Keywords: Adult, hypnosis
Species: Kangaroo, Equine
Thomas and the Roo

Thomas and the Roo
By Divigon

Tohmas whistled as he clopped down the stairs.  His visits to Lazarth always 
left him feeling quite happy and cheerful, even if he could not remember the 
details of what went on.  He walked out the door and stopped.  The weather 
did not agree with his mood.

Cold, overcast and cloudy.  A heavy rain pelted down on the pavement.  He 
shook his head and pulled his cloak closer around himself, moving out of the 
doorway and shuffling over to the shelter of the wall.  He was literally 
upon the kangaroo before he noticed him.

"Oh sorry," he muttered, shifting his bulk to one side.

"Don't mention it mate," replied the kangaroo.

They both stared out at the passing rain.

"After a cab?" asked Tohmas as the silence began to eat away at him.

"Yeah," said the 'roo, looking up at the stallion.

Tohmas had a nagging feeling the kangaroo was not looking anywhere else, but 
he did not want to check in case he was right.

"Been waiting long?" was the stallion's next question.

"Yeah," repeated the kangaroo.  "About twenty minutes."

Tohmas sighed.  He hated it when a taxi was never around when you wanted 

"Want to share?" he asked in the vain hope the marsupial would take pity on 

"Sure," said the kangaroo, his voice sounding almost relieved.  

Tohmas was surprised, normal folks in the city would not even give you the 
time of day.  He was about to ask another question when he felt the 
kangaroo's hand jerk up.  He sidestepped instinctively, but then looked down 
the road, catching sight of the familiar glowing taxi sign.

"Taxi!" he yelled, stepping into the rain. 

The taxi screeched to a halt and Tohmas grabbed a door handle, proclaiming 
it his own.  He looked over his shoulder, the kangaroo still had his hand in 
the air.

"Come on!" he called, gesturing for him to come over.

The marsupial lowered his hand and Tohmas could swear he seemed to give a 
little sigh, then a few moments later he stepped into the rain and shuffled 
into the open door.  The stallion joined them and gave instructions to the 
driver who pulled out into the traffic.

"So where are you headed?" asked the stallion.

"Not sure," replied the kangaroo.  "I'm thinking about if I have plans."

Tohmas nodded.

"Sounds like an idea," he said.  "I think I might go to the pub."

The kangaroo lifted one ear.

"That sounds like a plan," he responded.  "Know any good pubs around here?"

"One," nodded Tohmas.  "Its nice.  Quiet.  My sort of place."

The kangaroo nodded slowly.

"Mind if I joined you?" he added tentatively.

Tohmas was a little taken aback, the kangaroo had seemed fascinated with him 
since he set eyes on him, but he had not expected him to share a drink.  
Then again, the roo did seem vaguely familiar, something Tohmas could not 
quite place and he had found himself sneaking more than the occasional 
glance at the furry marsupial.

"Ummm, sure," he said after a moment.

"Cool," chirped the kangaroo.  "I'm Kevin.  Call me Kev."

"Tohmas," announced Tohmas, offering a hand.  "Nice to meet you."

As they shook hands, Tohmas was sure Kevin gave a slight gasp and he could 
have sworn he felt a tingle.

"This is the place," he said as the taxi pulled to a halt.

"Let me," offered Kevin, but Tohmas shooed him away.  "This is mine, you can 
buy me a drink inside."

He handed the driver a ten and the pair of them ducked through the rain and 
into the door of the pub.  Tohmas straightened himself up and looked around.  
At this time of the afternoon, although it never seemed to get that busy.  
He spied a free booth over in one corner and tapped Kevin's shoulder, 
pointing to it.  Kevin nodded and headed towards the bar and he made his way 
to the booth.

A few minutes later Kevin returned holding two beers.  He placed one in 
front of Kevin.

"Here you are sir," he grinned and a slight look of puzzlement passed over 
his face.

He shook his head, shrugged and slid into the seat opposite the stallion.  
Placing his own drink on the table in the process.

The stallion curled his fingers around the glass and raised it to his lips.  
It was good beer.

"Thanks for this," he said after the first sip, feeling the amber fluid 
slide down his throat.

"You're welcome," smiled Kevin, before adding after a minute pause.  "Sir."

Tohmas cocked his head and grinned.

"Sir?" he asked, leaning forward on the table.  "Why do you call me that."

"I don't know," replied Kevin and much to Tohmas's surprised he leant closer 
looking up at the stallion.

Tohmas raised an eyebrow questioningly and looked back.  For a moment his 
eyes roamed over the kangaroo's face, taking in the rounded muzzle, the soft 
fur before moving up to study the gentle brown eyes.

"Why not?" he asked, his eyes not leaving Kevin's.

"I'm not sure," said Kevin, his voice somehow hesitant, but his eyes never 
looking away.  "It just feels, well, right."

Tohmas's eyebrow raised again, he felt strange looking into another's eyes 
like that, but it was fascinating to stare at the kangaroo's as they looked 
back at his.  They were seeming to waver and loose their hard edge.

"Well, you shouldn't stop then, if it feels right," Tohmas heard himself 
saying and he paused, unsure if he had actually said it or not.

"I shan't then sir," replied Kevin, his voice getting softer and his eyelids 
beginning to droop.

"Does anything else feel right?" asked Tohmas curiously.

"Yes," murmured Kevin, his voice noticeably softer.  "It feels so good just 
to look at you like this.  Its like I'm sinking."

Tohmas's mind whirled, what was up with this guy?

"Well, why don't you just continue to sink then," he asked Kevin softly.

"I'll do that," sighed Kevin, his eyes blinking and his head starting to 

"Good Kevin," purred Tohmas, much to his own surprise.  "Just sink, going 
deeper and deeper..."

Kevin's eyes snapped shut and his head fell forward a little, then lolled 
off slowly to one side.  Tohmas stared, the sight of the sleeping kangaroo 
both unnerving and exciting at the same time.

"How do you feel?" Tohmas asked quietly.

"Good Sir," came Kevin's response.  "It's so nice to be deep like this, just 
listening to you, obeying you."

"Obeying me?" repeated Tohmas.

"Yes Sir," said Kevin again.  "I get pleasure from obeying you."

Tohmas sat back in the chair, his eyes wide as he stared at the oblivious 

"Why?" he asked.

"Because you're my Master, Sir," replied Kevin in a slightly sing-song 
voice.  "All slaves get pleasure from obeying their masters."

"Ummm.  Ok," murmured Tohmas, feeling very uncomfortable.  "So if I was to 
ask you to do something, you'd do it?"

"Yes Sir," replied Kevin simply.

Tohmas looked around.  No one in bar was paying any attention to the horse 
and roo having a quiet conversation in the corner.  He spied a jukebox on 
the opposite wall.

"You're sleeping now aren't you?" the stallion asked.

"Yes Sir," nodded Kevin.

"If you wake up, will you continue to obey me?" was the next question.

"If Master asks us, we shall obey," came the slightly cryptic reply.

"How do I ask you?" queried Tohmas, watching as Kevin seemed to think about 
his answer carefully.

"I shall respond to direct orders, if the orders are directed to slave," he 
replied in an almost childlike voice.  "All other statements will be 
received by Kevin."

Tohmas nodded, not quite sure if he understood, but he was willing to give 
it a chance.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a few coins.

"In that case," he began.  "I would like you to wake up and take the money 
on the table.  Go to the jukebox on the far wall and choose a song that you 
think I will enjoy.  You will not know why you chose the song if asked."

"Yes Sir," nodded Kevin sitting back in the chair.

The kangaroo's eyes opened slowly and he looked around, smiling a little 
nervously at first and he stretched.  The stallion did not say anything, he 
just chuckled and nodded, watching Kevin's eartips redden.  The roo reached 
for his glass and took a sip, looking around the room.  His eyes ran over 
the coins on the table and a strange look passed over his face.

"Excuse me," he murmured, slipping the coins off the table and into his 

He slipped out of the booth and shuffled across the room.  Tohmas watched as 
he leafed through the selection of songs.  The coins clunking into the slot 
and buttons were pressed.  Kevin was already returning when the first sounds 
of Kylie Minogue's "I Can't Get You Out of my Head" started playing from the 

Tohmas chuckled.

"Good song," he said as Kevin slipped back opposite him.  "Why did you 
choose it?"

"Ummm," began Kevin looking a little lost.  "Don't know, just felt like the 
place could do with some livening up."

"True," rumbled the stallion and slipped on his beer.

The kangaroo mirrored his actions and Tohmas decided he would try something 

"Slave," he announced in what he hoped would be a soft but powerful voice.  
"I want you to listen."

The effect on the kangaroo was quite marked.  The spark faded from his eyes 
and they took a somewhat vacant stare.

"Yes Sir?" he asked.

"I am going to give you some money," continued Tohmas, not sure what would 
happen.  "And you are going to leave and go to one of the nearby shops.  You 
will buy me something, anything you like that you believe I will enjoy.  You 
will then return.  This will bring you much pleasure, which you will share 
with me after you return."

"Yes Sir," replied Kevin in his soft voice.

"Good slave," rumbled Tohmas, reaching into his pocket and pulling out two 
fifty dollar notes.

It was more than he had intended, but he could afford to loose it if the 
experiment went awry.  There were a lot of adult shops around and he could 
hardly wait to see if the kangaroo returned and if so, what he would bring.

"Thank you Sir," announced Kevin, standing up.

The kangaroo took the offered money without looking at it, moving away 
towards the door slowly, his speed picking up as he approached the exit.  He 
paused, stretched and gave a strange shrug and disappeared into the wet 

Tohmas grinned to himself and squirmed a little, very aware of the large 
bulge in his groin.  He sipped at his drink nervously, eagerly awaiting the 
kangaroo's return.

Kevin was remarkably quick.  He returned ten minutes later, his fur a little 
damp, but smiling.  He was clutching a brown paper bag as he entered, coming 
over to join the stallion again.

"Here Tohmas," he said eagerly, handing over the bag.  "This is for you."

"Why thank you," rumbled the stallion.  "Why did you get this?"

"I'm... not... sure," stammered Kevin looking lost.  "It just felt like the 
right thing to do."

"Ahhh," nodded Tohmas, taking the bag and peering inside it.

What he saw almost made him burst out laughing.  At the bottom of the bag, 
along with his change was a packet of sugar cubes.  It was not what he had 
been expecting.

"Slave," he said, trying to hold back a chuckle.  "Why did you get me this?"

"Because you asked for something you would enjoy," was Kevin's innocent 

"I was expecting something, more, ummm, sexual," murmured Tohmas, trying to 
sound disapproving.

Kevin looked down guiltily.

"I am sorry Sir," he said meekly.  "I did not know it was that kind of 

"It is alright," replied Tohmas.  "That is my fault, not yours."

"Hmmm?" blinked Kevin, looking up, his eyes back to their normal sparkling 

"Slave," Tohmas corrected himself.  "It is alright, it is my fault, not 

"Yes Sir," purred the kangaroo softly.

Tohmas took a breath, almost caught out there.

"Slave," began the stallion.  "Would you and Kevin like to go somewhere, 
more, ummm, private?  Somewhere where you can express your pleasure more 

"Yes Sir," bounced back Kevin eagerly.

Tohmas grinned to himself, his flat was only a short walk away.  He waited a 
few moments before stretching, thumping his glass back down on the table 
with more noise than was necessary.

"Well," he announced, watching as Kevin sort of jolted back into 
consciousness.  "I think I'll head out."

He paused a moment before adding.  "You're welcome to come if you like."

Kevin's mouth worked like a goldfish's before he managed to spit out, "ok."

Tohmas smiled and stood, offering a hand to the kangaroo who took it, 
allowing himself to be lead out.

Luckily the rain had stopped and the pair strolled down the road.  They did 
not talk, occasionally they stole glances at each other, but that was it.  
They reached Tohmas's building and made their way up to his flat.

Tohmas gave a sigh as he walked inside, his sheath felt like it was going to 
explode, trapped in the confines of his pants.  He took off his cloak.

"Please, make yourself comfortable," he said, gesturing to the large couch 
before adding.  "Slave, remove Kevin's clothing."

He was not sure what would happen, but Kevin's hands began undoing shirt 
buttons.  His shirt falling to the floor as he made it to the couch, his 
pants and underwear joining it a few moments later.

Tohmas smiled, admiring the naked buck, undoing his own shirt before his own 
pants joined the kangaroo's on the floor.  Kevin's eyes opened as he noticed 
the naked stallion for the first time and he looked like he was about to say 

"Sleep slave," said Tohmas, watching as the kangaroo's eyes blinked and 
closed, his body relaxing and sinking into the cushions.

That caused the tip of Tohmas's shaft to slip free of his sheath and 
Tohmas's looked down at the kangaroo's ample groin, pleased to see a sliver 
of pink already exposed.

"How do you feel slave?" asked Tohmas, settling down beside the kangaroo.

"Good Sir," replied Kevin softly.

Tohmas reached out to stroke the brown fur, marvelling at its softness.  
Kevin gave a soft rumble at his touch.

"Does that feel good?" he asked.

"Yes Sir," responded Kevin nodding a little.

"Good," murmured Tohmas.  "Every time we touch it will increase your 
arousal.  You don't want to fight it, just let it all build until you can't 
hold back any more."

"Yes Sir," churred Kevin, arching a little into the stallion's paw.

"It is going to increase so much you're going to climax and it will feel so 
good, just to let go," he continued softly, moving his hand slowly up 
Kevin's thigh.

"Yes Sir," repeated the kangaroo.

"And I don't need to touch you, you can do it by touching me," he rumbled 
softly, reaching out with his free hand to guide the kangaroo's hand to his 

"Yes Sir," said Kevin, squirming a bit.

"In fact, it would feel so good if you were to give me a massage..." he 
began.  "Why don't you give me a massage."

"Yes Sir," murmured Kevin softly, opening his eyes.  

Kevin's eyes had a strange far away look to them which Tohmas found very 
exciting for some reason.  The kangaroo began moving slowly, each movement 
very deliberate.  He sat up slowly, then turned to face the stallion, 
reaching out with a paw and pushing gently but firmly on one of Tohmas's 
shoulder's turning him away.

Tohmas rumbled approvingly, letting the roo guide him and he felt the two 
paws reach up and start rubbing at his fur.  He closed his eyes and gave a 
soft sigh.  The kangaroo was good, his movements slow, but detailed, not a 
millimetre of the stallion's back was missed, all of it kneaded, rubbed and 
rolled, finished with a light teasing with the roo's blunt claws.

Gradually Kevin worked his way lower, massaging down Tohmas's spine, the 
stallion finding himself manoeuvred so he was lying on his chest, his tail 
high as the kangaroo worked around its base.  There was a teasing caress 
over his tailhole and the massage continued down each leg, stopping when it 
reached his hooves.

Tohmas was not sure what was to come next, but somehow Kevin managed to have 
him roll over, his shaft springing free, arched up over his belly.  If the 
kangaroo noticed, he did not show any sign of it.  Tohmas cocked his head 
slightly, checking out Kevin's own package.  The kangaroo's shaft was fully 
extended from its sheath and was pulsing in time with his heart beat.  A 
little trickle of pre oozed from its tip, disappearing into the fur on his 

Kevin started once more at Tohmas's hooves, working his way up slowly, the 
stallion's own shaft throbbing in anticipation.  He groaned as he felt his 
thighs kneaded, palms pressing against his muscles, moving towards his 
sheath, then at the last moment pulling away and continuing up his belly.  
The stallion gave a little whimper in protest, but arched as the kangaroo 
massaged his underside.

Tohmas felt his own pre oozing from his tip, pooling on his chest before 
being used as a massage oil by the eager kangaroo.  It was not until Kevin's 
paws had reached his neckline that they started to decent again.  The 
stallion's glands stood out, firm and pulsing.  He felt the kangaroo's paws 
squeeze gently at his large testicles, sampling them before moving up to 
press against the base of his sheath.  Slowly both paws began to travel from 
the base, twisting slightly as they worked their way towards the tip.

Tohmas could not stand it any longer.  He gave a whinny of pleasure, his 
hips arching up as his balls clenched.  He felt the thick wads of seed 
travel along his shaft, past the insistent paws and explode across his 
chest, wave after wave of milky cream.

He panted, basking in the moment before he recovered enough to look at 
Kevin.  Kevin's paws remained locked around the stallion's throbbing glands, 
the thin roo shaft waving in the air as the kangaroo orgasmed, the hot 
liquid spraying over the pair of them and over most of the couch as well.

Tohmas stared, fascinated that he was able to exhort so much control over 
another creature.  Slowly Kevin's shaft stopped waving, the shooting stream 
slowing to a trickle and the stallion churred.

"Good slave," he murmured, somewhat exhausted, basking in his own afterglow.

"Thank you Sir," responded Kevin, easily slipping into the stallion's 
offered embrace.

Tohmas rumbled softly, snuggling himself against the kangaroo who snuggled 
back automatically.  The pair of them rolling slowly into the couch as sleep 
overtook them both...

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