Keywords: Adult, transformation, latex, magic
Species: Human, skunk

By Divigon.

Magic is supposed to be simple.  At least, that was what Scott thought as he 
stumbled over the lines of the spell.  He, like everyone else was still 
coming to terms with this idea of magic.  Ever since it suddenly appeared in 
the world a few years ago, people had been trying to figure out exactly what 
it was and how to use it.

Like all humans, they analysed it scientifically.  They proved it could not 
exist, but that did not seem to stop it working into our lives.  It started 
with simple things.  Some people discovered they could produce fire, or lift 
heavy loads.  Those people spoke to other people who could do similar 
things.  Soon someone learnt about teleportation, next came transformations.  
Suddenly, it became not so uncommon to see a dragon flying through the air.

Society began to accept it.  A few months later magic schools began to crop 
up, competing with the more traditional establishments.  Of course, they 
were a roaring success which explained why Scott was currently reading his 
spell book and cursing at the little rubber figurine before him.

He was a research mage.  Or at least trying to be one.  At the moment he was 
trying to figure out how to change the three inch high skunk figurine into 
something which would clean his room.  He was sure he had all the 
components, a transformation component to make it life size, an intelligence 
component so it knew what to do, plus the other sections, but nothing seemed 
to work.  It was driving him insane.

Just then his room mate Brian walked in.  

"Check it out," he announced, dropping a box on Scott's desk.

Scott looked at the box and rolled his eyes.  Like most advances of 
technology, the sex industry had been there to pick up on the rush of magic.  
Brian had just bought a sex doll, but this was animated and according to the 
box, 'contained a dominatrix who would take you to places you've never been 

"I don't believe you just bought this," said Scott, feigning disgust, but 
also starting to think about the magic behind it.

"I didn't," said Brian.  "I have to look at it and try and figure out if 
there are any potential problems.  I've even got the magic manual."

Brian held up a slim book.  It was the Holy Grail of magic devices.  The 
magic manual was the equivalent to a service manual.  It described the 
different components of a spell, how they interacted and any possible 

"Cool," said Scott, grabbing the manual and flipping through it.

"Wha..." spluttered Brian.  "Oh no you don't."

"Stop," ordered Scott, giving a wave of his hand.

Brian suddenly froze in position, not a hair moving, a living statue.  Scott 
gave his room mate a quick glance, he knew Brian could still see and hear, 
but that was about it.  He made a show of sitting down and reading through 
the book.

It was exactly what he had been after.  It had the key points in the spell 
where he could modify the existing one for the sex doll, slip his own 
requirements in and redirect it back at his little figurine.  He spent a few 
moments gathering his thoughts, looking back at Brian who was still unable 
to move.

He cleared his mind, pictured the small figurine and began chanting.  The 
finished spell was deceptively simple, it only took him a minute or so and 
it was done.  He finished it off in a flurry and looked at the plastic 
skunk.  It glowed for a moment, then disappeared with a pop, showering the 
room with small purple sparks.  

Scott looked around in anticipation and... nothing happened.

He waited.  

Still nothing.

He began looking through the incantation.  It should have worked.  He could 
not find fault with it.  There should be a life-sized skunk figurine 
standing in the room, waiting to do his bidding.

He shook his head.  He liked that skunk figurine too.

He did not notice his hand slip up over his shirt and start idly rubbing at 
his nipple which had begin to swell, his shirt gradually getting tighter.  
For some reason, Scott began to feel hot.  He started to unbutton his shirt, 
the top button flying off as his breasts swelled.  He giggled and rubbed at 
the, giving a moan.  They felt so good.

He turned in his chair, facing the frozen Brian as he began to undo his 
belt.  Somewhere, deep in the recesses of his mind there was a questioning 
voice, but as his pants fell away it felt so good to be naked the voice just 
faded away.  He slipped his briefs slowly down his legs a hand circling his 
shaft and teasing it.  At first his penis started to swell, then it began to 
shrink, growing smaller.  Scott could feel his testicles shrinking, drawing 
up into his body as he began to push his penis back inside himself, his 
groin reforming itself into a smooth vagina.

Scott gave another moan.  That was definitely better.  A finger teased 
inside her new sex and she felt a tingling against the base of her spine.  
She gasped as a tail suddenly emerged, shooting out in a single smooth move, 
her eyes opening wide as she felt it, waving it about.  Her skin began to 
change, growing darker, looking its pink hue and taking on a more shiny 
appearance.  Her hair started to thin before disappearing completely.  A 
single white stripe forming down her chest, running between her large and 
still swelling breasts.  She felt a tingle running down her spine and knew 
she had two lines forming there as well.

She turned to look at the mirror, admiring herself.  An eight foot tall 
rubber skunk stared back at her.  It was playing idly with its sex, already 
the lips glistening as a bead of milk began to form on one of the large 

Scott took a deep breath, smelling her own scent fill the room.  It was 
musky, alluring and loaded with a mixture of hormones and magic.  Her eyes 
turned to the frozen Brian, running a paw gently over his face and down his 
chest.  She gave a mhrrr as her paw reached his groin, groping gently but 
firmly before clicking her fingers.

"What the hell have you done?" stammered Brian as he was released from the 
spell, jerking himself back.

"How do you mean?" smiled Scott, her voice soft and luscious.  The kind of 
voice you only hear in dreams.

"Where is Scott?" Brian demanded, gulping in the room.  There was something 
in the air.  Something thick... heavy... his mind was starting to go hazy.

"And who is Scott?" asked the skunk.  "My name is Symble.  What is yours?"

"Brian," replied Brian, shaking his head.  "Scott... Scott... was... is... 
room mate."

Symble massaged a breast gently, watching as small beads of milk formed, 
then ran down her body, funnelling between her legs.  Brian just stared and 
the skunk giggled.

"Why don't you come over here..." purred Symble softly.

She sat herself down on the bed, patting her lap almost playfully.

"We can talk about this Scott later, I want to find out more about you," she 
said seductively, her legs slightly apart, leaving very little to the 

"I... well... ok..." stammered Brian.  He was not sure why, but he knew he 
would feel better being there.  He was about to climb into her lap when she 
shook her head and waved a finger at him.

"I am naked..." she said.  "It is only fair that you are too."

For some reason, this made perfect sense to Brian and he felt himself 
beginning to strip.  It only took him a few moments and he was standing 
naked before her.  His penis fully erect and pulsing, but completely 
unnoticed by him.  All of his attention was focused on her.  She smiled, 
patting her thigh again.  This time Brian was allowed to clamber up onto her 

Symble parted her legs a little, making a V which held Brian comfortably.  
She ran a paw lightly over his side, bringing his head to her chest.  Her 
skin was smooth, rubbery.  In fact, it felt just like latex.  Her breasts 
were huge, like basketballs, the biggest Brian had ever seen and one of the 
sexiest things as well.  Before him was a nipple, it was at least an inch 
across and stood up proudly.  His mouth opened and a few moments later he 
felt himself beginning to suckle.

He was rewarded almost immediately by a trickle of her milk.  It had a 
subtle taste and seemed to warm him from the inside out.  His eyes closing 
as he began to feed.  He could feel Symble gently stroking his body as he 
drank, her voice soft and reassuring to his ears.

"There, there..." she was saying.  "That's good... you just drink now.  
Drink and forget... everything will be all right... you'll make such a good 
pet...  Yes... you like that don't you, just your mistress and you..."

Brian could feel himself fading away, just giving himself up, it felt so 
good... so relaxed.

"Good pet," purred Symble after some indeterminate  length of time, a large 
rubbery paw gently prying his lips from her nipple.  

Brian sat back obediently.  He knew what was coming next and shifted himself 
a little out of the way.  Symble rolled herself away from him, moving to all 
fours and lifting her tail.  She seemed larger somehow, or maybe he was 
smaller.  It was hard to tell.

Brian looked at the exposed opening under her tail and moved himself 
forward, beginning to lap and tease the rubbery anus, being rewarded with a 
chuur of pleasure from his mistress.  He moved slightly, his lips descending 
and beginning to lap at her exposed sex lips.  Her strong tasting juices 
tingling at his tongue.  He could feel her rubbery body relaxing more under 
his attention, his hand moving up to start stroking the lips.

Slowly he began to push his hand in, shifting a little so he could start to 
add the fingers form his other hand as well.  His tongue being squeezed out 
and moving up to begin licking around her anus once more, his hands pressing 
themselves in deeper and deeper.

Symble gave a soft groan, she could feel herself being stretched, her tail 
arching back higher, her body suddenly clenching around her pet's arms, her 
scent glands firing.

Brian's eyes opened wider as he caught her scent directly in the face.  The 
milky liquid seeming to envelop him, he could feel his mistress beginning to 
suck his control from him and he liked it.  On some level he wanted to 
fight, but knew he was unable, the build up of sensations and magic too much 
for him.  He felt his orgasm beginning to approach just as Symble fired her 
glands again, the strange milky substance capturing her pet, freezing him in 
position as her sex lips began to close in around his arms.

The skunk looked over her shoulder, her fluid dripped from the human's body 
which was frozen in place.  She forced herself to relax, she knew she wanted 
to squeeze, but not yet... it was too soon.  She began to rock back, her 
pet's arms spreading her rubbery body wider.  Soon she could feel his head 
start to press against her lips.  She rumbled softly, pausing before 
resuming her gently rocking.  Each movement of her hips was causing the 
human to slip deeper into her body.

Soon she had his head, then was working slowly over his shoulders.  Her 
belly was beginning to distend as she moved further down.  She rolled over 
onto her back, gripping a little at his legs, pushing him in deeper and 
feeling him begin to slip in easily now, his body curling up as he entered 
her womb.  His toes slipped past her lips and she rubbed her smooth sex, 
feeling it retracting back to its normal size.  Her belly distended hugely 
and she gave it a pat, feeling her womb already beginning to go to work on 
the human.

She quite liked human's as a rule, but with a few minor modifications they 
could be so much better.

Symble giggled to herself, squeezing a nipple gently, making herself 
comfortable on the bed... it would not be too long...

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