Keywords: Transformation, Adult, chemical
Species: Insect, human
Insect Life

Insect Life
By Divigon

Alien bars were always interesting places, especially long hardened space 
travellers like myself.  You could always be sure of seeing someone, or 
something, you had never seen before.  Currently I was eyeing off a female 
by the bar.  She was what I would have called an insectoid.  Her body was 
covered in what looked to be shiny armour plating, green, with a metallic 
sheen to it.

I noticed her immediately as I entered.  Green beings tend to stand out from 
the crowd.  I had kept my eye on her and it was obvious she was alone.  I 
would not have said she was my type, but I after a few drinks, the idea was 
beginning to grow on me.

The next time the bartender was close enough, I asked what she was drinking.

"Nectar," he replied.

That was good.  Obviously not a carnivore.  I had brushed with a carnivorous 
alien once before. Not something I wanted to try again.

I instructed the bar keep to offer her a drink on my behalf.  He did so, 
leaning forward to speak to her and she turned to look in my direction.  I 
raised my glass slightly and she nodded her head in thanks, sipping at the 
drink.  She paused, turned to look me over again and then pushed herself 
away from her chair, walking up to me slowly.

She was definitely alien.  Humanoid in that she had two arms and two legs.  
She had a definite feminine physique.  Long, very long legs, slim body and 
curves in all the right places.  She was wearing a plain yellowish dress 
which hung from her shoulders, a slit up each side allowed those legs to 
slip free as she walked.  She did not appear to have skin, it look hard, 
what exactly I'm not sure, but it gave a nice rainbow sheen in the light.  
Her head had two large multifaceted eyes, something I assumed was a nose and 
a recognisable mouth.

She bowed her head a little as she slipped into the chair beside me, her 
body moving smoothly, but almost awkwardly.

"Thank you for the drink," she said, her voice soft and low, with this 
strange humming quality to it, as if it was forming deep down in her body.

"My pleasure," I replied.  "I was curious, I have never seen someone such as 

She nodded slowly.  Her moves carefully measured and deliberate. 

"My race does not travel much," she said.  "I had been involved with 
financial dealings between my world and others, but I am not off duty for 
several time cycles.  My government believes the time has come for me to 
bare my young."

I blinked in surprise.

"Your government dictates when you should reproduce?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, looking with her head on an angle.  "If we did not mate at 
correct times we would miss our peak which may result in genetic 
aberrations.  Does not your government do the same?"

"No," I replied, shaking my head with a grin.  "If my government did that, 
there would be an outcry.  We are fairly active in the area of sex, although 
not only for reproduction."

"You are a mammal, correct?" she asked as she nodded, before going on.  "My 
race shows little interest in sex until the government decides.  That 
triggers a chemical change within us.  Our sex organs develop and we begin 
to become concerned with reproduction."

It felt quite surreal talking about such things, but I also knew it was 
quite normal.  Most societies did not have the same taboos about sex as the 
one that I was brought up in.

I nodded thoughtfully.

"You are female?" I asked rather blatantly.

She gave a little chirp and nodded.  "Correct, in that I am the one who 
carries the eggs of my species.  And you are male?"

It was my turn to nod again.

"Yes," I replied.  "I carry the sperm."

"So, you've never had sex before?" I suddenly blurted out.

I could not believe I had said that.  I was about to apologise when she 

"Correct," she said.  "Not with another living being.  I have been 
practising with the pleasure toys, to ensure my mate remains happy and so I 
know what to experience myself.  But no, not with another.  You must think 
it strange."

"No," I replied, shaking my head.  "No, not at all.  I am morbidly curious 
of course, most of my gender and species would be, although they probably 
would not admit it.  But not strange.  I am quite experienced with a range 
of toys myself."

She gave a vibrating thrum, which I gathered was the equivalent of a giggle.

"You want to know more?" she asked.

"Ummm," I stumbled, suddenly nervous.  "Yes?"

"I can show you," she replied.  "Of course, my government would frown on 
such an idea.  We would require a licence."

I nodded.  A licence was a contract between two consenting individuals to 
have sex.  Actually, sex is probably too broad a term.  Anything which 
anyone may take as sex is probably a better definition.  It was brought in 
many years ago after some systems began to get a little too politically 
correct.  It was discovered that one race may regard a handshake as a mating 
ritual.  A licence stopped people like me from getting into hot water.  
Essentially it was a formality, so that in the morning either of us could 
produce it and say the other came willingly.

"I can manage that," I said.  

That seemed to be about it.  She stood, I followed.  We paused at the booth 
in the entry, both applying our identification and received the verbal 
confirmation we would be listed as partners on the central computer system.

She led the way to her apartment.  It was on one of the more desirable 
levels.  Made me very aware about the tiny hole I called home.  Quite large 
for a space station, but I assumed from the decorations and trinkets that 
money did not seem to be much of an issue for her.

"I receive good credit bonuses for my work," she explained as I eyed the 
collection of rather expensive toys on the bedside table.

They must have been some bonus.

I turned to face her just in time to see the slinky fabric dress fall to the 
floor.  She was quite incredible.  I felt my shaft begin to stir.  She was 
hard to explain.  She did not have breasts as such, but smooth plates of 
exoskeleton that covered her entire body.  Fine lines passed across it, 
breaking it into sections.  Her shape was quite humanoid, curved, but 
nothing distinct.

She stretched, allowing me more than an ample look.

"Aren't you going to remove your garments?" she asked frankly.  "I am 
curious as well."

I blushed, nodded and pulled myself out of my clothes.  I should have 
expected it sooner.  A lot of races seemed to discard any coverings as soon 
as they can.

She looked me over, tilting her head one way then the other.  For the first 
time I noticed what had to be a mandible detach itself from the side of her 
mouth.  It started to poke out a little like a tongue, but she caught 
herself and pulled it back  I acted as if I did not notice.

She leant down, staring at my groin.  

"That is your sperm delivery method?" she asked.

It somehow did not sound very romantic like that.

"Yes," I nodded.  "A penis."

"It is not how I imagined it," she stated, reaching out with a hand to 
lightly grasp it, tilting it gently and then looking curiously at my 
testicles beyond it.

"They're my testicles," I explained, eyes widening in surprised at her 
touch.  It was not what I would have imagined.  Smooth and remarkably 
gentle.  My shaft surged forward a few inches.  

"It gets harder with stimulation," I continued, also providing a 
demonstration.  "Once sufficiently stimulated, we climax, or orgasm, 
releasing out seed."

She nodded rather clinically, still obviously curious.  My shaft was almost 
fully erect.  Her hand rubbing lightly over it.

"All a male needs to do with my species is to penetrate our exoskeleton and 
deliver their sperm," she said.  "Of course, I have discovered there are 
more enjoyable ways to do this and the manner of delivery affects how we 

I cocked my head curiously.  

She read my question well and started to speak.

"I could take the sperm through the mouth," she said.  "It's a little crude, 
but probably a good last effort.  A male can penetrate my shell."

She looked down at my shaft, giving it another squeeze and shook her head.

"Not very likely," she pondered aloud before continuing.  "I assume being 
bathed in enough fluid would also do it, but it would take some soaking to 
seep through my joints.  Then there is my duct, where I lay the eggs.  That 
has proven to be most sensitive."

I looked confused.

"Where is that?" I asked, not having noticed any chinks in her armour.

She let her hand slip from my tip, moving down to between her own legs.  Her 
plates were smaller there and she stroked gently down a faint line.  Seeming 
to relax and the line grew wider.

"Here," she rumbled softly.

Now it was my turn to lean forward.  I lowered myself to her knees, looking 
in.  She moved her hand, placing it on my head and rubbing gently.  
Tentatively I reached out and just like she had traced over the line.  I 
could feel the armour plates slip back, almost like a camera lens.  I probed 
softly, feeling the opening slowly increase.  As it did, my fingers 

There was a definite contrast between her chitinous exoskeleton and soft 
almost velvety insides.  The opening was warm and moist, a rich almost 
earthy scent wafted over me.  I felt liquid on my fingers and withdrew them 
to look closely.  They seemed to be covered in an almost oily fluid.  I 
sniffed it, then dabbed a little on my tongue.

"That is what we call our mating fluid," she purred in that soft voice.  "It 
helps us to attract males."

My eyes opened in surprise at the taste.  It was like a strange mix of 
exotic spices.  I could feel the tiny amount on my tongue seemed to warm my 
mouth.  I could only imagine the effect on the targeted species.

"We can also secrete various other chemicals and compounds, although you may 
not want to know the details of those," she offered.

"No," I said, standing up slowly, almost reluctant to leave her groin.  "I'm 

She nodded, her hand brushing over my ear and lightly down my chest.

"My joints," she said softly.  "Secrete compounds that help to build my 
shell.  It helps to keep it new.  And I have what we call a feeder tube at 
the back of my throat."

As she spoke, I became aware of a strange clear liquid beginning to ooze 
from her joints.  I reached out a finger and found it quite sticky to the 

"Can I see this tube?" I asked, looking up at her mouth.

She gave a slow nod and opened her mouth.  Two large mandibles unfolded 
themselves, pulling themselves back to the sides and a dark greenish fleshy 
tube started to emerge from the back of her throat.  A dark liquid seemed to 
bubble at its opening and I leant forward curiously.

"Can I?" I asked, but intentions clear.

"Yes," she replied, her voice a little unsteady now, but still audible.

I leaned forward slowly.  Her body the right height.  It was as if I was 
going to kisser her.  My lips reaching into her mouth.  I felt her arms 
reaching up, steadying me, then without warning it happened.

Her arms snatched around me, pulling me against her suddenly.  As her arms 
moved, she stepped towards me, my erect shaft sinking deeply into the soft 
opening between her legs.  I felt the tube against my lips suddenly push 
forward, past my teeth, thick fluid starting to pump down my throat, her 
sharpened mandibles clenching themselves around my neck.  My body pressed 
against hers, sticking into place, leaving me frozen there.

"I wouldn't move if I were you," she stared matter of fact, her voice 
seeming to resonate from somewhere deep down in her body.  "I think you'll 
find after the initial discomfort wears off, you'll like it."

Her voice had managed to go from soft and sexy to sinister without changing 
at all.

"I needed a mate," she said.  "For their sperm... but I don't want to slow 
down my career, so I'm opting for a lesser known trick of my species."  

She gently stroked my back with a smooth hand and despite my situation I 
felt a shiver of pleasure, then a tremor of terror as the tip of a mandible 
suddenly pushed itself into my flesh.  I could feel it sinking in, something 
bone numbing cold started to push down my spine and my body just seemed to 
fade away.

All I could see out of my eyes were a part of one of hers starting back at 
me and a hint of my reflection on her shell.  I was managing to breathe 
through my nose, but ever breath carried more of that strange intoxicating 
scent into my brain.  I could also feel the tube in my throat continuing to 
pump, but my mind trying to fight it, but my body just swallowing almost on 

I could feel her moving me to the bed.  There was a thump, her head jerked 
against mine and I caught a glimpse of the ceiling.  I was on my back.  I 
felt a strange ripping sensation and her head started to pull back.  I 
blinked, feeling her shift.  The tube pulled from my mouth, warm ooze 
dribbling over my chin and I watched the length and mandible fold back into 
her face as she sat herself up.  

I tried to move, but me head did not seem joined to my body.  She noticed me 
and chirped.

"Oh, I wouldn't even bother to try and struggle," she picked up my hands, 
bringing them across from where they lay to drop them onto my stomach.  I 
felt them hit, they seemed to stick and not roll.

"Even if you did not have that venom in your spinal column, your body has 
been coated in the same stuff I use to coat my shell.  Even if you wanted 
to, I doubt you could move."

Something seemed to give and I found my tongue.

"Just what the hell do you think you are doing?" I snapped and she waggled a 
finger at me, moving her hand down slowly to rub over my lips.

I could actually feel the clear gunk flow over my skin.  It only took a 
moment, but then my mouth was covered, frozen in place.  It was like someone 
had super-glued my lips together.

"There, that's better," she chuured as I tried to struggle.  "You should 
really be careful about how you talk to me.  And no, people won't come 
looking for you,  you signed a licence... what we're doing is legal... 
you're my mate."

I shook my head, trying to fight her.

"I shouldn't worry though," she smiled and I could feel herself adjusting my 
shaft within her.  "I will try to look after you."

She started to gyrate her hips slowly.  I could feel the bed moving and 
despite my best intentions, I knew my shaft was rock solid.  Slowly she 
began to move up and down on my length.  It felt repulsive to watch her, but 
there was no where else to look.  She moved down, my head moved down, my 
eyes could catch a glimpse of her body swallowing my erection, then she 
would lift herself up, the pressure would be released and I'd be staring 
back at the ceiling before the cycle would begin again.

Gradually I started to become aware of my body again.  I could feel my toes, 
then my legs.  I tried to move them, but she was right, the would not budge, 
it felt like some strange fibreglass had gripped them, locking them into 
position.  I felt her shift on my shaft and wanted to cry out.

The pleasure was incredible, but there was something stopping it.  It was 
like some evil dream, I was trying to get away, but felt the need to climax.  
She looked down at me.

"I see you're regaining some feeling." she purred, obviously enjoying 
herself.  "I think its about time for me to begin."

My eyes opened wider and I tried to say something, to ask her what she 
meant, but all I got was a muffled grunt.

Then I felt something starting to press against my tip.  Not her smooth 
insides, this was something with intent.  I groaned, feeling it find my 
opening and start to thread down my urethra.  There was a strange numbness.  
I knew the skin was being stretched, but could not feel it.  Above me, she 
gave this strange strangled chirp and I felt her walls start to spam around 
me, something thick starting to be pumped down my shaft.

I was torn.  My brain was telling me to run, but my body was locked in 
position.  I wanted to flee, but at the same time I wanted release.  Above 
me, she continued to writhe, her own orgasm ending and she panted.  I could 
feel her body sag onto mine.  Then she pulled herself off of me.

"You were good," she said, I could see various juices running down her 
exoskeleton.  They made me tremble in fear, although I also felt strangely 

I felt her reach between my legs, fondling my balls.  They felt swollen and 
I became painfully aware, I had not climaxed.

"Yes, you'll do nicely," she murmured softly.  "Don't worry, they should 
take less than a day."

With that, she stood and disappeared out of sight.  

I do not know where she went.  I could only see a section of the ceiling.  I 
spent a fair length of time trying to break the strange covering which bound 
me, but with little effect.  Crying for help did not do anything either.  I 
was trapped.  Utterly helpless.  I could not even move my head to look 
around the room.

Sometime later I fell into a fitful sleep.  There was a strange dream 
involving preying mantis mating, then as the male came, the female bit off 
its head.  I jerked myself awake.

She was sitting beside me, one hand lightly rubbing my covered chest.  I 
could feel her hand millimetres away from my skin.  My nipple straining at 
the smooth shell and I cursed my body for betraying me.  I tried to speak, 
my lips were still covered.

"You must be hungry," she purred, leaning herself forwards.

I watched in petrified terror as her mouth began to unfold again.  The two 
mandibles caressing my cheeks and the tube poking at my lips, the covering 
seemed to soften, dissolving away and before I could speak, the tube was 
plunged deep into my mouth.  Once again, the liquid was pumped down my 
throat and I found myself swallowing.  I hated every moment of it, I tried 
to bite, to gag, to do something, but I was unable to do anything except lie 
still and swallow.

After what seemed like an eternity the tube withdrew and she pulled her head 
back slowly.  I could feel her mandibles probing around my mouth and I found 
my lips not completely covered this time.  I was able to move my them just 
enough to make an audible sound, but it was barely more than a whisper.

"Why?" I managed to get out.

"Why are you like this?" she asked.  "Because you can be.  I needed a host 
for my eggs and you were convenient.  Eager too I would say.  You will be 
cared for here.  You may not like it, but I do take good care of my drones."

"Drones?" I half mumbled.

"Yes," she said.  "A drone.  Those who look after the eggs and young.  You 
are the first of course, but I suspect there will be others.  Of course, I 
suspect you will only be good for egg caring, but we will see."

She gave my crotch a rub and I groaned.  Obviously not all of me was covered 
in the clear shell.

"What is...?" I started to say.

"Happening?" she answered.  "Your body is changing.  Nothing too major, just 
gearing itself up for life as a drone.  Oh, you won't change too much.  Your 
reproductive system of course is being reconfigured for my species, that 
will take up most of your abdominal cavity, making you dependent on me for 
you food.  You'll also become responsive to my pheromones.  Actually they 
should be more or less hardwired into your body by now.  Shall we test 

"Nnnnoooo," I groaned, trying to shake my head.

She held up her hand, I could see something oozing from the joints near the 
fingers.  I felt her start to trace over my body.  The clear shell that 
covered me did not dissolve this time, but softened where she touch, turning 
to an almost rubbery texture.  I felt my body start to shift.  It was like I 
was covered in armour or something.  I managed to move my head as she was 
working on my arm, then stopped, hoping she did not notice.  My arms were 
freed next, then she worked down over my legs.  She was still looking at my 
toes when I made my move.

I was off the bed and heading for the door in an instant.  I think I managed 
to make about three steps when there was this strange scratching and 
scraping noise behind me.  I ignored it.  I managed I think two more steps 
and it was as if I hit a brick wall.

My mind was screaming, "Run!" and my body was saying, "What is that?" and I 
found myself turning around.

It was like I was acting on remote control.  I found myself walking back 
towards the bed.  She was still there.  Waiting.  There was that strange 
clicking sound again and she turned around.

The chitinous plates which covered her rump had twisted up.  The edges 
brushing against each other causing the scratching sound.  The skin beneath 
them glistened as something oozed from it.  I tried to pull back, to fight 
it, but found myself approaching, lowering to my knees and pressing my head 
in against it.

I was trying to lap at it through the small opening and felt blissful relief 
as her hand caressed my lips, freeing them and I could cover the small area 
with my tongue.  I could feel the tears welling as I tried to pull myself 
away, but was not able.  It was like someone else was in control of my body.

It was not until the plates slid back across the opening that I found myself 
able to collapse back on the bed, weeping to myself.

I felt her hand stroking the back of my head.  I refused to admit it felt 
nice.  I knew my head was covered with the clear shell, but I could still 
feel her hand.

"You are tied to me now," she churred in my ear.  "There is a link between 
me and your body.  Treat me well and you shall be rewarded.  Treat me badly 
and I will take what I need.  That substance you are ingesting at the 
moment.  It will aid in the development of your body for my needs."

There was a sinking feeling within me.  I knew the words she was speaking 
were true, but I refused to accept them.  This was not permanently.  I was 
not going to remain here for the rest of my life, a consort for a bug.  I 
sniffed.  No, it would not end this way.

She chirps and I startled myself by chirping back, lifting my head.  I could 
feel my mouth forming into a tube which eagerly accepted the food tube she 
offered.  I tried to pull back, but was unable to control my movements.  She 
pushed me back on the bed and I felt her body brush against mine.

Something changed.  I sensed it somehow.  My body responding.  I had almost 
given up trying to do anything.

"Mmm..." she chuured, thick fluid pumping down my throat.  "I see you're 
responding very well my drone."

I felt a certain amount of pride at her words, but also repulsion.  I was 
not anyone's drone.  I was her drone.  I gasped as I found myself thinking 
the words, shaking my head, trying to pull free.

She stroked my head gently and I felt my penis, or at least the now fleshy 
length that had been my penis slide within her.  One part of me baulked, 
suddenly aware of the changed.  The hard coating was beginning to bond with 
my skin.  My testicles had swollen, disappearing into something which my 
brain informed me was used in some part of bug reproduction.

There was that sensation of something pulsing down my shaft again and I 
groaned.  It was not quite an orgasm, my body seemed to pull in on itself 
rather than push out.  I was trying to refuse the fact it felt good.

"Very good," she chuured softly, stroking my head as the tube withdrew.  The 
mating over I adopted the position.

I did not want to, but my body did it by itself.  I was aware it was 
something about her.  The closing of her covering I think that triggered it.  
Like everything else, I tried to fight it, but found myself loosing.  My 
body seemed to settle into the squatted position with disturbing ease.  My 
hands placed on my knees, head arched back to receive feeding or further 
substances from my mate.  My legs bent, leaving me in a squatting position.  
Perfect for the eggs I could feel growing inside me.

I shuddered inwardly, not moving on the outside.  I could feel the shell 
hardening into position.  The first egg would be laid soon.  My mind turned 
to escape, trapped within my own body, I felt a tear slip from my eye even 
as she approached, a reassuring chuur coming from her throat, one which I 
responded to my flexing muscles behind me I never knew I had.

Her had felt nice against my face, but one day I would escape.  I knew I 
would.  I had to believe I would.

I felt the egg start to push out from behind me, knowing it was the 
beginning of my decent into slavery.  But this drone was determined to 
escape.  One day I would... I was sure of it.

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