Keywords: Adult, Transformation, Latex
Species: Human, Dragon, Panther
Bodypaint Makeup
By Divigon

The two men looked at each other, those last few hesitant thought 
still milling around in their brains.

"You ready?" asked one.

The other responded by beginning to unbutton his shirt.  Andrew 
smiled as he noticed this and pulled his T-shirt over his head, 
watching as Greg slowly unveiled his chest.  There was another 
pause and together they began pulling off their pants, eventually 
leaving themselves naked in the middle of the room.

Nervously Greg looked at Andrew's body, raising an enquiring 
eyebrow.  Andrew blushed slightly, turning to the small side 

"I feel like a bit of a fool," he replied turning back holding two 
small pots.  Handing one and a brush to Greg he looked at his own 
small container of body paint.

"I can't believe you talked me into this," Greg said as he poked 
at the thin dark liquid.  "You sure it's suppose to be like this, 
it looks too runny."

Andrew nodded.

"Its designed to be layered," he said.  "You make darker patches 
by going over it multiple times.  I have been told its fairly 
straight forward."

Greg hmmed and looked at the small jar a little closer.

"Black Magic Body Paint?" he said incredulously.  "Just were did 
you get this from, some adult sex shop by the sound of it."

Andrew looked hurt.  

"Never," he replied.  "Its from that old shop on the corner, which 
sells all the weird stuff."

"Ahhh," nodded Greg.  "The Olde Tyme Sex Shoppe"

Andrew smiled, suddenly pulled out his paint brush and painted a 
black streak down Greg's nose.

"There," he said.  "Lets get started."

Greg went cross-eyed looking at his black streak and giggled.

"Ok," he grinned, pulling out his paint brush.  "You're on."

With that the two began.  Both knew what the other wanted and 
slowly they worked towards that aim.  Greg began by painting 
scales over Andrew's chest while Andrew worked at painting claws 
onto Greg's hand.  After that it became a little difficult, both 
trying to paint each other while trying to get the other to stay 
still.  Reaching a compromised, they stopped and took turns.  One 
would paint, then while that was drying the other would be the 

This system worked much better, but it was still a slow process.  
Gradually they covered each other, the layers merged together and 
details began to emerge.  Greg, being the more artistic of the two 
meant that Andrew's dragon was slightly more realistic than Greg's 
panther.  However, both were quite recognisable as what they were.

After a few hours they stopped and examined themselves in the 
mirror.  Turning to Greg, Andrew smiled and pointed down.

"You missed a spot."

Greg looked uncomfortable at where Andrew was pointing.

"Well..." he hesitated.  "I wasn't sure... you know..?"

Andrew looked back at the mirror, looking critically at the 
reflection of his groin.  The stark human pink definitely stood 
out bizarrely against the dark black of the painted scales.  
Behind him he could see Greg with the same region the same colour 
with an equal amount of contrast.

Andrew turned around again.

"Tell you what," he said.  "I'll paint you, then you paint me and 
we'll both be finished."

Greg nodded slowly, easing himself back onto a newspaper covered 
table, opening his legs slightly to allow Andrew better access.  
Andrew dipped his brush and slowly began to coat Greg's penis with 
the thin paint.  Gradually working his way down the flaccid shaft 
and onto the testicles which hung below.  As the brush caressed 
his more private regions, Greg was reminded of times past and his 
blood flow increased.  Andrew said nothing as his canvass 
stretched and grew, but diligently continued covering it slowly.  
But the time he was finished, Greg was fully excited, but 
delightfully relaxed at the same time.

Looking down at his new painted balls and thickened sheath he 
smiled and willing swapped places with Andrew.  Unsure exactly how 
Andrew saw his dragon penis he painted it similar to a mammalian 
appendage.  This, which eliciting a similar physical response to 
his own hardening, brought a groan from Andrew.  Puzzled he looked 
up at the dragon face.

"No," said Andrew.  "Its reptilian looking, basically smooth 
scales, nothing obvious as such."

Greg nodded in understanding and pondered for a moment, then 
working slowly outlined small scales all over his penis.  This 
took a considerable about of time and precision work, but Andrew 
did not seem to mind the exquisite touch of the brush.  By the 
time he had finished, Andrew was barely able to see his own penis 
in the reflection.  It blended in with scales painted on his belly 
almost flawlessly.

Smiling, Andrew studied the human standing before him, his paint 
was dry and clearly outlined his feline features.  The black paint 
camouflaging his human characteristics surprisingly well.  
Similarly, Greg was looking at the dragon, waiting those last few 
seconds for the shine off the wet paint.  

Reaching forward Andrew lightly grasped the other's painted 

"Hmmm," he almost mhrrred.  "Feline balls."

Greg played along, purring as he stroked over Andrew's chest.

"Slinky scales," he giggled.

That was too much for Andrew and he pulled Greg towards him, 
kissing his lover deeply.  That triggered something within Greg 
and he lightly ran his fingers over Andrew's flesh.  Slowly, the 
two humans entwined themselves, their love for each other building 
as they explored their forms.  Gradually the two lowered 
themselves to the floor, Greg stroking his finger tips lightly 
over Andrew's darkened chest.

Andrew let out a sigh of pleasure, Greg's fingers felt so fine, 
almost delicate as they caressed against his skin.  Involuntary he 
shivered as they traced small circles over his nipples.  It felt 
so strange... incredibly erotic... but something else... something 

Opening his eyes he looked up at Greg's smiling face, then his 
gaze travelled down to his partner's hand where he let out another 
sigh, this one in shock.  Even as he watched, Greg's fingernails 
were darkening, lengthening slowly, extending from his fingers, 
growing into definite claws.

Greg sensed the reaction of the human beneath him and glanced 
down, he too giving a gasp of surprise.  Below his finger, 
Andrew's nipple seemed to be flattening, somehow spreading out 
slowly over his chest.  He moved his hand, noticing for the first 
time the dark claws and shortening fingers, but his eye's remained 
fixed on the spreading circle of glossy black on his lover's 

Andrew meanwhile, had begun to feel his own hand begin to tingle.  
Raising it up, he watched the fingers lengthen slightly, his nails 
move closer to the tips, black claws extending into the air.  
Reaching forward with his right hand, he took Greg's changed left 
in his, holding it lightly as the bones ground under the skin.  At 
the same time, the black on his chest was spreading, somehow 
covering his skin, looking almost like a living latex cover.

Andrew reached out with his free hand, delicately circling stiff 
nipple of Greg's with an emerging claw.  Greg responded by giving 
an almost inhuman purr of pleasure, his nipple swelling slightly 
as his skin seemed to writhe under the stimuli.  New muscles 
stretching his skin as two more pairs of nipples appeared lower on 
his chest.  Andrew noticed this almost immediately and included 
them in his caress, eliciting yet another sound of pleasure from 
his lover.

While Andrew explored Greg's chest, Greg responded by tracing over 
the flowing line of smooth black as it descended towards Andrew's 
crotch.  The glossy line slowly enveloped his pubic hairs, almost 
melting them away, then it continued to steadily coat his penis 
and testicles.  Andrew allowed himself a soft growl of pleasure as 
he felt his maleness gradually numb, his pleasure centre somehow 
moving somewhere within his churning insides.  To Greg, it was a 
strange sensation.  His partner's erection suddenly becoming silky 
smooth and shiny, like the rest of his abdomen, then strangely it 
began to shrink.  Even as he lavished attention on it, he could 
feel it slipping away.  In horror he looked down, watching as 
Andrew's maleness literally melted into his crotch below it, his 
testicles slowly retracted.  Moving his new hand over the area all 
he felt was an alien smoothness.  To Andrew however, he could feel 
himself being caressed in new and exciting ways and he threw his 
head back, giving a moan of pleasure.

Greg was still shocked and turned his gaze to his own crotch, 
dreading what he would find.  He had been feeling a delightful 
warming sensation with Andrews ministrations and when he looked 
down he almost jumped with surprise.  His penis had changed... but 
what a change.  It was now bigger.  Much bigger.  At least double 
in width, a dark black fold of skin delicately cradling it within 
a large, newly formed sheath.  The several inches protruding from 
the opening was deep purple in colour.  More cylindrical than his 
human member with a definite blunt point which was leaking a small 
stream of clear pre.  All of this was being exquisitely massaged 
with the surprisingly soft talons of his partner.  Below that, 
even as he watched, he felt his testicles growing, pushing at his 
tightening scrotum until his sac hung firm and proudly between his 
legs, complete with a delightful 'full' feeling.

Andrew was steadily stroking his lover's penis as he felt 
something beginning to push at the base of his spine.  
Instinctively pulling himself to his knees, he held his breath as 
a long tail slowly extended from his back.  He could feel it 
thickening gradually, his hips adjusting to its shape.  Looking 
down he watched as the long black length emerged and curled around 
his soulmate's leg, the tip flattening into a small diamond which 
stroked seductively at the other's changing leg.

At the same time, Greg could feel a tail of his own extending from 
his lower back, thinner than Andrew's it weaved behind him, 
seemingly with a life of its own.  He felt a trembling within his 
thigh and looked down as muscles rippled along his legs.  His 
bones groaned in protest as they moved into unfamiliar positions.  
His feet lengthening as his toes grew slightly, the nails 
lengthening into claws which retracted into their housings with a 
strangely erotic feeling.  He felt his ankle reforming itself and 
tentatively found himself applying some weight to his new feet.

Andrew watched Greg's legs reshape themselves and received a few 
moments notice for himself.  His change began at the toes, nails 
lengthening into talons as his ankle stretched.  His calf shrunk 
slightly as his thighs writhed, the bones grinding uncomfortably 
as his skin faded to the uniform black the rest of his body had 
become.  Once his legs were still, he too gingerly applied some 
weight, lifting himself up in time with Greg so they both remained 
facing each other, one hand locked with a reassuring grip.

The two lovers looked at each other, trembling with a mixture of 
anticipation and pleasure as the change continued up their necks.  
Greg's neck increased in size as his muscles strengthened.  His 
entire lower face pushing out slowly, the tip of his nose 
hardening slightly as it grew into a rough triangle.  His lips 
thinning while teeth lengthened.  As multiple rows of whiskers 
pushed out of what were his cheeks he leaned forward to embrace 
his partner.

Andrew meanwhile had undergone a similar change, his face had 
pushed out, longer than Greg's, forming a definite muzzle.  
Enlarged nostrils flared slightly as he detected the changing 
scents in the room.  Sharpened teeth descended into his mouth, as 
he probed gently with a growing and forking tongue.  He felt 
Greg's paws slip around his chest and automatically wrapped his 
talons around the muscular torso before him, leaning down slightly 
to passionately kiss the emerging feline before him.

Greg returned the kiss deeply.  Their contrasting tongue's, one 
wide and rough, the other forked narrow and smooth probed each 
others mouth as the changes continued.  Andrew's ears seemed to 
slide up the sides of his head, ending up perched on the top even 
as the developed into small triangular peaks.  Ridges formed above 
his eyes, reshaping his skull as his skin and hair gave way to the 
smooth black of the rest of his body.  The remainder of Greg's 
head retained its shape, his ears moving slightly towards the top 
of his head, lengthening in the process, but remained low in 
contrast to Andrew's.  There was a slight tingling as his eyes 
moved a little apart, the emerging gap filled by his new nose.

Both creatures broke from their kiss at the same time and drew 
back to look at each other.  As they watched, their eyes both 
faded to a rich golden colour, their pupils lengthening.  Andrew's 
continued to grow, filling his enlarged eye sockets which tilted 
back at an angle to his face.  Greg remained still, watching with 
his impassionate orbs.

Suddenly, with no warning, Andrew seemed to flex in Greg's grip, 
leaning forward into the human-feline, grasping him tightly, then 
the dragon lifted their head back and roared.  Behind him, two 
black webbed wings expanded out from his back.  Stretching as the 
continued to lengthen.  In a matter of seconds, they expanded to 
over ten foot in width before coming back to encircle Greg in a 
tender embrace.

Greg then let out a soft purr of pleasure as his skin began to 
tingle.  He needed no explanation, he could feel his thick coating 
of soft black fur sprouting from all over his body.  Andrew felt 
the gentle covering begin to cover his lover, followed a few 
moments later by his final change.  His skin seemed to harden, 
then just as it was becoming unyielding it began to crack into 
scales.  The more flexible parts of his body resulting with fine 
scales while his chest remained several large sections.

For both of them, the feeling of the final change, their bodies 
gently caressed by an unseen force was extremely erotic.  For 
Greg, it was too much, his hips bucked themselves forward and his 
long erect penis almost painfully released its load against the 
smooth scales of his dragon lover.  Andrew felt the warm splash 
strike his hide, pause for a moment and begin to trickle down his 
leg.  He too was incredibly aroused, but somehow in a different 

He responded by holding his furry lover tightly, wrapping a scaled 
tail around his leg, gently cradling him as a warm, sticky length 
stroked against an inner thigh.

Eventually, Greg recovered enough to purr softly in his partner's 
ear.  Andrew went to say something, but nothing seemed to come 
out, just a few unintelligible sounds.  Puzzled he thought it 

To Greg, his head suddenly seemed to explode.  Images, senses, 
feelings, all rushing directly into his consciousness.  He reeled 
back.  An instant later, the confusion stopped, replaced with a 
sensation somehow of concern.  He looked up and found himself 
staring directly into the golden orbs of the dragon.

"Andrew?" he ventured.

[Yes,] came a reply inside his head.

"I can here you," he purred tentatively.  "Inside my head."

The words, [That is good] appeared almost mystically inside his 
head, coupled with a feeling of relief.

Greg found himself stroking at Andrew's glossy scales as he 
pondered the situation.  His head filling with a sensation of 
contentment and growing pleasure.  Smiling evily, he decided to 
use the dragon's unintentional thoughts to an unfair advantage.  
Leaning forward he began to lick slowly at the dragon's scales.  
Gradually meandering slowly down his chest, the images of pleasure 
slowly increasing.  By the time his rough tongue had reached the 
smooth scales of Andrew's groin, the mental images in his head 
were almost obscene.

Sliding a claw up a thigh, Greg traced gently around Andrew's tail 
base as he continued to lick where his penis and testicles use to 
be.  Andrew found himself mhrrring softly, broadcasting a feeling 
of pure pleasure.  To Greg's surprise, his claw brushed over 
something soft, warm and moist and the feeling within his mind 
moved up another two notches.  Sheathing his claw, he probed 
gently with a finger.  Slowly pushing it inside the opening.  
Andrew bucked his hips and began emitting a mhrrring noise.  
Sliding his finger in deeper, Greg found himself purring as the 
opening began to squeeze rhythmically along his finger, almost 
milking it.  He began to stroke his finger in and out slowly, 
feeling the pleasure of his lover reaching its peak.  Then, in a 
kaleidoscope of thoughts, sensations and feelings the dragon 
crashed over the edge.  Andrew's opening spasming around Greg's 
finger, trails of strongly scented liquid dripping down the 
panther's paw.

Greg held his lover tightly, happy to feel the mental imagery wash 
over him.  Eventually, the dragon recovered enough to control 
their thoughts.  Looking down at Greg, Andrew must have sensed the 
confusion in his face.

[I am not a male any more,] came the thoughts.  [I am female.]

There was a pause.

[Andrew does not suit this form.  I shall be known as Adyne.]

It was still taking Greg a while to get use to the new thought 
patterns and the feeling of something sending itself direct to his 
brain.  Standing, he gently hugged his smooth lover.

"So..." he whispered softly.  "Shall we retire to the bedroom...?"

A growing warm rubbed itself almost insistently against the 
Adyne's cool scales.  The dragon said nothing, but Greg could feel 
the loving feelings implant themselves as they slowly left to 
explore their new forms...

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