Keywords: Transformation, Magic
Species: Dracoraptor, Fox, Wolf, Equine

	Dracoraptors were a creation of Lightning.  Lightning, if you're reading this
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By Divigon

The wolf poked cautiously through the ruins.  Although the place 
had been ransacked years ago you were never sure what sort of 
traps may still lay untriggered.  A glint of something caught his 
eye, he paused, backtracked a little and cleared around it with a 

No wires, that was a good sign.  Tentatively he poked it, pulling 
it free of the debris.  His sensative ears listened, straining to 
hear the most subtle of clicks or a noise slightly out of the 
ordinary.  Still nothing.  Slowly his claws reached out, muscled 
primed, ready to jump back at the slightest tingle.

There was a slight clink as his hard claws grasped around it.  The 
metal cool agaisnt his black paw pads.  Not risking anything else 
Elide grabs it an ran.  His dashed out of the obliterated temple, 
hung a hard left, leaping over piles of rufuse, then darted down 
an alley way.  He twisted and turned, weaving his way through the 
ruins before disappearing into the remains of a cellar.

He held his breath, listening for sounds of pursuit.  The last 
time someone had discovered something in a temple two demons had 
been summoned, chasing the poor equine to his doom.  When they 
stumbled upon the remains of his carcass a few days later, they 
did not have much to bury.

Relaxing a little, Elide looks at the medalian in his paws, 
scooting over to one of the pockets of sunlight which filtered 
down from above.  He was a little disappointed, it was not gold as 
he had first hoped.  It was a large black claw fixed to a long 
silver chain.  It was a little dirty and he rubbed it agasint his 
fur, cleaning it up.  He peered again, noticing a carving of some 
reptilian thing.

"Oh great," he thought, "I've dug up one of their pieces of 
jewelry.  Probably not worth anything except to the cult which had 
died long ago with the rest of the city."

Suddenly there was a distant cry and he froze, listening for it 

"Elide!" echoed softly around the diserted building.

"Rest of the gang," he thought, standing.  "Probably want to 
compare notes."

The small band of wandered roamed the countryside  doing the 
preveriable quest thing that all the young adults of their age 
seemed to do.  They were a fairly diverse bunch.  Himself, a 
wolven from the northern mountains.  Malcor, a fox from the large 
forest near here, then Thor and Swev, an equine and cervine 
respectively, both from the lower plains.  Normally you would not 
see such a diverse quartet around, but for some reason these four 
seemed to stick together quite well.

At the moment they were looking for treasure in the ruins of the 
city.  The city use to be the hub of this area, a thriving 
metropolous of tens of thousands of creatures.  History shows 
there was a minor skirmish between two warring factions of mages 
and the people evacuated.  Those alive know that is a small lie.  
Most of the inhabitants were obliterated.  Those that were unlucky 
enough to survive were conscripted into the armies of the wizards.  
A tiny percentage of the people survived, then, of those only a 
minute amount remained sane long enough to talk about it.

Hence the city was closed.  Now and again bands of renagades 
entered, searching for their fortune.  Occasionally rumours of 
lost hoards were circulated, keeping a small stream of fortune 
hunters entering, but there were not many stories of fortunes 
being found.

All of this went through Elide's head as he stepped across the 
room.  He looked uncertain about the pendant, then shrugged, 
slipping it over his head.

The effect was virually instantanous.  He claw suddenly heating 
up, feeling like it was burning through his skin.  He gave a yell, 
lifting a hand to pull it off, but his hand did not work properly, 
his fingers did not move and they felt heavy.  He felt his skin 
itching, then bones began to reform.  He yelped, stumbling 
forwards as his legs seemed to stretch.  He could feel his tail 
lengthing behind him, countering the lean forward he was 
developing.  His face seemed to swell, rounding slightly as his 
body tingled.  There was a feeling of something invading his mind, 
then all was still.

He stood, shaking his head tentatively, sensative new eyes 
lighting the room.  He spied a cracked mirror in one corner and 
moved over to it, feeling his body move strangely, but also 
smoothly and naturally.  He dipped his head and looked at the 
reflection, giving a snort and stumbling back in surprise.

He had certainly changed.  His lush covering of fur had 
disappeared into scales, a mixture of olive and brown bands ran 
over his face, somehow he knew they alos decended down his back.  
He turned, examining himself in the mirror.  His hands had 
reshaped themselves into three fingered things, each tipped with a 
wickedly sharpened claw.  In the centre of his chest was a single 
black scale, almost glinting at him.  

Then his attention was diverted to his chest, it was filled by two 
mounds.  He yelped again in surprise, tilting his head down to 
look at his sheath, that had changed, but was still there as was a 
heavy feeling sac, but there was something else.  He reached down 
with a claw, probing lightly to discover a slit.  A female slit.  
He had become a hermadophrite.  Sie let out a gulp of surprise but 
somehow it felt natural on hir.

There was a noise outside and sie snapped back to attention, 
looking through a gap at the top of the wall.  Sie could see 
orange paws outside.  Somewhere within hir, sie knew it was 
Malcor, but all sie saw was prey.

Silent sie turned, assending the stares to peak through another 
crack.  Just the one fox, looking a little nervous in the alley.  
The fox turned, showing the back of its head and Elive lept, 
smashing throught the flimsy wall to land on the back of hir 
quary.  The fox barely had time to react as he was pushed into the 
wall by hir weight, stumbling a few steps back before Elive nipped 
him on his neck.  

Somehow sie knew this was the thing to do.  The fox half turned, 
taking a few steps, moaning, before collasping on the ground.  
Elive watched in silence as the fox changed.  His tail lengthening 
as his feet strengthened, rusty red fur fading to a light banded 
hide of scales.  His hands reshaped themselves into sharpened 
talons, as his head smoothed itself out the new dracoraptor stood.  
A pair of breast emerging from his chest as Elive could smell the 
formation of the female sex below his now scaled sheath.

The creature that had been Malcor turned, looking at hir alpha 
before dropping hir head slightly as a symbol of submission.  
Elive chuured softly, moving forward to nuzzle to others cheek.  
Sie felt a stirring within hir and bumped the other's chest.  
Obviously Malcor knew what sie wanted as sie turned and raised hir 
tail.  Elive growled once, then mounted hir subordinate, her 
reformed length sliding in easily to the slick length.  The deed 
was over quickly and Elive licked at the back of Malcor's head 
while they remained tied together, growing aware of the other's 
presence with hir mind.

It was not explicit, but the alpha could sense hir beta with hir, 
communicating naturally on an unknown level.  There was a distant 
sound of stumbling and the pair seperated in an instant, their 
moment of passion forgotten while they ducked for cover.  

Two herbivors came into view.  They were talking between 
themselves, arguing over something.  Elive watched through 
Malcor's eyes as the two raptors manovoured into position.  There 
attack was swift, silent and totally deadly.

The larger equine was already changing as Elive made hir way over 
to the stag, nipping him lightly as Malcor held him down.  A few 
moments later two new raptors stood, falling into line behind 
Elive as sie lead them back to their campsite.  

Elive smiled as he looked at his companions sleeping in the 
moodlight.  The adventure in the city had been many moons ago.  
The other three dracoraptors had reverted to their normal forms as 
they slept and had awoken unaware of what had happened.  Elive 
rememmered though, an unnamed presence in hir head telling hir of 
the gift sie had received.  Hir ability to convert mere mortals 
into weredracoraptors and lead them across the land.  The 
creatures would show undying loyalty as a raptor and devout 
friendship as their natural form.  Once bitten sie could control 
their change, silently spreading the gift across the land.

The wolf smiled as scales rippled across his fur, the raptor 
standing to look at hir packmates.  They stood slowly on scaled 
feet, chirping reassuringly to each other.  Tonight they hunt...

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