Keywords: Adult, hypnosis
Species: Rat, Stallion, Kangaroo
Master Tohmas

Master Tohmas
By Divigon

Tohmas paused at the door, his hand ready to knock.  He had been seeing 
Lazarth now for a few weeks, his memory of the sessions were always vague, 
but he knew they were helping.  He was feeling better about himself and 
things just seemed much improved over all.

His wrist flicked forwards of it own accord and he knocked.

"Enter," said a familiar voice from within and the stallion opened the door 
and stepped inside.

He paused as the door closed behind him, that lovely warm feeling enveloping 
him slowly, his mind seeming to slow and everything faded away.

"Good afternoon Sir," he said nodding his head to the rat who sat behind the 
desk before adding.  "The pony is under your control."

"Ahhh, good to see you again pony," replied his Master, looking up from his 
desk.  "Can you tidy up those dishes for me?"

"Of course Sir," responded the pony, his voice a little flatter than normal.

Obediently Tohmas moved over to the small side table, collected the loose 
tea cups and moved them to the tray.  Picking up the tray he carried them 
into the kitchen and washed them automatically, drying them before placing 
them back on the tray ready for the next client.  Once finished he returned 
back to his Master's room.

The rat had moved and was sitting in his usual arm chair.  He pointed to the 
couch and Tohmas sat on it.

"Tell me pony," began Lazarth.  "Why did you come to experience 

"I am not sure," answered the equine slowly.  "I had wanted to try something 
different and you seemed to be a readily available means of achieving that."

"Are you happy being submissive?" was the next question.

"Yes Sir," replied the stallion.

"Hmmm," rumbled Lazarth to himself, the equine's response was almost too 
automatic.  "What I meant was you admit to being dominant most of the time.  
Do you feel as if you would like to experience that here?"

"I don't think a pony should dominate his Master," rumbled Tohmas slowly, 
his voice uncertain.

"No, not like that," grinned the rat to himself.  "I have someone coming 
soon and I'm wondering if you may want to, ummm, talk with them... under my 
guidance of course."

"If Master would like me to, I will," said the equine.

"It could be interesting," pondered Lazarth, just as a knock came from the 

The rat checked his watch and nodded to himself.

"Pony, stand behind my chair," he directed.  "You will be a statue and will 
not move until directed further."

Tohmas did not reply, but moved silently to stand behind the rat's chair, 
his head slightly bowed and arms by his side, his body seemed to freeze as 
he moved into position.

"Enter!" called Lazarth and the door swung open.

A rounded brown muzzle poked its head through cautiously, followed a moment 
later by muscular shoulders, arms, legs and a thick tail.  The kangaroo 
looked around with the usual nervousness that first visitors often had.  
Lazarth stood up and moved across to him, holding out a hand.

"Good afternoon Mr Marse isn't it?" checked the rat.  "Please come on in."

"Yes," said the kangaroo.  "Kevin Marse.  Most call me Kev."

"Well then Kev," said Lazarth.  "I'm Lazarth.  Please take a seat.  Behind 
me is my pony Tohmas.  He is undergoing some training right now, I hope he 
doesn't make you nervous?"

Ummm, no," replied Kevin, sitting himself down and looking up at Tohmas who 
had not moved an inch.  "Not at all."

"Good," purred Lazarth.  "Now, in your questionnaire you mentioned you had 
no problems you wanted fixed, no smoking, weight loss, this is just a visit 
purely for the novelty value so to speak?"

"Ummm yes," hesitated the kangaroo, crossing his large feet.  "I hope that 
is not a problem?"

"No," answered the rat shaking his head.  "You'd be surprised how many folks 
come through here asking the exact same thing.  However, since that is the 
case I was wondering if my assistant here could actually serve you.  I would 
like to train him up and as you can gather, finding willing suitable 
candidates is not always easy.  And there is no need to worry about 
anything, I shall be here all the time, watching and ready to step in if 
need be."

"Ummm well," debated the kangaroo.  "Ok then, as long as you're here too."

"Great," smiled the rat.  "You just sit there and make yourself comfortable 
and I'll just discuss things with my assistant and we'll be right back.  
Follow pony."

As he spoke he pulled himself out of the chair and moved to the small 
kitchen.  Tohmas followed automatically.

"Good pony," purred Lazarth, smiling as Tohmas gave a slight smile at the 
praise and his shoulders slumped as he slipped deeper into his trance.  "Now 
pony, I want you to make Tohmas aware, you will remain in control, but 
Tohmas will be aware and understand what you are doing.  Can you do that?"

"Yes Sir," replied the stallion, taking in a breath.

The equine seemed to straighten, his shoulders pulling back, a spark seemed 
to enter his eyes, but his body remained limp.

Tohmas shook his head slightly as if to clear it.  He recognised the rat 
before him.  It was Lazarth.  

"Master," corrected a voice in his mind.  

He nodded, Master Lazarth was talking to him.

"That's a good pony," repeated Lazarth.  "Is Tohmas aware of us now?"

Tohmas felt his head nod, but he did not seem to have any control over it.

"Good," purred Lazarth.  "Tohmas, you're about to hypnotise someone.  I 
wanted you to experience it so I can ask questions later.  Pony, you've been 
hypnotised yourself, you know how to do it.  I'll be there if you need me.  
The two of you, go and put Kevin under."

Tohmas felt himself move back into the other room.  It was a strange 
sensation to say the least, it was almost as if he was watching a movie.

"Good afternoon," he heard himself say.  "Kevin isn't it?"

"That's right," replied the kangaroo.

"I'm pony," said Tohmas, quite perplexed at how normal his voice sounded and 
how calling himself pony made him feel quite good.

"Are you hypnotised?" asked Kevin curiously.

"Yes," replied the stallion, sitting himself down before the kangaroo.  "And 
I know you have more questions, but that can wait.  I would like you to look 
up at the chandelier above you if you would."

Tohmas felt Lazarth's reassuring paw on his shoulder.  The kangaroo lifted 
his head up.

"That's good," rumbled pony, lowering his voice a little.  "Pick a pendant 
and focus on it.  Watch the way it catches the light, sparkling, reflecting.  
Concentrate on it, see how the harder you look at it, the larger it seems to 

Tohmas did not know where his words were coming from, but he could see the 
affect they were having on the kangaroo.  Already his head was laid back and 
his eyes appeared to be dilating.

"You're going well," continued pony.  "You can see it expanding, it's 
beginning to draw you in.  Don't fight it, let it take you, its so much 
easier if you relax.  That's it, feel it beginning to wash over you.  It's 
warm and soothing, relaxing isn't it.  Like a warm bath.  Just sink into it 
and let yourself go, don't fight, just relax and go."

At this stage Tohmas found himself lowering his voice to almost a whisper.  
He had been staring at the kangaroo who now sat on the couch, his head back 
and dropped a little to the side.  His eyelids had been gradually slipping 
lower and now they shut, the kangaroo giving a soft sigh and sinking back 
into the couch.

Tohmas was amazed, he never would have thought he was capable of such a 
thing, but it was him talking, even if he did not know what he was about to 
say.  The kangaroo looked totally limp, his eyes shut, his breathing slow.

"That's a good roo," Tohmas heard himself say.  "Just lie back and relax, go 
deeper, you want to go deeper don't you... that's right, much deeper into 
that nice warm feeling."

He felt Lazarth's paw give a reassuring squeeze on his shoulder.

"Good pony," whispered the rat and Tohmas felt a wash of pride run over him.  
"Now you want to deepen the trance, make him yours."

The pony nodded and leant forward, allowing Tohmas a better view of the limp 

"Now Kevin," began the pony again in his soft voice.  "I want you to just 
start to drift away.  You don't want to fight it, you just want to feel 
yourself go.  Sinking deeper and deeper, listening to my voice, you'll find 
yourself wanting to obey my voice.  As you obey it, the deeper you shall go 
and it feels so good to sink deeper doesn't it."

"Yes," murmured Kevin, his voice slurred and sounding distant.

Tohmas watched as he reached out to stroke the kangaroo's paw.  The fur was 
soft and warm, the claws neatly manicured.

"Kevin," he heard himself purr again.  "I'm going to take control of this 
paw.  You want to surrender it to me don't you...  Its going to be mine and 
I'm ordering it to lift up, above your head, see, feel it lift, it has to 
because it belong to me."

As he spoke Kevin's paw began to lift slowly from his lap, raising up 
gradually until it was high about the kangaroo's head.

"Good roo," chuured pony softly.  "See, your hand likes obeying.  Now, its 
going to lower slowly and my control will spread.  The lower your paw gets, 
the more control I will have until its in your lap and I will control you, 
you will have surrendered completely to me and you know you have to obey..."

Kevin's head nodded loosely, his paw beginning to descend slowly.

"That's good," continued pony with Tohmas watching on from behind the 
scenes.  "The lower it gets the more you obey, you want to obey... it feels 
so good... just relax and let it happen... feel the weight increase... you 
have to obey..."

Tohmas would have squirmed as he watched the hand descend, eventually it 
reached the kangaroo's lap and Kevin gave a deep sigh.

"Good roo," chuured pony soothingly.  "You have to obey me now don't you?"

Kevin nodded.

"Why?" asked pony.

"It feels good to obey," murmured Kevin.  "I want to obey."

"Good roo," continued Kevin.  "Yes, very good to obey... you want to obey... 
to be my slave..."

Tohmas held his breath as he heard himself say slave.  He was not sure of 
the kangaroo's response.

"Yes," slurred Kevin slowly.  "I want to obey...  to be a slave..."

Tohmas felt another squeeze on his shoulder.

"Good slave..." he murmured.  "Just sleep now, feel yourself sinking deeper 
under my control..."

Tohmas watched as Kevin gave another nod, his body growing even more limp 
and Lazarth stepped around from behind him.

"You did well pony," announced Lazarth and Tohmas felt himself beam with 
pride.  "Now, I want you to do something.  You shall release Tohmas who 
shall interact with this new slave.  He can do whatever he desires, if I 
think things are getting out of hand however, I shall call pony back.  I am 
curious to see what happens.  There is approximately twenty minutes of Mr 
Marse's session left, I advise Tohmas that you use it wisely."

Tohmas blinked and turned his head.  Lazarth stood before him with a smile 
across his face.

"Welcome back Tohmas," he chuckled.  "I take it you know what is going on?"

"I think I do," replied the stallion, looking around, stretching a little.  

It felt strange to suddenly be back in reality as it were.  He looked over 
at the kangaroo.  Kevin was still laid out on the couch.

"Is he under?" asked Tohmas, looking at the rat.

"Yes," murmured Kevin, answering for him and Lazarth chuckled softly.

"Yes," agreed the rat.  "He is your hypnotic slave at the moment, a lot like 
you are mine.  Please, explore with him, I am only here to watch and 

Tohmas turned his full attention back to Kevin.

"Kevin," he started hesitantly.  "Can you hear me?" 

"Yes," came the distant reply.

"What are you?" asked Tohmas, not really sure what to do with him.

"I am a kangaroo," replied Kevin.  "Hypnotised into your obedient slave.  I 
like to obey."

"Why?" asked the stallion, squirming a little.  It was slightly 
uncomfortable to see someone laid out like this, but also fascinating at the 
same time.

"It makes me feel good," responded the kangaroo.

"Why did you come here?" asked Tohmas next.

"I wanted to be hypnotised," replied Kevin without hesitation.  "I had a 
fantasy about being a slave."

"Tell me about your fantasy," prompted the stallion.

"In my fantasy I am hypnotised," began Kevin.  "I am turned into a slave and 
used and controlled by my master."

"I am your master aren't I?" checked Tohmas.

"Yes," answered Kevin.

"And you obey me because it causes you pleasure?"


"What sort of pleasure?" asked Tohmas.

"Sexual," was the frank and honest response.

Tohmas's opened his eyes a little wider at that.  He had felt his own sheath 
filling, but it surged a little as the kangaroo admitted what he had hoped.  
His eyes ran down the kangaroo's groin, looking over his sheath.

"In that case," replied Tohmas.  "Can you stand and fetch me a book from the 
shelf.  Any book will do.  As you do this, I want your entire body to feel 
the joy of obeying me."

Kevin nodded and stood, his eyes opened, looking around in a dazed kind of 
manner before focusing on the book shelf.  He made his way there slowly and 
much to Tohmas's surprise, seemed to take his time finding a book.  He 
returned slowly and stood before the stallion.

"Bow slave when you present it," said Tohmas, watching the kangaroo pause, 
then hold out the book, his body tilting at the waist.

Tohmas took the book and looked at the cover.  It was called "Conquering 
minds" and the stallion raised an eyebrow curiously as he looked over the 
kangaroo.  Kevin's sheath had thickened, a sliver of pink visible from the 

"Good slave," murmured the stallion.  

He was about to say more when Lazarth appeared from beside him, tapping his 
watch with a claw.  Tohmas got the message.  Lazarth had provided no hints 
about ending the session and did not appear to be volunteering anything now.

"Slave," began the stallion.  "You will be leaving shortly.  As you approach 
the door, Kevin will begin to wake up, by the time you reach the door he 
will be fully awake and back in control, but you will linger, he will not be 
aware of you, but I want you, tonight, to colour his dreams.  You will give 
Kevin one dream where he lives out his fantasy, he will remember it when he 
wakes.  If he truly likes it, you can suggest he returns and it can be 
explored more fully.  If that time comes, you may reawaken, but you shall 
know when that time comes.  Regardless, you shall watch over Kevin and keep 
him safe."

"Yes Sir," murmured Kevin.

"Good slave," rumbled Tohmas.  "Be well, now go."

Lazarth gave another reaffirming squeeze as Kevin shuffled towards the door.  
As he got closer his shoulders began to lift, his movements becoming easier.  
He opened the door and placed one foot outside, pausing to give a wave, the 
door closed and he was gone.

"That was good," said Lazarth, moving out from behind the chair.  "How did 
it feel?"

"It felt strange," replied Tohmas, looking at the rat.  "On one hand it was 
kind of arousing to see how he would do what I said, but on the other it was 
also kind of frightening to see someone obey that much."

Lazarth nodded.  

"It's a fine line," he said.

"Is that what I'm like?" asked Tohmas before adding.  "I'm not under now am 

Lazarth chuckled.  

"Everyone is different," he answered.  "And no, well not like that anyway.  
I suspect that you're under to some degree, but you're not pony if that's 
what you're wondering."

"Pony?" asked Tohmas.

Lazarth nodded.

"Pony is your subconscious revealed," he said  "It is who I have been 
communicating with.  Sort of you without the trappings of society."

"You mean me as a slave?" asked Tohmas.

"Something like that," nodded Lazarth.  "Do you have a problem with that?"

"No," Tohmas found himself saying and he was strangely comfortable with the 

"Good pony," grinned Lazarth and Tohmas whickered softly at the praise.  "Id 
love to talk more, but my next client is due to arrive shortly and 
unfortunately I don't need an assistant for this one."

Tohmas nodded.

"So what happens to me?" he asked

"You leave," said Lazarth frankly.  "Don't worry, you will return for your 
normal session tomorrow.  And unfortunately you won't remember any of what 
happened in this room until you're back in it.  I think it's a little early 
for you to be running around loose with this knowledge."

Tohmas smirked and was going to say something, but instead all that came out 
was a "Yes Master, I obey."

"Good pony," smiled Lazarth, running a paw over Tohmas's still full sheath, 
squeezing it gently.

"Until tomorrow then..."

Tohmas nodded and found himself moving towards the door, his hand reached 
for the handle and as it opened he felt the past session seemingly sucked 
from his mind.  It was whisked away somewhere and he stepped into the 
corridor feeling fresh and ready.  

The door closed behind him and he looked at it puzzled for a moment, as if 
trying to remember something and he shrugged, he was sure it did not matter 
that much, at least not for now.

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