Keywords: Adult, Magic
Species: C-snake, Dragon, Gryphon
C-Snakes, The Second Wave
By Divigon

It was the weekend, Kleff had seen his friends, visited the pub and 
was now looking back for some serious unwinding.  He dumped his 
stuff in a corner of the lair that served as a cupboard and flopped 
himself down on the bed.  It had been a tiring week and all he 
wanted to do was sleep.

Sometime later he awoke, one golden eye opening slowly as his brain 
began to kick over.  Something had woken him.

There it was again, a light sliding touch across his scales.

Lifting his head slowly he looked down.  Curled up on the edge of 
his belly scales was a small snake, probably eight inches long.  It 
was a strange glowing pink and raised its head curiously to look at 
him.  Kleff regarded it carefully.  Living in a cave, he was use to 
the occasional intrusion.

He had not seen a snake like this one before, but there was nothing 
usual in that.  When you live in a magically active area and are a 
magical creature yourself, all manner of things may appear, or 
disappear, at will.

After pondering for a few moments, Kleff decided to leave it where 
it was.  It wasn't annoying him, he knew any venom it had would not 
be able to hurt him and it didn't look like the snake was going to 
get aggressive soon.  It was probably curled up there for his body 

Kleff dropped his head back down and tried to recapture his sleep, 
but after half an hour of shuffling to get comfortable, he decided 
that was a waste of time.  He pushed himself back along the bed 
until he was half resting against the pillows, his rusty coloured 
wings stretched out either side of him and his tail reaching off the 
edge of the bed.  Like most males of his age group, Kleff's mind 
began to wander in a definite sexual direction.

He was barely aware of his claws caressing down his scales as his 
sheath began to swell.  Gradually his draconic penis began to push 
from its pouch, spreading the usually loose skin as it grew.  Kleff 
was a red dragon, his underside was a deep burnt yellow, which 
darkened around his back to a subtle red.  It also meant that below 
his sheath hung his testicles.  Not all dragons had external 
genitalia and Kleff was personally very proud of his, with good 
reason to be as well.

As he stroked himself slowly, his eyes closed and he began to think 
of himself in various situations.  Various females cowering before 
him as he thrust into them, males plunging into him.  His hips 
thrust upwards slightly and he felt his cock swell and shift in his 
hands.  He opened his eyes and looked down, his cock had grown 
larger than normal with a range of ridges beginning to emerge down 
its sides.  He shook his head, mentally admonishing himself.  
Kleff's magical ability was the power of transformation, he could 
alter all or part of his body to almost any form.  It was a neat 
trick, but sometimes his subconscious took over.  His penis 
diminished slightly, shifting itself back to its more normal form.

It was a little demoralising to watch, but he was not in the mood to 
feel his subconscious give him something four foot in length.  He 
felt a tickle on his scales and shifted his gaze.  The little snake 
that had been on his chest had woken up and was showing some 
interest in the happenings around his groin.

Slowly Kleff slid his hands away and lay back, content to tremble at 
the faint cool touches of the small reptile.  The snake seemed 
curious and wanted to explore.  It curled itself around the base of 
his cock and spiralled itself upwards, making Kleff grip the sheets 
in pleasure.  His tip was already drooling his clear pre and a tiny 
tongue flicked at his opening, resulting in small spurts of the 
salty liquid oozing down his shaft.

The snake seemed to wring itself around his cock, then slide itself 
off slowly.  Kleff sighed slowly, then gasped as the snake wrapped 
itself around his balls and squeezed firmly.  He gasped again as the 
snake probed around his smaller opening on his tail.  The snake 
seemed insistent and Kleff's legs spread wider as the muscles 
relaxed and the snake's head slipped inside.

His ass seemed to pulse as the snake dove deeper, the pleasure 
building.  Kleff's mind whirled and his head snapped up just in time 
to see the last of the snake disappear inside him.  Moments later 
the sensations became too much and he exploded, his white seed 
fountaining from his tip and splattering across his belly scales.  A 
second wave erupted and Kleff's eyes sprung open as the snake inside 
him continued to squirm, worming its way deeper inside him.  

Then his golden eyes seemed to fade to a darker colour and his body 
relaxed, a smile shifting across his face as third and final spurt 
hit his scales...

Kleff's eyes closed as the c-snake began to spread its influence 
over his body.  It revelled in its larger host, quickly multiplying 
and assimilating the dragon, aided by the dragon's magical ability.

When Kleff woke late in the morning he looked down at his body and 
smiled.  It was not the view you would expect to find.  The c-snake 
had been busy, modifying his body to something more suitable.  The 
dragon's cock was now huge and rested halfway up his chest.  From 
its tip, smaller c-snakes probed the air, disappearing back inside 
as the dragon stirred.

Kleff stood slowly, his stance, and body, adjusting to his swollen 
balls that hung between his legs like melons.  He looked in the 
mirror and stroked one of the snakes that now formed his tongue, the 
writhing mass that protruded from under his tail gradually sliding 
away, leaving only the single snake that now made up his tail and as 
he watched, that faded and shifted to it looked exactly like his old 

The dragon looked at himself in the mirror, his giant cock 
retracting gradually as his balls swelled a little more.  His body 
was literally oozing the c-snakes pink slime, but that slowed while 
he watched until it was more or less just him in front of the 
mirror.  He checked the time, then stepped into the shower to clean 
himself off.

Right on time, the doorbell chimed.  It was a little redundant since 
he had no door, but it was a nice thought.  He had slipped a towel 
around his waist, just in case anything began to make an unscheduled 
appearance and called for the guest to enter.

Every Saturday at two in the afternoon Rach would swing by.  Rach 
was a gryphon.  Well, closer to a gryphon than anything else.  She 
had a little bit of dragon, a lot of gryphon and some avian in her 
bloodlines as well as various mammals.  The end result was a female, 
slightly over six foot tall, with feathered wings, scaled arms and 
legs, a vaguely fox like head, but with a beak instead of a muzzle 
and a long dragon-like tail that trailed behind her.  Somehow the 
pieces of her were fitted together so that just about every male 
thought she was gorgeous.

"Afternoon Kleff," she called dumping her stuff on the table, then 
flopping down on the pile of cushions that served as a couch.

"Afternoon Rach," he replied.  "Fancy something to drink?"

She looked up at him.

"Thanks," she said.  "Something cold if you've got it."

"Something cold," he repeated walking towards the kitchen.  "Not a 
problem.  So, what have you been up to today?"

"Just the usual," she called.  "You know, a little shopping, 
catching up on sleep.  Things like that."

"Yesssss," he shouted back, his voice trailing off into a hiss as 
his tongue reformed itself into one of his c-snakes.  

He opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of juice, tipping some 
of it into a glass.  His c-snake was nice enough to provide some of 
its pink ooze, which was easily disguised by the red colouring.  As 
he walked back to the room, his c-snake slipped back to a more 
standard tongue form.

"Here you go," he said, handing her the glass.

"Thanks," she replied, taking it and emptying it in a single swig.  
She set the glass to one side and lay back.  "Ahhh... I needed that.  
Its bloody hot outside."

He grinned, watching as she lay back on the cushions.

"Feeling a little warm are we?" he asked almost condescendingly.  
Normally that would have earnt him a serious look, but now she just 
gave a slight nod.

"Actually, I'm still very hot in here.  Do you mind if I take off my 
cloak?" she asked.

"Not at all," he replied, smiling as she undid her clasp, revealing 
her lightly feathered underside.

She smiled back at him, "Now that you can see me, how about I see 
you?" she teased, pulling at the edge of the towel so that it fell 
to the floor.

Her eyes widened as she inspected Kleff's huge balls.  His internals 
were hidden away in his sheath, but that bulged enticingly as she 
looked at it.  To her credit she didn't say anything, instead she 
leant back on the cushions, her hands moving so they rested on her 

The dragon knew her spiked drink was affecting her feelings, but he 
still did not want to rush it, gryphons were known to be hard to 
convert.  He moved in and sank into the cushions beside her, the 
sent of her sex beginning to permeate the air.  Slowly her fingers 
moved up and brushed over her outer lips, which were already 
swollen, from where he was, Kleff could see her juices beginning to 
ooze from her walls.

Rach didn't say anything as he rolls his head towards her thighs, 
but when he licked softly at her lips, she gave a moan of pleasure.  
Her hands slid up her body to begin caressing around her breasts as 
Kleff slid his head between her thighs.  As his tongue began to 
probe past her labia, the gryphon arched herself upwards, thrusting 
herself at the dragon's maw while his tongue began to delve itself 
in deeper.

As he curled it around her clit, it shifted, thickening and slipping 
from his mouth, the c-snake burrowing into her folds.  She gasped in 
surprise at the invasion and say upright.  A c-snake had already 
replaced his tongue and protruded somewhat from his mouth.  

She began pushing herself away from him, burrowing backwards through 
the cushions.  His cock beginning to push from his sheath as the c-
snakes prepared themselves.

"What are you...?" she panted

"Does it matter?" he replied, reaching down to stroke his growing 
cock, both feeling and sensing the c-snakes releasing their potent 
pheromone mix.  With one inside her, he knew would not be able to 
resist for any more than a few moments.

"Yes..." she snapped back automatically, then paused.  "No...  I 
mean..." she seemed to be wavering.

Rach gave a gasp as the previously unnoticed c-snake in her sex 
began to squirm, burrowing itself in deeper, pushing all the right 
buttons.  She felt herself growing warmer as the lust began to flow 
through her body.  Gradually she went limp as she unknowingly caved 
into the need for pleasure that was beginning to spread through her 

Kleff just smiled as she stopped backing away and lay back on the 
cushions, spreading herself to him and curling a finger towards him 
an in incredibly sultry fashion.  The dragon responded slowly, 
careful not to scare her if he could avoid it.  His cock had 
continued to grow, but he had stopped it at about twice its normal 
length.  The tip was already drooling the pink slime of the c-
snakes, coating it liberally with sexually intoxicating lubricant.

He lent forward, placing the monster against her lips, she nodded 
once, then cried out in pleasure as he thrust himself forward.  His 
huge cock sliding inside her in a single move, he gave a few smaller 
thrusts, then moaned as the c-snaked loosed themselves inside her.  
Below him, Rach writhed, feeling the smaller snakes invade her body 
with a welcoming sexual haze.  Her mouth opened as she passionately 
kissed the dragon, shivering as the c-snake slid down her throat.

Kleff felt his hidden c-snakes burst from their hiding points and 
writhe around the couple, the tangle from his ass, slipping between 
his legs to burrow into Rach's while his tail just writhed around 
above them.

The gryphon's transformation was a direct contrast to the dragons.  
Kleff was transformed slowly in his sleep, while Rach was changed 
quickly, aided by a supply of snakes from the dragon and her own 
sexual stupor.  As they writhed atop of each other, the snakes egged 
on their pleasure.  With a tortured groan from the participants and 
a victorious hiss from the snakes the couple came, sealing their 
fate as the c-snake goo oozed from their bodies and they sunk into a 
deep sleep.

Rach was the first to awake, she crawled out from the snoozing 
Kleff, avoiding the snake which watched her.  She gave its head a 
little pat and was rewarded with a soft hiss and a twinge of 
pleasure that flowed through her.  She looked across at the mirror 
and at what she had become.

Her breasts had swollen in size and she knew a c-snake could grow 
from each nipple if it desired.  Her tongue was similar to Kleff's, 
about a foot long and currently a very thinly veiled snake.  Behind 
her, her tail snake kept a wary eye for danger while the nest under 
her tail wriggled in anticipation of prey.  A cock now grew from her 
vaginal lips, at least two-foot in length, with smaller c-snakes 
writhed from the top.  She stroked it unconsciously while she 
studied herself, spreading her wings and noticing the pink tinge 
along the previously white feathers.

There was stirring from the cushions and she moved back to her mate.  
Her snakes curling around his before he awake.  His eyes opening to 
see her stroking his three foot long cock.  Kleff smiled at the 
gryphon, they would make a nice couple and in a short time they 
would be the base of a beautiful threesome, then a foursome and 
after that...

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