Keywords: Adult, Hypnosis
Species: Human, Renamon, Vixen
The Job... Part II

The Job... part II
By Divigon

Tim walked from the shower and blinked at the sight of Kinset sitting on the 
small table swinging her feet over the edge.  She looked up as he entered and 
wiggled her fingers to him, once again oblivious to his nakedness.  She on the 
other hand was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of lycra shorts that looked 
as if they may have been painted on.

"I know I said to meet me in the hall," she launched into her explanation 
cheerfully.  "But I realised we'd only be coming back here to show you Arty, so 
this is sort of pre-empting things a little."

He still found it disconcerting that he was naked and she was now the one 
dressed, at least his towel provided some degree of modesty.

"I put some clothes on though," she offered, her voice almost meek.  "I didn't 
want you to get too distracted."

"Umm, thanks," he replied, not quite sure what he was suppose to say.

Tim had reached his bag and was rummaging through it for clothes.

"Don't worry about those," said Kinset looking over.  "Your uniforms should be 
in the closet."

Tim looked over at the door she pointed to and walked over curiously.  He 
opened it and looked inside.  Various items of clothing hung from hangers and 
were folded neatly on shelves.

"These are mine?" he asked sounding surprised.

"Of course," replied the Renamon.  "All clothing and uniforms supplied."

She stood up and looked over his shoulder.

"Normal day to day things are casual," she said pointing to the jeans and 
shirts.  "These suits and outfits will be for special occasions.  Mistress will 
most likely specify what you are to wear for those."

He nodded in surprised and picked out a shirt.  It was white and simple with a 
logo that looked like a feline head with wings behind it.  He pulled it on, 
then found underpants and a pair of shorts before looking down at the range of 

"No need for shoes," prompted Kinset.  "Where we're going you won't need them 

Tim looked at her warily.

"We're just going to be going for a walk around the ground and the house," 
chuckled Kinset.  "I have my orders to show you around."

He nodded and looked at himself in the mirror.  He looked almost like he was a 
member of crew on a cruise ship or something.  Not exactly stylish, but nothing 
to object at either.

"Oh, I almost forgot about Arty!" exclaimed Kinset, pulling herself away from 
the cupboard and stepping back into the middle of the room.

"Arty?" repeated Tim looking really confused.

"Yes, Arty," giggled Kinset.  "Arty can you hear us?"

"Affirmative," came a disembodied voice.

"Tim, meet Arty, Arty, this is Tim," introduced Kinset.

"Owner Rayne has made me aware of him," replied the voice.  "I have been 
studying him since his earlier visit.  Welcome to the Manor, Timothy."

"Timothy?" giggled Kinset.

"No one calls me Timothy," sighed Tim, he hated his full name.  "Just Tim 

He was looking around the room as if seeking cameras.  Kinset noticed this.

"Arty is the manor," she explained.  "Rather, they are the computer than runs 
the manor.  That's why we call them Arty.  AI.  Artificial Intelligence, 
probably the most advanced artificial intelligence money can't buy."

"Can't buy?" blinked Tim.

"Mistress has contacts," nodded Kinset.  "People in places you did not know 
existed.  Some special skills that are occasionally in demand.  She knows the 
people who know people and they all know her.  She called in a few favours and 
Arty was the result.  The only people who know about him, or her, or it are 
those in the manor.  Something we'd like to keep that way."

Tim nodded slowly in understanding.

"Anyway," continued the Renamon with barely a pause.  "Arty will handle the day 
to day operations.  Essentially you'll be reporting to them, their eyes, ears, 
hands and feet for them."

"Affirmative," interjected the computer.

"They'll tell you what needs to be done and you'll do it," she said.  "Like 
this.  Arty, are there any chores for Tim?"

"Affirmative," repeated the voice.  "Two packages await collection from the 
gatehouse, a light globe needs replacing in the basement and I would like 
reference calibration of the perimeter."

"See," smiled Kinset.  "They're your jobs for the day.  Now, to save you having 
to return all the time, I'd recommend you wear one of these."

She walked to a draw and slid it open, pulling out what looked like a prop from 
a science fiction movie.  It was less than three inches long with a hook to 
hold it snugly over the ear.  The Renamon stepped forward and slid it into 
position over the side of Tim's head, a small translucent eyepiece folding out.

"There we are," said Kinset, checking.  "Arty, can you access Tim now?"

"Affirmative," came the voice, the sound in the room echoed in his ear.  The 
eyepiece shimmered, little icons appearing to float in space.

"Woah," blinked Tim.  "Now that is cool."

"With that on, Arty can relay directly to you," Kinset giggled.  "There are 
neural pickups along the edge, so in time you'll be able to just think and 
they'll be able to pick it up, but for now you can just say it and Arty will 

Tim nodded, moving his head around, getting use to the odd sensation.

"Well go on," teased Kinset.  "You have packages to pick up."

"Oh, right," recovered Tim.  "Where is the gatehouse?"

"Ask Arty," sighed an exasperated Kinset, rolling her eyes.

"Oh... right," he blushed.  "Arty, how do I get to the gatehouse?"

On the little display a three dimensional map of the complex appeared, one 
building over to the edge glowing yellow, another room within the main house 
glowing green.  A dotted line appeared between them before the view seemed to 
dive down towards the green room, flowing through walls, the outlines of two 
bodies visible and abruptly Tim was standing in the room a green line leading 
out the door.

"Oh wow," he said blinking and shaking his head.

"Bit of a trip isn't it," giggled Kinset.  "Now come on, you lead the way."

Tim stepped forward almost hesitantly, the green line laid out before him, 
always a step in front, if he moved his head quickly he could see it being 
projected, but under normal movement it looked as if it was being painted onto 
the floor.  Behind him Kinset giggled, clearly finding it amusing as he moved 
his head this way and that.

The line led him through the house, weaving along a passageway then out a door.  
He heard it unlock automatically as he approached.  He opened it and stepped 
out of the house.

"Service entrance," explained Kinset as he looked over his shoulder.  "Although 
you are free to use the front door when there are not guests.  Arty will let 
you know if its available or not."

The path continued through the garden, following a neat brick path that curved 
around and paralleled the driveway.  It was only a few minutes before a small 
building came into view.  To Tim it was bathed in a soft golden glow.

"Well done," smiled Kinset and ruffled his hair.  "Now, do what you needed to 

He looked a little confused again.

"Arty?" he prompted as he approached the door.

Just as the house door had, this door clicked and he opened it without any 
difficulty.  Two boxes glowed a reassuring blue and he picked them both up.  
Arty gave an affirmative beep and when he turned around, the green line had 
reversed itself.  He stepped outside and the door shut behind him.

"Oooh, presents," giggled Kinset, looking at the labels then giving a hump.  
"Both for Laila, typical."

She did not seem too disappointed as they walked back.  They did not talk much, 
Tim was concentrating on the path, plus one box was growing increasingly heavy.  

"Arty, where do you want these?" asked Tim they returned to the cool interior 
of the house.

"Laila's room," came the voice in his ear and obligingly a pathway lit up over 
the floor.

"You're learning," grinned Kinset as he headed down the corridor, giving him a 
teasing pat on his head.

The projected green line led them through the house and back to the entry hall, 
then to the door under the stairs.  Tim wedged the boxes against the wall, 
opened the door with one hand and started down the stairs.  Kinset hesitated 
for a moment, then followed behind him.  Smooth steps gave way to rough stone 
steps, the passage growing darker as the atmosphere took on a more ominous 

"This is Laila's domain," she said before explaining.  "Mistress allows her to 
do almost anything she wants down here, so you have to be careful, but you 
should be fine since Mistress told her not to touch you."

"And you?" asked Tim, navigating the large stone steps.

"Official business," murmured Kinset.  "I should be safe."

"But not safe enough!" came a triumphant voice from the shadows on the side.

Both of them jumped, Tim almost loosing the packages as Laila stepped from the 
shadows grinning.  

"Boo!" she teased softly.

"Sister!" growled Kinset.  "You know I hate it when you do that."

"Why do you think I do it?" giggled Laila.  "So, what brings you to my 

"These are for you," replied Tim, feeling his heart racing as he recovered from 
the surprise.

"Oooh, toys!" Laila almost squealed in delight, taking both the boxes.  "Arty, 
lights please."

Abruptly what had been inky darkness leapt into clarity and Tim's jaw dropped.  
It looked like something from a cross between a medieval torture chamber and a 
sex shop.  Rows and rows of neatly positioned devices, all festooned with 
liberal amounts of chains and leather straps covered the floor space.  Various 
probes, clamps and restraints poked up from different angles.  Some were 
obvious in their design, forcing the occupants into a fixed position, others 
took a little longer to work out their aims and a few left Tim completely 
confused and puzzled.  In addition to the devices covering the floor, the walls 
were also covered, neatly arranged displays of collars, cuffs, leashes were 
across one wall, fading into more explicit sex toys as the display moved along.

While Tim was taking this all in with his mouth open, Laila had moved through 
the room and opened both boxes.  Packing beads had gone everywhere as she 
fished out what looked almost like body armour from the big box.

"What is that?" asked Tim, unable to keep silent any longer.

"Dominatrix gear from central Mongolia," explained Laila holding up the ornate 
leather corset to her naked body.  "This goes here, then we've got the shoulder 
pads, shin and knee guards.  There should be a whip too..."

She continued to rummage, occasionally pulling out bits of strapping and shaped 
leather.  At one point she found a riding crop that she slapped against her 
paw, nodding thoughtfully.

"I think that's all," she said eventually, laying out the pieces in order on 
the bench top.  "Oh yes, I can see that may be fun to wear at the next party."

Beside him Kinset gave a shiver.

"You would look fantastic in that," Kinset almost purred.

"Oh yes, I can tell you'd like it," giggled Laila.  "Kneeling before me, 
feeling my crop tracing over your fur..."

Tim tried to remain nonchalant as his shaft surged, creating a bulge in his 
shorts.  He thought it was unnoticed until Laila ran the crop up between his 

"I think someone likes the idea of me in leather," teased Laila.  "It is so bad 
you are off limits for the time being."

Tim swallowed nervously as Laila chuckled.

"But don't worry, you'll be fair game soon enough," she said, picking up bits 
of the outfit and threading her way through the equipment.

That revealed another side to the room Tim had not noticed, the equipment gave 
way to mannequins and stands, each dressed in different fetish gear.  Behind 
them the wall was covered in gags, harnesses and different type of restraints.

Tim was about to follow when his headset flashed.

"Excuse me Tim," spoke Arty directly into his ear.  "But while you are here, 
there is a light that needs replacing."

Just as before a passage through the equipment lit up, an unlit bulb at the far 
end of the wall glowing a soft yellow.

"If you'll excuse me for a few ladies," said Tim, not really waiting for a 
response and instead following the path.

His eyes lingered over some of the equipment, mentally positioning himself onto 
it, not quite sure what to make of some of them, before he arrived and looked 
up at the blown globe.

"Where do I find replacements Arty?" he asked softly.

"There should be some spares in the utility room," came the reply.

Nearby on the wall, a door glowed.  He walked to it, opened it and looked 
inside, almost dreading what he would find.  Inside was pleasantly normal.  
Various pipes and cables ran through the walls to various boxes.  Shelves had 
neatly arranged tins of paint, cleaning products and off to one side, light 
globes.  He took one and returned.

The changed between normality and perverse was surreal and made him shake his 
head.  With the new light globe in hand he looked up at the blown one then 
balanced on what looked like a torture rack to reach it.  Just as he was about 
to remove the old globe, then entire back of the room went dark.

"Always be safe," murmured Arty in his ear.

To his surprise, the projected image through the lens was still crystal clear.  
He gave the old globe a twist and slid it free, then moved the new one into 
position, pressing in until it locked.  As he stepped back the lights lit up 

"Good job," said the voice in his ear, still slightly mechanical, but 
nevertheless Tim felt a certain sense of pride.

He returned to the pair, making a detour to dispose of the old globe.  Both 
looked up as he returned.

"Look, balls!" exclaimed Laila happily.

Tim blinked looking confused.

"Balls?" he asked, sounding puzzled.

"New Ben Wa balls," explained Kinset.

"What are Ben Wa balls?" asked Tim.  He had heard the name before, but did not 
know what they actually were other than some sort of sex toy.

"These," grinned Laila and she held out her hand.

In it was a matched pair of balls, no more than an inch across.  She took his 
hand and rolled them onto his palm.  They were surprisingly heavy and did not 
roll evenly, instead wobbling off centre.  They were both made of a seamless 
chromed metal, providing no hint of what may be inside.  Time looked at them 
curiously, rolling them around and listening to the click when they hit each 

"Sister has a soft spot for balls," giggled Laila.

"Do not," shot back Kinset, her ears blushing before adding meekly.  "I just 
like how they feel."

"These go inside?" asked Tom blinking.

"Yeap," grinned Laila.  "Like this."

She swiped the two balls from his hand and before Kinset could object she had 
pulled down her shorts.  Kinset's eyes opened wider as she felt first one, then 
the other of the small balls pressed in against her folds.  She shivered, 
pressing down against the paw and Tim could see her sex tighten, literally 
swallowing the balls inside.  Laila smiled and pulled Kinset's shorts up.

"Not fair!" protested the Renamon.

"Oh hush," replied Laila, silencing her with a kiss.  "You know how much you'll 
like them, feeling them rolling around... if you're nice, I might take them out 
later tonight... or maybe tomorrow."

Kinset growled a little and began to reach down for her shorts.

"If you take them out," warned Laila.  "I'll make sure you pay for it."

The golden paw hesitated, rubbing over the shorts instead of inside them.

"Good girl," grinned Laila.  "I'll see you later tonight, I believe Arty still 
has some things for you to do."

Kinset grumbled a little and nodded, then took Tim's hand and began to lead him 
from the basement.

"Are you ok?" whispered Tim as soon as they had reached the entry hall.

"Oh, more than ok," murmured Kinset.

"Don't they hurt?" asked Tim, looking down at her crotch.

"What?" blinked Kinset.  "Oh the balls?  No, just the opposite.  They're 
designed to be worn unnoticed inside you, just moving around on their own, 
never in a predictable way, swaying as you move, your body reacting, they feel 
just amazing."

She shivered as Tim followed the green line outside and back into the sunshine.

"Where too now Arty?" asked Tim, looking around.

"I wish to verify my calibration of the security system, please just stroll 
around the gardens," announced the voice in his ear.

Kinset looked up expectedly.

"Arty says we're to walk around," summarised Tim.

"What?" blinked Kinset.

"Something about verifying sensors?" Tim said hesitantly.

"Ahhh," nodded Kinset.  "Arty has sensors that cover the ground and the house, 
occasionally they can drift or maybe have blind spots, but with your earpiece, 
they can triangulate on you, so if you walk around they can compare the two and 
see if they overlap and if not they can fix it."

"You seem to know a lot about Arty," observed Tim as they set off into the 

"I have added in a few of my own hacks," grinned Kinset.  "I'm a Renamon, we've 
got a natural affinity for computers and electronics."

"Ahh," nodded Tim again, not quite understanding, but guessing it was easier to 
say nothing than ask for an explanation.

The had been walking for a few minutes before Tim blurted out "What do you all 

"Who us?" checked Kinset.

"Yes," replied Tim.  "You can't just spend all your time around here driving 
each other to orgasm."

"Actually," smiled the Renamon. "I don't, but that's what Laila does.  Believe 
it or not, she is actually quite the expert on old contraptions, museums around 
the world contact her for details about devices or ask her to authenticate 
something, not to mention the fetish crowds, they'll pay quite a lot of money 
for things.  Not only does she restore and maintain, she also designs things.  
Have you heard of Lai's Luscious Lips?"

Tim gave a blank shake of his head.

"Really?" blinked Kinset.  "I'll have to get her to show you them.  Ummm, 
consider it Ben Wa balls for the male.  It too will make all of your movements 
unbelievably sensitive.  They have been extremely popular and bring in quite a 
steady stream of money.  I do contracting work."

"What sort of work?" asked Tim.

"Programming mainly," smiled Kinset.  "You could call it my specialty.  I seem 
to be able to figure out just about anything and get it to behave in the way I 
want.  And of course Mistress has her own skills, they are always in demand.  
Then some of the other girls do their things, so no real fixed  nine to five at 
the office sort of thing, but we keep ourselves busy."

Tim nodded.

"Sounds like its all figured out quite nicely," he observed.

"It wouldn't suit everyone," she replied.  "But it works for us."

"And who are you?" was his next question.  "I mean where did you come from?"

"Mistress found us," she answered.  "Or we found her.  Most of us have had, as 
you would say, a history.  Bad things have happened, Mistress provided an exit, 
or at least a hand up in the right direction.  I'm not sure how many of us she 
has helped over the years, but a few of us have stayed on, but if you're here a 
while, you'll see a number of us appear.  The furries I have discovered often 
get the raw end of the deal, so when they first arrive they are not always in a 
good way.  Mistress provides a place where they can settle down, somewhere 
stable and safe to get their feet steady before moving on."

"Are you ever likely to move on?" he asked as they explored the gardens.

"Perhaps," she said, looking thoughtful for a moment or two.  "I'm not sure 
when or where I'd go and I don't have nay plans, but I am guessing when the 
time arrives, I'll know of it and we'll see what happens then."

Tim nodded in understanding.

They chose a random path through the ground, walking on the lawns and following 
paths, doing their best to complete two circuits of the ground.  One in close 
to the house and another further away near the boundary.  Occasionally Arty 
would make itself known to Tim, asking for an area to be rechecked or for them 
to head in a specific direction, but for the most part, it was just like a walk 
through the gardens.  Kinset would point out areas of interest to Tim, the 
service entrance, tennis courts, croquet lawn and Arty would occasionally 
highlight his vision with its own items of importance; sensors, cameras and 
junction boxes.

They ended up at a small flight of steps leading down to a private lawn.

"Last spot," announced Arty which Tim relayed through to Kinset.

"Oh great," said Kinset, her tone dripping with sarcasm.

She looked at the steps, shook her head and began to walk down slowly.  Tim 
wondered what the problem was when Kinset suddenly groaned, one of her paws 
reaching around her front as her tail lashed.  She paused, then continued down, 
he could see her body beginning to struggle to take each step and when she 
stepped off the last step and onto the grass she actually cried out, sinking to 
her knees.

Tim hurried down the steps after her, not quite sure what to do with the 
trembling Renamon before him.

"Are you ok?" he offered.

Kinset nodded slowly, her body shaking a little as she drew in a deep breath to 
steady herself.

"I am so going to get Sister back," she panted, one paw stroking over her 
spandex shorts, which Tim could not help but notice the damp spot.

"What happened?" he asked, his mind slowly putting things together.

"Remember those balls of Sister's?" she said and he nodded.  "All the time 
we've been walking around they've been nicely moving inside me.  I was trying 
to keep it hidden since Mistress gave me my orders, but the steps, the balls 
just bounced and rocked and I was too aroused to hold back."

She closed her eyes, stroking down over her belly and crotch gently, 
occasionally giving a rather blissful sigh, her breathing slowly returning to 
normal as she adopted a more conventional posture.

Tim sat down on the grass beside her.

"All better now?" he checked.

"Mmhmm... much," she purred.  "Are we all done Arty?"

"Affirmative," replied the voice in his ear.  "Scan is completed, you have no 
more scheduled tasks."

"Apparently I'm all done and I think that means I've finished for the day," 
relayed Tim.

"Mmm..." grinned Kinset.  "Which means you're now a fair target."

"What?" stammered Tim, suddenly looking worried.

"Don't worry," giggled Kinset.  "I'm a little sated for a while.  Besides, I'm 
plotting what I'm going to do to Sister."

"What will you do?" asked Tim, looking relieved.

"I'm not sure," mused Kinset.  "Its one of the problems with Sister, your 
average punishment she finds too enjoyable.  I'll probably just implant an idea 
or something, one where she feels aroused by me, perhaps I'll return her 
balls... something like that."

"Implant an idea?" asked Tim.  "How do you do that?"

"Oh, its easy," explained Kinset.  "Sneak up to her while she is sleeping.  The 
right soft words in her ear and she won't be any the wiser."

"So like hypnosis?" blinked Tim.

"Well, hypnosis covered a wide range of things, but that could be one way of 
putting it," she replied.

"You would hypnotise her?" Tim sounded incredulous.

"Nothing permanent," Kinset replied.  "Mistress doesn't like us getting too 
carried away, but yes I would."

Kinset looked surprised at Tim's reaction.

"I take it you don't like the idea?" she asked, looking over at him.

"I'm not too sure," Tim replied, suddenly forced to think about it.

"I love it," admitted Kinset.  "The first stages of a light trance, some 
inkling that something is going on, but you're choosing not to do anything 
about it.  Then it begins to get deeper, you're mind not thinking too much 
about it now, gaps beginning to appear and then you're down deep, not really 
minding what is said to you before you suddenly find yourself awake again."

"But isn't it dangerous?" asked Tim.

"Not the way I like it," she said.  "It is the art of suggestion, coaxing 
thoughts and ideas out that you may not have been aware of.  With simple 
trances, you can't force your will onto others, I couldn't, for example, tell 
you that you now love peas if you hate the taste of them.  I could however, 
tell you that when you eat a pea, they'll taste like chocolate; the same 
result, but a different approach.  To go beyond that it more complicated.  
You're looking at long dedicated sessions, actual reprogramming of the mind.  I 
don't do that.  However, if you are interested, as Mistress, she may be able to 
give you some interesting perspectives on it."

Tim blinked.

"Lady Rayne?" he said and Kinset nodded.

"I won't say any more, for that you need to speak to her, but she has some 
unique talents," she smiled.  "However, I'll let you ask her, I'm not one to 
repeat what I know."

"So is it safe with me spending time with you?" asked Tim.  "I mean, you're not 
going to try and rewire my brain?"

"I'm safe," giggled Kinset.  "Mistress did give express instructions, but since 
you're finished for the day, not to mention I can tell you're curious about 

She smiled, reaching over and lightly tugging on one of Tim's ears, pulling his 
head down into her lap.  He resisted for a moment, then gave in, ending up on 
his back looking up at Kinset.  She lowered her head, looking down at him.

"Comfortable?" she murmured softly, gently running her clawtips over his skin.

"Mmmhmmm," he managed to rumble, smiling nervously.

"There is nothing to be afraid of," she replied, tracing patterns over her 
face.  "I'm not going to do anything you don't like.  This is just a relaxing 
exercise.  Just close your eyes and take a deep breathe, then breathe out... 
that's good... in... and out... now start counting backwards from one 
hundred... each number making you more relaxed than the last."

"One hundred," murmured Tim, feeling slightly foolish.  "Ninety nine, ninety 

"That's good," smiled Kinset.  "You just focus on the numbers, each one lower 
than the last, pulling your mind and body down deeper and deeper..."

She continued to talk to him soothingly, warm paws roaming over his skin, 
listening as his voice began to slur, growing softer, his eyes gradually 
closing as his body relaxed.  It was not long before he slumped back against 
her, his lips moving, but no sound coming out.

"That's good Tim," she purred softly in his ear.  "Totally relaxed now, your 
mind blank... empty...  Your body limp."

"Yes," he slurred softly.

"Good boy," she whispered, her voice full of praise.  "You don't mind being 
called that do you?  A good boy."

"No," mumbled Tim.  "I'm a good boy."

"Good boy," she repeated.  "A good obedient boy."

"Good obedient boy," managed Tim.

Kinset smiled to herself, looking down over his limp body.  She pondered what 
to do without breaking any of her Mistress's orders.

"Tim," she began.  "Do you like the Renamon?"

"Yes," slurred Tim, his voice still soft and distant.

"Do you find her attractive?" she asked curiously.

"Yes," murmured Tim.  "Sexy."

Kinset allowed herself a soft purr, trailing a fingertip gently over his ear.

"Tim," she instructed, her voice becoming slightly more dominant.  "I am going 
to give you an order now and you will obey it because you are a good boy, isn't 
that so?"

"Yes," he slurred.  "Good boy."

"Good boy," she repeated.  "You are going to be completely honest when the 
Renamon asks you a question.  You will not think, you will just reply with the 
truth as it flows into your mind.  Do you understand?"

"Yes," he mumbled.  "Honest."

"Very good boy," she purred down to him, gently stroking over his chin.  "Now, 
I want you to count from one up to five, waking and feeling fully refreshed and 
wonderful.  Are you ready, now count..."

"...Five," managed Tim as his eyes opened. 

He blinked a few times and looked around, finding himself looking up at the 
underside of Kinset's breasts, he blushed and squirmed.

"How do you feel?" she giggled down at him, resting her paws on his shoulder.

"Wonderful," he replied before adding.  "Maybe a little horny."

"Well, that's quite natural around here," she chuckled.  "I mean your head is 
so close to my crotch, I know you must be able to smell my arousal."

Tim instinctively took a deep breath in through his nose and indeed a very 
alluring smell seemed to tingle through him, his shaft giving a surge in his 
shorts.  Kinset noticed this and grinned.

"Do you want me to help you with that?" she asked teasingly.

"Please," murmured Tim, blushing as she obviously noticed his arousal.

Kinset giggled and slid herself from under Tim, kneeling to one side and 
stroking down his underside.  Her paw stroked down over his shorts, curling 
over his shaft, then pulling the material down to free it.  He was already rock 
hard and drooling pre.

"You are eager aren't you?" she smiled, caressing the underside of his shaft 
with the smooth curve of her claw.  "So nice to see one so eager."

Tim gave a moan, unable to help himself from arching up.  He did feel as if he 
was going to explode.

"But I don't think you're in for too much teasing... not yet..." purred Kinset.  
"That can come later."

She leant down, her tongue sliding out, than lapped slowly up his shaft, she 
curled it once around his tip, opened wide and abruptly engulfed his length.  
Tim gasped in pleasure, thrusting himself up.  Kinset used her weight to push 
him down, her lips and tongue sliding down, her paw roaming into his shorts to 
lightly massage his sac.  It was too much for Tim who groaned, his shaft 
spurting his seed deep into the Renamon's throat.  Kinset continued her 
attentions, suckling his shaft while massaging and licking, ensuring he was 
totally spent.

She slowly pulled her muzzle from his length, giving it a few lingering licks 
before running her tongue over her lips.

"Better?" she asked teasingly.

"Mmm... much," he replied, reaching down to run his fingers through her warm 

She rumbled, pressing herself into him.

"We should be getting back," she reluctantly announced.  "I have things to do."

He nodded, watching as she stood, then he too climbed to his feet, not turning 
too red as he readjusted his shorts.  He rather boldly leant in and gave her a 
kiss, which she returned much deeper than he expected, letting him taste his 
juices on her tongue.

"Can you make it up the stairs?" he asked as he pulled back.

"Oh yes, going up is easy," Kinset giggled.  "Going down is the fun part."

Tim turned bright red as the Renamon began to ascend, his eyes glued to her 
swaying tail as she lead the way back to the house.

They stopped in the entry hall, Kinset pausing to give Tim another deep kiss.

"I'll see you tomorrow," she teased, giving his backside a grope.

"Of course," he replied, watching her go before turning and heading to his own 
quarters, quite unaware of the pantheress who was regarding him from the top of 
the stairs...

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