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Species: Dragons
Fire and Water
By Divigon

	This isn't a new story, but I forgot to transfer it
over and quite a few people have been asking for it, so I
rummaged through the archives to find it again.  Enjoy :)

Fire and Water
By Divigon

Divigon looked up from his drink at the red dragon regarding him 
from across the bar.  He smiled and nodded in a friendly manner, 
watching as the young dragon slowly made his way through the 
crowded room to pause at his table.

"Is this seat taken?" he asked, gesturing to the empty seat 
opposite the water dragon.  

Divigon shook his head and waved his hand towards it.

"Feel free," he said.

"Thanks," replied the red dragon, sliding his scaled body into it.  
"Sorry to barge in on you like this, but you're the only other 
scaly I can see."

Divigon lifted his head and scanned the room.  He was right, there 
was the usual assortment of furs here tonight, foxes, equines, 
canines, but no dragons.  Not unusual for this time of night 
though.  Turning his attention back to his new guest at his table 
he extended a paw.

"Divigon," he offered.

The dragon quickly put his glass on the table and grasped 
Divigon's claw in his own.  

"Pyrist," he said.  "Pleased to meet you."

Divigon smiled back, "Likewise."

For the next few moments there was an awkward silence between the 
two beasts.  Finally Pyrist broke the silence.

"You're a water dragon aren't you?" he asked, looking Divigon's 
silvery scales.

"That's right," the other nodded.  "And you're not a pure red 
dragon are you.  You've got a strange look to you."

Pyrist smiled.  

"Correct," he said.  "I'm a fire dragon.  See?"

The red dragon held out a forepaw and Divigon looked down at it, 
suddenly across each scale a shimmer of gold flickered across it, 
lighting it up like a flame.  Divigon sat back against the booth.

"That's a good trick," he said.  "How did you learn that?"

Pyrist grinned.

"It just sort of happened a few years ago.  Actually it was during 
what mammals call puberty.  I woke up one morning to find my dull 
red scales were suddenly like that.  They normally look like that 
by the way, but I consciously dull it down when I'm around non-
dragons.  I found a lot of furs don't like the illusion that 
someone is on fire besides then."

Divigon nodded.

"Ahhh, makes sense then."

With the ice broken the two chatted over numerous glasses of beer 
as the candles burnt lower.  Eventually a well endowed vixen 
politely, but firmly came to their table and announced they were 
closing and they would have to leave.

Slowly, Divigon eased himself out of his seat and offered a paw to 
the smaller flame dragon.

"Do you have a place to stay?" he asked.

Pyrist shook his head, pulling himself upright.

"No, usually I just sleep somewhere in the forest."

Divigon looked shocked.

"In the forest?  We can't have that!  I insist you stay at my 

For a moment Pyrist shuffled on his talons nervously.

"Well, if its no bother," he awkwardly whispered.

"None at all," replied Divigon.  "Come.  Its only a short walk."

Together they left the bar and ambled their way up to Divigon's 
lair.  It was a spacious cave above the town.  Walking in the 
water dragon automatically threw a few log on the smouldering fire 
and stirred the coals.  In a few moments a cheery flame was 
dancing across the logs and Divigon turned to see the fire dragon 
had already settled himself in on the cushions on the floor.  Not 
for the first time that night, Divigon found his eyes running over 
the other dragon's scales, marvelling at his muscles and graceful 
build.  The way his wings were folded neatly behind him and the 
more than ample package between his legs.

Shake his head, Divigon threw a few scented sticks on the fire, 
breathing in deeply as their gentle fragrance spread throughout 
the room.  Moving to sit beside the other dragon he noticed Pyrist 
looking strangely at the crystal on the table.

Reaching out a black tipped claw he slowly picked it up, its 
leather strap dangling below it.

"What's this?" he asked curiously.

Divigon moved forward and grasped the other end of the cord, 
lifting his hand so crystal now hung before the red dragon.

"That M'boy," he said with a grin.  "Is a seeing stone."

"A seeing stone?" repeated the other dragon.


"Well," said Pyrist.  "How does it work?"

Divigon smiled, exactly the response he was hoping for.

"Well," he began.  "Its simple really.  It shows you things.  
Basically you look into it and see what it shows you."

"Is it magic?" enquired the curious dragon.

Divigon shrugged his shoulders, lifting his wings a little.

"I imagine so," he replied.

"May I try it," was the next question.

"Certainly," said the water dragon.  "Just concentrate on it and 
see what it shows you."

Divigon dangled the clear crystal before the fire dragon and 
watched at he peered into the stone.

"I can't see anything," came the reply almost immediately.

"Well," said Divigon with a grin.  "Its not immediate you know.  
It takes time, you just need to concentrate on the stone.  See, 
look into it.  Deep into it."

He watched as the flame dragon stared at the stone, very carefully 
moving his hand so the crystal began to swing back and forth 
slowly across the dragon's snout.

"That's right," he repeated, his voice growing soft and 
reassuring.  "Just concentrate on it, look deep into it.  Deep.  
Sometimes it helps if you relax your eyes slightly, unfocus 
them... Relax... just relax."

Slowly Pyrist's eyes began to dim, his eyelids fluttering slightly 
as his body drooped.

Divigon's voice continued.

"That's right... just relax... deep...deeeep... relax.... Close 
your eyes if it helps... You can see the crystal at another 
time... now I want you to just relax...  Just listen to my 
voice... Its warm, comforting... Very relaxing..."

Before Divigon the other dragon's eyelids slowly drooped, then 
closed completely.  His wings lolled behind him and his head sunk 
forward as his breathing slowed.  He continued to drone on in a 
monotone, telling Pyrist how important it was to relax, just let 
himself go.  It felt good to let himself relax.  So good in fact, 
it was almost pleasurable.  In fact it was pleasurable.  Very 
pleasurable, just to sit back, relax and listen to Divigon's 
voice.  It was important to listen to Divigon's voice.  Very 
important, it was pleasurable to follow what the other dragon 
said.  That was because he was hypnotised and had to obey.

This went on for a considerable amount of time.  Eventually ending 
with Divigon ordering Pyrist to awaken and open his eyes.

Groggily Pyrist obeyed and his eyes flickered open.

"You ok?" asked Divigon.  "You just seemed to drift off there for 
a moment."

Pyrist looked puzzled for an instant, then shook his head.

"Oh, I'm fine," he replied slowly.  "Just a little tired."

The other dragon nodded, shuffling himself a little closer, 
resting a cool paw on the flame dragon's warm thigh.  Pyrist 
flinched, but did not pull away.

"What wrong?" asked Divigon feigning concern again.  "Don't you 
like my paw there?"

"No, err, yes?" came a slightly distant reply from Pyrist.  "Its 
just I..."

Divigon's talons slowly crept up the other's thigh, gently 
caressing the scales.  

"Yes?" he hissed softly.

"I.. well.." Pyrist swallowed nervously.  "Its males... they ... 
well, I thought I didn't like them..."

Divigon nodded slowly, his claws reaching the edge of the other's 
sheath, gently rubbing at it as it began to swell slowly.

"You don't like males?" said an amazed water dragon.  "You're 
wrong you know.  You do like males.  Its females you don't like, 
you prefer males."

"Males" repeated the flame dragon, his cock beginning to emerge 
from his sheath.  His eyes glazing over briefly as Divigon's 
relaxing voice returned.

Divigon nodded, one paw tracing over the other's emerging length, 
the other paw reaching over to lightly fondle the red dragon's 

Pyrist let out a gasp and unconsciously pushed his hips up into 
the water dragon's gasp.

"That's right," mhrrred Divigon, "Males... you like males don't 
you.  Males make you feel good."

He encircled the flame dragon's cock and began twisting his claws 
lightly across the growing length.  Watching it extend and deepen 
in colour.  Soon, he was stroking an impressive fourteen inches of 
hot dragoon cock, a drool of precum beginning to spread out from 
the tip.  His other hand kneaded the finely scaled sac, feeling 
its contents grow.  As if on cue, Pyrist began murmuring softly, 
hypnotic commands triggering and reprogramming his brain.

"Males..." he almost whispered.  "I like males.  I like their 
cock, their seed.. I like to feel them, touch them, caress 

As Divigon continued to stroke, Pyrist's murmuring grew louder, 
his pre increasing until suddenly his cock spasmed and let loose a 
great flood of dragon seed.  Rivulets of it running over his 
scales as his murmuring tapered off again.

The water dragon continued to slowly stroke the still twitching 
length, smiling to himself.  Slowly he began rubbing the cum into 
the scales, slowly working his way lower until he was gently 
rubbing around the flame dragons rear opening.

Beside him, Pyrist's mind was coping with new instructions and 
desires.  He felt something pleasurable probing under his tail and 
he knew he wanted, no, needed more.  Opening his eyes he slowly 
focused on the shimmering scales of the male next to him.

Automatically his paw reached down, lightly rubbing over the 
other's swollen sheath.  Divigon let out an encouraging mhrrr, 
still playing with his ass.  Slowly, still unsure of his new 
desires, the flame dragon began to stroke the water dragon's 
sheath.  At first, his movements were a little hesitant, but he 
quickly grew in confidence, becoming more desperate to please his 

It did not take long for Divigon to reach full length, a little 
shorter than the flame dragon, but much thicker.  Pyrist found 
himself licking his lips, then taking a more dominant stance.

Pushing the water dragon onto his back, the flame dragon knelt and 
straddled the other's waist.  Lifting his tail clear, he rested 
himself against the tip of Divigon's cock.  Desire cemented in his 
mind, Pyrist very slowly allowed his weight to push him down over 
the other's cock.  It was tight. Very tight.  But so very, very 

After what seemed like an eternity, Pyrist had managed to swallow 
all of Divigon's length.  His ass muscles rippled rhythmically 
over his length and slowly he began to lift himself off again.  
Divigon moaned softly and began playing with Pyrist's cock which 
had already began to stiffen.

As Pyrist commenced another cycle, Divigon gave his balls a gentle 
squeeze, resulting in a moan.  Their tails writhed against each 
others as Divigon bucked into the other.  Slowly, as he grew more 
comfortable, Pyrist increased his stroking, Divigon lay beneath 
him moaning.   The two dragons slowly climbing towards the peak of 

With a final groan, Divigon bucked his hips deep into the 
trembling Pyrist.  His cock surrendering its hot load deep into 
the flame dragon's warmth.  That was too much fro Pyrist and he 
too came, covering the water dragon's scales with his own scolding 

Exhausted, Pyrist collapsed across the belly of his new mate.  Yet 
another set of commands fusing themselves to his being.

When they had both recovered enough, Pyrist lapped gently at 
Divigon's scales with his tongue.

"Thank you Master," he replied meekly.

Divigon smiled back.

"My pleasure Slave," he said, gently turning and taking his new 
pet in a soft embrace.

Pyrist chuured softly as he felt his Master's wing encircle him.  
A warm contentment spreading over him as he pondered new ways to 
please his Master.  It was good to have a Master... A male 

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