Keywords: Transformation, Adult, Sci-fi
Species: Lupine, Feline

This story came to mind while I was waiting for my laptop to recharge 
of all things.  It was inspired by a rather delightful picture I once 
saw of a tiger and a wolf and anyone who has seen the picture and has 
read the story will probably be able to tell which one straight away.  
I would like to ask the artists permission before posting such a story, 
but I don't have access to it at the moment, so I don't know who it 
was.  If you know, or if it is you, hopefully you won't be offended.  
When I get back to my place I'll see if I Can sort out some details.  
(But that will probably be in quite a while)

In the mean time, enjoy... I hope :}


By Divigon

Everyone should know that dealing with alien life forms is dangerous.  
The main thing is they are alien.  By definition, that means we do not 
know much about them.

Why was it then that I found myself in the storeroom with multiple 
specimens and no protection?  Okay, it was probably because I was 
slack, did not think and did not dream there would be any risk.  How 
was I to know one of the containers had broken?

The specimen that was loose did not look particularly threatening, 
which is why I rather stupidly picked it up with my hand.  It was 
vaguely worm like and with remarkable speed, burrowed into the flesh of 
my paw.

I reacted in a fairly normal way and gave a scream, grabbing that paw 
with my other paw and felt it wriggle past my wrist.  It never hurt, 
but it felt strange, something oozing between your muscle and bone.  It 
was approaching my shoulder before I managed to turn.  I think I made 
it about two steps towards the door before it made it into my skull and 
I collapsed.

When my eyes opened later it was dark.  I felt safe here.  It was dark 
and damp.  My back was curled up against the concrete.  It was an alien 
place to me, but natural at the same time.

I blinked.  The world looked strange.  Extra colours.  It was dark, but 
I could see.  I think I was in a maintenance tunnel of some type; I 
stretched out and began to move forward slowly.  I had gone a few 
metres before I realised I was on all fours.  I gave a shrug; I was a 
tiger.  It was natural.

I reached a junction and looked up, a steel plate sealed the access 
point above my head.  Part of me knew how heavy the cover was, I had 
moved them in the past.  The other part of me effortlessly climbed the 
ladder and pushed the disc aside.

Now I was back in the complex.  A world of new information assailed me.  
My eyes picked out things I had never seen before; my nose detecting 
odours I had never smelt before and my ears heard everything.

I was bipedal now, moving towards the sleeping quarters.  The night-
lights were on.  A skeleton crew only would be awake, no one to notice 
the shadowy tiger slipping through the halls.  I carefully assessed the 
doors one at a time, then smiled as I heard the sound of a shower 
behind one of them.  I tapped the access panel and the door slipped 
aside silently, I stepped into the shadows as the door closed behind 

The wolf stepped from the shower, shaking his fur.  The air blower had 
left him completely dry, but almost comically puffed.  He jumped as I 
pressed up behind him, my arms wrapping around his chest.

What had been my penis, pressed up against his sphincter.  He resisted, 
but the tapered tip was oozing lubricating juices and quickly 
penetrated his defences.  He groaned, turning his head.  I had expected 
that and I kissed him, my thick tongue working its way deeply into his 
muzzle, sealing any means for him to summon help.

He began to struggle, my grip against him tightening, but then the 
fight left him, his body sagged and I knew the first stage of 
impregnation had begun.  I broke my kiss, pulling my tongue back into 
my mouth and swallowing the juices that oozed from it.  The wolf began 
to sag and I allowed him to lower to his knees, my penis still buried 
deep inside him.  It was now at least five inches in diameter and over 
two foot long, thick, but flexible as it pulsed, priming his body for 
my offering.

Smaller tendrils began to slip from my sheath, winding around the 
wolf's body as I stood over him, my tail slipping between his legs, the 
furred tip melting to a smooth rounded point and beginning to massage 
the base of his swelling scrotum.

I gave a slight groan, then purred, rubbing the base of the wolf's ears 
with a large paw.  My own huge scrotum lifted as my shaft began to pump 
its fluids deep into the wolf.

With him kneeled before me, I watched the changed begin, my tail 
tracing his shaft as it lengthened, then began to move on its own, the 
wolf's tongue thickening, hanging from his mouth as he panted, before 
it began to drool fluids, curling around to lick at the blank eyes.

His body began to change, the fur progressively seeming to recede, 
smoothing over until it appeared he was covered in a layer of smooth 
glistening rubber.  My own body reciprocated, changing with his, 
slipping into its natural slick state before we curled around each 
other and shared our juices again.

It was hours later when we shifted back to our almost former selves, he 
a wolf and myself a tiger, our fur slipping from our smooth bodies.  
With the exception of the pupil-less eyes and swollen genitals, we 
looked almost exactly as we did.

This was good... we had others to embrace...

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