Keywords: Adult
Species: Human, Feline, Vulpine, Renamon
The Job

	I am amazed at this one.  At the moment this is just scene setting.
I hope I can carry it on and get up to the part that gave me the idea of writing
it in the first place.

The Job
By Wolphin

The job ad was a simple one: "Help wanted.  Live in position.  All on-goings 
provided."  There was an address as well.  That was the door in front of which 
Tim was standing.  

There was no other way to describe it; the place was a mansion, set in ornate 
gardens.  Imposing columns ringed a huge door.  Tim felt a little nervous as he 
pressed the small brass button.  Somewhere from within the depths of the house 
a bell sounded, deep and majestic, it fitted the house perfectly.

He drew his finger back and waited.  It did not take long, there was a 
mechanical sound, the handle twitched and the door swung open.  

The first thing he noticed was the sheer opulence of the room behind.  Twin 
staircases curled up to a balcony above, marble floors, a huge chandelier that 
hung from the ceiling.  The second thing he noticed was who opened the door.

She was not human.  Her body was covered in a thick, but luscious looking, 
layer of black fur.  Two large snow white wings were neatly folded behind her 
back, accentuating her ebony features.  Triangular ears poked through a 
contrasting shower of thick azure  hair which matched the colour of her eyes 
perfectly.  Her overall shape was feline, long tail twitching subconsciously 
behind her, but her exact details were hidden, a pair of surprisingly casual 
jeans covered her legs with a white t-shirt pulled over her top, the fabric 
pulled tight against the curve of her large breasts.

"Yes?" she asked, a curious look on her face.

"Umm..." stuttered Tim.  "You were advertising for a position?" he managed to 
say after about three attempts, holding up the slightly scrunched copy of the 
ad with one hand.

"Ahh yes," nodded the feline, looking him over with her piercing blue eyes.  
"Do you wish to apply?"

"I do," agreed Tim.

"Well, come in," offered the feline.  "My name is Rayne, I am the Mistress of 
this manor.  And you are?"

"Tim," said Tim, offering a hand.  She shook it, the grip of her paw warm and 
surprisingly strong.

Tim had not expected a non-human.  He had seen them about, everyone knew they 
existed, but he did not know they had houses.  She was leading him across the 
marble floor to a room on the side.

"Oh yes," she said abruptly, stepping to one side to usher him in.  "Houses, 
staff, jobs."  She flashed him a smile, her elongated teeth seeming to glow 
against her fur.  

"I have met humans before," she explained, taking a seat behind the large desk, 
her wings naturally unfolding to either side of the chair.  "So, why should I 
take you on?"

"I don't know," blurted Tim without thinking before he recovered.  "Can you 
tell me more about the position?"

An amused smile seemed to flash across Rayne's lips for a moment.

"Well, it is a live in position," she began.  "Full board and lodgings are 
provided.  Consider it a sort of care taker position, hence you would be on 
call anytime you are on duty, but would not be restricted to your quarters.  
You would have free run of the grounds and access to most if not all rooms, 
assuming they are not occupied.  Duties would include running errands, 
assisting with guests, there are cooking and cleaning staff, but you may be 
required to assist with them too.  Essentially a pair of arms and legs for 
whatever is needed."

"Core hours would be eight to eight," she continued.  "Plus on call outside of 
those.  Weekends are scheduled to be your own time, but you may be asked to 
assist if there is need of you.  You are expected to remain within the grounds 
unless permission has been received for travel outside."

Tim blinked at the long hours and began to say something.  Rayne held up a paw.

"I am not use to being interrupted," she said, a slight growl in the back of 
her throat.  "All expenses will be covered during your time of employment with 
suitable pay entered into your nominated bank account on a fortnightly basis."

"Suitable pay?" ventured Tim after he was sure she had stopped talking.  

She opened a file on the desk and leafed through a few papers, picking one out.  
It was a standard employment contract, his eyes travelled down to the award 
rate.  It was not the standard award rate and the overtime penalties were huge 
not to mention the very generous on call and base rates.

He gave a slightly nervous smile and swallow.

"What's the catch?" he asked.

"No catch," she replied, obviously use to that question before.  "I have the 
money and would like to see my staff suitably compensated for their time and 

"However," she added with a slight pause, leaning forward and somehow managing 
to take on an ominous look, her piercing blue eyes staring at him unblinking.  
"I do expect the highest standards from my staff, I am not cruel or mean, but I 
do demand the best.  If you are not going to provide that, I hope you are not 
wasting my time."

"Umm, no," he stammered, taken back by her sudden change in demeanour.  "If 
employed, you will have my full cooperation and devotion."

She nodded slowly, looking him over as she sat back in her chair thoughtfully 
before reaching some conclusion.  She took the sheet of paper from him and 
added a few more to it.

"Three month probation on full pay," she said.  "During that time no notice for 
termination is given.  You have the contract, take some time,  read through it, 
if you agree to it, sign at the indicated places and initial each page.  If I 
do not see you before 9:30 AM on Monday I will assume you have chosen not to 
join us.  If that is the case, I thank you now for applying, if that isn't the 
case, I will see you, contract signed at 9AM on Monday."

She was already standing as she spoke, rather expertly guiding him towards the 
door and suddenly he had cleared the hall and was outside standing on the front 
steps before he had a chance to realise what had happened.

He began flipping through the pages of the contract as he walked down the long 
drive.  It was all quite standard, he flipped over most of it, he looked over 
the section that detailed pay.  He was going to make a fortune...

At 8:57 on Monday morning Tim was back at the house.  He reached forward and 
pressed the bell, listening to the muffled ring from somewhere deep within the 
bowels of the house.  The door swung open almost immediately and once again he 
was greeted by the panthress.

"So you decided to join us Tim," she said, noticing the contract in his hand.  
"Please come on in."

She gestured him inside.

"I suppose a quick tour would be a suitable way to start," she announced, 
looking around the large entry hall as if planning something in her head.

"May as well start with your room I suppose," she said.  "Give you a chance to 
drop off your things."

She started to lead him off to the side, pausing to look over the signed 
contract and slip it onto her desk.

"This is my study," she began.  "Through here we have the service wing.  
Kitchens, servants quarters, storage, things like that."

She pointed out a few rooms, the kitchen was impressive, big enough to put most 
restaurant to shame and immaculately clean.  Beside that was a combined dining 
and lounge room, obviously a break room of sorts for staff, some closed doors 
and then a long corridor.

"You may have noticed a lack of staff," Rayne said as they looked down the 
corridor.  "You'll actually be the only live in employee at the moment, so take 
your pick of the rooms along here, they're all quite similar.  Most of the time 
the girls cook and look after themselves, but we get in staff if needed.  That 
will be one of your jobs incidentally, keeping the larder stocked."

Tim nodded and looked into one of the rooms.  It was simple, but surprisingly 
comfortable looking, similar to a hotel room.  A bed, private bathroom, window 
that overlooked the garden.  It was better than he expected.

"Look through them all later," Rayne announced as she turned and began to walk 
back the way they came.  "Then pick one.  Plenty of time to explore, the girls 
do not normally begin to stir until the late morning."

They walked back through the kitchen and across to the other side of the entry 

"This is where we hold most of our parties," said Rayne, pushing open a set of 
double doors and waltzing into a huge ballroom as if remembering a previous 
time.  She recovered quite quickly and pushed through a different set of doors, 
exposing a sequence of rooms.

"Ballroom, lounge, dining," she ticked each off as they looked in to each, 
returning eventually to the entry hall by a different passageway.

"That's Laila's," she nodded to a discrete door under the stairs.  "She has the 
entire basement to herself.  I'll speak to you so she doesn't harass you if you 
go down there, there are some utilities down there, so you will need to at some 

She began to walk up the stairs.

"Upstairs are off limits to guests," she said as the looked at the corridor 
that ran off to either side.  "Left is bedrooms, right is... other, but I'll 
let you discover that on your own.  Just remember, everything here is quite 
safe now that you are a member of staff."

She seemed to grin mischievously for a moment before opening a door on the 

"My room," she said, stepping into the door.  "Each of the girls has their own 
bedroom, but a number of them choose to sleep with me."

The room was decorated to look like a harem tent.  Silks hang from the walls, 
cushions and pillows were scattered all around.  There was one of the biggest 
beds Tim had ever seen against the far wall.  One lump was visible.  At the 
sound of the door, the lump moved and one fox head looked up

"Mistress," she purred happily.

"Laila," nodded back Rayne, leading Tim through the cushions.  "This is Tim, 
our new caretaker.  He will have full access to the house and the grounds.  I 
don't want you getting up to anything if you see him in the basement."

The vixen named Laila nodded and wormed forward on the bed, the silk sheets 
sliding from her fur and Tim could not help but notice she was completely 
naked.  He tried not to stare, he knew on some level it was wrong, but the 
sight of the soft auburn fur, her full breasts and the lighter patch of pale 
fur that seemed to highlight her sex.

"Aww..." replied Laila, rubbing her muzzle against Rayne's outstretched paw.  
"Even if he wants something."

The vixen looked over the human and licked her lips teasingly.  He was sure she 
knew the effect she was having on him, it was obvious to him his jeans were 
bulging, he just hoped it was not so obvious on the outside.

"If he comes to you, then it is between you and him," she said.  "But he is a 
member of staff, I expect him fit and able for work at a moment's notice."

Laila nodded, giving Tim a wink.  

"Of course Mistress," she purred seductively.

Rayne shook her head and gave a sigh of mock exasperation.

"I can tell she will try to pin you down now," she said as she closed the door 
behind them.  "But at least you should be able to walk still."

"She called you Mistress?" checked Tim.

"Of course," nodded Rayne.  "I am Mistress of this house.  You, as a member of 
staff should be calling me Mistress or Lady.  I am allowing you some leniency 
as this is your first day, but as you have now been instructed, I do not expect 
you to forget."

"Of course," he nodded, noticing the look on her face and he swallowed 
nervously.  "Of course Lady Rayne?"

"Much better," she nodded and gave him a condescending pat on his head.  He was 
not sure why, but it actually felt kind of nice.

Just then a door further down the corridor opened and a gold coloured fox 
stepped out.  Completely oblivious to the pair of them, she walked naked down 
the hallway.  She paused in front of the panthress and bowed her head.

"Good morning Mistress," she said.

"Good morning Kinset," replied Rayne, giving her the same pat on her head 
followed by a stroke over one of her ears.  "This is Tim, our new caretaker."

The gold coloured vixen turned her head, her sparkling blue eyes looked vaguely 
distant as she nodded her head to him.

"A pleasure to meet you Tim," she said, giving a small nod of her head back.  

"Err... yes..." swallowed Tim nervously, acutely aware of the nearness and 
nakedness of the vixen.

She seemed to know this an did nothing to try and hide the curve of her 

"Kinset," grinned Rayne.  "Would you help Tim acquaint himself, explain some of 
the rules.  I suspect it may take him a few days."

"Of course Mistress," agreed Kinset with another nod of her head.  "I was just 
about to get breakfast.  We will go now."

Before Tim had a chance to react, his hand was enveloped in a warm vixen paw 
and he was being lead down the stairs.  She let go of his hand as she entered 
the large kitchen, heading straight for the refrigerator and pulling out some 
large pieces of fruit before leading him through to the smaller room on the 
other side.

"So human eh?" she said, sitting not at the table, but on the table cross 
legged and facing him.

"Umm... err... yes." He stammered, her position not leaving anything to the 

"I take it you have not seen many of us furries up close then," she grinned, 
seeming to know the effect he was having on her.

"I can't say I have... no..." he managed to stammer again, not quite sure where 
to look.

She giggled and finished the slice of mango, licking her paws clean.

"Come over here," she said, beckoning him closer before pointing to a chair, 
watching as he sat.  "If you're going to be around the house, you better get 
use to seeing lots of nakedness."

He swallowed nervously, his eyes naturally gravitating to her slightly spread 
sex between her crossed legs.

"Now," she began reaching out to stroke his head.  "You have a clear view of my 
sex.  That's all it is."

She reached down and used two fingers to spread her lips.

"Here you can see my labia, these soft ones on the outside are my labia majora 
and here inside are the minora.  Just up here is my clitoris.  Now, if I spread 
my lips like this, you can see the opening to my vagina.  I suspect from the 
look on your face, that's where you want to sink your penis right now."

Her paw stroked over her fur, pointing out parts as she spoke.  Tim could not 
help himself, his eyes frozen to the lesson before he managed to process her 
words.  He felt himself suddenly turning bright red.

She gave him a ruffle on his head as she noticed that.

"Don't worry, that's what is suppose to happen," she grinned.  "Besides, I can 
smell your arousal.  Us Renamons have superior senses to most others and 
defiantly all humans."

"Renamon?" blinked Tim, painfully aware of the swelling and damp spot in his 

"Please don't tell me you thought I was a gold coloured vixen?" said Kinset 
with a slightly exasperated sigh.  "The markings, ruff, back spikes and 
colouring didn't give it away?"

Once again she pointed out the marks under her eyes, ran her fingers through 
the generous chest ruff and reached around to stroke one of the fluffy spines 
that emerged from her shoulder blades before indicating to her white chest fur 
and rich golden arms and legs.

Tim gave a tentative nod of his head and Kinset rolled her eyes.

"They always think I'm a vixen," she said in mock annoyance. "Sometimes I wish, 
vixens have so much more energy.  Me?  After a few good orgasms, I need to 
stop.  Laila up there, she just keeps going and going and going.  If she ever 
gets you downstairs, you'll be sore for a week."

Tim blinked at that, not use to having such a frank conversation.

"Rayne mentioned the basement," he said slowly. "What is down there."

"Mistress Rayne," correct Kinset.  "And its Laila's private dungeon.  She has a 
hobby of collecting... lets say devices for extracting sexual pleasure.  
Although some of them are rather terrifying.  She also enjoys showing and 
demonstrating them to anyone.  Always popular at parties."

Tim blinked in surprise.

"She has a bondage fetish," shrugged Kinset, moving onto a slice of pineapple.  
"Not quite my thing.  I prefer things more gentle and seductive.  What about 
you then Tim, what fetishes do you have?"

Tim shrugged nervously.

"Dunno?" he mumbled.

Kinset giggled.

"That isn't an acceptable answer around here," she chuckled.  "I am guessing 
you are not that experienced with sex and dealing with it.  You'll need to come 
to terms with that if you are going to stay here.  Get undressed."

"What?" blinked Tim, his head pulling back in surprise.

"You.  Undressed.  Now," she said, leaning forwards, her eyes fixing him.  

It was not a request; it was a command.  Even as he stood, hands fumbling with 
his belt he found himself wondering why he was doing it.  His pants fell to the 
floor and he pulled his shirt over his head, fumbling out of his shoes.  The 
damp spot on his underpants visible, but it was only a second until they joined 
the pants on the floor, his shaft raised up before him, the tip glistening with 
his pre.

Kinset's eyes travelled down, it was a different look to what he gave her, his 
was clouded in lust, hers was cold and calculating.

"Right," she said, patting the table top.  "You up here, now we can talk."

He blinked again but settled onto the table, her legs folded, mirroring 
Kinset's position.

"With you hidden away in your clothes, you're doing too much squirming to speak 
honestly," she said.  "This way there is nothing to hide behind.  I suspect 
that is one of the reasons why Mistress likes us naked."

He must have look startled.

"Oh, don't worry," she giggled.  "For you, being naked will be optional, since 
you need to go outdoors, but inside if you want to be, no one will mind. 
Certain rooms though to enter you will need to be naked, but you'll learn about 
them in time.  Now, what were we talking about... oh yes, kinks.  What do you 

"Ummm, I don't know?" he offered.  

Kinset shook her head.

"Not an acceptable answer.  What sorts of things do you like.  When you're 
laying in bed, you've got a throbbing hard on, what do you fantasise about."


"Dildos, bondage, benwa balls, toys, straps, paddles, restraints, cuffs, 
collars, whips, crops, top, chains, enslavement, kneeling, serving, dominating, 
spanking, controlling," there was a pause.

"Hi sister, come on in," sighed Kinset as the voice carried around the doorway.

The vixen from upstairs walked in around the door grinning, not blinking an 
eyelid at the sight of the naked pair on the table, then again, she was 
completely naked as well

"Hi Tim," giggled Laila, wiggling some fingers, as she walked over.  "Are you 

Without warning she reached down and ran a fingertip over his glands, wiping 
the pre that was oozing from his tip and licking her fingers.  Tim gave a moan 
and a small flood of pre dripped onto the table.

Kinset rolled her eyes.

"If you keep that up, he will be," she said.  "I assume you have met my sister 

"Sisters?" said a startled Tim, his shaft twitching on his own.

"Pet sisters, not biological," explained Laila.  "He looks really eager 
sister... can I take him, can I?"

"No," growled Kinset.  "We were trying to have a civilised discussion about 
kinks and fetishes.  Tim claims not to know any and I was wondering what he 
has, but doesn't know."

"Oooh," teased Laila.  "Just look at him, I bet the idea of two hot vixens 
getting it on in front of him would make him blow."

Kinset lightly batted away the paw that was reaching for her crotch.

"I think anything would make him blow," she replied before looking back at him.  
"The odd thing about kinks, you may not know you have them.  Take me, I like 
latex, control, submission as well as more gentle things like massage and 
orgasm denial."

Her eyes sparkled.  

"One reason why I'm curious to see how you react," she giggled.  "How close can 
I tease you to the edge without pushing you over."

"While I..." butted in Laila.  "Would be more than happy to pin you down on the 
table now, feel you sink into my eager wet folds as I ground my hips against 
you, clenching eagerly at your shaft, my tail beating between your legs as I 
impale myself on you, milking you until your swollen balls can't take it any 

Tim's eyes had been pulled to the naked Laila as she spoke, her paw curling 
around a breast, lightly teasing a nipple, then stroking down, her fingers 
slipping into her sex and she pushed her paw against her mount, her voice 
growing husky.  Tim could not help himself, his shaft suddenly twitched, a 
spray of seed shooting out, splattering over the Renamon as he gave a moan.

Laila looked up, grinning and reaching to wipe one of the large drops from the 

"Good boy," she smiled, licking her paw clean.

Tim's eyes opened wider as he sucked in gulps of air, cheeks turning scarlet as 
he realised what he had done, then his ears joining them as he looked at the 
mattered fur on the Renamon.

Kinset shook her head slowly not in anger, more in exasperation.

"That, Tim," she announced.  "Is going to cost you.  Now clean it up."

Tim looked around for something to wipe it up with and Laila shook her head.

"Tongue," she said.  "The only way to get cum out of fur,"  

She helpfully pushed his head down towards Kinset's crotch.  Tim resisted for a 
moment, but the vixen was surprisingly strong.  His cheeks almost glowing as he 
brushed over the soft fur of her thigh.  It was not what he expected at all, 
warm and exceptionally soft.  His nose brushed over something damp and he 
licked at it, realising it was his own seed.

He had never tasted himself before, the texture was vaguely glutinous, thick 
and with a salty hit, but soft after taste.  He pondered for a few moments, 
realising he did not mind it and used his tongue to groom in the natural 
direction of the fur.  Occasionally he would open his mouth, sucking at a clump 
of fur, then grooming it between his tongue.  Kinset's paws guiding his head 
over her thighs, she was making a soft purring sort of sound.

"Mmm...not bad," she was saying.  "I think there is another spot here... and 

She pulled his head across, her thigh, guiding his lips towards her sex.  Tim 
was not really aware of the change until he abruptly came aware of the 
shortening fur, his tongue suddenly finding warm flesh in place of fur.  He 
froze for a moment, then lapped tentatively.  Above him, Kinset stroked across 
the back of his head then gave a tutting sound.

"You have never given cunnilingus have you?" she said in a slightly amused, but 
exasperated tone.  

Tim shook his head, rubbing his cheek against her thigh.  Kinset sighed and 
looked at Laila.

"Sister, can you kneel up here please?" she asked.

There was a noise and Tim felt his head being turned, finding himself looking 
across Kinset's thigh directly into Laila's spread and glistening sex.  

"Now," instructed Kinset from above him somewhere.  "You are going direct for 
my clitoris, here."

A golden hand came into view, spreading Laila's lips and rubbing at the nub 
just visible between her folds.

"Admirable," continued Kinset.  "But not right.  Think about it, when you 
masturbate, to you just rub the tip of your shaft?  No.  You stroke over all of 
it, around it.  Anywhere that feels good."

Tim gave a slight nod, resting his head on her thigh.

"There is no difference here.  Sure, go for the clit, it feels really nice, but 
its not the only way.  Sister, can you show Tim how you like to be touched?"

"Certainly," chimed Laila and an orange paw slipped down into view.  "I like to 
start slowly, stroking around my thighs, running my claws over my mound, notice 
the way I push down or pull up towards my sex.  It helps to make things feel 

A second paw joined the first, both moving slowly, stroking at the soft fur.  
The golden paw disappeared and Tim felt it stroking his head again.  Slowly the 
two paws began to focus in, brushes becoming rubs as one paw positioned itself 
at the apex of her sex, fingers spreading her labia, the other paw stroking 
back and forth at the exposed lips.

"By now," continued Laila.  "I am feeling pretty good.  My natural juices have 
started to flow, so it doesn't hurt to slide a finger in.  I like teasing my 
inner lips, they grip and play with my finger and when I do it right I can put 
pressure on my clit, notice how I'm not stimulating it directly, just pressure.  
I know I'm doing it right when my sex starts to move on its own, just like 

Tim watched, the vixen's sex tightening, a little dribble of fluid dripping 
onto the table.

"By now I'm really aroused," she said, moaning a little.  "See how my inner 
lips have swelled, they are so nice and sensitive, I love to tease them like 

She moaned, arching as her fingers tugged.

"Now I begin to feel a growing urge to cum..." she panted.  "But I can stay 
like this for hours.  But for the purposes of the demonstration.  Notice how my 
finger is never staying still, always find somewhere different, never hitting 
the same place twice.  A good indication that its all working together is my 
clit begins to throb, my other hand can pull back my hood, allowing me to brush 
against it.  But now I'm usually too worked up and can't last... too... 

She moaned, arching herself up as her sex rippled around her fingers.  There 
was literally a slurping sound and globules of milky white fluid dripped down 
from her fingers.

"And that's how you make a vixen cum," giggled Kinset, reaching out to run a 
paw over Laila's fingers, picking up some drops of fluid and offering them to 

Tim's mouth opened automatically, licking the offered digits clean.  The taste 
was warm and sweet, complimenting the after taste of his seed perfectly.

"Now your turn," purred Kinset, turning Tim's head back towards her sex.

Tim was not as hesitant this time, his tongue reaching down to lap over each 
side of her warm labia gently.  He pressed in, resting his head against her 
mound, reaching up with a hand to stroke over her thigh.  She gave a soft purr 
of encouragement, leaning herself back, pressing her lips against his.  Gently 
he pressed his tongue in, parting her labia to find the warmer folds within.  
She moaned, flexing again then gasping as he slid his tongue in deeper still.

He could taste her now, different from Laila, rich, but somehow feminine, her 
scent was being pulled deep into him with each breath and by now her lips were 
beginning to tug at his tongue.  He let them guide him, squirming and pressing 
his nose against her clit, rubbing it around in time with her thrusts.

"Mmm.... yes...." panted Kinset above him.  "That's it..."

Tim was encouraged and he slid a hand between her legs, stroking a finger 
between her sex and anus.  She seemed to love this, bucking and moaning and he 
pressed in, tongue trying to cover everywhere of her sex at once.  Kinset gave 
an abrupt gasp, her body trembling before Tim felt a thick gooey liquid wash 
into his mouth.  He gave a happy purr of his own, lapping over her folds, his 
actions fading from desperate to tender, feeling the grip on his head, relaxed.

"Mmm... oh yes..." rumbled Kinset eventually, allowing Tim to sit up.

He pulled himself upright slowly.  Laila had moved and was now pressed up 
behind Kinset, paws still lightly massaging her breasts, the vixen nibbling and 
kissing at the other's neck.

"That was a good first time," panted Kinset, recovering.  "Next time you won't 
have the help of sister, and maybe no hands either."

"Awww," teased Laila, pulling herself back.  "Does that mean next time I won't 
get to watch."

"Maybe," grinned Kinset.

"Mmmhmmm..." came a cough by the door.

Tim turned around and with horror saw Rayne watching from the doorway.

"I am so sorry," he stammered.  "Kinset was showing me and then... well..."

She shook her head dismissively.

"You I can understand," she said, pointing a finger at Tim.  

"But you two," the finger moved to the two vulpines who both looked at the 
floor. "I would have thought you let the new help at least settle in.  Tim has 
things to do.  He won't be able to do them if you two keep seducing him and 
using him for your own pleasures."

"Sorry Mistress," they both mumbled in unison.  

Rayne continued to stare at them for a while longer.

"Laila," she instructed.  "I am sure you have business to attend to.  Kinset, 
you were explaining the rules.  Continue, but no more fooling until he is 
settled and familiar with the manor and his duties.  Tim, my apologies my girls 
have not treated you in the professional manner, but the little I saw you seem 
to enjoy the attention, however, in the future, please refrain from such 
activities until after your chores have been done.

"Yes Mistress," nodded both Laila and Kinset with Tim chiming in a few moments 

Rayne nodded and headed from the room, her wings sweeping behind her and both 
the girls let out the breath they had been hiding.

"So I'm not fired?" asked Tim hesitantly.

"No," replied Kinset, pulling herself from the table.  "Why should you be?"

"I just licked you out on the kitchen table!" he exclaimed.

Laila chuckled and picked up Tim's clothes offering them back and Kinset began 
to wipe down the tabletop.

"That's nothing compared to what I'm going to do with you after your chores are 
done," smirked Laila, giving Tim's still naked rear a pat as she left the room.

Kinset finished her cleaning and looked at the table.

"She means that too," grinned the Renamon.  "Mistress does not mind us mixing 
with the staff as long as they get their jobs done.  I should have got you 
settled, it is my fault."

Tim blinked in surprise as he was led from the room and towards the staff 

Kinset stopped when they reached his bag, still sitting on the floor.

"Of course, you didn't stay stop, so I'm not all to blame," she teased, leaning 
to give him a lick on his nose.  "Now, have a look, find yourself a room and 
get yourself cleaned up.  Then meet me back in the entry in an hour and I'll 
show you around.  Don't be late or I'll use it against you."

She more blatantly gave his sac a gentle squeeze, then abruptly turned and 
left, her tail flicking from side to side, making her rump seem to sway 
seductively.  Tim shook his head and picked up his bag, his clothes still under 
his arm.  Here he was, he had only been in the job for barely an hour and he 
was naked and apparently surrounded by nymphomaniacs and he still had little 
idea what he would be doing.  This was one of those jobs your guidance 
councillor failed to mention.

He walked up the hallway, looking at the rooms before choosing the one at the 
end.  He put his bag on the bed and entered the shower.  He could tell this was 
going to be a very unusual job.

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