Keywords: Adult, Transformation, Chemical, Scifi
Species: Renamon
Sibling Rivalry

Not much of an excuse for this one.  It's yiff plain and simple.  Someone might 
recognise parts of it (hi!) and other folks won't have a clue what I'm talking 
about in it.  As far as the idea goes, I just had to get it out of my system.  
Maybe I can sleep now.

Sibling Rivalry
By Divigon

The Renamon materialised at one end of the hall, fading into existence as a 
soft ball of luminescence, a glowing mesh began to form, quickly being filled 
in with the familiar thick yellow fur, white neck ruff and long ears that were 
indicative of his species.

He looked around, taking in the room before walking purposely towards the large 
fireplace at the opposite end of the room.  He was warming his tail when the 
second Renamon materialised in much the same way as he had.  At first glance 
they appeared to be identical, but as she walked closer, the subtle differences 
in their physique became apparent.  The swell of her breasts, hidden beneath 
the lush pelt, narrow waist and wider hips all betrayed her gender.

"Hello Sister," announced the first Renamon.  "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Brother," nodded the second in acknowledgement.  "Always so suspicious I see."

She held out her hand and two glasses of red wine rendered themselves into 
existence in her paw.  She offered one to him and raised the other to her lips.

"Do you blame me after last time?" he replied, taking the glass from her and 
taking a small sip.

"No," she purred, slowly lowering herself to the thick throw rug.  "Probably 
not, now that you mention it."

He gave a nod and settled himself into a sitting position before the fire, 
slightly turned so he could look over her relined figure.  She giggled and 
reached out to pet his thigh as he took another sip of the wine.

"I hope you're not having the thoughts I think you are," he said, his tail 
flicking a little from the touch.

"I am sure I am," she replied, giggling and tracing down between the toes of a 
foot, teasing the ebony claws.

"You know what happened last time Sister," he said in a slightly exuberated 
tone.  "What makes you think now will be any different?"

"Because before I had not drugged your wine," she replied with another giggle, 
watching him drop the glass that dematerialised before it hit the rug.

"Oh yes," she purred, still teasing his toes, watching him trying to straighten 
his legs.  "Something simple, you would never check for it, a relaxant, 
something to strip your body of its control..."

She gave another of her giggles, pulling herself up to stand over him before 
lowering herself down into his lap, pushing his head back until his shoulders 
followed, gravity pulling him down flat, the soft fur of her crotch pressing in 
against his hidden sheath.

"Grrrrmmm sist..." he tried to say as he felt the drug attacking his physical 
being, his mind loosing control of his body, as his eyes seemed to glaze over, 
pupils dilating as they stared at the ceiling.

She did not seem to notice as she ground herself against his sheath, giggling 
as the representation of the room faded, the grandness of the hall being 
replaced with a more forbidding exposed stone.  Objects began to appear, 
rendering themselves into existence, the soft throw rug being replaced by a Y 
shaped padded table.  She smiled and looked around, sliding herself from him.

"Welcome to my dungeon," she purred, stroking down his inner thigh before 
grasping his left foot and pulling it down one prong of the table.

She looped a heavy leather strap around his ankle, tightening it before moving 
sideways and doing the same to his other leg, leaving him spread eagled and 

"It's my own private space," she murmured, moving to a table and picking up a 
large syringe filled with a growing green substance.

She slid herself between his spread legs and plunged the syringe into the 
middle of his belly.  He gave a muted groan and his body seemed to crackle, his 
fur flickering between real and rendered briefly before solidifying back.

"That may sting," she said dispassionately discarding the plastic tube.  "But I 
needed something that would mutate your body.  Even as I speak it's beginning 
to infect your physical form, changing it..."

She stroked down one leg and stepped around his foot paw, caressing his fur 
lightly as she made her way back up his side.  His arms had dropped to his 
sides and she reached over him, pushing one off the table before taking the 
wrist nearer to her.  Lowering herself she gently pulled his hands under the 
table, using a small strap to bind his thumbs, just to stop his hands from 

She stood up again and ran a paw down his soft belly.  Already the mutagen was 
beginning to take effect.  The growing swell of his chest was noticeable, along 
with the increasing size of his hips.  She grinned and ran a paw over his 
sheath that was beginning to swell, tracing along the emerging slit at its 

"I had an interesting proposal a short time ago..." she began to say 
conversationally, knowing that he could hear him despite the glazed eyes.  "I 
was told Renamon milk is very marketable, so I did some research, and do you 
know what Brother?  It is."

She giggled and gave her own breast a squeeze with a paw.

"I could sell myself on the open market if I had a chance, but of course that 
would mean machines, preparation and a limited supply," her fingers delved 
deeper into the puffy lips between his legs, listening to the muted groan from 
his lips.  "Then it came to me, there must be other ways to produce Renamon 
fluids, so I started some research Brother and guess what?  I found a way."

Her fingers withdrew and traced back up his sheath, squeezing it, feeling the 
hidden shaft within unconsciously swell.  Her paw moved higher and cupped 
themselves around one of the now very generous breasts that graced his chest.  
Her thumb began to delve into the fur, finding the small nub of his nipple and 
teasing it by rubbing in a clockwork direction.  He gave another groan, trying 
to arch up, but being restrained by his arms under the table.

His nipple stiffened, poking through the thick white fur, the pink flesh 
contrasting with the smooth fluffiness.  She looked over, the untouched nipple 
on the other side matching the first, both swelling from the attentions.

"Of course Brother," she continued.  "I only know one other Renamon and he was 
not really equipped for optimal milking, so some changes would have to be made.  
I think I can now say I've made them.  What a lovely pair of breasts you have, 
I think I may even be a little envious of them.  So full... so heavy and full 
of milk..."

Her hands abandoned his breasts, leaving the two nipples pointing through the 
fur and she ducked back under the table, re-emerging between his legs.  Leaning 
forward she gently parted the fur across his groin.  The deep slit at the base 
of his sheath was clearly visible and she licked it gently.  He gave a soft, 
sexual moan as she slipped her tongue inside, her nose resting in against his 
sheath while she teased him, his moaning growing in intensity as she felt his 
warmth beginning to spread under her chin.

"Of course, having breasts was not enough," she said pulling herself back and 
looking down at the now pink and puffy lips.  "You need the rest as well, but 
don't worry, I didn't remove anything, just... enhanced... what was needed."

She smiled and reached over to a table picking what looked like a perverted bra 
from it, gently lowering it over her brother's chest.  A large rubber cup 
centred itself on each breast; a small transparent plastic dome capped the top 
with a hose that led off under the table.  She flicked a switch and there was a 
humming sound, the cup squeezing itself down against his breast and he groaned, 
feeling his chest massaged upwards towards the covered nipple.

His sister peered through the dome watching as the first small drops of milk 
began to appear on the pink skin, growing larger until being sucked away by the 
tube.  The drops began to swell as his glands opened and within a few minutes a 
small but steady stream was being sucked away by the tube.

"Very good brother," she purred, checking the seals were tight before looking 
down between his legs.  His shaft was standing ramrod straight from his sheath 
and she felt over his slick sex, sliding a finger into it and grinning as he 
arched up against her.

She rummaged on a separate table and returned with something that looked like a 
bicycle seat.  Like the breast cups there were wires and tubes dangling from it 
with two small nodules poking up at angles on the inside of the curve.  She 
grins and pressed it up between his legs, tapping a button on the underside of 

He let out a groan, bucking his hips as a silvery tube slid out from one of the 
nodules, sinking itself deep under his tail.  A half second later, a matching 
tube pressed itself down deep into his virgin sex, pulling the device in 
closer, the rounded top brushing up against the base of his shaft while a small 
dimple embraced his swollen clitoris, squeezing and massage against it.

"Ahhh, much better Brother," she announced, giving the device a pat and turning 
some dials.  "Oh look, here comes the first wave..."

The machine off to the side gave a low beep and he suddenly spasmed upwards as 
small shocks tingled and zapped his nerves.  His body responded and his 
prostate squeezed, thick globules of Renamon seed spurted and splattered over 
his belly fur.  He moaned, waiting for the pleasure to fade, but it did not, it 
just continued to grow.

"So it is true..." giggled his sister, looking at the machine.  "A spontaneous 
release without relief... now the machine will wait for your glands to refill 
and it will make you release again, but no orgasm.  Oh that must hurt, your 
walls are pressing so hard on the probes, but I've been assured this machine 
knows just how to keep you under the boundaries... very important for the 

She traced a paw over the smooth silvery device, and then up his shaft, 
scraping some of the thick seed from its length and licking her fingers clean 
in full view of his face.

He watched, his mind slowly closing down under the onslaught of the pleasure, 
but unknown to her, his defence mechanisms had already activated.  The 
independent programs embedded into his digital matrix had analysed the 
situation and slipped into gear.  Knowing they were powerless to stop her from 
his body they had generated a nano-virus, encoding the information into his 
body before trying to spread it any way possible.  As she drank the globules of 
his seed, millions of viri began to invade her physical construct, sneaking 
past her defences and beginning to mingle with her code.

The first sensations that anything was amiss she dismissed as natural 
sensations.  The sight of her brother squirming and helpless on the table 
obviously excited her.  She absently stroked her sex and resisted the urge to 
mount the throbbing shaft, her hips moved in time with his own thrusting and 
her moans mirrored his own as the virus set up communication links, burrowing 
deep into her subconscious as lust and arousal began to overtake rational 

She watched as he managed to free his paws, the thin thumb-straps slicing away 
easily under his claws as his body began to recover from the drug.  He still 
moaned occasionally, but redirected most of the pleasure over the communication 
link to his sister, watching as she stood helpless, one paw fondling her smooth 
mound while the other grasped at a breast, her own pink nubs beginning to poke 
through the floor.

He sat up slowly, reaching between his legs to turn off the silvery device.  It 
remained embedded in him, but the relentless pleasure faded slightly, allowing 
him to reach down and undo the straps on his ankles.  The breast cups remained 
sucking at his newly formed nipples, this sensation he fed back to her, 
watching her eyes glaze over as he slid from the table.  

His knees almost buckled as they hit the ground, but he recovered in time.  His 
shaft still throbbing, but he knew the limitations of this physical form and 
did his best to ignore it.  He approached his sister, trailing cords and cables 
from his body, picking her up effortlessly and placing her unresisting form on 
the table.  It took him a few moments to tighten the straps around her ankles 
and wisely he used larger straps around her wrists then stood back inspecting 
his handy work.

Reaching out with a toe he turned off the suction machine, the cups falling 
from his chest, at the same time severing the feedback loop he had placed 
between them.  She gasped in surprise as his own knees buckled again and he 
clenched the table, fumbling with the device around his groin and feeling the 
probes disengage, the silvery shape dropping to the floor.

"Hello Sister," he said, when he had recovered enough.

"You were telling me about how valuable Renamon milk is?" he murmured, reaching 
down to tease at one of his nipples, the rich milk still oozing down into his 

"I... I..." she gasped and pulled at the bonds.  "Let me go brother..."

"Oh all in good time," he rumbled.  "First we need to finish our delivery 

He chuckled quietly, reaching out to tease one of her nipples.  By now the 
virus had settled back, beginning to alter her form.  Already her breasts were 
swelling with the rapid onset of lactation.

"And of course you were saying other things were useful too..."

He grinned, tracing a paw down over the soft fur of her mound, feeling the 
slowly forming sheath beginning to push up against his fingertips.

"Now we're truly twins," he purred, looking down over her newly formed 
maleness.  "But of course, for the full experience you'll need this..."  

He reached down and picked up the silver device, resting it between her legs 
and pushing the button.  Her head was shaking as the probes slid inside, almost 
immediately her shaft twitched, clear fluid already oozing from its tip.

"Don't you dare brother... oh mmmgrmmm" she threatened, her voice dissolving 
into a growl as her body embraced the sensations.

He smiled and picked up the two cups, placing them on her chest as she tried to 
shake her head, the machine humming into life and clamping the rubbery cups to 
her breasts.  A few seconds later the first drops of milk began to flow down 
the tubes, a long lustful moan escaping her lips.  The sound brought a purr to 
his own lips and he reached down to absently stroke his shaft.

The sight of his sister's was tempting, but he was not about to risk the same 
thing that happened to her happening to him.  He knew her own defences would be 
starting to fire, but for now she was helpless.

He reached lower, fingertips exploring the dripping female sex, paw pads 
rubbing deeper past his labia and towards the inner folds, his thumb teasing 
against his clitoris.  There was a groan from the table and the machine beeped, 
thick creamy globules of seed spurted from his sister's shaft, splattering down 
on her underside while the rich milk flowed from her nipples.

He looked around the dungeon, absently picking up a large silver tube that he 
slid deep into his female sex, letting his walls grasp at it, growing 
accustomed to the sensation before twisting the base to make it vibrate.  His 
inner walls grasped at it, holding it in place as he gripped his breasts, they 
were still oozing milk, he guessed they would be for some time.  He licked 
gently at each nipple in turn, settling himself down in a nearby chair.

The flask under the milking machine was still less than a quarter empty, he 
guessed he had at least a few hours before she had filled it.  He may as well 
spend the time productively...

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