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Bion - Fun At The Mall 
By Divigon

	The Fun at the Mall series was started by Teiran.
It probably won't make much sense if you read this on its one.  Go to his 
page, follow the links and read up on it.  I think this is around chapter 
10, so you're missing a lot of the story.  I was asked if I'd do a chapter, 
so I turned my paw to it, this is how it turned out.  Not too bad I think.

Bion - Fun At The Mall 
By Divigon

Bion pushed his trolley dutifully around the mall.  It definitely was not 
the most glamorous of jobs, dressed in his grey overalls, people never 
seemed to notice him, but he was use to it.  A simple pack animal slipping 
amongst the heard.

He reached the doorway to the male bathroom and pulled out the little, 
"Cleaning in progress" sign.  Positioning it in front of the door before 
dragging his trolley inside.  He shook his head at the state of the room.  
He knew what the room was used for, that was obvious to just about everyone 
who was employed my management, but he wished they'd look after it better.

He emptied the bin and squirted down the mirrors, looking at his reflection.  
His donkey muzzle had the trademark patch of white at the end of his nose, 
darkening to the grey fur which covered the rest of him.  His long dark ears 
turned independently to follow any sounds, although working in this 
environment, they ignored most noises.  He was well built, spending what 
little free time he had at the gym, but would not call himself overly 
muscular by any means.   

His attention turned to the cubicles.  One had been propped open and 
something had been scribbled across it : "This Slave is here for Punishment. 
Yiff as much as desired, but do not release. I will be back to collect him 
later. Thank you, His Master."

He looked inside curiously, what appeared to be a fox looked back at him 
with wide open eyes.  The fox had been handcuffed to the wall, what looked 
like a remains of a ball-gag hung loosely from his mouth and a large 
spreader bar held his legs apart.

"Helth..." said the fox and Bion realised that the red colouring was 
actually paint, the fox was really a wolf and an exhausted one at that.

"Helpth!" grunted the wolf again, this time tugging at the handcuffs, trying 
to push the broken ball-gag out of his mouth.

Bion looked slowly over the exposed wolf, then up at the writing. 

"I'll be right back..." he said, unable to help himself from giving the tail 
a slow stroke before ducking out.

Kevin breathed out.  He was unsure if he could take any more.  He'd been 
abused, raped and pleasured in ways he had never imagined.  When he got his 
hands on that faggot Wildfire there would be hell to pay.  This latest 
arrival seemed like a good guy.  He was in a janitors overalls, which was 
probably a good sign.

Bion left the bathroom and headed across the mall.  He slipped into the 
"Yiff R Us" store and easily located Jimmy.

"Bion," said Jimmy with a smile.  "What can I help you with today?"

"You haven't seen Wildfire have you?" asked the donkey.

Not since earlier in the day," said Jimmy, shaking his head.  "Why do you 

"Oh, I think I may have found something of his," said Bion.  "Not sure 
though.  Just wanted to check.  He didn't buy anything did he?  Say a gag... 
perhaps some handcuffs?"

Jimmy grinned cheekily and nodded.

"Why, don't tell me you're meeting up with him?" he teased, knowing full 
well the fox was not the donkey's kind of partner.

The donkey's long ears turned pink and he shook his head.

"Me? Wha... nahhh..." he stuttered.  "Ummm, look, can I buy one of those 
gags... the same that Wildfire got."

"Sure," said Jimmy, going through the range of gags and pulling out another 
ball gag, tossing it to the donkey.

Bion then leaned in slowly across the counter.

"And what do you have for, ummm..." he whispered almost conspiratorially.  
"A... umm... flagging libido?"

"A hansom stud like you," Jimmy smirked.  "Wouldn't have though you'd have 
any problems."

The donkey's muzzle flushed pink like his ears.

"Its not for me you cheeky dog," he said through clenched teeth.  "It's for 
a lupine friend of mine... he's a little, ummm, exhausted."

Jimmy gave a long nod and one of those drawn out winks.

"Ok then..." he murmurs.  "Lupine... lupine... lupine..."

His head lowered, his rear sticking cutely into the air, tail wagging by 
itself as he rummaged under the counter.

"Depends," he said, looking up every now and again.  "Are they exhausted, 
empty or just unable to perform?"

"Ahhh," pondered Bion, his mind shipping back to the wolf.  "Probably all 

Jimmy's head lifted from under the counter.  

"All three eh?" he said, eyes lighting up.  "I think we'll need to fix some 
wakeup juice... give me a few..." 

The dog disappeared through the curtains into the bowls of the shop.  Bion 
could hear things being shuffled around, something being shaken and various 
clinks of glass on glass.

He returned a few minutes later holding a small bottle of orange fluid.

"This should do it," he said handing it over.  "Should get any lupine 
howling in no time."

Bion hand unscrewed the top, taking a sniff.  It didn't smell like much to 
him and he gave the dog another look, noticing that Jimmy had begun to 
squirm a little.

"Ummm, if you don't mind, keep the top on," he said, one hand absent 
mindedly reaching down to stroke the bulge in his pants.  

The donkey looked around, two wolves off to one side of the shop were now 
looking at each other, lust beginning to appear in their eyes as they 
hurried towards the exit.

"How does it work?" asked the donkey, carefully fastening the top.

"It's a mixture of hormones, aphrodisiacs plus a few other things of my own 
design," grinning Jimmy.  "Let your wolf friend, smell it, ingest it, absorb 
it through their skin.  Just so long as they get in contact with it 

"Thanks," Bion nodded, heading for the cash registers and out the door.

His sign remained outside the bathroom by the time he reached it and he 
walked inside.  The wolf still there.  Bion reached down and stroked the 
wolf's muzzle gently, easily pulling the broken gag out and tossing it to 
one side.

"So, why are you here?" he ask the wolf.

"Its that fuck'n faggot Wildfire's fault," snapped Kevin.  "He tricked me, 
tied me up and when I'm going to get out of here, I'll show him."

"Really," nodded the donkey.

"So are you going to get me out of this place or what?" demanded the wolf.

"To be frank..." deliberated Bion.  "No.  I quite like Wildfire... I also 
happen to know that what he does with his slaves is not my business, but I 
can help out a little."

"What...?" growled Kevin tugging at the handcuffs.

"Well, I'm guessing by the state of this cubicle you've already met some of 
our plant friends," rumbled the donkey.  "Us herbivores are very fond of 
them and I know how empty they leave you feeling... so I've got something 
for you..."

He took out the small bottle, opened it and wafted the top near the wolf's 
nose.  The effect was almost instantaneous.  The wolf gave a low groan, his 
eyes rolling back in his head and his hips thrust into the air.  Bion 
chuckled a little, dabbing a little onto a finger he rubbed the oily liquid 
over the wolf's muzzle.  Kevin tried to fight it, but all he could do was 
lick at his lips as the potent smell drew itself deeper into his sensitive 
nose with every breath.

The donkey grinned to himself and picked up the new gag he had bought.  He 
carefully coated it in the fluid and waved it almost hypnotically before the 
wolf.  Kevin growled, shaking his head even as his jaws began to open.  Bion 
stroked the wolf's  ears.

"Good puppy," he said condescendingly as he slipped the gag into position, 
fastening it into place.

Kevin bit down on the rubber and the donkey could see his throat 
swallowing., Jimmy's secret concoction travelling down into the wolf's 
gullet.  The donkey moved his hand slowly down the wolf's coat, rubbing more 
of the fluid in before reaching Kevin's tail.  The wolf turned his head, 
giving a glare even as he thrust his hips back, tail lifted high out of the 

The donkey smiled, a bulge in his pants evident, but he tenderly caressed 
under the tail, rubbing more fluid over the exposed ring and then working 
his hand lower.  His large paw moved over the dangling nuts, massaging them 
gently before slipping his hand forwards slightly, stroking at the pink 
shaft which was pulsing below the wolf's belly.

The lupine gave a groan, his hips moving against the stimulus of the equine 
hand.  Bion nickered softly, tipping a few more drops onto his hand and 
rubbing the fluid into the hot length.  A single drop of pre began to ooze 
from the tip and the donkey brought his hand back, resuming his massage of 
the wolf's poor balls.  Jimmy's potion worked its magic, the wolf sac 
swelling as Kevin began to thrust into the air in earnest.

Suddenly and without warning Bion stopped.  He stood up, giving the wolf's 
exposed rear a friendly slap.

"There," he announced.  "I think I'm all done here."

Kevin's head shot around and he glared at the donkey, growling deep in his 
throat, his hips still thrusting in the air.

"Well, I'm sorry," shrugged Bion.  "I'd love to stay and finished off, but 
I'm not allowed to make use of the public facilities on company time.  
Company policy."

The equine moved back to his trolley, adjusting his jumpsuit over the bulge 
in his groin.  

"Oh, I wouldn't worry..." he announced matter-of-fact.  "I'm sure someone 
will be along shortly.  And I've only got a few hours myself until I'm 
finished.  I may pop around after that."

He began to wheel the trolley out, placing the now empty trashcan back so he 
held the door open.

"Don't look so surprised," he grinned at the wolf, watching the drop of pre 
slowly drip to the floor.  "My job is to ensure the facilities are clean and 
welcoming to any who would wish to use them.  Like I said, my work here is 

Bion grinned to himself and started whistling, ignoring the muttering from 
the cubicle behind him.  He looked down at his hand at the half empty bottle 
of Jimmy's, thought about it for a moment, then slipped it into his pocket.  
He collected the "Closed for Cleaning" signed and moved back to the main 
mall, grinning a little at a wolf whose nostrils flared as he passed.  

The donkey checked his watch, only another three hours of this shift to go.  
Well, the wolf should probably be ok, but in three hours he may be worth 
checking on...

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