Keywords: Hypnosis, Adult
Species: Human

	I think this is my only human/human story and where the humans
don't get transformed that I've ever written.
By Divigon

"And so, we meet at last," I said with a grin as I walked through 
the door.

My host followed, gesturing for me to make myself comfortable.  I 
nodded in thanks, slipping into the chair.  Geoff excused himself, 
to what I assumed was the kitchen, a voice calling back for me just 
to sit back and relax.  I looked around shaking my head.  Behind me 
the low slow tick of the grandfather clock sounded monotonously in 
my ear.  On the table, a wave machine tilted back and forth, so 
trendy in the eighties, but not so much now.  Even in front of me, 
his computer sat with its screen saver, slowly rotating spirals 
which flashed through various colours.  Then in the background Geoff 
reassuring voice telling me to sit back, get comfortable and relax.

He walked back in, carrying two cans of drink which he placed on the 
table before sitting opposite me.  By this stage I had adopted a 
slumped pose, eyes half closed, staring unfocused at the wall.  He 
looked at me, I could see him hold his breath for an instant.

"How do you feel?" he asked softly.

"Relaxed..." I replied in a drooling monotone.  Then I snapped my 
head up and looked across at him.

"Its not going to work," I announced.

"What?" he said, jumping a little at my sudden movements.

"Oh, come on," I scoffed.  "The clock, this wave machine and the 
computer screen.  Ok, I'll admit to liking the idea of hypnosis, but 
I'm not going to fall for it that easily."

For a moment he seemed a little hurt, then he must have reached some 
sort of decision for he sat up, then unplugged the wave machine and 
carried it out of the room.  A few seconds later he returned, turned 
off the computer and made some adjustment to the clock, the loud 
ticking softening to something much more reasonable.  He sat down 

"I'm sorry," he apologised.  "I just sort of got carried away with 
the idea.  I don't know, for some reason I thought being about to 
put you under without you knowing would be a big kick.  You know, a 
little like seduction."

I shook my head.  "Ok, I can see where you're coming from, but that 
is too far out there.  The idea of hypnotism is strange, but maybe 
I'll let someone, possibly even you, do it, but if I do, I will 
explicitly allow it.  None of this against your will stuff."

Geoff nodded.

"Ok," he said.  "I can respect that."

"Good," I said smiling.  "You obviously seem to like the idea of 
putting me under."

He nodded, looking a little embarrassed.

"Yeah, well... I've been thinking about it," he admitted bashfully.

"I noticed," I said with a grin.  I opened my can, sipping at the 
cool liquid.  "So, ever hypnotised anyone before?"

"A couple of time," he replied.  "Mainly at parties and things.  
Nothing too major, the standard sorts of suggestions.  You know, you 
have a balloon attached to your wrist and the person's arm begins to 
rise.  That sort of stuff."

I cocked my head, "That actually works?" I asked.

"Sure," he came back with.  "Depends on the person of course, and 
their level of suggestibility.  Some people just can't be 
hypnotised.  Well, they probably can be, but it takes an awful lot 
and its something I wouldn't do.  With other people they go under in 
a matter of seconds."

"Why do you do it?" was the next question, that stumped him for a 

"I'm not sure," he said slowly.  "I'll admit the power thing gives 
me a bit of a buzz, but I only do it to people who are willing.  
Everyone I've done it to seems to like it, I mean I haven't had any 
complaints, but its hard to explain.  I mean, you've mentioned 
before that you'd like to try it, why?"

Now it was my turn to think.

"Good question," I murmured thoughtfully.  "Well, the idea of not 
being in control scares the living daylights out of me, but at the 
same time seems to have a strange rush associated with it, it you 
understand what I'm saying?"

He nodded and I seized the chance to get back it interrogating him.

"How do you actually get someone to go under?" I fired off my next 

"Well," came the reply after a moment of thought.  "That depends on 
the person and the situation.  There are all manner of ways of 
getting people to go under.  The trick is you need to distract the 
mind with something, then while to consciousness is distracted you 
can get in and communicate to the subconscious.  That is the thing 
with the classic watch swinging, the person is concentrating so hard 
on watching the watch they don't notice the hypnotist talking in the 
background, winning their trust and finally putting them under."

"Cool," I said with a grin.

"You want to try it," pounced Geoff, sensing my interest.

"I.. errr..." I hesitated.  "Ummm, what would happen to me."

"Well, I'd probably just put you into a light trance, see how 
susceptibility you were to that, then see if you liked it and if you 
wanted to go deeper.  The important thing to remember is that being 
hypnotised won't make you do things against your will.  Its 
suggestion only.  If your subconscious doesn't like the idea, then 
you won't do it.  Its that simple."

I nodded, looking a little nervous.

"Ok..." I said slowly.  "If I let you put me under, you won't get me 
doing any of those weird things they show in the tv, like acting 
like a chicken and all that."

He shook his head solemnly, "Never."

"Ok," said apprehensively, mouthing the worlds "Seize the day" under 
my breath.  "Ummm, where do you want me?"

He looked around for a moment, then pushed a couple of pillows to 
one end of the sofa, gesturing for me to lie down.  I kicked off my 
shoes and lay back, moving the pillows until I was comfortable.  I 
placed my hands down my side and looked across at Geoff.

"Comfortable?" he asked, taking something from his pocket.

"Yeap," I replied, my eyes going to the crystal which he dangled 
from a thread from his palm.  "Ahhh, that is going to be your 
replacement watch is it?"

He smiled, raising his hand so the polished stone hung over my nose.

"Yes," he said softly.  "Now, just look at the crystal.  Study it, 
don't worry about anything else, remember you can't do anything 
against your will and I would never do anything to hurt you."

I remained silent but my eyes find themselves locking on the small 
crystal, it was about an inch and a half long, wider at the base and 
in a sort of teardrop shape.  It was one of those things you found 
at gift shops, cut so it looked like a diamond, the light reflecting 
around inside it.  Above me I could hear Geoff voice.

"Look at the crystal," he continued.  "See how the light bounces 
around inside it, reflecting off the sides as it travels deeper 
within the stone.  Look hard at it, focus, make sure you can see all 
the edges and the sparkling light."

I blinked my eyes, looking up at the crystal and the small flashes 
as it turned a little.  Slowly Geoff began to move it, my eyes 
locked onto it as it travelled across my face.

"That's right," he said reassuringly.  "Follow the crystal, your 
eyes can't move as they look deep, deep inside it.  Can you feel 
yourself focusing on the crystal, nothing else is important, just 
the crystal and my voice.  Just look, listen and relax.  Relax..."

As he talked I was vaguely aware of the room dimming, my perception 
focusing on the sparkling crystal as it moved above me, his voice 
talking monotonously somewhere in the background.

Geoff kept up his repetitively talk, continuous telling me to relax, 
focus on the crystal and his voice, just relax, look at them.  
Slowly he began to move the stone back over the top of my head.  I 
felt my eyes beginning to strain as they followed the stone and was 
quite relieved to hear I could close them to let my eyes relax.

My eyes closed, then opened again slowly as I blinked, my eyelids 
feeling heavy.  Gradually they closed again and I felt myself 
sinking deep, deep into the couch.  My entire body relaxing.  The 
soothing voice continued its monologue somewhere behind me, I knew 
it was important to listen, but I did not seem to comprehend, but 
that was ok, because I was nice and relaxed.

I had this urge to being counting.

"One hundred," I heard a sleep voice announce, somewhere deep within 
my registered it must be my voice.

"Ninety nine... ninety eight...ninety seven..."

By sixty the numbers were a little slurred, but that was all right 
because I was sinking deeper into the trance.  My body was limp on 
the cushions, half splayed out over the couch.  By the thirties, the 
numbers were barely a mumble, but I knew I was counting, heading for 
that completely relaxed ground floor.

"Zero," I heard myself say, my eyes opening gradually as I looked 

"How do you feel?" asked Geoff, looking a little bemused from where 
he sat near my head on the table.

"Relaxed..." I replied.  "Sleepy too and very comfortable."

He smiled.  

"That's good," he said.  "Do you know what has happened to you?"

"I'm in a trace," I said with almost no hesitation.

"Correct," he said.  "Just a light one.  Can you feel the helium 
balloon I tied to your left wrist, its like your arm, light, very 
light, pulling everything up towards the ceiling."

I wanted to groan, not that thing again then stared in disbelief as 
my left arm began to slowly rise.  I was completely dumb-struck as 
it moved up, ending point at the ceiling.

"And, it looks like the balloon is caught up there, you can't seem 
to pull it down can you."

I gave my wrist a few experimental tugs, but it barely moved.  I 
reached over and pushed it down with my other hand, it was hard to 
move and bounced back as soon as I took the pressure off it.

"Ooops," said Geoff suddenly with a grin.  "The string just broke."

Immediately my arm fell onto the cushions.

"Do you know why that happened?" he asked, looking at me.

My mind churned slowly, there seemed to be a lot to process.

"Because I am hypnotised," I replied after a while.  "You suggested 
my arm was light and my body believed you, making it so."

He nodded, relaxing a little.

"Correct.  So, like you said, you are currently in a light trance.  
Not really under my power as such, but fairly open to any 
suggestions I make.  What do you think of it?"

"Its strange," came my distant reply.  "I don't really feel like I 
am.  I can sort of tell something is different, but I'd say I could 
break out of it if I needed to."

He nodded again, "Most probably.  So, do you like this feeling?"

"Yes," I replied after contemplating for a moment.

"Do you want to go deeper?" was his next question.

"Yes," I found myself saying, and the strange thing was, I did.

He grinned again, holding the crystal out for me to see.

"Remember what effect this had on you before?" he asked, then 
continued before I had a chance to answer.  "It made you relax, you 
liked relaxing, just look at the crystal and feel yourself drifting 
deeper... deeper..."

My eyes locked onto the crystal once more and I found myself sinking 
lower, my eyelids closing as I gave in to the power of the crystal.  
For some reason I was getting into a lift, a very relaxing lift 
which took me deeper and deeper, more relaxed at each floor that it 
passed.  There were a lot of floors.  The lift stopped and my eyes 
opened, my head felt heavy as I announced in a slumbering tone that 
I was on the ground floor.

I blinked a few times and looked around the room, Geoff had left and 
I eased myself into a sitting position.  It took some effort to keep 
my head from lolling forward and my eyes steadied on an apple on the 
table.  My stomach grumbled and I knew Geoff would not mind me 
having it.  A heavy hand reached out, encircling the apple.  I tried 
to pick it up, but I could not.  It was just too heavy.

I gave the apple a confused look, then tried with both hands, 
kneeling beside the table.  The apple refused to budge.  I peered at 
it, it was a normal looking apple, red with a few brown spots.  
Tentatively I poked at it.  It felt like a normal apple, but when I 
started to push, my finger just buckled.  I was contemplating my 
situation when Geoff seemed to materialise, he must have snuck in 
from somewhere.

"What's the problem?" he asked in a concerned tone.

"I can't pick up this apple," I replied.  "Its just too heavy for 

He reached down, easily picking it up with one hand.

"This one?" he asked, offering it out.

"How...?" I started, then Geoff tossed the fruit to me.  My hands 
immediately went to catch it.  I did manage to get them around it, 
but I could not hold the weight.  It passed through my palms like a 
bowling ball, hit the cushions with a soft thump and bounced before 
coming to a stop.

Geoff giggled as I looked on in amazement.

"How...?" I began again and he silenced me with a finger.

"How do you feel?" he asked.

"Relaxed..." I replied immediately.  "Warm, safe and relaxed.  My 
low voice sounding a little strange."

"And that is...?" he began.

"Because I have been hypnotised," I finished for him before 
continuing.  "I have been placed in a deep trace which has improved 
my suggestibility."

I blinked a few times as I listened to myself.  I did not feel as if 
I was in a trance.

Geoff nodded, "Correct and I had given you a suggestion that the 
apple was too heavy for you to lift.  A suggestion that I now 
remove.  Try to pick up the apple now."

My hand reached down and grasped the cold fruit.  I fully expected 
to have my arm ripped out of my socket, but instead I hefted the 
small apple easily.  It was just a normal apple.

"Wow..." I said slowly.

He smiled and looked at me.

"What else did you do to me?" I asked, my voice sounding strangely 
distant and my mind seemed to have trouble forming some of the 

"Just the apple," he said.  "I wanted to see how you reacted, oh, I 
also suggested that you could not see me until I moved.  Could you?"

I shook my head.  It felt like moving a freight train and I drifted 
back down until I was sitting on the couch.

"What do you think?" was the next question.

"Its weird.  Not frightening, just... well.. different," was the 

"Do you want to come to this state again?"

My mind turned slowly before I nodded adding a sleepy "Yes..."

Geoff smiled, the crystal coming out of his pocket.  My eyes fixed 
on it and I heard his soothing voice just telling me to relax... and 
the lights slowly dimmed.

There was the word five and my eyes flicked open.

"How do you feel?" asked a curious Geoff from his spot on the table.

"Great," I said.  "Invigorated, fresh and ready to go.  Oh, you 
didn't give me one of those 'wake up feeling great' things did you, 
that is so predictable."

He looked down, "Sorry, it was the only thing I could think of."

He looked up as I pulled myself into a sitting position.

"So," he said recovering.  "That was hypnosis.  What did you think?"

"Interesting," I replied.  "A little freaky, but worth the 
investigation I think."

"What do you remember of it?"

I gave Geoff I brief run down of what I could remember which was 
surprisingly little.  There was lots of relaxing things, I could 
feel myself getting deeper and deeper, the balloon and the apple 
were definitely highlights though.

"How long do you think you were under for?" he asked after I had 

"Hmmm," I contemplated, doing some mental arithmetic.  "I'd go for 
about an hour and a half."

He smiled, then pointed to the clock behind me and my jaw almost hit 
the floor.

I had arrived just before eleven and it was now after six.

"Seven hours!" I exclaimed.

He nodded, then went into damage control.

"Don't worry about catching the bus home.  I've got a spare room.  
You can stay the night, then leave in the morning.  Actually, you 
already said you'd do that, I just thought I'd remind you."

Somewhere, I knew he was right.  I could vaguely remember suggesting 
that it would be ok and would save me a hellish bus trip home.

I peered at him

"You gave me some post hypnotic suggestions didn't you?" I demanded.

"You're not..." he began then stopped, realising he had put his foot 
in it.  He nodded slowly.  "Yes, I did."

"What do they do?" I wanted to know, feeling a little violated.

"They're nothing serious," he said hastily.  "Two of them are 
deepening in case you want to go under again, the other one just 
lets you talk openly about how you felt?"

I could see the sense in the first two, but the second one.

"How I felt?" I muttered, "Felt about what?"

"Being hypnotised," he recovered.  "You said before that you 
sometimes hide your feelings, so I thought this would let you talk 
freely about them."

"I would always talk freely if you asked me," I scoffed.

"Would you?"  he countered.  "Ok then, how did you feel when you 
were being hypnotised?"

"It was nice," I began.  "Strange, but sort of warm.  I felt safe, 
very safe and there was something else.  Arousal."

I stopped, I would not talk about something like that.

"Arousal?" pried Geoff.  "How so?"

"Well," my mouth kept moving, I could not stop.  "The thought of 
someone else, well, taking control was just very arousing for me.  I 
mean, I had an erection as soon as I started to go under and I must 
have had it for a while after that because I can feel the fluids on 
my boxer shorts."

I shut up then, horrified at myself.

"See what I mean?" he said with a sly smile.

I did not want to admit it, but I was aroused by the situation, I 
could not help it.  I just found it so, well, arousing.

"Don't worry," he said quickly as he noticed me turning a deep red 
in embarrassment.  "You only have that sort of freedom if you are 
alone with me and if it is something to do with hypnosis.  I knew 
you would hate the idea of being accidentally triggered as it were, 
so I put in enough safe guards so that would not happen.  Also, I 
would like to tell you that you did agree to them when I proposed 
the ideas to you."

I nodded, I could believe it.  In a strange way it made warped 

"Its just sort of frightening to hear me talk like that," I managed 
to say.

"Like what exactly?" he asked, concerned.

"About what arouses me like," I began.  "And especially to another 
guy.  Ok, I can imagine me telling that to a girlfriend, assuming 
the situation was right, but not to a guy.  No offence, but I sort 
of find it with gay overtones and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with 

"How do you mean?" he enquired.

"Well," I started off again, feeling as if I was talking to a 
counsellor.  "Two men talking about what kinks turn them on is not 
what I considered normal heterosexual men to be doing.  And I also 
consider myself a normal heterosexual guy."

Geoff looked a little down at that.

"What," I asked.  "Didn't you know?"

"I wasn't sure," he replied.  "I was sort of hoping... Don't worry.  
I can respect that you are straight.  I'm sorry, I did not mean to 
make you feel uncomfortable.  You don't feel uncomfortable now that 
you know I'm gay do you?"

I shivered as my mind produced mental pictures of what he was hoping 
for, but then shook my head.

"No," I said truthfully.  "I don't mind people, be they gay, bi, 
straight or otherwise.  They can do whatever turns them on as far as 
I'm concerned.  I mean, if I enjoyed getting hypnotised, why can't 
they enjoy the company of the football team, however I would start 
to get uncomfortable if people began to start to try imposing their 
sexuality on me.  I don't go around preaching that being gay is a 
sin or anything like that and I sure as hell know enough people who 
would, but similarly I like other people to respect my choices.  I 
will admit on one or two occasions I have been curious, but that 
doesn't mean I'm gay and there is definitely no way I could go all 
the way with another man, but now I'm beginning to rant, so I'll 
stop now.  Did that make sense?"

Geoff nodded.

"I can see where you are coming from," he said slowly.  "I'm sorry 
if I got you a little worried or anything, but like I said, I would 
never do anything against your wishes."

I nodded.

"Thanks," I said.

"Dinner?" he asked and I suddenly noticed my stomach was beginning 
to growl.

We both retreated to the kitchen before raiding the fridge and 
rustling up something that can only be described as bachelor food.  
It was nice, probably fattening and I ate way too much.  Afterwards 
we moved back to the lounge and I collapsed, bloated onto the couch.  
For a while we discussed this and that, but it was obvious we were 
both thinking about another session.  By the time Geoff had begun 
fingering his magic crystal I had done most of my digesting and was 
feeling quite content.

"Shall we?" enquired Geoff, dangling the crystal before me.

I smiled and nodded, feeling my body already starting to relax.  I 
sat back, but after the meal, but waistband was pressing in too 
hard.  My eyes were already fixed on the swaying stone and it took a 
lot of willpower to look away.

"Wait," I said as Geoff stopped, looking a little surprised.  

"Jeans are too tight," I explained.  "Ummm..."

I squirmed in the chair, but nothing seemed to help.  Then I had the 
brain wave.  I stood, unbuttoned my jeans and let them fall to the 
floor, standing in my long silk boxers.  Geoff stood there silently 
for a moment, swallowing nervously.  Strangely I did not feel too 
perturbed, then a thought hit me.

"This isn't one of your suggestions is it?" I demanded.

"," Geoff stammered.  "I would never make you do something like 

I nodded and lay back on the couch, feeling much better since I had 
removed the restrictive jeans.

"Ready?" asked Geoff, running his eyes over the more of my body.

"Yeap," I said, looking up at the crystal which begin to sway and 
flicker before me, darkness descending around me...

"How do you feel?" asked a voice.

My mind churned, seeking a reference point.  I was lying on a couch, 
relaxed.  Hypnotised.  I had been hypnotised. I was hypnotised, but 
I was safe.  Safe and secure and free to talk.  Talk about how I 

"Relaxed," I murmured.

"Good," said a voice soothingly.

"Safe..." I continued.  "Aroused."

It was true, I liked being hypnotised, it turned me on, but at the 
moment I was relaxed more than anything.

"Open your eyes," said the voice.  "Your body can move if it needs 
to, but you'll still be hypnotised... and safe... and relaxed..."

My eyes opened and I looked around.  I was still lying on the couch.  
I squirmed up a bit, getting myself a little more comfortable.  
Something was wrong.  I looked down, feeling as my penis began to 
harden, its modest length sliding through the silken slit in my 
boxers.  That was better, now I was aroused.

I noticed Geoff looking down between my legs.

"What is the matter?" I said a little confused, my voice sounding 
distant to my ears.

"Aren't you uncomfortable being erect in front of another guy?" he 

I thought, then shook my head slightly.

"No," I said simply.  "I'm straight, but I can't see a problem with 
being aroused near you.  Its not your fault and you did not do 
anything to encourage it, well, beside hypnotise me."

As I drawled the long sentence I found my hand beginning to move 
slowly, I already knew where it was going and found my penis 
beginning to anticipate the touch.  Geoff's eyes flicked to my 
slowly moving hand and he turned a bright red.

"Are you going to masturbate?" he asked directly.

"Yes..." I whispered softly, "I'm horny."

To me it seemed a natural solution.

He swallowed, seeming on the verge of something.  My hand was about 
to touch my length when he spoke again.

"Do you want to try something different," he ventured.

"Different?" I asked, my hand stopping.

"Instead of masturbation," he said.

"I... ummm..." my penis longing for physical contact.  "Will I like 

"Most probably," he said.  "It involves more hypnosis."

I shivered.  More hypnosis meant more arousal.  Then I nodded.

"Right," murmured Geoff.  "You'll have to listen to me then, listen 
and focus on my voice, feel yourself surrender control to me..."

For the first time I was actually aware of Geoff guiding me further 
into my trance.

"Just relax..." he began.  "You can feel your feet relaxing, your 
legs relaxing as you focus in on my voice.  All of that tension, 
stress and physical energy flowing around your body.  Can you feel 

I moved my head limply.

"Now I want you to feel that energy being funnelled around your 
body, its travelling up from your legs and gathering in your 
scrotum.  Can you feel it pooling between your legs, all the stress 
and tension from your arms, your legs, all travelling to your groin.  
So much energy that your groin is beginning to tingle.  You can feel 
the tingling, spreading over your scrotum and now up, through your 
body towards your penis.  Its making your penis so hard, harder than 
its ever been, its now a sexual energy, spawned from your arousal 
from hypnosis.  Its making your penis throb, desperate for relief, 
longing for your touch, but you can't touch it because your body is 
so relaxed so it needs more energy,  for that you need to go deeper.  
Feel it, the deeper you sink the more aroused you get, feel your 
penis throb, you know you will be able to climax once you sink deep 

On the couch I gave the best groan I could considering my body was 
as limp as a rag doll.  The only exception was my penis and scrotum.  
My scrotum felt as if it was the size of a watermelon while my penis 
was begging to burst.  I was desperate for relief and felt myself 
falling back one glass ceiling after another.  With barely a sigh I 
hit the ground, my penis suddenly exploding with blessed relief, 
spraying what seemed like gallons of my seed over my head, chest and 

Somewhere, deep in the back of my brain the ongoing pleasure 
registered as being associated with being hypnotised.

There was the word five and my eyes flicked open.  I groaned, my 
penis was still stiff and my body was covered in my juice but my 
testicles ached, albeit a deeply pleasant throbbing.

"Here," said a voice and it took me a while to register Geoff 
handing me a towel.  I kept seeing stars every time I blinked.

I looked down at the mess on my chest.

"Is this just me?" I asked slowly, my mouth muscles having 
difficulty working after being so relaxed.  My tongue licking over a 
thick salty fluid on my lips.  I knew what it was and it tasted 
strangely good.

"Yeap," said Geoff.  "Just you."

He shuffled awkwardly.

"I did visit my room before waking you up," he admitted sheepishly.  
"But I never touched you."

I wiped away some of the milky fluid.  

"Wow," I said.  "I may have to do that again some time..."

"Yes," murmured Geoff looking me over as I cleaned up.  "Maybe you 

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