Keywords: Adult, Chemical, hypnosis, transformation, magical
Species: Wolf, Glider
By Divigon

This story was written for a friend of mine who has the character below
with the rather mysterious pouch.  The story itself was inspired somewhat
by the picture:
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Inaki by NeoGeen
Pouches By Divigon. "I hate to be rude," the wolf asked. "But what are you?" The light brown furred being looked up at the wolf. "I beg your pardon?" it asked in a soft voice. "I don't wish to be rude," apologised the wolf. "Its just I don't know what species you are. I can't say I've ever seen someone like you here before." The being turned to face the wolf, as if sizing him up, the wolf was a good deal taller, as well as being more muscled. It looked obvious who would win in a fight, except there was something in the eyes of the other. A hint of defiance or possibly even malice, as if there was more about this creature, something that wanted to remain hidden. "I am a glider," it said after some deliberation. "I'm not native to these parts, but I heard good things and thought I would visit. I have a nice tree out in the forest. Its quiet, I think I'll stay a while." "A tree eh?" replied the wolf. "I've never seen a tree house before... I wonder what its like." The glider rolled its eyes. "That is about the worst leading line I've ever heard," they said with a sigh. "Its small and cosy, would you like to see?" The wolf coughed into his beer. "Umm... sure..." he stammered, recovering before finishing the glass. "I can see you didn't expect that," replied the glider, smirking a little. "Ummm, no," said the wolf, slipping off his stool. "I'm Drem, by the way." "Inaki," replied the glider, taking the wolf's paw and threading its way through the crowd, its thick tail brushing against the wolf's thigh. Moments late they were outside and headed for the forest. The wolf's eyes were still adjusting to the dark when the glider pulled him off the path and down an almost invisible foot track, the trees growing larger and larger with every step. They had been walking for about twenty minutes when Inaki stopped at a massive tree. They stepped up to it and poked at some hidden knot hole, a small door pulling away silently revealing a soft glow from within. "Welcome," announced Inaki, stepping inside, and then gesturing for the wolf to join them. "It's not much, but its home." Drem looked around; the inside was lit with glow-stones, although here and there in the walls knotholes seemed to be positioned in almost perfect window locations. It was much larger than he expected, small steps leading both up and down. "Down is storage," explained Inaki, following his gaze. "This is the kitchen and general living area." As the glider spoke it removed its cloak and for the first time the wolf could see the distinctive furred flaps that joined its wrists to its ankles. "Do you want me to take that?" asked Inaki, gesturing to the wolf's own coat and belongings. "Sure," replied Drem, pulling himself out of the coat, leaving him his trousers. The glider ran its eyes over the wolf's uncovered body and gave a grin. "And upstairs," they continued as they placed things on the coat. "Is the entertaining area. Shall we?" They had already begun to ascend the steps without waiting for an answer, Drem following, admiring the darker fur and stripe that ran down the glider's back. The top room appeared to be a mass of cushions, pillows and other soft things, all pulled into a rather haphazard kind of nest. "This is where I sleep, relax and spend most of my time while I'm at home," explained Inaki. "It's a little unorthodox, but then again, so am I." They both grinned sheepishly and Drem followed the glider into the nest, the curve of the cushions naturally resting the two of them against each other. "This is quite... intimate..." murmured Drem, looking over Inaki's underside, his paw in the air, as if looking for somewhere to put it. The glider solved the dilemma by reaching up for the paw, then guiding it down to their own soft fur, smiling and giving a little wiggle. "It is, isn't it," they agreed. "You don't mind do you?" "Not at all," replied Drem, finding himself growing quite comfortable with the situation. His paw began to rub softly over Inaki's underside, roaming back and forth gently. "I am curious though," he asked. "Yes?" prompted the glider. "It may seem rude," hesitated the wolf. "But what sex are you?" Inaki gave a chuckle. "That is hard to say," they replied. "Sort of somewhere between both and none." "What do you mean?" asked the wolf puzzled. Inaki moved their hand, gently lifting the wolf's paw and guiding it down to their groin. Much to Drem's surprise his paw-pads only found soft fur, there was no hint of an opening, no bulge, it was smooth. "You're a neuter?" gasped the wolf, the amazement clear on his voice. "Not so much," responded Inaki. "Just different." They stroked softly over the back of Drem's paw, then slowly began to pull it upwards. About a third of the way up their belly, there was a ridge and Inaki smiled as the wolf rubbed his warm finger pads along it. "You have a pouch?" he asked in a hushed tone. "Yes," murmured Inaki, slipping their own fingertips under the flap of skin, opening it slightly for the wolf's paw. "So you're female then?" decided Drem. "Not quite," rumbled Inaki, leaning back with a purr, clearly enjoying the attention. "I provide the means of reproduction, but it's up to others exactly what sort of life is created." "Ahhum..." murmured Drem softly, he was resting now with his head on Inaki's chest, his paw probing deeper into the pouch. Above him the glider stroked softly at the wolf's head. "My body secretes a chemical in my pouch that makes others docile and relaxed when they come in contact with it," they continued to rumble softly. "Your paw pads would be coated in it by now, absorbing it into your skin, not to mention just the scent of it. It's nice isn't it... its makes you all relaxed and content, but wanting more... that's ok, I don't mind if you're after more..." Inaki's voice lowered slowly as Drem's muzzle snuffled softly down their underside. They lay back and purred as they felt the wolf's nose press against their opening, burrowing itself further inside. "Yes... that's nice..." they murmured as they stroked gently around the base of the lupine ears, the wolf's eyes unfocused. "Deeper and deeper you go... and now things begin to stir... but it's too late for you... not that you want to go, its so nice, you just want to stay and relax..." The glider looked down, feeling their tentacles stir from their hiding place, slowly locking around the wolf's head, pulling it in deeper, curling around his lips, slowly forcing his jaws apart, various fluids leaking down his throat, fluids he eagerly accepted, preparing him... Inaki closed their eyes, giving a little moan as they felt the thick tendril begin to slide into place, slipping past the wolf's maw and inching down his throat. Thick fluids began to leak from it as they tried to keep their body still, harder globules stretching the wolf jaws wide before they were gently forced down his throat, slipping into the broth that now filled his stomach. The glider gasped as fluids oozed from their tentacle, purring softly at the warm glow they felt, their tentacles slowly receding as they stroked over the wolf's head. Drem's muzzle was reluctantly released and rested on Inaki's belly, still covered by the thick fluids which began to harden in the air, the wolf's eyes closed in a deep induced sleep. Inaki smiled and curled up to their new host, the wolf responded by pressing his body in against them, already small changes were apparent, but more would be made before morning. They purred softly and closed their eyes, slipping into a deep sleep. Sunlight streamed in through one of the knotholes as Inaki woke, before them Drem was curled in a very canine fashion. The smiled and rubbed his side. "Morning sleepyhead," they said in a cheerful voice before stretching. Drem lifted his head slowly, blinked and stretched again and Inaki inspected the changes. The wolf's jaws were sealed, a hint of dried goo was visible on his fur, but otherwise it looked almost as if he never had a mouth. His paws had changed, becoming just a hint of their former selves. They had no nails and what had been fingers had shrunk to almost insignificant digits. The wolf gave a confused sound and pressed himself in against the glider who stroked him reassuringly. "Its ok, it's the first day of your incubation," they rumbled softly, petting him gently. They rolled the wolf easily onto his back, his body had changed, becoming more puppy like and they batted playfully at the folds of Inaki's skin. The glider smiled and ran a paw gently down over the wolf's groin, there was a vague lump, but nothing else, then they moved their hand higher, rubbing softly around the almost invisible line that was forming on their belly. "Oh yes, you'll be an excellent incubator," they rumbled softly. "Right now, your body is absorbing all the sperm you can produce, mixing it to produce young, you're quite virile, so you'll probably have twins... soon two eggs will start to form in your pouch, growing slowly until they're ready to be released... I'd say that would be about a month... until then, you're dependent on me... my own pet wolf, but you like that don't you..." Drem nodded, not understanding the glider's words, but his tail wagged and he nestled himself in against them, wanting to be close. He always wanted to be close...

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