Keywords: Hypnosis, Adult
Species: Rat, Wolf

By Divigon.

"Ahhh yes, Mr Johannes is it?" asked the rat, looking up over the papers 
laying about his desk.

"Yes," nodded the wolf.  "Furth Johannes."

"Jotham De'welt," said the rat standing up and offering a hand.

The wolf shook it and the rat gestured to a chair.

"Please have a seat," he said, pausing as the wolf sat down, allowing the 
lupine to adjust to the office

The wolf looked a little hard on his luck.  He had taken some effort to 
smarten himself up, but his coat was threadbare, his pants had been repaired 
by hand around the waist.  Although his dark grey fur was neatly brushed, 
his body was too thin, almost gaunt.  Jotham allowed himself a grin, it was 
almost exactly what he was looking for.

"Tell me Mr Johannes," started the rat.  "What made you apply for this job?"

"It sounded interesting," said the wolf simply.  "I know its not the most 
taxing of jobs, but as you can see from my resume, I have had many years in 
stressful positions, I think a change of pace would be nice."

Jotham nodded.

"You don't think it's a step back for you do you?" was the next question.

"No," said Furth after a moment's though.  "I'll freely admit I don't see 
myself sticking with this position for ever, assuming you offer it to me, 
but if I am offered the position, I will act it out to my full abilities."

The rat nodded again, making a note on the paper.

"As you saw from the job description, this job entails manning the desk down 
stairs, being my chauffeur and running errands for me and possibly others," 
he stated.  "Do you think you would have any problems taking orders from a 
rat, being that you are a wolf and all that."

"No Sir," responded Furth.  "If it is my job, it is my job, to be honest, if 
I had a problem with that I wouldn't be applying would I?"

Jotham looked down his whiskers at the wolf.

"I don't know, would you?" he asked rhetorically.

He grinned a little and picked up a small book which lay on the table and 
handed it to the wolf.

"Right, now, this part of the interview is when I get to find out a little 
more about you," he said, standing up and moving around to the front of the 
table.  "If you open the book to the first page, you'll find various images, 
it's a bit of a psychiatric tests if you will."

He paused, letting the wolf turn the first page.

"Now, let me assure you that there are no right or wrong answers here," he 
continued.  "Its quite simple, I'll instruct you when to turn the page, you 
look at what you see and I'll ask you a question.  The important thing is to 
answer straight away, don't think about it, just whatever pops into your 
head, even if it doesn't make sense.  It just lets me get to know you a 
little better."

Furth nodded in understanding.

"Ok, ready?" Jotham checked.  "Now begin, turn the page please."

Furth turned the first page and looked down.  An unidentifiable black blob 
looked back at him.  He puzzled over it.

"And what do you see?" prompted the rat.

"A... blob...?" replied the wolf hesitantly.

Jotham nodded.

"That's a start," he said gently.  "But you're thinking too much.  Just sit 
back, relax and look at the page and say the first thing that flows into 
your mind.  Don't think, just let it happen.  Ok, close your eyes, take a 
breath and try again, don't think, just do."

The wolf obediently closed his eyes, took a single deep slow breath and 
opened them again.

"Nervous," he said simply as he looked at the page.

"Good," purred Jotham.  "That's understandable, just relax, let your mind 
flow.  Right next page please."

Furth turned the page and took another breath looking down.  Another splodge 
of ink greeted him.

"The future," he said after a moment.

"Good," rumbled Jotham again.  "You're still thinking.  I want you to close 
your eyes as you turn the page.  Then take in a deep breath, feel yourself 
relaxing, your mind clearing.  You look down at the page and whatever comes 
into your head.  Now, next page."

The wolf nodded, turning the page.  His eyes closing as he breathed in.  The 
rat watched the shoulders sag a little as he breathed out.  His eyes opened 
and he looked down.

"Home," rumbled the wolf.

"Good," murmured Jotham softly.  "You're getting the hang of it.  Just relax 
and clear your mind.  Next page."

Furth took another breath, his eyes closing and he breathed out.

"Friends," he said, his voice noticeably softer and slower.

"Good Furth," nodded Jotham.  "Just remember to relax, feel your mind 
drifting.  Next page."

The wolf closed his eyes and turned the page.  Breathing out he opened his 
eyes, looking down.  He felt his lips move as he stared at the pattern on 
the page.  Jotham said something in the background and his eyes closed 
again, his hands moving to turn the next page and the cycle began again.

The rat smiled to himself, the wolf's breathing growing deeper and slower.  
His eyes opening less each time until they barely moved.  His hands had not 
turned a page for some time now.

"That's a good wolf," rumbled the rat.  "Just relax, close your eyes and 
drift.  Let your mind answer without thinking, it feels so good just to 
drift like that.  Floating without thinking..."

Furth's head gave a slight nod and sank against his chest, the book slipping 
from his paws.

"Now," continued Jotham.  "I am going to ask you questions and you're going 
to tell me the answers.  The first thing that comes into your mind, just say 
it and it will feel so good to share."

"...Share..." repeated the wolf softly.

"Good wolf," reassured the rat.  "Now, why do you want this job?"

"I need the money," said Furth slowly and deliberately.  "I have not worked 
in six months and I'm running out of options.  This seemed like a good job."

"It is," agreed Jotham.  "It pays well, you live on the premises and 
everything is provided.  However, I do demand loyalty from my employees.  
Are you loyal Furth?"

"...Yes," murmured the wolf.

"Good wolf," said the rat.  "Do you like not having to think about what you 
say?  To just listen and do?"

"Yes..." came the answer.

"This job involves much listening and doing without thinking, to listen and 
obey," stated Jotham.  "Would you be able to obey me like a little puppy?"

"Yes..." was all Furth said in his dreamlike state.

"Good puppy," said the rat, manoeuvring the wolf's mind slowly.

"What is your sexuality?" he asked next.

"I..." to Jotham's surprise there was a slight pause before he continued.  
"...I would say I am almost bisexual.  I prefer females, but am curious 
about males."

"Explain Pup?" queried Jotham.

"I have sex with females," murmured Furth softly.  "But I have thoughts 
about males, not anal sex, but masturbation and occasionally oral.  I 
sometimes think about other male's cum."

The rat blinked, this was an unexpected surprise which made him squirm a 
little with the possibilities.

"Pup," he began.  "If you take this job, we can explore these thoughts of 
yours, perhaps answer some of them.  Would you like that?"

"Yes," murmured the wolf softly.

"Good Pup," churred the rat.  "Now, you've done very well at my questions.  
In a few moments you will feel yourself returning to normal, but whenever 
you enter this room you will find yourself relaxing like you are, you'll be 
unable to stop your conscious mind from sinking down, you don't need to 
think in this room...  I shall do that for you.  Do you understand?"

"Yes..." rumbled Furth gently.

"Good Pup," said Jotham, standing up and reaching out for the wolf's 
shoulder.  "Right, begin to wake up, let your conscious mind back.  Come 
with me, each step towards the door will make you feel more awake, more 
eager.  That's good..."

He kept talking as they made their way to the door, Furth's body lifting 
slowly, he felt himself shaking the rat's hand.  He'd got the job, he 
started on Monday and he could move in over the weekend, he didn't need to 
know anything else.

"See you Monday," said Jotham giving the wolf a friendly clap on the 
shoulder.  "Congratulations again."

"Thank you Sir," said Furth automatically.  "You won't be disappointed."

"I'm sure I won't," grinned Jotham and the door swung shut, leaving the wolf 
standing in the empty corridor.

Furth took a deep breath.  He had got the job.  Today was Thursday, he had 
to move in over the weekend.  He looked down at the keys in his hand.  The 
keys to his new apartment downstairs.


The next few days passed in a whirlwind.  He packed his few measly 
possessions from the room in the bad hotel where he had been staying.  The 
moving in took all of twenty minutes.  The apartment was fully furnished, 
nothing extravagant, but very comfortable.

Monday morning found him standing bright and early outside Jotham's door.  
At eight precisely he raised his hand and knocked.

"Enter," came the call from inside.

Furth reached for the handle, opened the door and stepped inside.  The rat 
was sitting on the couch, he smiled and waved the wolf closer.  Each step 
Furth took seemed to make time go slower.  Jotham smiled as the wolf 
entered, his shoulders sagging with each step, by the time he reached the 
couch his eyes were almost closed.

"Good Puppy," he rumbled.  "That's it, just relax and sink... deeper and 

The wolf sank down on the couch, unaware of his head laying across the rat's 
lap, the rat gently stroking his muzzle, whispering gently into his ear...

Sometime later Furth felt his eyes open, looking around.  He was in Jotham's 
office.  Master Jotham's office, he corrected himself.  He was naked, his 
clothes folded neatly on the coffee table, but that was normal.  Employees 
needed special permission to wear clothes in the office.

His eyes moved to the chair beside him, Master Jotham was sitting there, 
also naked.  One paw stroking his erect shaft gently and Furth felt his 
tongue caress over his lips.

"Yes Furth," rumbled Jotham softly.  "You may feed."

The wolf needed no second invitation, in an instant he was on his knees 
before Master's chair.  Hands placed obediently behind his back, he lent 
forward, using only his muzzle and began to lap tenderly at the rat's sac.  
Jotham gave a groan of approval and reached out to stroke the wolf's muzzle.  
Gradually Furth slipped his nose higher, lapping over the rat's throbbing 
length before carefully enveloping it, slipping it between his sharp teeth 
and sucking in earnest on it.  His tongue curled around the hot shaft, 
stroking it as his muzzle began to bob up and down, taking the full length 

Jotham groaned, the wolf was even better than he had hoped, a mind eager, 
almost begging to be shaped, the training of the morning had already caused 
his juices to begin flowing.  The eager muzzle and tongue lashing over him 
was too much.  He moaned, hips thrusting upwards and Furth's attention was 
rewarded by multiple shots of hot rat seed.

Jotham groaned softly, feeling his balls empty their load, his orgasm 
washing over him as the wolf sucked him dry before tenderly licking him 

"Thank you Furth, dismissed," he managed to groan after a minute or two.

Immediately the wolf stopped nuzzling the rat's groin and stood up.

"Thank you Sir," he said, giving a polite little bow to his Master.  

He moved to the door, pausing to collect his clothes, starting to dress 
himself.  By the time he reached the door he was fully dressed, he opened it 
and stepped into the corridor.

Furth heard the door close behind him and looked down at his watch, it was 
after eleven.  The briefing with Jotham had taken longer than expected, but 
he now knew what to do and how to do it.  He looked down, shaking his head 
as he noticed his shirt was not properly tucked in.  He slipped it into his 
pants, squirming a little as he realised just how firm his sheath seemed to 
be.  He licked his lips, trying to place the strange taste, he had no idea, 
but it sure did taste good.

He was still contemplating that as he stepped out into the lobby, taking up 
his position behind the desk.  A lion entered and said something.  Furth 
felt himself responding automatically, pointing to the elevator like a 
professional, surprised at just how thorough Jotham's briefing had been.  He 
picked up the phone, dialling the extension without even looking at the 

"A lion here too see you Sir," he said, nodding as Jotham thanked him.

Furth settled into the chair.  This definitely seemed like a nice place to 

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