him deep within me.

At the same time, Isica began to sink down my shaft.  I was fully 
flared from all the attention and she had to squirm to accommodate 
me, sliding down in a series of exquisite bumps as she enveloped my 
ridges.  Isica leaned forward to kiss me, but my tongue lolled out of 
my mouth as I groaned from pure pleasure, unable to respond.  

The drake began stroking his tapered rod in and out of my virgin 
pussy as newly found muscles clenched at him, trying to pull him in 
deeper and milk him for all his delightful seed.  At the same time, 
Isica's slick sides performed similar actions on my own cock, 
massaging all the right points and I quickly found myself on the edge 
of the precipice I had been searching for.

With a scream of triumph, my cock began to spasm deep inside Isica, 
my sides clenching down on the drake's own cock, demanding it 
surrender itself too.  My tines spread, clenching at Isica's sides, 
passing her over the edge for the forth time that evening as her own 
juices mingled with my own scorching seed and ran down my shaft.

This must have triggered the drake for he too let out a groan and I 
felt his rod begin to tremble.  My walls clutched at his cock, 
caressing it, feeling his seed travel up, then gush deep within me, 
filling me with a satisfied warmth.

That triggered a second release from my cock, which caused Isica to 
almost pass out from the pleasure within her.  In turn, my milking 
efforts were rewarded by a second load from the drake who collapsed 
on top of us both and all three of us lay there exhausted.

Alas, all good things must come to an end and eventually I softened 
enough to let Isica remove herself as the drake extracted himself.  
Before Isica released me, she presented me with one of her favourite 
dildos, its in the shape of a blue dragon cock and I must admit, it 
feels exquisite.

We still get together on a regular basis, the three of us.  Plus 
there are a few more who join us occasionally.  If you are ever in 
the neighbourhood, stop by and I'll give you a few lesson in dragon 

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