Keywords: Adult, Transformation, Chemical, Magic
Species: C-snakes, dragon, wolf 

	A quick bit of background for you.  The C-Snakes are actually Cum Snakes.  They are a
magical snakelike creature that takes over a host and does spoogy things to them.  I did not
create the C-snakes, that honour goes to Griff.  If you look at my links page, you'll find a
link to his page whre he has a nice number of pics to satisfy any questions you may have

By Divigon

I yawned and stretched, mumbling once more at the Professor.  I 
noticed he wasn't here helping.  As a matter of fact I seemed to 
be the only one here.  Picking up another crate I muttered as I 
lugged it to the lab.

Every weekend after an exploration was like this for me.  Ok, 
being of dragon decent I was bigger and stronger than everyone 
else, but not by much.  I couldn't see how after every trip I've 
helped with I always got stuck with unpacking everything after the 
expedition.  I dumped the crate and returned for the last one off 
the truck, folding my wings and ducking beneath the low doorway.

I caught my wingtips on that once, never again.  Bending slightly 
I hoisted the crate onto my shoulder, grunting slightly at the 
weight and made my way unsteadily to the lab.  Plonking it down, I 
noticed a pinkish goo on my arm.  I rolled my eyes.

"Great, a broken container.  Just what I need," I announced to no-
one in particular.

Ripping the covers off with my claws I peered inside.  Ahhh, there 
was the culprit.  A large specimen container had a crack running 
over the side.  Picking it up I ran a talon over the glass, 
muttering even more.  I moved to the storeroom, pulled out a 
larger container and put the broken one inside it, then looked at 
the goo on my arm.  It was hard to believe one small crack could 
leak that much gunk.  I had it all over one arm and could feel it 
running down my back.

I shook my head in disbelief, the professor was lucky he wasn't 
there.  I would have shredded him.

I scraped some of the ooze off onto my thigh and rummaged around 
for the manifest.  I knew it wasn't harmful, everything had passed 
a biohazard scan before being allowed onto the planet.  Eyeing 
down the table I found the entry.  "Specimen #58A-12  - 
Unidentified organic matter, possibly fungal"

Ewww, a fungus?  I had a fungus running down my backside?  Gross.  
I needed a shower.

Normally I would have jumped into the showers at the Institute, 
but I had this date arriving in about an hour and was in a rush.  
I did a quick check of the doors I had used, checking they were 
locked and then dove out of a third story window.  Spreading my 
wings, they caught the air and a few minutes later I touched down 
on my roof.

There were a few advantages of flying, firstly it was quick, 
secondly it had allowed my to buy this land really cheap since 
there was no easy access to it.  My house was relatively spartan, 
one room full of cushions for sleeping, one room for study and 
research, a kitchen, thermal spring for a bathroom and an "bit of 
everything" room.

I grabbed something to eat and wolfed it down on my way to the 
bathroom.  Standing in front of the full length mirror I admired 
myself, not for the first time.  My lean chest, silvery scales, 
long tail, bright wings.  I could see the stream of pink ooze 
which had spread over my most of my body with the air currents.  
For some reason, a small pool of it had gathered against my anus, 
probably those eddy currents.  Mammals get bellybutton fluff, 
dragons get anal dustballs, just one reason why we like to bath 

Partially out of familiarity I reached down to my sheath which, to 
my surprise, was filling out quite rapidly.  Suddenly I realized I 
was feeling quite horny.  I began stroking myself as I moved 
towards the tub.  But the time I was there, I was stroking my full 
ten inches, my hand sliding easily with the thin coating of pink 

I sunk in the water, its warm touch caressing my body delicately 
and I lent back against the wall, spreading my legs, creating 
ripples across the surface.  My free hand traveled down to my 
balls and rubbed gently at their sensitive underside, probing 
gently to my waiting hole.  Slowly it rubbed over the sensitive 
opening, feeling a small puddle of the gunk there, almost waiting.

Slowly I pushed my talon in, closing my eyes in pleasure as my 
finger sunk in easily, lubricated by the strange pink stuff.  
Encouraged by the stimulation I doubled my stroking, feeling a 
familiar building sensation.  I lay back in the warm water and let 
out a guttural cry as I came, the waves across the surface 
rippling out as I lay back feeling a lovely warm glow spread 
through my body.

Exhausted, my breathing gradually slowed, but the glow remained.  
In fact, if anything it was getting warmer.  Curious, I crawled 
out of the tub and sat on the earthen floor, a little fearful.  
That was when I first felt it, something growing... spreading 
inside me.  

It moved through my body like wildfire, almost directly for my 
brain.  I held it off for a moment, but it barged through my 
flimsy barriers, isolating my consciousness in a small corner of 
my brain.  I could feel it probing, searching out my knowledge, my 
secrets and I was trapped helpless in my own body.  It was not 
even my own body, things about it were changing, I could sense 
them, but couldn't not tell what they were.  Then the attacked on 
the tiny bit of me began, relentless images of pleasure, of power, 
showing me what I, we, could become.  I managed to last for a 
moment, then surrendered to my unseen invader, collapsing onto the 

------- An hour or so later... -------

The being that was not Lucian awoke some time later at the sound 
of a tentative knock at the door.  Lifting himself from the floor, 
he pulled on a robe and entered the main room, pulling open the 
door and looking out.  Before him was a tall wolven, he bowed in 

"Kyria," he announced with a smile.  "So glad you found the 

Sie smiled.

"Well, how could I refuse an offer from you."

"Please, come in," Lucian opened the door wider and watched at the 
wolf strode in, raising an eyeridge and the way sie held hir tail.  

"Make yourself comfortable," he added.  "I'll just get us 
something to drink."

Walking into the kitchen he grabbed a two clean glasses from the 
cupboard and rummaged for a bottle with the other.  One finger he 
kept over the edge of the glass, paying no attention as it split, 
a small pink mouth emerging, dribbling a tiny amount of liquid 
down the side of the glass.  Opening the bottle he filled two and 
walked back to the other room, adjusting his body chemistry 
slightly to produce some more favorable hormones and scents.  He 
knew that her drugged drink would not be enough on its own.

The lupine had sat hirself down on the soft carpet and was propped 
up against a cushion, watching him.  Sie accepted the glass he 
handed hir willingly and sipped at it slowly.  He plonked down on 
a nearby pile of cushions and smiled back.

"So, how are things with you?" he asked.

"Hmmm, so so," she replied.

Mentally they sat back and watched, allowing the original part of 
Lucian to take over.  They had waited so many years, a few more 
minutes would not make much difference.  They had a host again and 
soon they could resume their spread...

They noticed the wolf's nipples begin to stiffen slightly against 
hir shirt, hir legs part slightly and they took control again, 
shifting the dragon body so the badly tied robe slid open 
slightly.  Leaning forward Lucian seemed to accidentally brush his 
hand over Kyria's flanks which jumped slightly at his touch.

"I have always wondered about hermaphrodites," he slipped rather 
directly into the conversation.

"Oh, what have you wondered exactly?" came the reply from the 
wolf, accompanied with a coy smile.

He smiled, tracing a talon over hir fur.

"Well, which has the better sex?  Your male parts or your female 

Sie blushed faintly, raising a paw to begin unbuttoning her robe 
as he watched.

"I am not sure... maybe you need to do your bit for the male side, 
to see if you can influence my vote as it were," sie replied as 
the last button was undone, hir large breasts pushing out between 

"My bit?" he said in mock puzzlement, raising an eyebrow 

Sie nodded back, sliding a paw up his scaled thigh and across his 
filling sheath.  He smiled, allowing his sheath to begin to fill.  
His hand trailed up hir thighs, opening her long robe and running 
an appreciative eye over hir form.

Sie was smaller than he, hir belly fur a very pale gray, almost 
silver, which contrasted stroking to the darker fur on her back 
and the black marks on her face.  High up on hir chest, two large 
mammalian breasts rested heavily, their nipples stiff anticipating 
the hand which moved up to brush over them.  Below them two small 
pairs peaked through hir thick fur, evidence of her canine 

The dragon found these very interesting, but it was lower down 
where his attention was focused.  His member began to emerge 
slowly from his sheath.  He reached down and ran his talons gently 
over hir impressive length of cock, stroking down slowly to the 
female sex below.  Sie was already wet there, hir body responding 
unconsciously to unseen stimuli  As his fingers brushed over her 
opening sie moaned, lifting hir hips against them.

He smiled, feeling the csnakes within beginning to stir 
restlessly.  His cock had reached its normal ten inches and showed 
no signs of slowing.  He could feel the squirming within and 
quickly straddled hir legs, positioning his length at hir opening.  
The csnakes' urge to spread taking control once more and he 
plunged himself into hir waiting embrace.

Sie let out a moan of pleasure, spreading hir legs wider as he 
reached his hilt, paused and began pulling out once more.  He felt 
the embryonic snakes swimming down his still enlarging cock and 
heard himself groaning.  Reaching down he grasped hir wrists as 
his hips began stroking in earnest. 

Sie wrapped hir thighs around his hips, pulling him closer.  He 
was so big, bigger than anyone sie had taken before.  Sie felt 
like sie was going to be torn apart.  His cock seemed to be 
growing even larger inside her.  Sie felt his hands grip hir 
wrists and opened hir eyes, looking up at his face.  He smiled 
back and lent forward, his mouth opening as for a kiss, but 
something long thick and pink emerged.

Sie tried to let out a scream of panic, but as soon as sie opened 
hir mouth he was upon hir.  Sie felt something long and thick 
squirming across her tongue and down hir throat, sie tried to bite 
at it, but was prevented by his probing muzzle.

As he continued to thrust, he felt the csnakes spreading from his 
cock, their symbiotic fluids mixing with hirs, his pleasure 
building.  His tail tip slowly blunted, a mouth appearing as the 
scales turned pink as the now independent snake writhed between 
the two stroking bodies, sliding itself up hir ass.  More snakes 
emerged from his cock base, spreading out over the sensitive areas 
of hir fur, wrapping themselves around hir cock, beginning to milk 
hir male parts.

Sie felt the emerging invaders, their hypnotic slime entrenched in 
hir system as they began to take control.  Slow sie moved from 
being repulsed, to aroused.  Sie was desperate to cum, even if it 
meant surrendering to them.  Sie needed to spread hir growing 
load.  The dragon sensed the change with his partner and gave a 
final plunge, giving a strangled moan of pleasure as he released 
his load.  The csnakes erupting with a mixture of cum and ooze 
throughout hir body.

Sie felt the sudden warm invasion and gave a moan of hir own as 
sie passed over hir own edge.  Surrendering hirself to the 
pleasures the aliens could survive as waves of their juices washed 
over hir body.

The dragon collapsed exhausted upon his partner, feeling the 
shorter snakes retreat as the longer ones stayed with the wolf.  
Pulling himself off hir, he looked at the lupine, copious amounts 
of pink ooze still trailing from his cock and tongue.  Beside him 
the wolf's eyes flickered once before opening.  A long csnake 
emerging from hir lips to lick at the trail of drool before 
sliding back inside.  

He reached over to stroke hir belly fur, smiling as hir cock began 
to double in size, swelling further as three snakes emerged from 
its tip.  A second wriggling tangle sliding out from hir female 
sex, reaching towards him as he rolled back towards hir, his own 
nest mingling with hirs, providing the two slaves with more than 
enough incentive to mate...

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