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By Divigon

There was a knock at the hotel room door and Mark answered it nervously opening 
it to reveal the raven haired woman on the other side.

"Hushy I presume?" she said with a smile.

"Yes," nodded Mark.  "Or Mark if you prefer.  I take it then you're Liz?"

"That's me," answered Elizabeth pointing to her con badge, a head of a vixen 
with Lizzy written in a stylalized script looked out.

"Please, come in," offered Mark, opening the door wide, then following Liz as 
she entered, trying not to stare at her body.

They had met some time ago on one of the mucks.  He had been playing a wolf, 
she a vixen.  They had role-played various scenes, then it turned out they 
would both be attending the same convention and decided to match up.  Secretly 
Mark was amazed, not only was Liz actually female, she looked stunning.

"So..." began Liz taking a seat in a chair.  "What happens now?"

"Ummm... I'm not sure," admitted Mark.

Liz smiled.

"You are just like your char," she grinned.  "Nice and submissive.  Just the 
way I like them."

Mark felt himself blush as he sat down.

"Well, I'll admit, it is tempting to say 'lets get it on' but that hardly seems 
politically correct," stammered Mark hesitantly.  "Plus I'm not sure how you'd 
react either."

Liz chuckled to herself. 

"Well, that is a little direct," she agreed.  "Why don't we spend a little time 
to get to know one and other first."

"Sounds good to me," admitted Mark.  "Although, I'm a lot like Hushy, so I'm 
not sure what you don't know about me."

"Are you now?" purred Liz softly, leaning herself closer to Mark and looking 
him over.  "You mean, you make the pretense of being a big powerful wolfie, but 
secretly desire to be completely and utterly dominated by the right woman."

"Ummm..." Mark managed to say, squirming in his seat.  "Maybe..."

"How interesting," said Liz, placing a hand on his knee.  "I wonder if you are 
as open to the same things as Hushy is."

Mark swallowed nervously.

"We could find out?" he whispered with a dry throat.

"I was hoping you would say that," smiled Liz, moving her hand gently over his 

Her eyes lifted catching his.  They were a striking sapphire blue, not what he 
had expected at all.  She stared at him for a moment before beginning to speak.

"I think that you do have quite a bit of Hushy inside you," she almost purred.  
"Why don't we see?  We know how open Hushy is to hypnosis, lets try that.  You 
know how much he likes it, just to relax, not having to think, just being a big 
puppy really.  At first nothing seems to happen and then suddenly Hushy is 
completely gone, spiraling into the blackness, deep asleep."

Mark found himself nodding, unable to take his eyes from Liz's.

"That sounds like Hushy," he agreed softly, before giving a little sort of 
sigh.  "That would be nice."

"Of course it would," whispered Liz, her hand moving a little further up his 
thigh.  "Just let Hushy go, just sleep... deep sleep... sleep."

The last time she mentioned sleep she changed the tone of her voice, making it 
suddenly louder, more commanding.  Mark's eyes snapped shut and he seemed to 
sink in the chair, Liz rewarding herself with a smile of satisfaction.

"Good Mark," she purred gently.  "Just like Hushy.  In a nice trance now, but 
you want to go deeper, always going deeper.  With every breath you take you 
will feel yourself slipping deeper and deeper into relaxation, Hushy is waking, 
he is there to guide you, he knows how to be hypnotized and you want him to 
show you.  You can feel it can't you?  Hushy taking you deeper, your minds 
merging, remembering our role-plays, but they're becoming real now, the deeper 
you go the more real they become.  You know you can't fight it, you don't want 
to fight it, it feels so good, just to relax, sinking deeper and deeper."

Liz continued to take slowly and softly, her hand gently, reassuring stroking 
Mark's leg, watching as he slumped in his seat.  She squirmed a little, finding 
the situation increasingly arousing.  Her free hand slipping down the inside of 
her jeans, rubbing over the moist panties.

"How deep are you?" she asked softly.

"Very deep," came the answer, his voice distant and slightly slurred.

"Who are you?" was Liz's next question.

"I am... Mar... Hus...  I do not know," he admitted after a minute or so.

"I can tell you if you want me to," smiled Liz.

"Please tell me" responded Mark, his voice pleading a little.

"You are my slave," purred Liz, stroking her hand lightly over Mark's groin.  
She felt his privates stir slightly at the teasing brush.  "I am your mistress.  
Hushy knows this is true and he knows how good it feels."

"Yes..." murmured Mark gently.  "I am slave.  You are Mistress.  Slave obeys 
Mistress... Mistress Elizabeth"

Liz felt a little thrill at his words.  It was a scene they had played many 
times before.  Mark's character seduced by Liz's and forced into a life of 
subservience.  He had always seemed to enjoy it and so did she.  She had 
assumed, correctly it seems, that at least on some level it was a fantasy he 
was able to bring to the real world.

"What does slave do?" asked Liz.

"Whatever Mistress Elizabeth desires," responded Mark. 

"Mistress Elizabeth would like slave to stand," she  replied.  "Slave are not 
permitted to wear clothing unless permission is given.  Slave is to remove his 
clothing, but in a manner pleasing to Mistress."

Liz smiled, sitting back as Mark nodded, standing and beginning to sway his 
hips to a tune only he could hear.  Slowly he undid the buttons of his shirt, 
slipping out of it in a clumsy, but somehow strangely erotic manner.  Next his 
jeans began to slide down his hips revealing a pair of boxers with "puppy love" 
printed all over them.  She tried not to giggle as they too joined the pile of 
discarded clothing, Mark moving over and kneeling before her.

"Slave is not wearing clothing Mistress," Mark stated simply, his eyes staring 
blankly straight at her.

Curiously she reached out and waver her hand in front of his eyes.  He did not 
flinch.  She grinned and pulled her t-shirt off over her head, then undid the 
clips of her bra, leaving herself naked from the waist up.  Still there was not 
even a glimmer in Mark's eye.  She snuck a look down at his penis.  It was 
flaccid, but slightly swollen, hanging limply between his legs.

"Slave," she asked.  "Do you find my breasts attractive?"

"Yes Mistress," Mark droned.

"Are you aroused by them," was the next question.

"Yes Mistress," repeated Mark.  "I am aroused by being in your presence 
although I am not permitted to show arousal unless permission is granted."

"Oh," said Liz softly, the role play coming back to her mind once more.

One scene they played had Hushy infatuated by Lizzy, but he was unable to show 
any outward sighs of it unless Lizzy granted him permission.  Obviously Mark's 
psyche had latched onto various scenarios from various scenes and was following 

"Slave is permitted to show arousal," ordered Liz.  "Although slave is not 
permitted to orgasm,"

"Yes Mistress," murmured Mark, his cock suddenly springing to life.

Liz grinned at the reaction and looked down at her jeans.  A moist spot was 
forming between her legs and she slipped her finger free of her panties, 
fumbling with the buttons for a few moments before joining the naked Mark.

"Mistress would like slave to pleasure her," she said simply, "But without 
using your hands."

"Yes Mistress," said Mark meekly, leaning himself forward.

He hesitated for a moment,  looking up at her stiff nipples, but then seeming 
to decide they were out of reach and instead he lowered his head kissing softly 
at her naval.  His tongue lapped gently at her skin, caressing it as he 
descended further down, darting down the side of her bikini line and lapping 
the clear juices from her sex.

To Liz the feeling was incredible.  To have her own helpless slave, completely 
at her own disposal, following her orders exactly, it just felt so good.  Her 
hips thrust forward instinctively and an orgasm ripped through her spasming 
body.  Mark's tongue tracing over her sex lips, spreading her wider and 
swallowing the flood of fluids.  

She gasped in pleasure, trying to recompose herself,  but Mark's mouth did not 
even slow down, his tongue curling around her clitoris, another orgasm crashing 
over her as she cried out.  Mark's head descending a little, his tongue poking 
deeper and deeper, his mouth pressed against her sex as a third climax in as 
many minutes washed over her body.

Liz felt she could stand it no longer.  

"Stop," she cried, immediately Mark's movements froze, his body pulling back, 
leaving her body trembling in the after effects.

She groaned a little in a mixture of pleasure and frustration at the sudden 
withdrawal, her hand running over her sex, grinding her palm against it.  She 
still felt unsatisfied but also strangely completely.  She looked at Mark with 
his now throbbing erection.

"Slave," she instructed.  "You will wake shortly, but when I give the order 
'sleep slave' you shall willingly return to this state of submission, unable to 
fight your Mistress.  You shall not remember details of your time as slave, but 
merely that you were happy and should not question them.  Do you understand."

"Yes Mistress," said Mark, bowing his head.

"Good slave.  Now wake," she said, smiling at the thought of the look on his 

It was not the look she had expected at all.  She had expected stunned shock or 
surprise, but instead it was one of knowing conquest.  She was about to say 
something when he spoke.

"Remember Mistress," he murmured softly and Liz gave a gasp of surprise as 
memories came flooding back.

This was not day one of the conference, this was day three.  Day one she had 
met Mark for the first time.  They had discovered they both had fantasies about 
the same thing and Mark said he could help them come true.  She laughed at the 
idea, but during the second day he introduced her to hypnosis.  She was a 
gifted, both in hypnotizing and hypnotiser, a fact Mark tried to convince her 

She never believed him when he spoke of its power, but now, her mind filled 
with memories of what had happened, she was truly convinced.

"So it was all made up?" she said with a stunned look on her face.

"Not all of it," he said, licking a drop of her juices from his lip.  "But 

"And Slave Hushy?" asked Liz. 

"Who?" asked Mark curiously.  "I don't know them do I?" he said.

A look passed over his face as if he were trying to remember something that was 
just about on the tip of his head but not quite.

"Shhhh," smiling Liz gently, suddenly realizing her suggestion was still in 
place.  "It doesn't matter...  now, lets do something about this..."

She giggled and reached down for his erect length, running her fingers along 

"What?" said Mark in surprise.  "When did I get naked?"

A look of worry passed over his face and he started to back away.

"Sleep slave," commanded Liz, feeling a thrill pass through her has Mark's eyes 
glazed over and he bowed his head.

"Slave Hushy will obey Mistress," he droned softly.

"Of course you will," purred Liz gently, pulling him towards her.  "Slave will 
always obey Mistress..."

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