Keywords: Transformation, Adult, Merging
Species: Human, Alien
Giga and Tel
By Divigon

The aliens had only just been discovered when Brian signed up with 
the Earth Space Exploration Corp.  Despite their looks, they were a 
peaceful race.  Similar to humans in that their ancestors had 
fought many wars before joining together for the benefit of their 
planet, they now explored the stars looking for other species and 
intelligent life.

While the philosophers argued about the definition of intelligent 
life, both races discovered many lifeforms.  Once the problem of 
the speed of light had been overcome, planetary travel outside of 
our solar systems became a reality.  As was expected, there were 
trillions of stars out there, most had their own planets, but the 
conditions for life were harder to find.  Probes were sent out to 
reconnoitre for possible planets, planets with an atmosphere, water 
and the right distance from the sun.  Based on the information 
returned, expeditions were mounted to check the most likely 

They discovered early on that the universe was full of life, but 
finding a species the same age as humanity was decidedly harder.  
On one planet they found vast ruins of an ancient, massively 
advanced civilisation, but not a trace of any life on it.  On 
another, they found a species which anthropologists likened to 
early humans, but it would be several millennia before they were 
walking fully upright and communicating coherently.

It was on a planet given the auspicious name of Echo-November 
thirty-nine twelve two, the name based on its sun's co-ordinates 
from Earth, that everything changed.  A probe had picked up a 
possible life bearing planet and a scout ship was sent to inspect.  
The scout ship took up orbit and was about to send down a shuttle 
when the ship's computer issued a collision warning and 
automatically took evasive action.

When the commotion had died down and they had ascertained they were 
safe, the captain tried to figure out what had almost hit them.  It 
turned out to be another ship.  A ship not from earth and, at that 
point in time, the occupants of the ship were trying to figure out 
what had almost hit them.

The computers conquered communication way before either side did 
and so the first few meetings were typed out on vastly different 
keyboards.  They called themselves the Kiora and were also 
investigating the planet for lifesigns.  Ironically, the planet had 
no intelligent life on it.  EN-3912,2 became the base of 
communication and trade between the two species and Brian found 
himself assigned there during the construction phase of the first 
buildings.  The politicians back on Earth officially gave the 
planet some deep and meaningful name, but all the inhabitants just 
called it Enthree.

To the humans, the Kiora were a strange alien race, fitting what 
most science fiction writers had only dreamed of.  Humanoid in 
appearance, but scaled, with green skin to protect them UV rays on 
their home planet.  Their ancestors were carnivorous which lead to 
a scary appearance, the human's nicknaming them "dragons," 
"scalies" or "lizards."  There was a clear delineation between the 
sexes.  The obvious females were smaller and more diminutive than 
the males.  They also lacked a tail and some males even had wings.  
The male's backs were covered in thick armoured scales and bulging 
muscles.  Long teeth and claws did not help the ease the human's 
appreciation of them.

However, Brian found that once you got to meet them and the 
language problem was solved they were a nice species, gentle, 
thoughtful and caring.  He got along well with them.  This lead to 
him being promoted through the ranks until he ended up as a liaison 
officer.  By this stage he could speak a passable version of the 
Kiora's dialect. Most human's had trouble due to the Kiora's forked 
tongue allowing them to give strange incantations to common 

Brian first met Shalid one morning when he reported to work.  She 
was to be his opposite number on the Kiora's team.  At first he was 
a little apprehensive, it was a big honour to work directly with 
one of them, especially with none of the scientists hovering about 
to see what they could gleam from the other side.  However, during 
the course of the day he began to relax, getting use to her 
presence and she with him.  After a few weeks he barely noticed her 
species.  He would walk into the office and perform his tasks with 
the aid of his colleague.  He found himself working through lunch 
with her and occasionally escorting her home after work.

One day he found himself hovering behind Shalid while she typed 
something up on her terminal.  She gestured him closer to get a 
better look and he lent down, staring intently at the screen.  
Suddenly the numbers seemed to blur and he shook his head, aware of 
the heat radiating from her scales.  She tilted her head and gave 
him a quizzical look through her slitted pupils, asking him if 
everything was all right.

"Yes," he stammered, snapping out of his daydream.  "Just sort of 
lost it there for a moment."

"Ahhh..." she nodded, stretching her long neck as he walked back to 
his desk.  "You've probably been working too long, you should take 
some time off."

He muttered something in agreement before burying himself in his 
work.  However his mind was unable to stop thinking of her and he 
kept stealing glances at her.  Each time he looked up, Shalid would 
be looking back at him, smiling softly.  He felt like a mouse being 
watched by a hawk.

"I've got to go," he bluffed, reaching for his coat.  "Doctors 

Shalid watched him leave silently, a longing beginning to form deep 
within her body.

For the rest of the day Brian kept seeing visions of Shalid where 
ever he looked.  Panic stricken, he fled for home, locking himself 
inside his cubical before sliding into bed.  Falling into a deep, 
tortured sleep.

He looked down at the open door, watching a familiar silhouette 
fill it.  The Kiora stepped forward, Shalid's green scales becoming 
visible as she let the robe slip from her shoulders.  Brian took a 
deep breath as her previously unseen belly scales were revealed.  
She advanced on the bed, pulling the sheets away from his body 
before moving up slowly to kneel on his thighs.  Her body warm 
against his.  She reached out, guiding his hands to her breasts.  
They were different from a humans, but just as nice.  

Shalid gave a sigh of pleasure as he played with her nipples, her 
talons caressing his length to full attention.  Her hips moved 
forward, slick lips enveloping him in her hot body as they both 
gave gasps of delight.  She began slow, building up a rhythm as 
Brian's hips rotated.  He felt himself approaching the edge and his 
shaft suddenly stiffened as she arched back, their pleasure 
culminating at the same instant.  Brian's eyes snapped open in time 
to catch his second wave of seed spurt from his aching shaft, 
arcing over his body before pooling on his chest.

He looked around the empty room, remembering the dream as his body 
continued to shudder in pleasure.  Eventually he gathered enough 
strength to stand, taking a shower to clean up before tumbling back 
into bed.

"Good morning Brian," offered Shalid the next day.  "Sleep well?"

"Morning, yes I..." he stopped.  There seemed to be something extra 
in her voice, almost as if she knew something.  A shiver passed 
over his body as he looked at her unreadable smiling face.

Not much work got done that day.

That night Brian offered to walk Shalid back to her quarters.  An 
offer she accepted willingly.  They made small talk until they 
reached her door.

"May I invite you in?" she asked almost hesitatingly.

Brian paused.  To him it was clear that there was something going 
on between them.  Now was the time to either break it off or if he 
went inside, to see how things would pan out.

"Certainly," he replied after considering his options.

Her quarters were small, but surprisingly spacious.  The standard 
three rooms, one bedroom, bathroom and a general purpose room.  It 
was decorated in a soft blue which somehow accented her scales.  On 
one wall was a large poster of a dragon in flight.  Brian 
recognised it as being from Earth.

"Please, make yourself at home," she offered, disappearing into the 
bedroom.  "I'll just get out of my work things."

Brian sat himself down on the large couch, looking down at the 
small table and almost choking when he saw the copy of "The Joy of 
Sex" left on the top.  Small bits of paper marking several of the 

The bedroom door opened and Shalid walked out, an almost see 
through piece of cloth hanging from her shoulders.  Brian blinked a 
few times and felt familiar stirrings within his body.  He looked 
around desperately for something to latch onto, some way of 
starting the conversation.

"Interesting book," he blurted out, regretting it almost before the 
words left his mouth.

Shalid looked down at it.

"Yes, it is," she said.  "You humans are somewhat different to us 
when it comes to the act of mating."

Brian's head jerked back.  

"We are?" he asked incredulously.

"Indeed," she replied.  "In fact, your definitions of the sexes is 
quite, well, alien to us, if you'll excuse the term."

"Sexes?" repeated Brian looking a little lost.  "How do you mean."

"Well," she started, sitting down next to him.  She opened the book 
to a page showing a naked couple.  "You have a male and a female.  
Together you mate to produce your offspring."

"And you have?" he inquired, turning to face her.

"We have the Giga and Tel." she explained.  "You refer to me as a 
female, but in reality I am Giga.  Currently I am unable to bear 
young.  That will not happen until I have joined and become Tel."

"Ummm, okay..." murmured Brian, trying to think it through and 
translate things into some form he could understand.  "So if you 
are a Giga, what are those ones we call male?"

"They are the Tel."

"Ahhh.  And they raise your young?"

"No, they have the young, but the young are raised by the Giga."

"Ok, now I'm confused," said Brian, his mind in a spin.  "The Tel, 
which are the ones with the tails, have your babies, but the babies 
are raised by the Giga, who in turn change into Tels.  Right?"

She nodded, "That is the simple explanation."

Now it was Brian's turn to nod.  "Ok, that would explain your 
breasts.  You suckle your young I take it."

"Correct," came the answer.  "Although the milk itself is almost 
redundant now that we are omnivores.  For our ancestors, who were 
carnivores, it was a necessity as our young lacked the digestive 
tract to effectively digest meat until they were several months 

"But I still don't understand," said Brian puzzled.  "How do you 
change from Giga to Tel?  Is it some sort of mutation, a hormonal 
thing or what?"

Shalid smiled.

"I could show you if you like," she offered slowly pulling one side 
of the cloth down to expose a shoulder..

Brian almost choked, it was not the best display of seduction he 
had ever seen, but after five years countless light years from 
Earth he did not need much.  Besides that, he had finally realised 
he had been longing for Shalid's touch since they first met.

"I would like you to do that," he said equally slowly, looking at 
her reptilian eyes.

The remainder of the thin material fell to the couch and Brian got 
his first true look at a naked Kiora.  Even though she had 
corrected him, he still thought of her as a female. Shalid's body 
shape was similar to a humans.  Slender, with wider hips and a 
narrow waist, shapely thighs and a pair of very attractive breasts.  
As he expected, her underside had smaller, somehow finer scales and 
was a paler green in colouring.  His eyes travelled down to between 
her legs and he raised one eyebrow curiously as he saw no 
noticeable marks on their hairless join.

She remained silent while he completed her inspection.  When he 
looked back to her eyes she smiled.

"I shall need you naked as well," she said.  "Assuming you still 
want to participate.  I should emphasise, this is not something to 
take lightly, the implications can be more complicated than it 
first seem."

He nodded, beginning to unbutton his shirt and tug at his clothes.

"I understand."

She bowed her head, watching his body reveal itself.

"I should explain," she began.  "I do not choose a prospective 
partner.  That is done by my body.  It knows when a suitable other 
is found.  Then I begin to notice the changes.  Most of them are 
chemical, preparing my body, the others are physical."

"Changes?" echoed Brian, the last of his clothes joined Shalid's 

"Yes," she said.  "I believe you have noticed the change in my 
scent.  Your body appears to have been receptive to it.  A good 

She looked down, Brian's length was already fully erect and he 
looked a little embarrassed.

"Do not fret," she said.  "The important thing is I will not hurt 
you.  Of that I promise."

He nodded silently, watching as she stood.

"At this stage, the only other sign you would notice would be my 
change in colouring."

He looked a little confused.  Then Shalid turned around.

Her normally emerald green scales had been changed to a dull red, 
in some places they were brighter and the area around the base of 
her spine was literally a spiderweb of bright crimson.  She looked 
over her shoulder, slowly lowering herself into a kneeling 
position, spreading her legs a little.

Between her buttocks a crack in her smooth scales appeared.  A rich 
enticing scent wafting over Brian and his mind was overcome with 
lust.  Milky juices began to dribble down her inner thigh and in 
barely an instant he was behind her, his body longing to touch 

She relaxed her muscles, the slit closing and the scent eased, 
driving some of the lust from his brain.  

"Last chance to back out," she said slowly.  "Are you sure you want 
to do this?"

"Yes," he nodded, watching as her smile widened.

"Then I believe you get the general idea of what you need to do," 
she said coyly, inner muscles moving and the magical door drifted 
open once more.

Brian felt the red mist of lust descend over his mind and he 
virtually lunged forward.  His shaft ached to enter her.  It took 
but a moment of manoeuvring and his tip pierced her lips.  With a 
primal groan he thrust himself in, burying himself deep within her 
folds.  The sensations were indescribable.  She seemed searing hot, 
her inner walls massaging his full length.  He had no urge to pull 
out, in fact he found himself pushing harder, trying to get himself 
deeper inside.

His body crawled over hers.  His skin shivering where it touched 
her dull red scales.  He liked the feeling and tried to mould 
himself over her body.  His arms reaching down hers, his chest flat 
across her back while his tongue licked the base of her skull.  Her 
inner ministrations continued, his ball sac occasionally brushing 
across her smooth crotch as his legs entwined around hers.

He gave a soft groan, unsure of how much time had passed since it 
first began, but it did not matter.  He seemed to be rising from 
one plateau to another.  Each time he thought he would reach the 
edge, she would alter something a minute amount and he would 
achieve a new layer of pleasure.  He felt her scales begin to 
shiver and sensed that she too was nearing the end.  He moved his 
hips a fraction, the extra friction too much and with a bestial 
groan he exploded his seed deep within her searing folds. Shalid 
bucked under him, her body spasming at it heated against his skin, 
her hidden lips grasping tightly at his shaft.  He felt another 
orgasm pass over him as his super sensitive length seemed to swell 
again and he gave a second groan.

It happened a third time, and then a forth.  By his fifth climax, 
Brian was almost too weak to move.  His head sagged against her 
neck as the rest of his body draped over hers.  Something seemed to 
press against his lips and he gave in almost immediately, letting 
the organ that emerged from beneath her scales into his mouth.  
Beneath him, Shalid gave a contented rumble, keeping her body 
still.  It was important not to dislodge her partner or the joining 
may not take.  It was her first attempt at joining.  She was 
pleased it filled the void her body had been longing for.  She felt 
Brian's head sink against her neck as he passed into an exhausted 
sleep.  Her rumbling increased a little.

Brian awoke some time later, his body awash with pleasurable 
sensations.  His eyes popped opened and he looked up at the 
concerned face of Shalid looking back at him.

"Are you all right?" she asked, before adding quickly.  "Don't 
talk, just think the answer."

"Wha...?"  he immediately attempted to say, but his mouth did not 
move.  There seemed to be something in it.

"No talk," repeated Shalid.  "Think.  Relax.  Don't panic."

It was too late.  Brian immediately tried to pull himself back, but 
found himself unable to do so.  Not only was there something stuck 
down his throat.  His lips appeared to be stuck to her scales.  
Actually, so were his hands.  And his legs.  And arms.  All of him 
in fact.

Shalid sensed the human beginning to panic.  She felt him tugging 
at the fresh joins and immediately her body starting pumping 
relaxing chemicals into his.  Gradually his struggles lessened and 
she felt him relax.

"We have joined," she explained when she felt he would understand.  
"We are going to be Tel."

"We?" he wanted to scream, but was strangely perplexed by his 
acceptance of the situation.

Shalid crawled slowly to the bedroom, carrying his body 
effortlessly.  One wall contained a full length mirror.  It was in 
front of this she stopped, tilting herself so Brian could see what 
was happening.

It was something that should have horrified him, instead he found 
himself fascinated by it.  Under him was Shalid, but his body 
looked as if it had been carelessly grafted onto her back.  In some 
places skin merged with scales, creating strange shapes.  Below his 
eyes he could see his lips pressed against her skin, small emerald 
scales fading as they travelled up his cheeks.  His neck was 
stretched, allowing Brian to watch as something was rhythmically 
pumped down his throat.

His eyes travelled down to her hips.  She sensed this and moved 
position, reaching for a smaller mirror which you held up to allow 
him to see better.  He would have given a cry, but the best he 
could managed was a choked gasp.  He could not see much, but green 
scales were already spreading over his buttocks, the little of his 
shaft he could see seemed to flow smoothly into her body.  From the 
feelings he was receiving, his length seemed to have extended deep 
within her, somehow merging with her body.

Shalid put the mirror down.  She was tired and her body need time 
to complete the change.  Brian felt her beginning to move, but then 
her body flooded his with more chemicals and he sank into oblivion.

The darkness lifted and Brian's eyes moved, albeit with difficulty.  
He felt a twinge of despair as he looked in the mirror.  The scales 
had spread, his body now looking more like a growth on the Kiora's 
back than a human. Shalid reached around to give what had been his 
side a consoling stroke.

"I woke you up for this to warn you," she said to his reflection.  
"I have been told it can be disorientating for some, but remember, 
I would never hurt you."

Somehow Brian was reassured by her words and he found himself 
trusting his captor, or maybe it was something more than that.  He 
did not get a chance to think about it for longer because suddenly 
he seemed to be sucked inside her body.  He got a glimpse of scales 
sliding over his face, then it all went dark.  


Completely still.  Not a sound, not a glimmer.  There was no 
sensation at all.  He tried to look around, but he had no eyes to 
look with.  No eyes and no body to match.  Gradually, in the 
distance he became aware of something.

A rumbling.

A very distant rumbling that slowly got clearer.  The 
indistinguishable noise separated into individual thumps.  Beats.  
Heart beats.

"My heart beat," thought Brian.  "Different because of my three 
chambers, but mine."

The awareness spread.  He felt a body begin to form for his 
consciousness.  A head first, long nose and horns above.  Sensation 
slowly descending down further as nerves were connected.  He had a 
body.  He became aware of something else.  It was not physical.  It 
was a presence.

A presence.  In his body.  Our body, he corrected himself.  I, no 
we, are Tel.  The presence seemed to hover in the background.  
Unsure what it was suppose to do.

"Shalid?" ventured Brian's essence.

His mind was suddenly flooded with a wave of feelings.  Concern, 
love, curiosity, they all washed over him.

"Are you ready?" asked Shalid.  

He was not aware of her speaking as such, but he knew it was her 
mind that said the words.

"I am," he replied,  adding what he hoped was a feeling of love 
with his words.

Brian's awareness extended, he now had eyes.  Different eyes.  Eyes 
that saw new colours, eyes that he knew were vertically slitted 
like a reptiles.  He looked at the mirror, turning to watch the 
last of his pink skin fade to green.  What had been his back 
thickening, forming armoured scales, some of his body converting to 
muscle mass to hold up his heavier form.  He found himself leaning 

There was a tickling at the base of his spine, he twisted around 
further, feeling the beginning of his tail begin to push out behind 
him.  He thought for a moment.  Was that suppose to be her?

"Us," interjected Shalid direct into his mind.

Brian's consciousness jumped a little. This could take a bit of 
getting use to, but already he could feel himself adjusting.  The 
two entities merging into one.

Shalid looked down at her underside, feeling the belly scales 
already stretching.

"And now we sleep," she announced to Brian.  For a moment Brian 
wanted to protest, but their body was tired.  It needed more rest 
to complete the change and for their minds to mix.

They sank to the bed, curling up as their body trembled.

Eventually the change was complete and the Tel's eyes opened.  It's 
mind searched.  It knew it was no longer Shalid or Brian, but a 
combination of them both.  It decided the name Shalin was more 
suitable to this form, the combination of the two parts and sie 
adopted it without hesitation.

Shalin stood cautiously.  A Tel is much heavier than a Giga.  The 
extra body mass would take a little getting use to.  Hir tail 
knocked over the bedside lamp.  That too would take a while to 
adjust to, but it did help to counter balance the thicker scales. 
Shalin studied hirself in the mirror.  Emerald scales coated hir 
back, stretching seamless down hir new tail.  Hir hips had spread 
to accommodate the long length as well as other things.

Shalin eased hir fingers over hir softer belly scales which were 
swollen with the first of hir eggs.  Below that, two slits were 
visible in its scales.  The first was from Shalid's body, the 
second was Brian's contribution.  It was already swollen and moist 
and sie from the contractions sie knew the first of her egg laying 
had begun.

Sie reached down and with the extra strength easily tossed the 
mattress aside.  Under that Shalid had filled the base of the bed 
with warm sand.  The Giga had known it was the preferred surface 
for laying.  It took hir a while to figure out what position was 
best.  Sie scooped out a little trough with her legs, using the 
displaced sand to support her thighs and tail.

Hir body contracted, hir vent spreading as hir sack burst, a flood 
of bodily fluids filling the hole before beginning to drain away.  
Sie gave a groan, feeling hir opening continue to spread.  It got 
wider and wider, hir body relentless pushing form the inside.  Sie 
titled hir head down to look, glimpsing the rounded white tip 
perturbing from hir opening.  Sie grunted, the egg sliding few 
another few inches.  Sie waited for the next contraction, then 
pushed hard, the egg almost past the widest point.  Hir muscles 
squeezed again and sie felt the egg suddenly slide free, smoothly 
easing out of hir to rest on the sand.  More bodily fluids 
dribbling on top of it.

Sie carefully eased hirself off it, then turned to look at it.  The 
parental instinct taking over.  It was big, especially seeing as it 
had come from within hir.  It was a shame it contained nothing.

Shalin knew that the first egg which was laid immediately after the 
joining was useless.  It contained the waste from the joining of 
the two bodies and was more a signal that the change was complete 
more than anything else.  But still, it was hir egg.  Sie curled 
hirself up along side it, tucking it into hir body and fell asleep 
once more.

When sie awoke the egg was cold.  Sie knew it would be.  The 
gestation period of a Shalin was almost the equivalent of an Earth 
year.  Sie thanked the remnants of Brian for the quick translation. 
Shalin stretched and pulled hirself out of bed.  During the night 
sie had fertilised one of her many eggs.  That gave hir about a 
year to prepare...

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