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Dolphin Island
By Divigon

I swam leisurely around the edge of the atoll, gently movements of 
my tail propelling me effortlessly through the water.  My sonar 
was picking up plenty of fish, the smaller ones scattering as my 
shadow passed overhead, but I was not in the mood for something 

Then I sensed it, a faint echo returning from up ahead.  Rising to 
the surface to refresh my lungs I dropped to the shallow floor and 
weaved my way between the coral outcrops.  A subtle ping every now 
and again confirming my quarry was still holding its position.  
The water cooled and I knew I was approaching the sheer drop to 
the ocean floor literally thousands of metres away.  

Tentatively I stuck my head out from behind a convenient mound of 
coral and sighted my prey.  A huge school of tuna hanging just off 
the edge of the shallow water, obviously waiting for the tide to 
turn.  Carefully I eased the spear off my shoulder and released 
the safety, preparing to aim.

Just then a behemoth of a shape charged from me rear, sending me 
tumbling in its wake.  Instinctively I ducked down, then peered up 
again slowly.  The school had vanished, replaced instead by a very 
large shark morph, a tiger shark judging by his bands.  A 
struggling fish twitched in a clawed hand, a second fish spasmed 
in its jaws.

I muttered something to myself and the beast turned slowly, the 
surrounding water remaining coloured by the blood.  Its neck 
flared as it pumped water over its gills.  Able to see it 
underside I noted to myself it was actually a male.  The powerful 
jaws flexed and there was an audible crunch as it severed the 
head, swallowing it in one gulp.  From nose to tail he would have 
been about fourteen feet, but if he had to stand he probable came 
in around my height, somewhere around six foot.  His long sinuous 
tail adding to his length.

"You said something air breather?" he mind sent me.

I swallowed, the feeling of hearing words directly inside my brain 
was always uncomfortable.

"Not I water gulper," I replied, my voice sounding strange 
underwater and set the safety on my gun before turning and heading 
back to the lagoon.  Other phins may have tried to argue with him, 
perhaps shout, but I had seen the look in his eye, the blood was 
getting to him and it was not somewhere where I wanted to be.

I should explain, I am a dolphin morph.  It is a civilised world, 
but sharks still consider them to be on the top of the food chain, 
not that they ever were, the misguided fools.  Basically I'm the 
same size as a normal bottlenose, about six foot in length, maybe 
a little more if I stretched out while swimming.  However I have 
the unusual trait of having an orca's colouring.  This definitely 
makes me stand out in a crowd.  A jet black back which seemed to 
stretch around by body like some organic rubber or latex.  My 
underside is bright white, covering my chest, belly, down to my 
tail, then stretching around my thighs, building a little around 
my hips.  I also have the two white patches behind each eye, good 
for scaring nervous folks, but not much else.  

Aside from my colouring, the rest of me is fairly normal for a 
bottlenose morph.  I have webbing between each of my fingers, a 
layer of fat under my skin which pads me out nicely, providing me 
with just the right amount of insulation while not making me look 
like something from the blimp.  I am quite proud how it somehow 
softens my muscles, but hate the way that friends assume it means 
I'm cuddly.  I have a large neck which seems to fold into my head 
with no distinction of where one stops and the other begins.  My 
tail is flat-bladed and has the sharper points of the bottlenose 
while my beak is fairly distinct, but not overly large.  My feet 
are webbed and I have been told they have similarities to a seals, 
but as far as I'm concerned they work ok, so I'm happy.  In the 
water my legs fold up, creating less drag, but able to provide 
power to my tail if I need it, they also add to my 
manoeuvrability.  This enables me to give a normal dolphin a run 
for its money, but they leave me for dead in a long sprint.

It was a short swim back to the beach and I was somewhat glad to 
reach dry land.  I think somewhere back in my heritage I must have 
had a land dweller, I enjoyed to lay back in the sun.  I did not 
manage to bag the tuna I was after, tuna steaks would have filled 
that gnawing void perfectly, but I did catch a few smaller fish on 
the swim back, gulping them down since no one else was around to 
protest with my lack of manners.

A couple of times on the way back I was vaguely aware of being 
watched.  Occasionally a sonar sweep would return strange echoes, 
nothing worrying, but hinting perhaps of someone who had just 
hidden themselves quickly.  After my encounter with the shark, I 
was jumpy, but knew I was safe from him, he would be too busy 
chasing fish along the drop-off to bother with me.

I walked to my belongings, pulling out a towel, then a knife 
before attacking one of the coconuts I had gathered earlier.  
Spreading out the cloth, I sat down under a convenient palm tree, 
looking back over the water.  Some folks spent most of their lives 
dreaming of a place like this, I happened to visit about once a 
month.  There was a familiar sound of wind punching through the 
surface and my eyes locked on the tip of a dorsal fin disappearing 
below the surface a short distance from shore.  It looked as if I 
was about to have company.

I studied the water carefully, watching as telltale ripples spread 
in the shallow water, the faint outline of grey becoming visible 
below the surface.  Suddenly a domed head broke the surface and 
the rest of a body followed until another dolphin morph stood knee 
deep in the water.

I was halfway through a mouthful of coconut milk and coughed and 
spluttered my way through the rest of it.  She giggled and walked 
up the beach towards me slowly.  It was Felissa, or just Fel to 
her friends.  We knew mutual friends and saw enough of each other 
to nod politely in passing.

Once or twice before she had caught me admiring her body.   She 
was a remarkable specimen of the cetacean species and just about 
everyone recognised her as being good looking.  Slender, but 
muscular legs, dainty webbed feet with a powerful tail which swept 
up her body.  A slight hour glass figure with ample deposits 
around her breasts.  She had a small beak that seemed to melt into 
the rest of her body, stretching out her cute smile.  Her 
colouring was a cross between a spinner dolphin and a spotted 
dolphin.  A darker back, very pale front which deepened as it 
wrapped around her body.  Her dorsal fin had the distinctive black 
front stripe, which faded to a pale grey.  All over her body she 
was covered with small fleck of differing shades of grey, this 
gave her a curious look, but somehow on her she carried it off and 
left people turning heads when she passed.

By the time I had recovered from my mishap with my drink she was 
standing over me, her wet body dripping on my dry skin.

"So, what is a water creature like you doing on a beach like 
this?" she asked with a sly smile.

I grinned back, attempting to act suave and sophisticated.

"Just thought I'd catch some rays," I returned carefully keeping 
my cool.  By now she had positioned herself so I was looking 
almost directly at the base of her tail while I tried not to think 
about the closed slits which beckoned to me.

"Looked like you have caught too many already," Fel giggled as she 
gestured to my underbelly.  Normally it was brilliant white, but 
now it had a decidedly pink tinge to it.

I looked down, certain things even I could not hide.

"Seems you're right," I gave a mock sigh.  "Maybe I'll take a 
quick dip to cool off."

She took a step back, allowing me room to stand.

"Mind if I join you?" she asked.

"Of course not," I replied, turning to try and hide the deeper 
colour of my belly.

She gave a cheeky squeal, obviously knowing exactly what I was 
going through.  Dolphins are not known for their restraint and I 
was learning that Fel definitely did not seem to have much 
restraint of any kind.  For a while I tried to shelter myself from 
her gaze, then gave up.  We were both adults and she obviously 
knew what sort of effect she had on me.

We had found our way into a small basin.  I turned and floating 
backwards, stopping when my dorsal rested against the gently 
tapering sand band behind me.  Fel was underwater at the time, I 
could sense her unconscious sonar sweeps.  We all did it, each of 
us sending out our pings, then subconsciously analysing the 
returned data.  It was a convenient way of augmenting the 
conventional senses.  As soon as I faced her Felissa gave me an 
intensive scan.

Every nerve of my body tingled as her sonar sliced through me.  
The scan itself lasted only a few microseconds, but the feelings 
lingered on long after that.  I noticed she lingered around my 
groin, the feeling of another's sonar probing at my sensitive 
internals not helping my feelings.  I knew she now knew how 
aroused I was and was more than curious to see what she was going 
to do next.

Felissa smiled as she edged her way forwards.

"You seem a little tense inside," she smiled.  "Why don't you 
relax and let it all out."

If I had not been holding my breath I probably would have choked.  
Instead I slowly exhaled, at the same time allowing my length to 
slide out slowly.  I felt the blood rush to my sensitive regions 
as the cool water caressed at my now exposed length.

I dipped my head below the surface, allowing myself the same scan 
that Felissa had performed on me.  It may be considered a little 
forward in the wrong situation, but at times like this provided a 
wealth of welcome information.  It confirmed my suspicions about 
her breasts, that they were real, but her actual milk glands were 
aside her sex as in a normal phin.  The mounds on her chest were a 
throwback of evolution, designed mainly to entice the male, 
something they were doing quite well.  Like her, my scan lingered 
around her groin.  With some relief I established that she, like 
me was quite aroused, probably not helped by the little buzz I 
gave certain parts of her anatomy.

I smiled at her as she stepped either side of my tail, falling 
forward slowly in the water until she hovered mere millimetres 
above my length.  Fel placed her hands on my shoulders, then 
gradually allowed herself to sink down further.  The tip of my 
length probed the water between us, finally touching her warm 
smooth skin as I stroked around her slit.  She continued to 
descend and I manoeuvred my tip so it slid slowly inside her, 
letting out a gasp of pleasure as it did so.

Fel gave a chuur as she enveloped me, not stopping until our 
undersides met, both deep pink in colour and warm to the touch.  I 
circled my arms around her, nuzzling gently at her neck, my legs 
entwining around hers, locking us in position.  She pulled herself 
back, taking me with her, falling back into the deeper water.  Her 
slick sides massaging delicately at my length as I manoeuvred 
inside her depths.  Our tails moved, propelling us in slow circles 
around the basin, the flex of our flukes causing each of us to 
give muffled moans of delight while the pleasure continued to 

Her pseudo breasts pressed firmly against my chest, my hands 
gently stroking over her dorsal fin as our bodies moved in a 
gradually increasing rhythm.  The sensations on my length almost 
trivial, but the overall effect more than mind blowing.  I felt 
myself beginning to loose control, but prehensile member swelling 
to spread against her insides as it stiffened, her lips enveloping 
me, seeming to suck my very life essence from my tortured soul.  
Our bodies lost their syncopation, the sudden change too much and 
I gave a primal cetacean squeal, bucking hard against her as I 
came, my length shooting its scalding seed deep into her spasming 

Gradually I came down from my high, my body continued to tingle 
while my nerves slowly relaxed.  I gave Felissa a gentle nuzzle, 
her body still locked in the throws of orgasm, causing my tortured 
length to release a second wave into her begging folds.  My back 
touched the sand and we lay still, each of us basking in our 
separate glows, but somehow taking in each other's.  The subtlest 
of touches enough to send the other into a shower of shivers and 
primal trills of lust.

Alas things can not last and sometime during the night we 
separated.  I awoke to find myself lying beside Felissa and I 
silently admired her slender form, memories of the day before 
awaking feelings deep within me.  She stirred slowly, stretching 
the sleep away before inspecting my pink belly for the second 
time.  She looked up at my eyes and gave a curious chirp, but was 
too late to disguise her own reddening underside...

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