Keywords: Hypnosis, latex, adult, transformation, chemical
Species: Human, skunk
Integration of the species

Integration of the species
By Divigon.

Brian stepped into the bar and looked around.  Even after being in space for 
three years, he still was not use to the range and variety of other beings.  
They came in all shapes and sizes, the majority bipedal and vaguely 
humanoid, but more than a few quadruped, hexaped and even more legs and 
occasionally none at all.

He ordered his drink and looked around the room.  He was getting better, he 
thought.  At least now he was not gaping and staring.  At least not openly.  
He spied what had to be a female sitting along at a table near a window.  He 
sipped the liquid, swallowed and walked over nervously.

"Is this seat taken?" he asked hesitantly.

The being looked up.  Brian would probably describe her as a skunk.  Humans 
had tended to characterise each race it met depending on what they reminded 
them of back on Earth.  Nature had proved that the shape may change, but 
some traits were universally common. even planets apart.

Her face had a very skunk like appearance to it.  A small nose, with a cute 
pink tip.  A small, almost dainty muzzle, two largish ears stood on top of 
her head and she peered back at him with two sparkling blue eyes.  She was 
wearing a standard light blue pair of overalls, except the zip which would 
normally be up under her neck was somewhat lower, allowing her more than 
ample bosom some extra freedom.  

After a moment of looking at him she shook her head.

"No," she replied and once again Brian was relieved at the capacity of the 
universal translator he had implanted in his brain.

He slid into the seat and extended a hand.

"Brian," he said.  

She stared at it blankly for a moment and Brian noticed the neural interface 
hidden in one ear.  The system obviously found the section on greeting 
customs and she smiled, taking his hand in what he would call a paw.  Much 
to his surprise it did not feel as he expected.  He had expected it to be 
furry, but it felt smooth and slightly squishy, almost like a bagged liquid.

"Seryn," she said in a soft sounding voice.  "You call yourself human do you 

"Yes," he nodded.  He had learnt that introductions were easier with some 
basic information.  "A human, male.  From Earth.  Haven't been in space for 
too long, still learning about it."

Seryn smiled.

"It is a large place," she said before offering.  "I am a Tarnis.  I take it 
from that look in your eyes as we touched hands you have not felt one of us 

"No," admitted Brian.  "I would have thought you were, well, furry.  You 
look a lot like what we would call a skunk back on Earth.  Except your 
colours inverted.

Seryn giggled and stroked a finger across the back of Brian's hand.

"No, definitely not furry," she said.  "I believe the scientists call us an 
organolatex.  A polymer based life form as opposed to the most common carbon 
or silicon.  You are carbon based, correct?"

"Yes," nodded Brian nervously, his eyes looking down the front of Seryn's 
taut overalls, acutely aware of the small spirals the small claw was making.

"What do you mean inverted colours?" asked Seryn suddenly.

Brian finished his drink with a gulp, placing the empty glass on the table 
beside the Tarnis's paw.  

"A skunk," he began.  "On Earth that is, usually has black fur with white 
stripes and patches.  You, in contrast have a white body with black 
markings.  And I don't know if you've got a stripe down your back or not."

Seryn's eyes sparkled and she reached into her drink, pulling out an 
iceblock, curling her tongue around it and slipping it into her mouth with a 
soft slurp, his other hand still rubbing at Brian's.

"Would you like to find out?" she offered, watching as the human's eyes 
seemed to bulge and she giggled.

"Umm... sure..." blurted out Brian, feeling his pant bulge a bit.

Seryn chuckled and stood up, Brian suddenly aware of a very large tail which 
she had been hidden under the table.  As she stood it raised itself up 
behind her, taller than her hear and wider than her shoulders.

"That's some tail," said Brian, admiring it.

"Why thank you," replied Seryn, taking his hand and leading him between the 
tables and outside.  "Do you like it?"

"I do," he said as they walked down the corridors, hopping into a transport.  
"Never known anyone with a tail before."

Seryn giggled her soft enchanting laugh and rubbed his cheek with it.  It 
felt warm and smooth, almost slick.

"You do now," she smiled, pulling him out of the transport and onto the 
habitation deck.

They walked along in silence, Seryn slightly in front and Brian behind, but 
admiring the tight curves of her overalls, the small sleave around the base 
of the tail allowing freedom, but preserving modesty, but hinting at what 
may lie beyond.  The Tarnis reached a door and presented a thumb, the door 
sliding open.

"Home sweet home," she said, gesturing him inside.

Brian stepped inside and the door slid shut behind them.  Like most sleeping 
quarters it was small but functional.  A bed at one end, what he guessed was 
the bathroom behind it, a lounge and a small work area.  It was remarkably 
similar to his.

Seryn walked over to the side of the bed, Brian could hear the unzipping of 
the uniform.  A few moments later he watched the Tarnis pull the blue 
material from her shoulders, reaching around behind her to undo the tail, 
the clothes dropping to the floor as she stepped out of them.

She turned and smiled at him.  Brian's eyes almost popping as he saw she was 
completely naked.  Her tail held high behind her, her body white with the 
exception of a dark band that started at her chin and ran down her body, 
marking the inside of her thighs and stretching around to her tail.  Her 
skin seemed to glisten in the soft light as she walked closer.  Her breasts 
were massive, but held themselves pert and proudly on her chest.  His gaze 
travelled further south, his cheeks blushing as he sighted her sex between 
her legs.

She stepped closer and ran a warm, somehow slick paw over his cheek.

"Mmm..." she purred in his ear.  "I don't like clothes.  I find them... 

"Yyyy..yes." gulped Brian nervously, squirming as he felt part of him rise 
to her charms.

"I see that some of you also appears to be confined..." she whispered 
huskily, a paw beginning to undo his zip.

Brian did not protest as he felt his suit being undone.  It was as if he was 
just watching, his outfit being pulled from his shoulders before ending up 
on the floor.  It was followed a few moments by his underwear and soon he 
was as naked as she, his arms wrapping around her waist as he pressed 
against her, their lips parting in a deep, passionate kiss.

"You feel funny," she giggled, her hands exploring his body, pushing him 
towards the bed.

"So do you," he rumbled back at her, his body acutely aware of how long it 
had been for him.

Seryn grins, pulling his tongue into her mouth, sucking on it.  She brought 
his hand up to one of her breasts, guiding it as she arched, pushing him 
down onto a sitting position on the bed.  Brian fell back easily, breaking 
the kiss and licking down the Tarnis's smooth neck.  Seryn gave a gasp of 
pleasure, straddling his knees and gripping his head and guiding his mouth 
down towards one of her erect nipples.

Brian groaned a little at the dominant female.  Her kiss had been 
intoxicating.  It had been so long for  him, he had almost forgotten what a 
female felt like.  Although not what it was expecting, this one would more 
than do.  He opened his mouth as it reached the warm swollen nipple, 
circling it and playing with the tip with his tongue.  Something warm and 
liquid began to ooze onto his tongue.  He tasted it for a moment, it seemed 
vaguely familiar, strong, but not unpleasant, he sucked and nibbled gently, 
swallowing and wanting to taste more.

Seryn smiled to herself as she felt the liquid begin to ooze from her large 
breast, gently playing with the other nipple, preparing it as her free hand 
stroked the human's neck, encouraging him to swallow.

Brian closed his eyes, nursing steadily, feeling the strange fluid tingle as 
it slipped down his throat, the nursing continuing.

"That's a good human," purred Seryn somewhere above him, Brian's mind was 
not quite sure, but she sounded far away.  "Good Brian... drink... drink 
your fill..."

Brian felt his mouth pulled from a nipple, a moment later a new, fresh 
nipple slipping between his lips.  He churred, the room going dim as he 
continued to feed.  He was dimply aware of his shaft slipping somewhere 
moist and warm, his body being cradled in the nice Tarnis's body, his balls 
churning, lifting as he was pressed against the slick bosom.

There was a word... a command and Brian felt his body pass over the peak, 
his orgasm washing over him as his shaft spasmed, pumping its warm load deep 
into the Tarnis's inviting sex.  Darkness seemed to descend over Brian's 
mind as he felt himself falling back against the soft sheets.

Brian was not sure what time it was when he awoke.  He was draped over the 
bed.  He thought back, he could remember someone... a skunk... Seryn...  He 
gave a moan of pleasure at the thought of her name, mentally remembering the 
smooth curves of her body.  He sat up slowly, looking down at himself.  
Strange yellowish juices covered his shaft, he ran his fingers over it, 
lifting them for a closer look.  He caught a whiff of something strange and 
alluring, his tongue snaking out automatically to lick the juices from his 

There was a repulsion somewhere in his mind, but it also fired off sparks 
somewhere and he found himself wiping his shaft again and licking his 
fingers, repeating the process as he moved to the bathroom.  

It almost seemed a shame to shower, but he knew he needed it.  He stood in 
the hot water, rubbing at his belly.  It was strange, he had not eaten in 
hours, but he did not feel hungry at all.  He finished the shower, dried 
himself and stepped back into the main room.  

There was still no sign of Seryn, but he found his clothes.  Neatly folded 
on the table with a note.  It just said "tonight  The skunky"  He blinked a 
little in surprise, rubbing his head.  He looked at his rising length as he 
pulled on the clothes.  It appeared he had a date.

That night, after work Brian found himself standing outside Seryn's door 
once more.  He pressed the chime and the Tarnis answered, pulling him inside 
and kissing him on the lips.  He groaned, his shaft bouncing up against his 
outfit as she shrugged herself free of the robe she was wearing.

"Care to join me?" she asked coyly, heading towards the bed.

By the time she had crossed the room, Brian was naked and following.  This 
time it was her that sat on the bed, spreading her legs and rubbing at what 
Brian noticed was a swollen belly.

"What is that?" he asks, pausing.

"Oh, just something I'm cooking up," giggled Seryn, gesturing for him to 
lower himself.

Obediently Brian dropped down to his knees, placing him at the perfect 
height for a long lingering kiss.  Like before, Seryn guided his head down, 
his eager lips quickly suckling from a nipple, the sweet tasting juices 
flowing, washing over the human's senses.  Brian was not sure how long he 
fed for, but he could feel himself being nourished.  He had not had a chance 
to eat today and the milk tasted wonderful.  Seryn let him feed for as long 
as he needed, eventually her needs beginning to outweigh his.

She lifted his head from her chest, his eyes unresponsive and blank.

"Good human," she purred softly, leaning back on the bed, lowering his 
unresisting head.

Unlike yesterday, she did not need him inside her today, today would be her 
satisfaction.  She arched as she felt his lips brush over hers, spreading 
her legs wider, pressing the back of his head.  A second later a tongue 
snaked out, lapping at the glistening lips and she gave a moan of pleasure, 
lying back on the bed and closing her eyes.  He was going to make such a 
good pet.

Brian felt the nipple change, it was growing smooth, then somehow inverting 
itself, growing longer.  He did not seem to mind, the taste was different, 
stronger somehow and he began to lick and suck, the strange opening oozing 
slowly into his mouth.  The fluids increasing as he lapped and probed.  
Dimly he heard a soft cry, the opening pushing itself against him, delicious 
fluids spurting out and he eagerly swallowed, licking the area clean before 
beginning again.

Brian's eye snapped open and he stared at the ceiling.  He was spreadeagled 
across the bed.  His shaft pointing skywards, pre drooling from it, pooling 
on his belly, he felt like he was going to orgasm just by moving, but he 
also knew that was not going to happen.  He was going to meet Seryn here 
tonight.  Such a long way away.

He forced himself to enter the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror.  
That strange yellowish liquid covered his mouth and dribbled down his 
tongue.  He lapped at it, his tongue felt funny, almost rubbery, but very 
good.  A quick shower later and he felt almost presentable.

He looked around the skunk's apartment curiously.  He knew her race called 
themselves Tarnis, but somehow she preferred him calling her skunk.  He knew 
this although could not remember her telling him this.  It was a simple 
place, comfortable, but nothing outstanding.  He thought about food, but 
discovered he was not hungry.  He made a call for work, telling them he 
would not be in for the rest of the week, a sudden family emergency.  They 
were very understanding.

He shrugged and lay down once more on the bed.  His shaft pointing at the 
ceiling still, but he would not touch it until Seryn appeared.  His eyes 
closed as his mind slowly went blank.

A door hummed and Brian's eyes opened.  He sat up.

"Good sleep?" offered Seryn stretching a little as she undid her outfit once 

Brian nodded, standing up, looking at her.

"Do you know what is happening to you?" asked Seryn curiously looking over 
the blank stare of the human.  She always found this part a little 

"No Seryn," replied Brian, his voice somewhat distant.

"You're becoming mine," responded Seryn.  "My own little human, although you 
won't be human for much longer will you?"

She smiled as she watched his mind trying to comprehend what she was saying, 
one hand absently stroking her swollen belly.  Her other hand teased a 
nipple, gesturing Brian closer as the bead of liquid formed on its tip.  
Brian was unable to take his eyes from the milky fluid, his tongue licking 
his lips before she reached out, guiding it to the large orb.

"Yes, all mine," she chuured, half closing her eyes as the human began to 
feed.  "All carbon based life forms are vulnerable to our organic polymers.  
All I needed was a sample of your DNA and my body began to construct a 
special potent brew for you.  My juices tuning themselves to your chemistry, 
a powerful aphrodisiac as well as a controlling agent, addictive and taking 
over your body and mind. You know you're trapped, but can't do anything can 

"No..." agreed Brian in a muffled voice.  He wanted to pull away, to pull 
back and flee, but somehow he could not leave the deadly skunk.

"I think its time," she rumbled, her hand slipping down from her belly, 
teasing at her sex, gently pulling the human's head from her chest.

Her tail had begun to raise and she pushed Brian firmly onto the floor.  His 
legs folded under him and he dropped back against the bed.  She turned 
around, one hand stroking up her tail, the other disappearing down between 
her thighs, rubbing over her lips in anticipation.

She looked over a shoulder, backing herself in against the dazed Brian who 
found himself staring almost directly under her tail.

"Tease me" she ordered in a soft moan, her fingers slipping past her lips 
and beginning to rub inside.

Brian's daze mind did not hesitate, he reached forward, stroking over the 
huge tail, his head slipping under to lick gently up a thigh.  Seryn gave a 
soft moan at the sensation, shifting herself so the human's fingers moved 
down to tease over her anal ring.

She could feeling things beginning to shift inside of her, her distended 
belly churning as the pressure under her tail began to grow.  She slipped 
another digit into her sex as some strange yellowish liquid began to ooze 
from her ring.  Brian had his face mere inches from the oozing vent, a 
strange smell that reminded him strongly of rubber cut through the haze and 
he cocked his head for a moment, moving his hand to rub some of the strange 
liquid between his fingers.  It tingled slightly, sticking to his skin and 
Seryn gave a deep throaty groan as his flesh made contact with her skin.

He smiled, he liked making the skunk moan and he moved his fingers in a 
small circle, teasing the sensitive button.

Above him Seryn gasped, feeling her sex quiver.  Muscles deep with her 
trembled, then clenched, suddenly a thick gooey stream of yellowish liquid 
squirted out, hitting Brian right between the eyes and dribbling down his 
face.  Brian groaned in surprise at the sudden waterfall, a pungent rubber 
smell cutting into his mind and he found the entire scene incredibly erotic.  
He was not even aware of his own shaft throbbing and shooting its creamy 
load into the air before it splattered down again, mixing with the dribbling 
yellow substance.

Seryn cried out again, her tail arched high as she quivered again, a second 
thick heavy stream joining the first, following in quick succession by 
another... and another.  She looked down, watching her swollen belly empty 
itself, each round of muscle spasms causing waves of pleasure to flow over 
her, causing the orgasmic sequence to begin again.

It was a long time before the skunk's belly had returned to its normal size.  
The scent of fresh rubber hung heavy in the room as she turned to look at 
the human, sitting herself down on the bed, waiting for her legs to stop 

Brian, or more accurately, what had been Brian sat against the bed.  He, or 
it was covered completely in the strange yellowish fluid.  It clung to him 
and Seryn knew the change had already begun and now that it had started, it 
would not be long.

Exhausted she lay back on the bed, feeling deliciously empty and satisfied, 
her eyes closing quickly as she slept.

She was rousted from her sleep by a moan, her eyes opening and she sat up 
quickly.  Her eyes travelled to the end of the bed, looking at the yellow 
blob which remained there.  She could see movement within it, its surface 
stretching, outlining a hand which suddenly managed to break through the 
outer coating.  The surface torn, the rest fell away quickly and what had 
been Brian pulled itself free.

The human had changed.  That was to be expected, but there were clearly some 
new features of the human genome which made for some interesting additions.  
Essentially it was almost a copy of her which stood before her, except its 
colours had been inverted, making as the human said, a skunk, but also 
showing its heritage.

Seryn looked over her new slave, or as they preferred to call them, 
companion.  Everyone knew this was not true.  A transformed Tarnis was 
unflinchingly devoted to the one that had been responsible to for their 
change, post the point of slave, the transformed Tarnis would be almost 
devoid of thought except those introduced or allowed by Seryn.

Slave looked around, its mind was clean and it gave a little shake of its 
body.  The excess fluids from the cacoon sliding down its smooth rubbery 
flesh, its tail holding itself proudly behind its back.

"Mmm..." murmured Seryn looking it over, noting with interest the female 
chest and male sheath and balls with perhaps a hint of something female 
behind that.  Integrating new species was always such a nice thing.

"How do you feel..." Seryn left the sentence hanging for a moment before 
adding.  "Slave" pausing for a reaction.

"Well Mistress," responded the newly born creature, stretching its arms and 
standing up on its toes.  "Is there anything I can do for Mistress?" sie 
offered a moment later.

"We shall see," purred Seryn softly with a smile, thoughts beginning to race 
through her mind.  "We shall see..."

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