Keywords: Adult
Species: Lupine?

By Divigon

I know I probably shouldn't have, but I could not really help myself 
Brother.  I looked in and there you were, spread out on top of your bed and 
dead to the world.  You did not notice as I snuck in, settling myself down 
beside you and resting my paws on your chest.

You did move slightly as I began to trace over your stripes, just a slow 
touch at first, lightly scratching at your fur before stroking in.  It was 
nice to tease your nipples, so much smaller than mine, but they soon perked 
and poked through your fur.  This reaction naturally took my gaze down to 
your groin, I must admit, it's nice of you to sleep naked.

I gently cupped your sac, rolling your orbs very gently in my paw.  You 
seemed to like that, you moaned slightly and your legs drifted a little 
further apart.  Your shaft was already beginning to poke from your sheath 
and by the time I began lightly stroking, you were already a few inches out.

I think around then you began to stir in more ways than one.  That's when I 
slipped two fingers inside myself and ran them over your nose.  The effect 
was amazing, one breath later and your body relaxed, but your shaft almost 
shot from your sheath, quickly reaching what I had to assume was full 

I lent down and let my pink tongue trail up the length of your shaft, all 
the way from your sheath to your tip before giving a little suckle.  You 
tasted amazing and you seemed to like it, moaning softly, I was almost 
afraid you were going to wake.

I had to move very slowly to straddle your hips; luckily I was more than 
eager as I slowly began to slide myself down onto you.  You did feel 
amazing, you stretched me just right and I could feel you throbbing as you 
slipped inside.  It must have taken me over a minute to fully slip onto you, 
I could look down and see my belly bulging from your shaft and below that 
where my golden lips seemed to join your dark pelt.

I think that was about the time you began to wake, so I started to murmur to 
you softly, lifting your paws to grip my breasts.  You seemed to like that, 
I know how much you have stared at my breasts in the past Brother, it did 
not take you much more encouragement with your paws on them and I will 
admit, I find it somewhat thrilling, impaled on your shaft with you totally 
relaxed under me.

Its not something I had felt before, it was so nice to take my time, I did 
not move my hips, and instead I let my inner walls do all the work.  Your 
shaft was nice, constantly dribbling pre, warming me up and then after a 
little while your knot began to form.  I had never felt that before Brother, 
it is quite the experience, spreading my labia wide; I had to grip you with 
my thighs so you didn't force me off, but that just helped me to stroke 
along your shaft.

I think that was all too much for you Brother, feeling me rippling over you.  
You gave a gentle spasm then I felt you empty yourself inside me, you feel 
so hot Brother, a lovely glowing warmth that seem to spread up through my 
belly.  I don't know why I did, but I felt an orgasm move through my own 
body, I did my best not to buck or cry out, I did not want to stir you from 
your dazed state.  I think it was the touch of your knot against my clitoris 
that did it to me.

After that I was quite helpless there.  I knew I came at least twice more; 
my body is always so sensitive after my first orgasm.  It took quite a long 
time before I was able to slide myself off of you, but now you had slipped 
back into a light sleep although you did moan again as I carefully licked 
your sheath and balls clean.  I do like your taste Brother, mingled with my 
own juices as well, it's light but quite enjoyable.

Then I slipped out, leaving you to your dreams.  I hope you enjoyed them.


Thank you for telling me that Sister, it does put my dreams a little more in 
perspective now.  On the subject of admissions I have one to make myself.  
You are most likely unaware of this, but a few days ago I returned home late 
to find you asleep on the couch.

Obviously you had taken a shower while I was out and had either not expected 
me to return when I did nor had expected to doze off.  When I walked in I 
was greeted with the most interesting sight of you naked on the couch.  The 
towel that had been wrapped around you slipped free and I did spend a few 
moments admiring your naked form.  

You have developed much from when we use to bath together, the way your red 
stripes curl around your sides and the glossy black of your front, it is 
enough to make any male more than just a little excited.  My eyes naturally 
focused on your breasts, my paws longing to hold them. You did not mention a 
date of your encounter with me Sister, perhaps they had already met and were 
thinking back to happy memories or perhaps they were longing for things to 

I did notice your nipples were erect though Sister.  Their pert black nubs 
poking through your fur, I do love how just the tip of a stripe catches your 
left nipple, it highlights it so perfectly.

Just then you gasped and slid your paw down.  I watched as your claws raked 
over your thigh, then up over your lips, causing you to moan again.  I could 
smell your scent in the room Sister, I have smelt you before, but not like 
this, not raw and passionate.  I could feel my tail lashing behind me as I 
knelt before you, ducking my head under your raised knee I began to lick.

You did seem to like that.  I was slow and gentle Sister, lapping gradually 
from the base of your sex, slowly up one side, then pausing and moving to 
the other.  Over and over I lapped, all the time, your moaning growing 
louder.  I thought you had woken when you reached down, pulling my head 
against your sex, your rich scent flooding my senses as my tongue and muzzle 
sank deep inside.

It took me a few seconds to steady myself and I started to lap in earnest.  
I did not give you any thought to you waking, I only wanted to see you 
happy.  It did not take long Sister, a few minutes of my rough tongue 
roaming over your deliciously swollen clitoris and sinking deep into your 
folds and I felt you arch upwards, crying out as my muzzle was filled with a 
flood of your juices.

I slowed my actions, easing back until I was just lapping slowly, every now 
and again I would tease your clitoris and you would moan out again, your 
body shuddering and I would have to begin lapping anew.  It was with some 
reluctance I pulled myself free, giving your eager sex a kiss before 
sneaking out of the room and leaving you resting as I had found you.

I believe you heard me later Sister, as I showered, cleaning your scent from 
me as well as taking care of other more pressing matters.  I heard you walk 
past the bathroom as I gave a soft grunt of my own and could have sworn I 
heard you giggle.  It was a pity you did not enter Sister, I do not lock the 
door, if the urge ever takes you, feel free to slip by...

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