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Species: Wolf, Equine
The Gym

This was written for a friend of mine, hopefully I made the gym sound 
realistic, I suddenly realised I don't know the right names for 
anything.  I'm sure the machines all have proper names, but I'm not 
sure what they are.

The Gym
By Divigon

The stallion gave a polite nod to the two departing wolves and 
stepped out from behind the counter.  He took one step towards the 
door when it swung open and another wolf stuck his head in.

"Are you shut?" he asked nervously.

"Technically..." replied the stallion, looking over the wolf 
thoughtfully.  He was probably a year or two younger than the 
stallion and about the same height.  He had a nicely muscled 
physique, nothing excessive, but clearly he worked out.

"Oh," replied the lupine.  "I just arrived in town and was planning 
on doing a bit of a workout before bed."

"Well..." continued the equine.  "I tend to do a bit of a circuit 
before I head out and I probably shouldn't but you're welcome to join 
me if you want."

The wolf brightened.

"Can I?" he said, his blue eyes sparkling.  "Thanks."

"No probs," replied the stallion.  "The name's Boughton."

He locked the door and turned around, giving the wolf a pat on the 
back and guiding him towards the main gym.

"Duxtin," responded the wolf.  "Thanks for letting me in."

"Like I said, don't mention it," smiled Boughton, pulling off his 
shirt.  "Well, this is the main floor, go for it."

Duxtin looked around and gave a low whistle.  The gym was very well 
equipped with just about everything that would ever been needed.  
There were weights, benches, cycles, treadmills, trampolines not to 
mention the huge range of machines.  Boughton gave a smile and picked 
up a skipping rope, starting slowly in one corner.  The wolf watched 
him for a while, admiring the way the horse's tail seemed to levitate 
with each jump, before he blushed and started doing some warm-ups.

The two of them worked in near silence for a good thirty minutes, 
just the occasional grunt, pant or clink of metal on metal in the 
otherwise still room.  Duxtin migrated through the weights and ended 
up on his back on a bench press.  He was about to lift the bar when 
Boughton suddenly appeared in his view.

"I'll spot you," said the stallion in a non-argumentative tone.  "I 
take safety pretty seriously here."

Duxtin gave a nod of thanks and gripped the bar, straining a little 
he pushed up, freeing the weights before letting them lower down 
slowly.  He began to push up, muscles bulging at the effort.

"One," smiled Boughton above him.  

The stallion had moved a little over Duxtin's head and kept a firm 
grip on the bar, but not enough to neither help nor hinder the wolf.  
The wolf lowered the bar slowly and looked up at the stallion, 
finding himself staring straight up the inside of his thigh.  Much to 
his surprise he could see the large stallion balls dangling in their 
pouch, his eyes widening in surprise and he coughed.

"Like the view?" chuckled Boughton.

"It's... unexpected..." spluttered the wolf, pushing up a second 

"Truth be told... two..." continued the stallion.  "I tend to work 
out naked.  One of the perks about having the place to yourself, I 
find clothes... restrictive."

Duxtin finished lowering the bar before pressing up again.

"I... can see that..." he grunted slightly with effort, suddenly 
aware of how uncomfortable his own underwear had become, riding up 
under his tail.  "I should try it sometime..."

Duxtin was not really aware of his words until Boughton pulled the 
bar up and placed it back into its cradle with a clank.

"No time like the present," he grinned down to the wolf.

The stallion started to undo the string holding up his trunks.  He 
looked over at the wolf.

"Going to join me?" he asked, good naturedly.

Duxtin stood, feeling his ears blush as he pulled his own pants down.  
He had to admit, it did feel good to get out of them.  Both of them 
stepped free of the shorts and looked over each other's naked bodies.  
Both were well muscled with clearly defined abs, triceps and biceps.  
The stallion's body glistened a little, the short fur gleaming with a 
coating of sweat, the wolf's fur damped down, but still giving a 
slightly fuzzed look.

"Nice," murmured Boughton with a professional nod.  "How long you 
been working out for?"

"Not too long," blushed the wolf.  "A few months maybe."

"What sort of result are you after?" asked the stallion.  "I mean, do 
you just want to bulk up, increase your strength, compete?"

"I started because I wanted to improve my fitness," said Duxtin, 
relaxing with the friendly chatter.  "But now I think I'd like to 
improve my look."

"I can see that," agreed Boughton, walking around him slowly.  "I can 
see you're working these groups here and here..."

He traced a hand over the wolf's chest and side.

"But you're missing out these ones here and over here," he trailed 
his fingers down Duxtin's back.  "It's a common mistake, folks tend 
to work those they can see, but forget about those they can't.  In 
your case, it means you risk hurting yourself because your muscles 
aren't developing uniformly."

The wolf looked puzzled and the stallion pulled in across to in front 
of the mirror that covered one wall of the gym.

"Strike a pose like this," he said, pulling his hands in towards his 
centre, flexing his shoulders back, his body suddenly bulging with 

Duxtin stared at the transformation, the stallion looked like a Greek 
god.  He heard a cough and blinked, quickly pulling his body into a 
similar pose.

"See, you're lacking definition here and here..." continued Boughton 
as if nothing had happened, although he was well aware of the wolf's 
pause.  He pointed to various areas on the wolf's underside.

"So how should I train for them?" asked Duxtin.

"Lots of reps," replied Boughton.

The stallion stepped away and returned with a surprisingly small set 
of dumbbells.

"It's not much, but it will work," he said handing them over.

"Take one in each arm and hold them out at arm's length," he said 
demonstrating.  "Now start to lower them, breathing out slowly.  It's 
important to relax...  Breathe out.  And now that you're at the 
bottom, breathe in and start to lift them."

He watched the wolf.

"That's good," he continued.  "Now, while you do that, focus on 
yourself in the mirror.  Focus is important, just stare at yourself, 
let everything else just fade away.  Breathe in, lifting up... 
hold... now relax... breathing out.  That's good.  Now repeat...  
Breathe in... hold... breathe out...  And focus, look at that 
handsome wolf in the mirror, watch the way he does it... so nice and 
smooth... the look of concentration on his face..."

Duxtin found himself staring at his reflection, watching his arms 
move up to the sides, hold there for a moment, and then slowly 
sinking down.  He could feel his body relax each time he lowered his 
arms, the wolf looking amazingly focused, but also relaxed and calm.  
He could feel his muscles starting to grow under the strain, big 
muscles, turning him into a nice muscled wolf, all he needed to do 
was to relax and focus, the weights were growing so heavy, pulling 
him down deeper the more he tried to lift them.

Boughton smiled, watching the wolf's actions begin to slow, his head 
started to sag as his eyes drooped.

"You're doing well pup," continued the stallion his voice dropping 
softer and becoming of a monotone.  "Just continue to focus, sinking 
deeper and deeper for me... it feels so good to just relax... feeling 
your body flex... but you're so tired after such a hard workout... 
you just want to sleep... a deep sleep... all focused and deep 

The stallion was ready to catch the wolf as the two dumbbells slipped 
from each hand, thumping quietly on the floor, Duxtin rolling forward 
into the arms of the horse that picked him up and carried him to a 
nearby bench press.

Boughton looked over the limp and relaxed wolf smiling a little to 

"You have a lot of potential pup," he announced.  "Such a good hard 
worker, eager... but you need a coach.  Someone to guide you, to give 
advice and instructions... make you a better muscled wolf.  That's 
what you want to be isn't it... a well muscled wolf..."

"Yes," murmured Duxtin softly.

"You like muscled folk don't you," continued Boughton, running a paw 
up and down the wolf's chest.

"Yes..." whispered Duxtin again.

"How does it make you feel... watching big muscled folk work out?" he 

"Horny..." came the answer after a few moments.

"And how do you feel when you work out...?" 


"That's a good answer pup," replied Boughton with a smile, his hand 
moving down to lightly rub over the wolf's sheath which surged a 

"You just seem to be in luck," continued the stallion in his soft 
monotone.  "I'm available as a coach for you.  You can make it into 
my special class... we meet tomorrow...  Can you make it tomorrow?"

"Yes," murmured Duxtin again.

"That's good," smiled Boughton.  "I want you to come tomorrow, just 
like you are now...  The session starts at eight, so come then... You 
won't want to wear your clothes and that's fine, you can take them 
off as you enter and just work out with no inhibitions, just listen 
to your coach... remember his instructions and tomorrow you will 
come.  You will come and obey your coach."

"Yes" agreed Duxtin.

"Good pup," smiled the stallion.  "Now, you've had a good session, 
but its time to go.  Put on your shorts and you had a wonderful work 
out, it feels so good... you're going to come back tomorrow at 

"Yes," nodded Duxtin, pulling himself into an upright position and 
fumbling for his shorts.  "Eight..."

"Yes.  Good pup," rumbled Boughton, grinning a little as he guided 
the wolf back towards the door.

By the time Duxtin made it to the street, his mind had cleared.  He 
felt great, a good all over work out.  He was definitely going to be 
back tomorrow.  

Boughton watched the wolf's tail wag as he left, then locked the door 
again smiling to himself.  It appeared he had just inducted another 


The following evening Duxtin found himself packing his gym bag and 
heading out of the hotel.  It had been a tough day at the new office 
and lifting some weights would really make a difference.  He pulled 
open the door and Boughton smiled.

"Greetings again Duxtin," nodded the stallion.  "Feel free to use the 
main gym, there are some of my friends in there at the moment, but 
they won't mind you.  Go in and get started, I'll probably join you 
all in a while."

"Thanks coach!" smiled Duxtin and headed for the change rooms.  He 
blinked, realising what he had called the horse, but the stallion did 
not seem to mind.

The wolf dumped his bag and pulled off his shirt and, after a moment 
of hesitation, pulled down his pants as well.  He felt a little self 
conscious but somewhere in the back of his mind he knew clothes hid 
his body and it did not feel right to hide such a thing.  

Duxtin poked his head out into the main room tentatively, there were 
probably half a dozen other guys all hard at work.  None of them were 
wearing anything and he immediately felt more at ease.  He walked in, 
careful not to disturb any of them.  He sat at one of the machines 
and began pulling the pads in against his chest, feeling the hiss of 
the weights behind him and giving a soft grunt of exertion.  He found 
himself starting at his reflection, watching the wolf before him flex 
his muscles.

The scene was somewhat erotic, he had a clear view of the wolf's 
sheath and could see it begin to fill, each compression causing it to 
pulse until a sliver of pink began to slip free.  Somehow he knew 
that was an indication to change and he stood up, looking over the 
room as he moved to a new machine.

Like him, the other guys were all in various states of arousal.  
There was a lion nearby with a full heavy sheath watching over a bull 
who was bench pressing.  Each time the bull pushed the bar up, his 
shaft would flex and both of them would give a soft grunt.  He sat at 
the new machine, reaching for the bar above him and looked over at 
the wolf who was beside him.  The wolf was staring at his reflection 
in the mirror and Duxtin could not help to look down at the throbbing 
length, each time the wolf pulled down, the length of meat would 
twitch and pre ooze out over his sheath.

The wolf looked over, his eyes partially glazed and Duxtin gave an 
encouraging nod and began to work his own machine, feeling his shaft 
climb every time a muscled strained.

Duxtin was not sure how long he worked out for, it was if he was in a 
dream.  It felt so good to be there, working out with the other guys, 
pumping iron, building muscle.  He was so relaxed, so focused, 
everyone in the room was.  It came as a shock when he heard his coach 
calling everyone in.

"Please finish your last reps and come over here please," announced 

The wolf looked up from the bench where he had been working his thigh 
muscles, easing the weight back down he moved over to there the 
stallion was, admiring his physique once again.  

The space around him was soon filled with the other members of the 
squad, Duxtin's sensitive nose could smell the mixture of sweat and 
arousal, his eyes occasionally flicking to the erect shafts before 
returning to the coach.

"You've all done very well," said Broughton.  "You've all be very 
focused and working hard.  I can see that.  I am very impressed."

There were happy rumblings from the crowd.

"And because you've pleased me," continued the stallion.  "You may 
now please yourselves.  Your workout should be rewarded.  High energy 
protein shakes for each of you."

Duxtin looked around in surprise as the group began to pair off.  The 
wolf he had been admiring early approached and took him by the hand, 
leading him to one of the nearby machines.  It was strange, the wolf 
had a strange glazed look in his eye, but when Duxtin caught sight of 
himself, so did he.

The wolf pressed Duxtin back into the machine and he naturally felt 
himself grasping the equipment, pulling down on the weights.  He gave 
a gasp as the other wolf lowered his head onto his shaft, taking his 
entire length within his mouth in a single move.  The gasp quickly 
became a groan as he flexed his muscles, the sensations were too much 
for him and a moment later he climaxed, his thick lupine seed 
spurting into the wolf's muzzle.  Duxtin panted, leaning back 
recovering as he let go of the weights, the other wolf continuing to 
suckle, taking all that Duxtin could offer.

It was some minutes before Duxtin could move again and he was 
suddenly aware of how thirsty he was.  He slipped out of the machine 
and the other wolf took his place.  Duxtin suddenly felt quite 
strange, he could feel himself lowering, his muzzle opening as he 
licked and nuzzled around the wolf's large length, copying him he 
opened his mouth and swallowed it down, his tongue curling around it 
as his teeth rested against the furred sheath.  The first wolf pulled 
down on the weights, grunting as he started his reps, a few moments 
later Duxtin felt the shaft swell and the balls lift against his 
chin, thick rivulets of hot cum gushing into his mouth which he 
swallowed down eagerly.

The remainder of the night was a bit of a blur.  Coach talking to 
them about them being a good team and how good it was to work out, 
there were showers, lots of sexy, well muscled naked furs walking 
around with some friendly groping and testing of muscle strength and 
then suddenly Duxtin was back in the cold night air, his body 
tingling with the effort of the work out.

The next gym session was in three days time, but there was nothing 
stopping Duxtin from working out in his hotel room... lifting a few 
weights...  It was good to focus and work out... coach said so...

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